Zetsuen no Tempest 16-17


The mage who leapt through time.

Sigh, almost didn’t make it this week for Tempest. If you’re wondering what I’ve been doing, I’m afraid that I’m not entirely sure OTL two weeks went by really quickly and I don’t even remember what took up my time for most of it besides a couple of huge essays. …So let’s just attribute my lack of Tempest to that.

   Episode 16-


They keep pushing the fact that Yoshino is the most likely Mage of Exodus so hard, I’m almost believing it myself. Of course, Megumu seems powerful too since he got rid of that part of Genesis no problem, but what they said about Yoshino having a heart of Exodus seems to have some merit to it. Of course, because they’re pushing it so hard, some of the things they say really make it look like they’re trying too hard to find reasons why Yoshino would be part of Exodus. The point about Yoshino risking himself to save the little girl from the fire for instance. There’s no way he could have planned all of that, just to force Hakaze to forsake logic. …On the other hand though, from his performance the first half of the series, maybe he could have. I guess the problem is just that we know Yoshino is special, but we just don’t know how or why yet. Everything I try and come up with to disprove either side just goes in circles. If anything though, the storyline is doing a good job at throwing me off.

Now, I have absolutely no idea what Evangeline and Takumi are trying to do with Megumu. Obviously they’re planning on doing something about Exodus, but like I (think) I said in my last Tempest post, I’m not entirely sure what having him dress flashily is accomplishing. They seem to plan on going international too. …Plus Evangeline set up that whole thing with Hakaze and the rumour about a spy in the village. Maybe they’ll explain that later.


As for Hakaze… sigh. She’s such a great character, but her dealing with her feelings for Yoshino is… hard to watch. She’s definitely over-thinking things and while it’s not hindering her too badly since she easily took charge of the village situation, seeing her go from capable girl into someone who can’t even help a guy across a bridge is really noticeable. It was cute before and it still has it’s moments, but after seeing Hakaze take charge of things no problem before, she’s taking a long time getting over this. Though I guess it serves as a good reminder that the Mage of Genesis who controls the fate of the world is still a teenage girl. She may have a pretty good head on her shoulders, but she still has weaknesses.

The flashback with Aika seems important, if only for the fact that while Mahiro had no intentions of raising Aika, Yoshino clearly would want to see her ghost at least. It’s funny how Mahiro blames the fate of Hamlet on the fact that he believed in ghosts as opposed to the fact that Hamlet was a moody teenager who was hell bent on revenge. Isn’t magic irrational? …Even if it’s based on logic? Meanwhile, we have Yoshino and who knows what he’s thinking. If anything though, he’s definitely got Aika on the mind since he kept flashing back to that festival day.

Episode 17-


…And then I get to the next episode and my questions seem to be answered. The Mage of Exodus seems to have been set up to help Takumi gain back his position. Also, they’re doing it on purpose to try and see if they can gain something from the situation.   …I’m not entirely sure what they’re planning to gain over trying to create a rift in people’s acceptance of the Tree, but there you have it. They’re still all working together, but this episode seems to be the point where each group’s motives behind being there is finally becoming clear.

It’s interesting how they mention that Genesis looks like it could be a number of things that people worshiped in the past. Maybe it’s just like that because of that, but it would also be interesting if they worshipped those things because of the Tree. Like, if it had appeared in the past or something, but the story had been misinterpreted throughout time because people back then misunderstood it back then.

The whole heart of Exodus was explained as well~. I don’t know where they even came up with the whole heart splitting thing, but if Samon and the other mages think it’s a possibility, then I guess it’s possible. Though if Yoshino doesn’t have magic, then the question is raised as to how he’d  be an asset in raising Exodus. …Though it’s logical that he could do it since he’s a great manipulator. Looking at it that way, he could easily do what he’s doing with Hakaze and then convince Megumu to do it for him. …Of course, that’s assuming that he’s actually what they say he might be.


Yes! Hakaze finally straight out confessed. I was annoyed last episode, but I have to say that Hakaze delt with her frustration quite well this time. Maybe she was just denying that she was curious in trying to ask questions so that she would give up, but it was nice to see her trying to do something about the situation instead of just sitting there blushing and calling herself an idiot. The confession was great as well, with her going “I love you, but I don’t want to hurt your girlfriend, so make me give up.” I’m a bit surprised that Yoshino just straight out told Hakaze about Aika. He had no problems with telling Evangeline though, so I’m pretty sure that if it’s not Mahiro, then it’s probably safe for him. He doesn’t seem to be over her in the slightest though and she even said that she’s the only one he’d consider dating. …Even though she seemed like kind of a yandere when she got jealous, she always seems to tell the truths about characters in those flashbacks. Pfft and there they go trying to figure out who Yoshino’s girlfriend is. Their deductive reasoning was pretty good until they started throwing married women and lolita complexes into it. Megumu definitely dropped a huge shock onto all of them, so I guess we’ll find out the next episode as to where that goes and if Mahiro will continue denying it or not.


…There’s just something funny about the fact that these 4 guys sat around for half an episode trying to seriously figure out who Yoshino’s girlfriend is.

So yeah, a not so eventful episode, followed by an episode that answered pretty much every question I had. I was worried since thing have been moving pretty slowly ever since the midway point of this series, but this might be the starting point for… something. Maybe everyone will try to kill Yoshino now? I don’t know. Nobody minus Hakaze and maybe Mahiro would have a problem with it (even Junichi said he could do it). Of course though, Hakaze is the last person you’d want to cross in this series so that might act as a deterrent. I still have problems seeing this end happily for everyone, but with all of the mentions of the Tempest (which had a great ending), maybe that’s a hint. They do mention the parallels of Hamlet and the Tempest a lot. They’re probably trying to parallel that with the ending for Zetsuen in general.


…And now we wait (no very long because I took forever with this) for the results of the end with the truth about Aika and Hakaze’s feelings being out. …Plus whatever this screencap means.


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13 Responses to “Zetsuen no Tempest 16-17”

  1. Bonk says:

    I still don’t understand why Yoshino and Aika started dating. Either I’m blind or there’s absolutely no chemistry in them. It’s like some kind of arranged dating: they go out for some unknown purpose. That, or I’m missing something.

    All in all, if I were Yoshino, I wouldn’t come closer than a mile to her. The girl has… issues, and is clearly planning something. Was there a theory already that she simply killed herself to set the whole thing in motion?

    • Haighzen says:

      Well, this is not exactly a answer to your question, but the love itself is blind. And some say that forbidden (not really in this case) has its charms. So go figure…

    • Highway says:

      Just rambling off the top of my head:

      Yoshino and Aika have that feeling, just like Aika said: There’s noone else that he could ever date, and noone else that she could ever date. They are both flawed in ways that complement the other’s flaws. Aika is so much like Mahiro that if Yoshino can get along with Mahiro, as weird as their relationship is, he could get along with Aika as well. And yes, that would be a weird relationship, but Aika also knows that she can be herself with Yoshino, because of the way he is. Whenever she talks about Yoshino, she says these things that seem to be mean-spirited, awful indictments of his character. But She knows that those qualities are the exact things that allow her to have a freedom with Yoshino that she just doesn’t have at any other time. Where others get frustrated and put off by her archly capricious nature, Yoshino just lets it roll off him, understanding that she usually means things at a depth that most wouldn’t appreciate.

    • BlackBriar says:

      I would say opposites attract but both seem similar. I guess they’re together because one fills in what the other lacks. It’s doubtful a normal girl could handle someone as direct, cold and sometimes calculating as Yoshino. For example, when a bad situation is going on and people try to make you feel better by putting some farfetched notion of comfort behind it, he tells you the truth to your face and in his own way, tells you to accept it.

    • Cholisose says:

      It’s not that they don’t have any chemistry–it’s that their chemistry is very unorthodox. Yoshino and Aika’s relationship is a sort of love where their interactions are more along the lines of debate, wit, and poetry rather than a showering of star-crossed compliments and displays of affection or infatuation. I would argue the two are actually quite the romantics–they’re just very formal, and aren’t going to go easy on each other on an intellectual level.
      In short, they’re perhaps the only two who could actually put up with each other? Of course, there’s a possibility there’s more to all this than we’re currently aware of–I also must wonder what further role Aika has in the grand scheme of things for this series.

    • Karakuri says:

      …I don’t think we’ve actually seen the start of their relationship. Maybe there’s something to it in there. I’m curious as to how they got together, though I do think that they do work as a couple.

      Yeah, there’s a theory like that.

  2. Highway says:

    I’ve really been enjoying this show lately (why is every show that continued from the Fall season so good? Even Little Busters has been decent). The change in focus from this huge activity of the emergence of the Tree of Exodus to the everyday lives of the people who are still concerned about it, but seeing them on a much more human scale is one that I’ve really liked, and haven’t been put off by it at all.

    I had actually thought that Aika would become less important, not more important. I’m surprised and happy that I was wrong. And for once, a girl has a crush and actually has a *reason* for acting hesitant about it, besides just being embarrassed or scared that the guy doesn’t like her. It showed concern for the person she cares about and others that we usually don’t have in romance angles.

    I also liked the small bits of Hakaze’s thoughts in that same purple background with wavy lines, because they were small amounts, unlike Samon’s speeches that he made in his head that I thought really interfered with the flow at the Tree of Exodus because they were so long. And then she finally realized that she just couldn’t put it off, couldn’t fall out of love with him, and confessed! Yay! The preview looked ominous as to them having to go separate ways (boo), but I don’t know if that’s preview misdirection or what.

    And then having the ‘brain trust’ thinking so seriously about who Yoshino’s girlfriend was was just absurd and hilarious. Samon and Mahiro, always so serious, talking about whether he’s into lolis, or schoolteachers, or maybe he was embarrassed because her boobs were too big OR too small. How absurd is a scene where boobs are concerned that you have to throw Kaji Yuki in as the tsukkomi? Just a cute little bit of irony there.

    • Bonk says:

      [quote]I had actually thought that Aika would become less important, not more important. I’m surprised and happy that I was wrong.[/quote]

      I think Aika is a local Yui Ikari.

    • Karakuri says:

      Little Busters is still going on? Yeah, I like the fact that we’ve gotten to know the characters a little closer as well. But that simply goes along with the fact that I like how no one is really evil here.

      Aika’s an odd one for sure.

      In any other show, 4 guys all brainstorming another guy’s fetishes would be comical. Here it was a life or death kind of situation. …Which might actually be making it funnier.

  3. Highway says:

    Something that just occurred to me, and maybe others are thinking it too. I’m not super keen on the “Yoshino is the Mage of Exodus” theory, but if he is, or at least is the part of Exodus, maybe this is part of the grand scheme? We don’t really know much about it, but perhaps the fusion of the two trees is something that is to be desired. The embodiment of Genesis, matched to the heart of Exodus, allowing the fusion of both sets of logic. Perhaps, rather than Yoshino posing a threat to Genesis due to influence over Hakaze, their combination is what’s needed to balance the two trees.

    • Karakuri says:

      We don’t even know why the Trees are fighting in the first place. …So this sounds like a pretty great theory actually.

  4. BlackBriar says:

    I’m not sure how to put my finger on it but Yoshino and Aika do attract each other. Anyone other than those two being together wouldn’t pass. Given the cold nature of both their personalities, they complete a part where each of them lack. When Aika said what she’d do to Yoshino if he went with another girl, it made me think of Senjougahara and I can see the similarities and Hakaze shares similar traits.

    Even though the show has changed tone, the character developments are stronger than ever. I admire Hakaze having the strength to finally confess instead of having someone else do it for her. Where most female characters would follow the flow without question, she stops and considers every move she makes with possible consequences on her part and that of others. And it’s funny that this post covering two episodes of romance ends up on Valentine’s day itself.

    One would think that Hakaze is happy with hearing the news about Aika but I doubt it will be the case. Rather than relief, she might be discouraged because all she did was think of herself and didn’t consider Yoshino’s feelings on the subject.

    Props to Hanemura for being the new guy and easily finding the answer to the previously most well kept secret that been under wraps for more than a year and everyone else has been desperately trying to figure out. He may lack character in some areas but he has good detective skills figuring out Mahiro’s infatuated with his sister even though he doesn’t want to admit it and that Aika is Yoshino’s girlfriend. However, that Mage of Exodus outfit is too flashy and doesn’t suit him.

    • Highway says:

      One would think that Hakaze is happy with hearing the news about Aika but I doubt it will be the case. Rather than relief, she might be discouraged because all she did was think of herself and didn’t consider Yoshino’s feelings on the subject.

      I don’t know if Hakaze will beat herself up about that at all. She did consider his feelings, and his girlfriend, and that’s why she tried so hard to not be in love with him, because she didn’t want to interfere, she didn’t want to break them up, and she most of all didn’t want this godlike power she has no control over to act on her behalf and make someone she loves unhappy.

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