Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai S2 – 12


Again with the parties!


spring13-highwWe’re coming to the end of OreImo, and while there’s still tons of speculation about how the show’s going to end (and what the extended episodes will be), we still have a couple episodes to go! So let’s take a look at what we got for this penultimate TV episode!

Housewarming Party Time!

Manami and Kirino make up

Even Manami and Kirino get along for the party

It’s time for another party in OreImo. This time for Kyousuke’s housewarming, although there are so many people coming that Saori gets permission to move it outside. But not everything goes to plan, because when you get the whole harem together, there’s going to be harem antics. This time, it’s about who will take care of Kyousuke. And eventually, Kirino steps in and nominates Ayase… because Ayase hates Kyousuke, so she thinks she can trust her. Talk about putting the fox in the henhouse. It’s been obvious for quite a while that Ayase likes Kyousuke, in her tsun-yan-dere style. But everyone goes along with it, because Kirino says so. Kirino was actually doing well breaking up the big fight between the girls, until her reason for saying no to Manami: “Because I don’t like it.” It could have been a harbinger of so much more personal growth, but really it came down to what Kirino wants, and that is ‘no girls who like Kyousuke around him.’

Domestic er… Tranquility?

There's the knife again

There’s the knife again

Heart to heart

Finally interacting as people

Ayase actually takes it seriously, and does take good care of Kyousuke. And with more exposure to him, especially after their pledge of a new start, she gives him a little more slack, realizing that he’s a good enough guy – even if he was peeking on her in the shower (hey, didn’t Morishima Haruka say that was a sign you liked someone?). But overall, they get through the month of studying and taking care of the studyer, and even have a reckoning about the lies they’ve told each other (and themselves) about each other. And of course, Kyousuke get an “A” on his mock exam, ending his time of living alone (I still really don’t get that whole deal, but whatever).

doorknob censoring

I just peeked to say I love you

Adding to the Harem?

Ayase confesses

Ayase confesses

and gets her heart broken

But doesn’t take the rejection well

There’s one more surprise, tho, after Kyousuke’s done and moving out. Met by Ayase, she finally confesses to him. And even her empty threats after his rejection of her, completely in character but by now completely defanged, don’t sway him. This was probably the most likeable that Ayase has been throughout the entire series, and while she isn’t particularly graceful about being rejected, for once her behavior is understandable. Kyousuke actually does stand firm, tho, and sticks to the fact that there’s someone else he loves. Is it going to be Kirino? Next week’s episode title would certainly indicate that.

The Last Parting

She does get in a parting kiss, tho


So are we completely set up for the incest route now? And what kind of ‘love’ does Kyousuke really have for Kirino (remember, please, no spoilers from the book). We do have four more episodes, but I figure there will be some sort of resolution for next week’s TV ending, and we don’t even know if the last 3 will be a continuation or something else. I really think it’ll be tough, even if Kyousuke and Kirino decided they wanted to be a couple, for them to get past everyone else. The only one who’s even given the barest support of that is Kuroneko, and explaining to everyone else would likely go pretty badly. Heck, Kyousuke might even have to fight his dad again, and that doesn’t ever go well.



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6 Responses to “Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai S2 – 12”

  1. skylion says:

    I think you sum it up all rather well in your final thoughts. The character development for Ayase is welcome, but nothing can stop our thoughts about how this thing will eventually end. And yes, we got two possible endings to contemplate.

    My best guess, based on fan satisfaction, the culmination of the show’s base concept, a certain moral and ethical need, and maybe my own bias is that we see the Kirino x Kyousuke Route End for episode 13. It will be some insane drama that is for sure. As for the probable True End (14-16) I’m looking at the Kuroneko x Kyousuke Route Beginning. She won’t let him go, she understands both of her friends are going through something that is horribly heart wrenching, and will be there to help pick up the pieces. And as Ayase says this episode, it’s about time he gets paid back on all his kindness.

    • Highway says:

      In the “Things that sound wrong” department:

      I’ve actually been looking into the vagaries of incest, and there are a couple things of note. One main one is that it’s likely the instances of consensual sibling incest is probably higher than most people would think in teen years, but is largely unreported, and grown out of by the later teen years. Also, remember that Kyousuke and Kirino are 17 and 15 respectively and, my own experience notwithstanding, most relationships started by 17 year olds – and 15 year olds – don’t lead to anything more than first loves remembered in later years.

      I doubt either of those things will dampen the response by those who think it’s a terrible outcome, but it’s a high probability that even with a Kirino and Kyousuke ending to the show, that wouldn’t end up with a Kirino x Kyousuke marriage.

  2. skylion says:

    I’ve read similar reports, and as you have said previously in this space, so long as there is no harm, there is no foul. Babies? Fix the tubes and adopt…But this is extreme sort of stuff, and not the underlying focus of the show. It’s the attraction and how it resolves that makes the show what it is.

    It is an interesting set of facts, however.

    • Highway says:

      Another fact, related to that: Apparently it takes severely bad luck, or generations of inbreeding, for there to be any actual harm. The chances of two normal siblings descended from parents not genetically related of producing babies that are significantly compromised is really no higher than two strangers.

      But related to the actual show: I think there’s still a huge question related to Kirino and how much she’s actually interested in Kyousuke as a boy. I mean, as soon as Kyousuke texted her about his studying, she replied “Shut up! Gross!” I still don’t see how she gets beyond that kind of thing to anything close to a physical relationship with Kyousuke. I think it’s easy to see her attraction to the attention and doting from him, but that’s still tons different from hopping in bed with him.

  3. BlackBriar says:

    Kyousuke’s one lucky guy. Every girl there wants to take care of him. Really sometimes some animes make you wish you could be part of their world because they get things so easily. Another thing, OreImo must have set a record for most parties in one series.

    Ayase was the best choice to keep an eye on Kyousuke because of her usual façades but I’d still keep my distance since she easily loses herself when she gets emotional, especially when she’s holding something in her hand. She’s the third ranked female character to get screen time apart from Kirino and Kuroneko but personally is the easiest to figure out.

    On a side note, I had to laugh at the surprise DBZ reference when Kyousuke pointed out what Saori said wasn’t the line of a rich girl but Lord Frieza’s: “This is the first time anyone has been stupid enough to make this big of a fool out of me”.

    • Highway says:

      I do wonder if they have shuffled some timeline events around a bit because (remember in replying to use spoiler tags):
      Show ▼

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