Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT – 11

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Yozora-“No one touches my harem and gets away with it.”

Ku ku ku! Welcome back readers to another hilarious episode review for Haganai NEXT or are we going to have another drama filled adventure? Last week it appeared that Rika finally figured everything about Kodaka and how he reacts to feelings of love and friendship, but enough about that! How are you doing this week, Kara?
PFFFT AHAHAHAHAHA a day later and I’m still laughing at “yaoi hole”. …No, I don’t have anything else particularly intelligent to say here.

Scientific friendship part two

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Together these two are amazing!

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Is it really game over for Sena?! I certainly hope not!

Rika continues to steal the spotlight with each passing episode almost becoming the second main character of the series even though technically those roles go to Sena and Yozora, but lately these two have taken a backseat leaving Rika alone to figure out the mysteries of Kodaka. I thought the last episode was shocking with Kodaka yelling at Rika, but this time we had another reveal at the end of the episode with Sena blurting out that she actually loves Kodaka?! Wait what is going on there?! Also he retreated out of the club room pretending like he didn’t hear her surprise confession? I guess in the end he revealed how he treats everyones feelings of friendship or love. Aside from that I loved those scenes with Kodaka visiting Rika who caught a fever while editing their movie; however, most of their chat revolved around the strange talk of the “yaoi-hole” from Rika’s BL manga!? That scene I swear I just could not stop laughing, proving once again that Rika is still awesome and the best character in Haganai. After all of that madness we had Aoi pop as she tried her best to shut down the club, but thankfully Yozora and Sena kind of worked great as a team using their individual skills and connections to put a stop to Aoi’s plans! That was awesome just to see the two of them defend their club from the nosy student council.

More friendship

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Rika-“I should add this scene to the movie!”                     Kodaka-“Uh no please!!”

I’m glad we can trust Yozora and Sena with the club at least. I actually enjoyed watching Yozora shoot down every single one of Aoi’s arguments to break up the club (they should have her being awesome like that more often). Between that, and Sena blatantly abusing her power as the chairman’s daughter, I’d say that the club is in good hands. Actually, Yozora had a lot of good parts this episode, like with her line about all of them needing to watch the finished movie together. …Not that the movie had a plot (though it did have ‘plots’), but you could see all of the work Rika put in there. I agree, Yozora. The movie just wouldn’t be the same without all of them there (plus Rika was the one who put the most work into it there, it just wouldn’t be nice to watch it without her).

Now for the ending drama…. Sena chose a rather bad time to confess since Kodaka still can’t even handle calling people friends, let alone saying that he likes them (which I don’t know if he’s even thought about dating before). This might open up something in the future and make Kodaka think about the way he views things. For now though, all it seems like it will do is make things in the Neighbour’s Club really awkward. Though really, any episode before this would be a bad time to directly confess too. What will Yozora do about this? I don’t know. I think first, we just need Kodaka to get over his fear of having/ recognizing people close to him. He has his own issues to deal with before I’m expecting a happy ending.

Fun with Rika and Sena

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We demand more Rika fanservice!

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Do you accept her challenge?!

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Damn it Sena! Just kiss her already, you know you want too…

 End thoughts

Interesting episode of Haganai NEXT this week! I loved those moments between Kodaka and Rika the most along with her failed attempt to get him to read out a yaoi scene? I admit that comment about the yaoi-hole had me laughing so much, but I was shocked at how nice Yozora was acting when she found out Rika was not feeling good and I agree with her mindset, if they can’t watch it together as a club then what is the point in watching it? That was a nice touch from Yozora and the other club members. Now for the out there moments like Sena’s outburst that she LOVES Kodaka? That caught me off guard and judging by the reaction from the other club members it was a shock to them as well, but what about Yozora? What will she do now? I assume she will have to confess her feelings to Kodaka? Then again, he kind of ran away acting like he didn’t hear her…what the hell bro? That is not even cool…

Well, this series seems like it came to an end REALLY fast. Not that it’s quite at the ending yet, but still. Anyways, I didn’t quite get the movie screening I wanted, but Yozora showed off the good points of her personality really well this episode, so I’ll take it. I guess the ending seems really quick was because nothing feels like it’s been resolved? I mean, Kodaka still has issues and while Sena confessed, I’m kind of doubtful that this will go anywhere for a while. Hell, even though Yozora had that moment a couple of episodes ago where Sena told her to stop putting so much emphasis on the past, that doesn’t really seem resolved to me. Especially since from her reaction to Sena’s childhood friend announcement, she’s still holding her relation to Kodaka that way in high importance. I can live with that though provided that Kodaka just… gets a grip. Soon.


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A new challenger for Kodaka’s growing harem?

The final episode?!


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40 Responses to “Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT – 11”

  1. KLACMAN says:

    yea way it going indeed wake up kodaka & feel the love in the air besides this is also a HAREM anime as well.

    besides you got a meaty options, rika options who steal the season, yozora option, or do the right thing fall in love with them.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Kodaka is building himself a nice little harem! I would go for Rika, but the other girls have to work extra hard for his attention.

  2. skylion says:

    Is it really game over for Sena?! I certainly hope not!Whoa, I had failed to see that….subtle foreshadowing, or just coincidence?

    I always enjoy this show for it’s scream a minute laugh fest, and Rika is the exemplar of that feeling. The yaoi-hole bit was insane; it was dripping with “accept me as I am” attitude. Indeed, more Rika service is needed.

    I think that was the only way she could possibly get it out; Sena is being genuine in her love for Kodoka, but like most of the club, finds it hard to actually say it directly. Is it just me, or does she seem to view marriage first and love second given how she confessed her feelings?

    The reactions around the club were interesting; Yozora’s near complete breakdown; Kobato holding hers in; Maria thinking it over; Rika thinking it over much much more; and Yukimura’s shock. All of them were character perfect.

    But things have to change, don’t they?

    Damn it Sena! Just kiss her already, you know you want too…
    …and there she goes, stealing the Skylion feels right there….did BB put you up to this, Sena?

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah I saw that background and was like hmmmm interesting stuff and the Yaoi-hole comment was freaking hilarious I couldn’t stop laughing!

      I guess Sena thinks that is more important than anything else right now, but poor Yozora! I wonder what she is going to do next…

  3. skylion says:

    Spammy steals my precious “first”

  4. Highway says:

    Sena’s confession to Kodaka was, I thought, perfectly in character for her. She doesn’t beat around the bush with most things, and being slightly distracted playing her game made her not think as much about what she was saying until she was done. As far as she’s concerned, she loves Kodaka, and people who love each other get married. Just like that. But even after she realized what she said, she wasn’t going to back down (because she doesn’t back down, either). Kodaka just ran out of the room before she could say it face to face.

    That was the most broken we’ve seen Yozora. They did a good job conveying the absolute shock and terror that she was feeling. And that it came just moments after she felt praised by Sena (since Yozora’s the person who won’t back down just because Sena’s got her father’s influence) was more shocking to her.

    I’m really coming around to the position that Kodaka’s reluctance to acknowledge anyone’s feelings in the club is because he’s afraid of how that would change the club. Up until now, he’s had 4 friends, plus Kate (not counting Maria and Kobato). They sometimes don’t get along, but mostly do, and are mostly friends with each other. But maybe he realizes how destabilizing he could be. If he pairs up with any one of them, the club is over. Perhaps the only pair it would really survive is Kodaka and Rika (Kodaka and Yukimura is not a possibility, but it might survive that). But if he picked either Yozora or Sena, the other would quit coming. I don’t think their friendship is yet strong enough to handle having the other one ‘win’ the sole object of their affection.

    So maybe Kodaka should get a little credit if that has been part of his motivation for deflecting the idea that any of them want to be more than friends.

    • Foshizzel says:

      THAT CONFESSION! I almost wonder if she thought they were alone or did she want Yozora and the others in the room so they could hear it? I like that she is honest about her feelings, but we are near the end so it kind of annoys me! I guess we have to hold out for another season? I certainly hope so.

      True it was nice to see Yozora’s reaction and now we have to see WHAT she does to fix things~

      I could see that with Kodaka, I guess if he did date any of the girls it could and will cause a bunch of drama that maybe he doesn’t want to deal with? Still something needs to happen soon, but I could go for some friendship instead of girlfriends xD


    • Karakuri says:

      I wouldn’t say that her confession is out of character, but what bad timing. All around.

      I think Kodaka’s issue is more self central since he doesn’t even want to talk about being friends with Rika. Him breaking up the club might be part of that, but he’s still rather deep in denial from what I see.

  5. Muir says:

    oh gosh I finally caught up with Haganai NEXT.

    I actually enjoyed watching Yozora shoot down every single one of Aoi’s arguments to break up the club (they should have her being awesome like that more often).

    Yesss. I love these kinds of things~ Yozora stating completely realistic, and correct counters to Aoi’s arguments and being badass *^* Reminds me of Masazumi’s debate near the end of Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon’s first season. That was so perfect. _> I’ve heard of 4 volumes, but dang. They must have skipped a bunch of stuff. Atleast they got the funnies & drama in~ huehuehue

    I caught up now, so I didn’t comment on ep 10, but ep 10 really got me in the feels ._. That scene with Kodaka and Rika on the roof…….it made me feel like shit. Utter shit.

    • Muir says:

      ….my comment got chopped up and smashed.

      _> I’ve heard of 4 volumes
      ^where is the other part ;A; fuuuuuuuuu

    • Foshizzel says:

      Awesome! Congrats on catching up to the series <3

      When Yozora and Sena work together no one can stop them and Aoi is going to have to re-think her plan to get rid of their club, but the way Sena uses her power she better be extra careful.

      Yeah that was a hard episode to get through T___T Rika is a dedicated friend for trying to help Kodaka, but she got yelled at instead and she still sticks around? Good job Rika! I hope something good comes her way.

      • Muir says:

        Thanks! I still have lots of others I haven’t caught up to though ._. I’ll probably have them on hold until the end of time.

  6. BlackBriar says:

    Yusa doesn’t see Kodaka as a delinquent. The guy finally has some hope for his social life other than being in the Neighbors Club though she really overestimates his stature. An “ultra-popular perfect superman boyfriend fit for Kashiwazaki Sena!” sounds like the rambling of a hopeless fanatic.

    Got to savor whatever moments are left for Rika since the show is almost at end. She’s sick but still has time for sexual jokes. Her presence becomes more and more significant when she injects herself into serious matters like relationships. She’s discreet but speaks her mind when necessary so she wins admiration for that. Even if it was for someone as awesomely perverted as Rika, I wouldn’t dare read a BL book, much less out loud. That was insane and surely Kodaka was dying inside and he was being recorded. Well, better him than me. Her assumption of a “yaoi hole” means there’s still stuff she doesn’t even know about which is surprising coming from Haganai’s ultra pervert.

    The entire second half was the highlight. Yozora projected herself as the club’s shield shooting down Yusa’s administrative attacks and Sena as the sword crushing her with power and influence. Normally, I’d say abusing power and status to get what you want is the bitchy move of a spoiled brat but I made an exception in this case since the bitchiness came from a brat who was a little comfortable on her cushy seat with the student council. Power tends to corrupt people. Their devotion of defending the club shows they aren’t taking what they have now for granted.

    Wow, whether indirect or not, Sena’s confession blew my mind. You can see it took some courage to bring up the matter but I’m more curious about Kodaka and Yozora’s reaction. Yozora’s near breakdown is understandable because she doesn’t want to lose the only person she considers a friend but I think Kodaka’s problem is he doesn’t want to let anyone in because he’s afraid of a negative outcome. Him pretending not to hear things feels so pathetic and sad now that we know it was only a defensive act on his part.

    • Highway says:

      But was it? I think it’s in a new light. If he values the club, especially the club over finding a girlfriend, then his actions are the correct ones, at least to stall for a while. There’s a reason there are phrases like “Don’t fish off the company pier”, and I think don’t fish off the Rinjin-bu pier is perfectly applicable. And in reality, the absolute worst situation is that he starts dating Sena, it’s the one thing that Yozora could never overcome (barring Kodaka dating Hinata Hidaka…).

      Yes, in his efforts to protect the cohesiveness of the club, he has visited slight harm on the others, by denying their feelings. But was it worth an extra month or two? Especially if it was that month that caused Sena and Yozora, or Maria and Kobato, to become much closer friends?

    • Foshizzel says:

      ultra-popular perfect superman boyfriend fit for Kashiwazaki Sena! << That made me laugh so much! I know once this season ends I will feel sad without Rika around to crack all these great sexual jokes, but I can't wait to see what other characters like Rika and even Frau come out in 2013! Oh god the Yaoi-hole was hilarious! That is easily the best moment right up there with the roller coaster episode. Good call and I can picture Yozora and Sena wearing armor going after Yusa hahahah Sena for the win! I can't wait to see what happens in the final episode with the new bit of drama thrown in and I agree on your comment about Kodaka because it does feel quite sad and maybe it gave the other club members a peek into how Kodaka feels about friendship and romance? I guess he is just NOT ready for that.

      • Muir says:

        If Haganai NEXT were to have a poll for best character this season, I’d bet Rika would be in the top, or actually first! Rika’s presence is dominating this season!

        Yes we need more ero-characters like Rika and Shiroyasha!! XDD

        on an unrelated note, today is Idolm@ster’s Yayoi’s Birthday!! WOOOO~
        You-Hardcore made a celebratory remix =w= oh yes, so good

  7. JPNIgor says:

    WTF was dat random confession/proposal at the end?! Like, she didn’t realize what she was talking?! Isn’t she embarassed telling that for everyone to hear?! And that fucking reaction from Kodaka?! BE A MAN!!! And that cute reaction from Yozora? e.e’ Can’t you be cuter more often?

    And what was that y-yaoi hole? Did anyone ever hear about it? Please tell me that true yaoi hentai uses the real hole in the scenes e.e’

    • Highway says:

      There are things I would rather not think about… 😉

    • BlackBriar says:

      There are places man was never meant to go and things he was never meant to know.

      • skylion says:

        ….isn’t it made up?

        • Highway says:


          • skylion says:

            My yes, it’s lovely out. A great day for yaoi-hole viewing, it dear? Pack the picnic basket and bring your parasol..

            • Highway says:

              This might get me in trouble, but we can always go visit the Glory Hole

              (It’s a pond spillway. Do NOT search google for “glory hole”. I am a trained professional drainage engineer who knew what he was looking for. There are a couple others of those in the world, and I think they’re really cool, but they really need a different name)

            • skylion says:

              OMG YES YES! Plug that hole, plug that hole with your might plug! PLUG IT!

            • JPNIgor says:

              Too much lewdness for one single comment.

            • BlackBriar says:

              @Skylion: Good lord, man. What are you saying? That’s hentai territory you’re treading on.

            • skylion says:

              ….good thing I’m wearing my yaoi-hole treading boot…

            • skylion says:

              I got this hole….

            • Karakuri says:

              I thought no one could top Highway’s comment about the glory hole. Then skylion proved me wrong. Multiple times.

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