Zettai Bouei Leviathan – 08 – 09

Leviathan Injured

Is it the end for Leviathan?

spring13-highwTime for catching up on Zettai Bouei Leviathan! Last time, Leviathan had gotten attacked by a robot looking guy after retrieving her spear. It looked like big trouble, so what’s happened since?


Defeated at the Shrine


Heqet helps out

Apparently Lucasites are like Toripu, in that they have different forms, and are more just the larger cousins of the Toripu. This one also sends scores of Toripu after Bahamut, Jorm, and Leviathan, but they are fighting it off, and using some pretty good teamwork, almost get a devastating blow on the Lucasite. But Leviathan’s injury prevents her from being at full strength, and they need to be rescued by Heqet, the caretaker priestess of the shrine, who is holed up underground.

Working together

The group is starting to really support each other.

The backstory of the shrine is what starts to tie in the narration that we’ve been getting to the show. For uknown reasons, the magic has left the shrine, and the floating mountains that filled the spring have crashed to the earth. Is the reason for the decay the Toripu and the Lucasite in the shrine? Or is the cause and effect backward, that the decline of the shrine allowed the Lucasite to move in? We haven’t gotten that answer yet, but they’re related in one of those two ways. Meanwhile, the mysterious kid (who earlier was hoping the girls would lose to the Lucasite) shows up again to tell them to go to a volcano that is also decaying. Inspired by wanting to restore the shrine, a place they all enjoyed in the past, they resolve to go get stronger and keep fighting.

Mysterious Boy

Is Mysterious Kid getting on anyone else’s nerves, too?

Onsen Time!

Empty Bath

Not the best looking bath…

After a near repeat of Bahamut’s temper tantrum in the desert (complete with Syrop’s arch “You look like you have plenty of energy” comment), this time they actually find an inn, with an onsen! But it’s fallen on hard times, because the amount of water from the hot spring has shrunk to a trickle (interesting that they are using water as the metaphor for the health and life of the planet, a very common metaphor). They enjoy the onsen… kinda. The bath doesn’t have enough water (but I liked Leviathan’s workaround), dinner was good (but the ‘comedy’ was pretty iffy), and Bahamut liked her massage, but everyone else was unused to the rough treatment. But nothing goes to plan, and when they’re leaving, Bahamut has lost her wallet.

Leviathan's solution

… but Leviathan comes up with a solution.

I thought they’d pull some “Oh, we’ll pay you when I get home, my dad’s the head honcho in our town”, but they didn’t even get to that. “You’ll pay with your bodies!” No, not like THAT, this isn’t MetaFap. But we did get throwbacks to Hanasaku Iroha, as they all learn to work in an inn. They actually do pretty well, and when the worker girl at the inn confides that they’re not doing well because of the poor water supply, they say they’re trying to fix the situation. With that information, they are sent on their way (hey, they could always work it off on the way back).

Bahamut Tantrum

Maybe she should have tried the tantrum to get out of paying.

RPG Adventures

Volcano Curry

I like the little rice volcanos

The show is really giving off a good RPG game type of feeling now (thanks to Yogicat for the description). It’s still not super involved, and none of the characters are amazingly deep. But it feels like there’s a definite progression, and through doing the mundane tasks, they’re all getting better at using their powers. In the beginning of the show, Leviathan couldn’t get water to go where she wanted, now she’s filling cups and refilling the ewer of springwater. Bahamut could even send a fireball to a stone, now she’s lighting cooking fires like a pro. And Jorm’s cutting skills are excellent. Meanwhile, they’re traveling through the world, and questing to find the reason to fight. It’s a comfortable show, and really has a good feel like a game that you’re playing.


Off to find the Guardian of the Volcano! Will they have the same success in getting his help that they did with Yurlungur? I’m definitely watching to find out, because I’m really enjoying the show. It’s not the most involved, or the most serious, but it gives a good time every week.


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6 Responses to “Zettai Bouei Leviathan – 08 – 09”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    This adventure is perfect to break Bahamut out of that easy privilidged girl lifestyle she so clings to. It definitely suits Jormungand, Leviathan is able to walk both worlds but Bahamut needs to brace up. She’s lucky, though cliché in the middle of nowhere, that there was an inn around.

    The landlady of the inn is a loli and an incredibly cute one! Whatever you do, make sure Skylion doesn’t see this. Who knows where things will go from there! 😛

    • Highway says:

      They kept saying “okami” and I was continually thinking of Shijima Sui and then she’s this loli. I also thought Leviathan with her hair all put up was funny. That’s an awful lot of hair to put up like that.

      • BlackBriar says:

        If I remember correctly, “okami” means wolf. I wonder why they kept repeating it. Leviathan looks good with either hairstyle. There’s doubt the other girls would look good if their hairstyles were different.

        • Highway says:

          Nah, “ookami” (狼) is wolf, “okami” (女将) is ‘landlady or proprietress”.

          Jorm’s hairstyle is pretty much the only one that fits her, and I don’t think Bahamut would look good even without her kooky hat.

          • BlackBriar says:

            It’s ridiculous how one letter can change an entire word.

            There’s no helping Bahamut’s case but I don’t think Jormungand would look bad if her hair was longer and slicked back.

            • Highway says:

              well, remember this is Japanese, where *no* letters different can change an entire word. But there’s plenty of things in even English with homophones that mean very different things.

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