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Are you ready for Valvrave the musical part two!?


Welcome back readers! Yes Sumairii is back to join for your weekly review of Valvrave on Metanorn! So last week finally revealed that there are indeed more giant robots hidden under the school which left me thinking how they would choose the new pilots, but anyway enough chat let us start the review.
After a brief hiatus, I’m back with Fosh for another week of Valvrave! The show hinted last time that this episode would be all about Saki, but I didn’t think it was really going to be all about Saki. We get even more awesome space vampire mecha action mixed in with typical Valvrave PLOT developments as a result though, so it’s all good.

Saki green with envy

valvravez (7)

Saki-“I will become the best mecha piloting idol of all time!”

When we first met Saki I think most of us had her set as the second love interest for Haruto especially after she kissed him in the previous episode; however things have changed for Saki this week when she quickly decided to sell her soul to the green Valvrave because she was jealous of Haruto’s fame and popularity after he saved everyone with the red Valvrave! So what do you think of Saki’s choice for becoming a Valvrave pilot? Was it the right thing to do? Personally I have to say HELL NO! Because she just wants to use her new pilot status to gain more fame? I mean I could see Saki realizing that becoming famous through the use of a Valvrave is not the right way to go and maybe she will turn into a hero just like her song? Sadly I am somewhat disappointed that Saki gained space vampire powers just like Haruto. I wanted each machine to have a different curse, but whatever when you really think about it the “powers” granted from the Valvrave machines they really are lame. I did laugh that Saki basically jumped into Haruto’s body just to stir up some random school drama and she had full access his massive space twitter account? After those scenes I don’t think the shipping of Haruto and Saki works anymore because I don’t think she even likes him in any romantic way thanks to lines like “who cares about Haruto anyway?”

Space Vampire Idol Mecha Pilots

valvravez (3)

Saki has the lust for main character blood this week~

Yes, that’s right. Saki becomes a fabulous space vampire idol. And she’s not shy about using her body possession powers. I know there’s been some talk as to what kind of terminology is appropriate for the powers bestowed upon the Valvrave pilots, and body/mind swapping no longer sounds too accurate. I don’t think it’s the case that the minds and the bodies of both parties switch places. But instead, it’s more likely that the assailant overpowers the victim’s mind, which goes dormant. But maybe a victim will wake up controlling the assailant’s body in a future episode and prove me wrong. We also learn that a space vampire can possess a fellow space vampire just the same as a regular human. I was expecting that maybe the two really would switch places in this case given they both have the ability, but apparently not. All that’s left now is to see if a space vampire can possess multiple victims in a row before returning to his/her original body. 

In any case, Saki’s “dehumanization” has the more important implication that Haruto isn’t some “chosen one” and that the Valvraves can be piloted by any ordinary person as long as they claim the unit first. L-Elf alludes to the school being set up for the purpose of selecting pilots, but I’m certain that the position is not strictly restricted by any means. Perhaps it’s just a matter of finding those more appropriate for the role to maximize the effectiveness of the unit. And with Saki revealing her Valvrave like it’s no big deal, I’m sure it won’t be long before the remaining three units have their own pilots. She technically hasn’t broken her promise as she hasn’t explicitly told anyone about the Valvrave garage, but she might as well have let the cat out of the bag. Knowing that there are at least two, the more savvy students are obviously going to wonder if there are more and where they are hidden. What I want to know, however, is who will pilot the purple unit. That unit is probably the closest we’ll get to a space vampire mahou shoujo, what with its magic wand.

Extra Valvrave fun

valvravez (4)

Saki discovers that being a guy is a lot of fun!

valvravez (5)

Probably because L-elf lives in the air vents of the school?

valvravez (6)


valvravez (9)

All hail the mighty space twitter!

End thoughts

Interesting episode this week for Saki fans or was it? I kind of hated how she did a complete 360 in terms of personality because she went from possible love interest for Haruto all the way to “I just want to become famous” and she hates humans? WHAT? Oh wait I almost forgot she also has a tragic past with her parents which pushed her to become an Idol? That story will probably be explored later on to build up some drama! Speaking of drama what is going on with Shoko lately? What is her role? I guess she is the motivator character? I hope SOMETHING happens with her soon. Besides all the stuff going on with Saki, I loved the mecha battle with the green Valvrave because the buzz saw like weapons were AMAZING and if I had my own giant robot I would totally run Twitter through mine just like Saki. I also like how each Valvrave has a different back designs like Saki’s comes with extra legs while Haruto’s comes with wings? I can’t wait to see the other machines! So who else should get a Valvrave? I think they could do a PreCure thing aka matching people based on hair color like orange for Raizou, Purple for Shoko (I know she doesn’t have purple hair) and possibly blue for either L-elf or Yuusuke? Anyway let me know who you think should get which color Valvrave.

I should probably elaborate upon Saki’s character development here as the whole episode was about her after all. But honestly, I don’t know what to make of her now. Previously, she seemed like a mysterious but reliable partner for Haruto. Now, she seems much less striking than she used to be. Sure, she’s got her horrible past and her desire to overcome it by becoming famous. And she also has the upper hand on Shouko for Haruto’s attention after that highly publicized stunt she pulled. But I’m not sure if Valvrave “liberating” her has done her good. Her more reserved facade seemed to be more capable of taking control of situations than her new, gung ho nature. Leave the gung ho to Shouko and her stripping please.


valvravez (8)

You mad bro.jpeg

L-elf versus A-drei


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74 Responses to “Kakumeiki Valvrave – 06”

  1. skylion says:

    I liked Saki since the very beginning, and not as a shipping partner, but as a more complex character than those surrounding her. I like that she pours out the not-so-subtle hints that she wants to achieve fame for another more ulterior motive.

    Another thing that I like about her, Tomato-chan. She is my second favorite voice actess. And finally, she choose midori, my favorite colour.

    But, I think her enjoyment of body swapping is part of her character. Her fame is a shield, and one she cannot readily put down. It’s interesting to see her use this in a way to get to know people better. Pocky makes it all better.

    I wonder if she had the same feelings that Nyalrko had in a similar body swap last year. “Boys are great”

    • BlackBriar says:

      But, I think her enjoyment of body swapping is part of her character.

      That’s usually a symptom of a character, or rather, a human realizing they’re now different from everyone else and in a way, feel superior. They feel free and because of that, they fall under the impression that everything is in the palm of their hand. She shot down all of Haruto’s warnings because she felt invincible and declared herself immortal.

      • skylion says:

        A very good assessment…

        • BlackBriar says:

          This kind of behavior is mostly found in loners or orphans left to despair who’ve felt they’ve been abandoned by everyone else and so when they gain something that seperates them further but gives them an advantage, there’s no hesitation to lash out at those they are pissed off at because when they are normal, these individuals are on the same level forced to live behind a mask as if nothing is wrong following their rules while slowly being consumed by their anger and resentment in secret. The best example of this I can give would be Seishin Muroi from Shiki.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah I feel the same when it comes to Saki, I always saw her as simply the girl with an ulterior motive because when we first meet her she is quick to jump for Haruto, but now I don’t really like her all that much anymore thanks to the reveal that she is only piloting a Valvrave to become famous? Yeah…that…

  2. HannoX says:

    Saki named her Valvrave after Carmilla, the original seductive female vampire. Plus, Carmilla was a lesbian. Considering Saki in Haruto’s body came onto the blonde student council girl (don’t know her name), even if she played it for a joke at the end, I have to wonder about which way she swings.

    I think Saki’s background and motivation for wanting to pilot a Valvrave make her a more complex and interesting character. I’m sure there are plenty who don’t like why she wanted a Valvrave, but just because someone wants to become famous does that really take away from their heroics if they’re willing to fight the enemy and protect others? Throughout the ages there have been plenty of heroic soldiers who hungered for fame. I’m sure there’s a whole range of motivatons behind heroes.

    • skylion says:

      I’m sure there’s a whole range of motivatons behind heroes.

      Very very well said.

    • Sumairii says:

      Sure, the show has given her a background and as a result she’s become more complex. But her recent foray into Valvrave seems to be a step backwards for her character if you ask me. In the previous episodes, she seemed to have a better handle on the situation than the other students. Now, she seems too blinded with showing off her fancy new robot.

      I’m not saying Saki shouldn’t desire fame, but when it renders her useless, it doesn’t look very good. In fact, what should have been her moment to shine in Valvrave became yet another showcase for Shouko’s ability to rouse the students. Sure, she took care of the Dorssian grunts with ease once she got her confidence back, but that still relied upon Shouko lifting her skirt and the students’ spirits.

      • HannoX says:

        So you think a real hero should never have moments of doubt or fear? Gen. Patton described courage as “fear holding on a minute longer.” I doubt Saki will have such moments again.

        • Sumairii says:

          I think you’re misunderstanding. I’ve not said anything about heroes not being allowed to falter. I’m saying that Saki faltering and Shouko stealing the spotlight yet again is a step backwards for her character. If this were all fine and dandy then surely you wouldn’t mind her having moments like these over and over.

    • Foshizzel says:

      So lesbian space vampires!? AWESOME! We need SOME kind of romance in Valvrave xD

      Saki’s choice in becoming a Valvrave pilot just to become super famous is so stupid, but at the same time I assume she will learn fame is not as important as the lives of her friends at school or will she? I mean she already stated that she hates humans and doesn’t really want friends >.>

      • BlackBriar says:

        So lesbian space vampires!? AWESOME! We need SOME kind of romance in Valvrave xD

        Hey! Don’t get my hopes up until it’s confirmed. Yuri and vampires together happens to be a dream pairing of mine! Just thinking of it makes me anxious! 🙂

        Saki’s excuse for seeking fame is because since she’s alone, she doesn’t want to be forgotten. She shot down the idol remark because she knows that kind of publicity fades over time but being a war hero lasts a lifetime. It’s funny that I’m finding excuses to defend this girl even after she’s done such underhanded things.

        • Foshizzel says:

          Lesbian space vampire > Haruto’s failed attempts at hooking up with Shoko! SERIOUSLY WHAT ARE YOU DOING BRO…

          True I guess, but like I said before I don’t really turn to Valvrave for romance! There are better love stories out there like PhotoKano? At least they have something going on >.< Right Saki wants to be remembered forever which is fine because I have seen that before in other series, but I kind of want her second attempt at being an idol to get crushed which would cause her to become a hero instead? LOL

  3. BlackBriar says:

    Saki has the lust for main character blood this week~

    She has lust alright but it’s definitely not for blood. That bite was awesome. I was waiting to see Saki realize her space vampire ambitions because it seemed she wanted to be one out of curiosity and for me, more vamps is always a plus but not for her to turn out like this. My opinion of her got lowered a bit but somehow she’s gotten sexier and acts aloof like a real vampire embracing what she’s become whereas Haruto is dreading. Now I’m waiting for moment she gets fangs and goes into that bloodlust state. “I hate humans”. She sounds just like Koko Hekmatyar.

    Instead becoming another shallow, manipulative character, Saki becomes more mysterious. I feel the whole wanting to be famous thing is more of a front or side interest and that what she really wants is power to fight back.

    Saki taking over the new Valvrave confirms what’s been on my mind. So the deal is whoever gets in one first becomes the permanent owner and anyone the machine doesn’t recognize gets wasted. After all, some of the machine’s parts changed color when the pilot answered “yes”. As for what is injected into the pilots which I’m guessing is nanomachines to give them invulnerability. I wonder if it stops there or if it also stops the aging process. There’s also something L-Elf said about compatibility. That whole module could have been nothing but a huge testing ground to find acceptable candidates to become pilots.

    Shoko should definitely get her own Valvrave, preferably the purple one, because it wouldn’t be fair letting Saki have all the fun and it would become a means to get rid of Haruto’s angst over what he is. “Monsters have no feelings”, right? So why not have your love interest become one as well? She’d make a cute Space Vampire. Also, one of the Valvraves has a bow and if I’m not mistaken, Shoko is an archer.

    • skylion says:

      I dunno, that sexy Tomato-chan voice just got the amps all out this episode. Saki is now my major draw to this programme.

      • BlackBriar says:

        It seems fan bias may be clouding your judgment but that’s alright because it happens to me as well. I hold Haruka Tomatsu in the same regard as I do with Kana Hanazawa. Their voices are irresistible.

    • Sumairii says:

      The blue Valvrave has the bow, iirc.

      • BlackBriar says:

        Well, what I’m hoping for is that Shoko eventually gets one as well. Both main girls should be on equal ground.

    • PanzerJäger says:

      I think that for a person to operate a valvrave, they must be prepared to sacrifice their human form, becoming something else and throwing away everything they have loved in order to be the strongest warrior. But the module could be a testing ground too. I think that even L-Elf could pilot one too if he was prepared to sacrifice his human form for that of a vampire.

      I agree that Shoko should receive the purple valvrave. It would defiantly show her commitment to Haruto and also show she is prepared to become a monster to stay at his side. It shall be interesting to see who the ther pilots are.

      • BlackBriar says:

        If it meant reaching his goals, L-Elf would definitely sacrifice his humanity in a heartbeat. There lies the psychological requirement. Though I don’t think it’s that easy otherwise he’d have hopped into one of the Valvraves the moment he saw them so he took advantage of Saki’s willful resignation of her humanity to gather information. Most likely each Valvrave needs a compatible candidate before it can be used.

        A module basically the size of a continent that mostly houses students being secretly used to search for compatible candidates to turn them into humanoid weapons and pilot machines. It all feels similar to the Index/Railgun universe.

        Being the optimistic type, I doubt Shoko would even turn down the opportunity of becoming a space vampire if she knew about Haruto and if it means easing his conscience. She’s prepared to do anything if it means bringing peace. A noble gesture but sometimes can be seen as naïve.

    • Highway says:

      I dunno if it’s whoever gets in first. It may be possible that there would be people who are just not compatible with a Valvrave, even if they were the first one to try to get in.

      Something that puzzles me is that L-Elf was looking to steal the Valvrave at the beginning. But now he’s found a bunch of other ones… yet he hasn’t claimed one as his own. And he does mention that Saki is “compatible”. So maybe he realizes that he couldn’t be a Valvrave pilot.

      • Irenesharda says:

        Well, it does mention in the episode that L-elf knows about what happened to the ARUS soldier when he tired to pilot, so I doubt he would be so hasty as to try to take one himself without being sure. That’s why he experimented with Saki and found out that she too was compatible. Then he did some more digging and found out that it’s a high probability that the entire school had something to do with the Valvrave program and that most of the students are probably compatible as well. If he can found out what makes them compatible and see if that applies to himself, then I think he will take a mech for himself.

        Either that, or he will be the mastermind and puppetmaster of all the Valvrave pilots. The Lelouch 2.0 of this series sorta speak.

        • Sumairii says:

          Well, he is looking to bring revolution to Dorssia. I wouldn’t put it past him to take on a Lelouch role.

  4. Irenesharda says:

    This is the first episode of this show that I’ve been let down on. While the premiere of Valvrave 4 was nice, and its abilities are good, it really pales besides Valvrave 1.

    Wow, Saki in one episode went form one of my favorite female characters to my least favorite. She turned into a “Flay” so fast it made my head spin! What a let down! Her character could have gone in several different directions but they choose for her to simply be an ex-idol who misses the limelight and is angry about it? Really? That’s it?! She’s a character with poor motivation, she doesn’t care about Haruto except for what power and fame he can give her, and she doesn’t care about humanity so she becomes an experimental vampire on a whim! She doesn’t truly care about anyone else or anything except becoming famous even at other’s expense! Sigh…

    I just…ugh. I officially do not like Saki.

    Haruto proves to continue being a naive, boring male lead, who is beginning to be overshadowed by his classmates. Shoko continues to be spontaneous and a little annoying, but she does show that she’s got the qualities of a leader.

    The Dorssians continue being the most interesting characters here, from the analytical X-1, to the crazy Q-4, and the Dorssian prince, A-3. Not to mention the clever, Col. Cain who seems to know more about the Valvrave than everybody else, as he refers to them as “entities”, and he now has another plan to handle them.

    L-11 continues to be my favorite character in this entire show, and shows his mental prowess as he has figured out about the Valvrave’s powers, what happens to the pilots, that there is a certain kind of person that can be a pilot and that the entire Sakimori school has quite possibly been set up to train capable pilots. (And yes, it basically states in the Valvrave’s terms and conditions that a pilot has to be “compatible” or they will not be responsible for “adverse effects”)
    He also seems to have set up Saki coming down there as well as Haruto since he is using her as an experiment. It seems for L-11 everything is going according to plan. He’s actually done more the MC at this point.

    We see a few flashbacks of A-3 and L-11 together, and A-3 has decided to infiltrate the school in order to find L-11, and perhaps mercy kill him so the guy won’t be captured and executed? L-11 now has proof of the body switching ability of Valvrave’s pilots, so if he needs to, he can prove his innocence. So what will he do when confronted by A-3?

    And lastly…there must be a moment of silence for the dearly departed Senator Moses….T_T. One of the best side characters ever! He was taken from us too soon.
    CURSE YOU, Q-VIER!!!!! You robbed us of an awesome character.

    Well, it seems the ARUS is cooperating with the Free Jior, but Dorssia isn’t going to play ball. Also, things are going very well for the high school students, but for how long? How long can they keep winning? How long before the storm clouds come?
    Will this just be a game of every episode someone gets a Valvrave until we have our full roster, and then what? We only have 3 more mechs to go, not counting the missing one, and we’re half way through the series. Where are we going to go from here?

    There have been speculations that either Raizo, Kyuma, and Akira or L-11, A-3, and Aina will get the other 3 remaining machines. However, that remains to be seen. Also, we have to find out more about twin pinktails Dorssian princess, who we assume is A-3’s sister? What will her part be in this?

    A good episode but a let down for Saki’s character. I give this a 7.5/10.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahaha yeah sadly nothing will be able to outshine the Valvrave unit 1 in terms of power and “cool” factor, but I love how each machine uses different weapons! I would hate to see all of them swinging duel swords around.

      I feel the same about Saki, she went from this interesting character all the way to meh I don’t really care for her anymore! Like using the Valvrave for fame seems really dumb to me, but whatever she is a idol themed character who wants to be famous and will stop at NOTHING to achieve that goal.

      Haruto is a terrible main character, all he does is cry and mope around? What? At least Saki took charge after becoming a space vampire…

      Yeaaaah the Dorssian commanders quote “entities” has me thinking he knows more about the Valvraves and how they work? Either that or there is some dumb legend like Rinne no Lagrange that was basically = the giant robots will blow up the universe.

      RIP MOSES you will (not) be missed.

      Nice choices for other Valvrave pilots and I think the hacker sister girl has some role in the overall plot of the series because I can’t help thinking she is hiding for some reason not because she hates people? I think she is either the daughter of the Valvrave creator, but who knows we need more info!

  5. Ceyrai says:

    OHGOD SAKI. I knew from episode 1 she’d be my favorite character on Valvrave and this episode proved my instincts – she’s got a lot of room for improvement and I really do like my characters flawed. True enough, her morals are pretty skewed and her reasons for piloting even more so, but I suppose it stems from a deep inferiority complex that she covers up with acting hard-ass and unsympathetic. I mean, she claims she “hates” humans but what is being an idol for other than getting approval from said humans? I think she’s just starved for appreciation and that’s her main drive in the series. I suppose she’s going to have to grow out of that. I hope they develop her character into a more sympathetic, or at least less self-destructive direction – all that establishment will have been for nothing otherwise.

    As for shipping, well, I think she has too many hang-ups to ship with anyone, much less another angsty teen like Haruto. I feel she’s got a story all her own that doesn’t need to be tied too tightly to Haruto’s. Besides, a relationship like that would probably collapse upon itself. Leave Haruto to a more positive influence like Shouko, I say.

    Her Valvrave confuses me though. While the disk things were rather useful, and the extra leg things as well, I still can’t see how she’s going to make those two things work together. I’m pretty sure they were put together in one Valvrave for a reason. Also, I’m not sure if the scene with her (in Haruto’s body) and Takahi was completely necessary (unless they develop some friendly relationship with each other).

    Besides all that, I also like how Saki and Shouko’s relationship is in terms of encouraging each other (i.e. when Haruto’s not directly involved). Saki stood up for Shouko a couple of times before, and now Shouko’s encouraged her in a Saki-specific way. (I may actually starting shipping them. *cough*) But with all the Saki/Glee-in-space hijinks I’ve started to miss L-Elf’s presence. I hope the next episode has him in prominence.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Saki is strange at first I thought she was a great character, but with this episode I don’t know what to say anymore…stealing a Valvrave for fame seems wrong and LOL an idol who wants to be famous yet she hates humans? WHAT? MY mind hurts from thinking about that >.< I don't get that impression of Haruto as the "angsty" teen because he has been pushed around by EVERYONE! I don't think anyone really likes him as THE main character, I kind of wish that Shoko were the lead or L-ELF? Yeah anyone is better than Haruto right now. Yeah I don't know what the point was in having Saki troll the blond girl while in Haruto's body? I guess she went for the most popular girl to add to a "harem" or they are revealing Saki LIKES girls? LOL I could support a shipping with Saki and Shoko <3

      • skylion says:

        It was an epic troll, the reason is contained in the act.

        • Foshizzel says:

          No way Skylion IT WAS SPACE YURI! IT HAS TO BE THE ANSWER <3

          • BlackBriar says:

            Hahaha, space yuri? Didn’t we have that during Mouretsu Pirates?

            • skylion says:

              Yes, yes we did. Ah, the meme-ories….

            • HannoX says:

              So? You can never have enough yuri! And if it’s space vampire yuri it’s even better.

            • BlackBriar says:

              @HannoX: You don’t have to convince me on that one. I’ve been thinking the same thing.

            • Ceyrai says:

              Ooh. Space vampire yuri admittedly sounds hot and legit.

          • skylion says:

            It is soooo much the answer that it has to be an option when school kids roll those test answering pencils

            Dihydrogen Monoxide
            Space Yuri

      • Ceyrai says:

        Like I said, I think what she needs the most is sincere appreciation, which she got the complete opposite of from a lot of people meaning that’s probably why she says she hates humans, and that’s why she’s doing everything to get said appreciation by becoming an idol. But yeah, still completely selfish.

        Maybe “angsty” isn’t the right word… Probably woobie? And yeah, I’m feeling like Shouko is more of the MC if not for the fact she doesn’t pilot a Valvrave yet. Probably not L-Elf though, he’s more of anti-hero material.

        Actually, the scene with Takahi reminded me of that episode in Code Geass where Sayoko the ninja maid set up 100+ dates for Lulu while impersonating him. lol

        • skylion says:

          I think it might be too early in the game to call Saki a woobie, but that is a good thing to check out.

          Good Geass recall.

          L-elf is still wild card too me right now. I think he might have delusions of grandeur at this point. He wants to take down all the ruling states. This is not healthy for lots of folk.

  6. PanzerJäger says:

    Saki did some interesting stuff as a guy, and made hell for Haruto. The upperclassman had an interesting idea on how to cheer Haruto on. I think I would fight better if I had that kinda crowd cheering, or maybe just get distracted in the end.

    It was good to see saki break down after feeling so high and mighty, showing her that just because she’s “immortal” doesn’t mean that people won’t try to take her out. However when sh got her confidence back she finally showed some fighting spirit. Also I believe that her unit has some sort of advance thrust vectoring system that let her dodge the missiles.

    And can Haruto be blamed for breaking the “Bro Code” even though he wasn’t in control? I vote no.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Saki as a guy was hilarious and it kind of gives you a general idea as to “who” she likes or was she just screwing around to help Haruto become more popular? I guess you could spin that in any direction huh?

      True it was nice to see her breakdown; however it didn’t last long enough to make me feel sorry for her! I still think she became a Valvrave pilot for the WRONG reasons >.< Being Haruto is suffering xD

      • Sumairii says:

        If you ask me, she became a space vampire because I KNOW YOU ARE HERO. XD

        • BlackBriar says:

          If you’ve been recently turned into a space vampire, what better way to get a rise to fame than manipulating the most popular guy on the block? The opening’s easy enough because he sees you as a friend and is totally naïve.

          • Foshizzel says:

            Saki might as well do something with her new vampire powers because she isn’t really doing much xD

            • skylion says:

              ….Just being awesome, Fosh…

            • Foshizzel says:

              Saki is our HERO <3

            • BlackBriar says:

              A naughty vampire is always more attractive than a goody-goody and Saki’s the naughtiest one out there right now. I wonder who else she’s going to bite to further her ambitions.

            • skylion says:


            • Highway says:

              Are there any goody-goody vampires? The only one I can think of is Otto Chriek, and he’s more a dorky vampire than a goody-goody.

            • Ceyrai says:

              Well to be fair it’s only her first episode as a (possibly lesbian) space vampire, of course she’s gonna jump right into the fun first.

              Also, why hasn’t anyone mentioned/screencapped the jumping-into-the-moonlight-in-le-new-Valvrave scene? I thought that was faaabulous.

            • skylion says:

              MUSIK….MIT ROCKS IN!

              Bravo, HWY. You keep setting me up for the Discworld jokes, don’t you?

  7. Highway says:

    I liked Saki’s development, even if her character isn’t exactly the direction I’d previously wanted it to be. Her complete lack of hesitation at anything dealing with the Valvrave shows that she’s just not interested in the world that she’s been stuck in, and is willing to give it all up for many definitions of immortality.

    I thought her giving in to fear so much was a little too convenient, but also didn’t care for the fact that you had two Valvraves out there but they didn’t ever work together. It was just one or the other. The other annoying thing was the reuse of action sequences in that fight. Showing the same explosion sequence 3 times? Lame.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Agreed on Saki Highway for the most part, but I don’t really like the direction her character took! Like becoming a Valvrave pilot for fame? WHAT? I guess I haven’t seen that before in a mecha anime…

      I know right? Where was the teamwork, but Majestic Prince started the same I mean that team was so bad together until they took the time to train together and develop as a team.

      • skylion says:

        …and they still suck.

        I like the take they have her on, as it’s an angle that I think gives the strongest possibility of a character arc. Haruto has the “Oh, I’m monster, woe” angle down, and that has been done to death.

        ‘sides, I think she’ll come around and fight the good fight.

        • Foshizzel says:

          Of course eventually Saki will come around to join in the fight for space school freedom! She just needs to get kicked around for a bit and realise being an idol means nothing if her fans get killed lolol

          • skylion says:

            …unless fans are are renewable resource. No. I think she will plot out as one of the good guys. I think she has lots in common with Joesph Joestar, a prankster and in love with her own power.

        • HannoX says:

          Agreed. Right now Saki is the one who can grow most as a character. And it’s always interesting to see a flawed character who may be doing the right thing for the wrong reasons come to do it for the right reasons.

          • Ceyrai says:

            Exactly my thoughts. With all those flaws you can do a lot with a character like Saki. She’s got time to sober up from her drunken state of power, methinks.

  8. Riktol says:

    Meh, idols piloting mecha was done better in AKB0048, which also had had better music.
    Also the way Haruto lost all screentime after Saki got her fanbase cheering her on irritated me, it didn’t seem like he was even out there after that, despite absorbing 50% of the missiles.
    I did like the fact that the Dorsians were actually somewhat competant, with enought missile saturation for 2 (inexpertly piloted) Valveraves and a plan to deal with the the 666 event. I wonder what green will do for it’s super-sayan form?
    Also, infiltrating during the confusion of battle was a smart backup plan, although I suspect it will be a grudge match rather than forward intelligence and sabotage operations. The little crown logo on his ship amused me.
    And now we just need to see if they will actually follow through on their blackmail plan to give (ARUS?) the Valverave tech. I suspect this will be quietly forgotten.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Agreed AKB0048 had some amazing idol/mecha moments! I really miss that series T_____T

      Saki is a terrible mecha pilot, but we have to cut her some slack after all this was her FIRST battle? I just hope she learns that using the Valvrave for fame is totally WRONG! That and part of me wants to see her get defeated in the next battle >.>

      I am with you on the Dorsians even though they are terrible as a team at least they are prepared for certain things, but I am curious to see what happens with L-elf’s former team member xD

      True I can see the ARUS plot coming back soon.

      • skylion says:

        Terrible pilot! No way, bro. She had them slicy wheel hands down to an art.

        Yeah, the music, not exactly Tomato-chan’s best gig ever. And I hope for a third season of 00.

        • Foshizzel says:

          Without the power of space twitter Saki would have failed and Haruto would have to save her…

          AKB0048 s3 YES PLEASE~

      • Highway says:

        Terrible Pilot? Not a chance. She was out-doing Haruto from the get go. She at least seemed to realize that *the buttons do something*! Haruto every time we see him he’s just pushing and pulling and “What the hell is going oooooooon!” Frickin’ loser, he is.

        I think it’s just fine for Saki’s motivation to be “Screw all those guys, I’m gonna kick ass, and everyone will love me!”

        • skylion says:

          The Saki Fan Club line forms right here folks.

          • BlackBriar says:

            I’m requesting a V.I.P membership.

            • skylion says:

              Congratulation! For the low low price of one Shinobu Oshino and Letica Draculair, a VIP membership is yours.

          • Ceyrai says:

            Let me grab my fitted cheerleading outfit from Takahi first, and I’m game.

      • Ceyrai says:

        Not terrible, dude. She wasn’t button-mashing or calling up her love interest in the middle of the battle. XD Though I do agree social media seems to hold a lot of power in this series, especially for glory hounds like Saki. 😀

        • skylion says:

          At this point I don’t know if the social media aspect is either a brilliant method of verisimilitude to modern touches, or a hamfisted technique of such.

          Either way, it does lend itself to a larger world, and therefore larger stakes, doesn’t it?

          • Ceyrai says:

            I wouldn’t go to either extreme to describe its involvement – I’d just call it appropriate that it plays into the story. Technology development in one aspect means technology development in all other aspects – so if they’ve invented giant mecha that can perform harakiri, I would think social media in space is to be expected.

            Personally, I love the “we’re all in this together” feel it exudes, no matter how cheesy that sounds ^^;;

  9. Jrow says:

    So yesterday I watched episodes 2-6 of Valvrave and have really liked this series, somewhat surprisingly so since I had generally thought ep. 1 was ok but never developed enough interest to continue after that. I think a comparison to Aquarion was a key contributor to my gained interest.

    Seeing the word “Kakumeiki” makes me think of the word Cockameme

    Saki’s a favorite of mine (she also was what kind of compelled me to watch) with her whole use of Haruto in hopes of being more famous and using fame through the power of twitter and cheers to fight.

  10. Vane says:

    ah, good Lord, i knew Saki was the “first-second” pilot, it was obvious, not obvious at all why she wanted it, but i’m guessing that again the obvious plot is coming right? all she want is fame, later she is gonna find out that fame is not everything, humans are good, make friends, fight with valvrave for the right reason and so… and she doesn’t like Haruto in the romantic way WOOP WOOOP, i hope it stays that way, next is Shoko and tho i really DON’T like her, i’ll have to deal with the fact that she needs her own valvrave… and of course i really want L-Elf to have his own too and maybe if the gods of anime grant my wish, Saki and L-Elf will happen? LOLOL ok no…

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