Amnesia – 03


That’s… hard to imagine.

Well, it’s another week of Amnesia and yaaaay! Miyu is back! So this week on Amnesia? …More confusion, but yet, less confusion. It looks like they’re finally moving on to the route material instead of throwing the storyline all over the place.
I’m baaaack! Have been busy with settling some admission admin things/listening to useless talks at junior college :c I’m nearly always sleep-deprived now. Anyway, hope you’ll enjoy Kara and I tagging on Amnesia from now onwards! :3


K* This episode was surprisingly straightforward. The story going on was 100% Shin’s route and it actually went in chronological order. So yeah, Shin is childhood friend #1, and he’s extremely blunt, but he does care about the heroine in his own way. He also figures out the amnesia thing pretty fast, but the heroine has an excuse as she just fell off a cliff and was in the hospital. …I don’t remember her rejecting him so much in the game, so it was kind of hard to watch the heroine interact with him. I mean, besides the ‘I killed someone’ and ‘Your accident was my fault’ lines (though really, that could be attributed to the fact that he feels like he cornered her into running away… if her memories from that time are correct), he obviously cares about her, even if she doesn’t have memories of him anymore. Again though, I guess there’s the whole factor that the heroine just lacks trust. Normally, I don’t think trust would be an issue, but after the events of the first episode and being threatened, they set up a good reason for the heroine to be cautious about all of this.

M* So the anime is now following Shin’s route in the game, which is a good start I guess. With all how stressed and confused the heroine looks with just one guy (okay maybe two, but Touma really didn’t do anything this episode) finding out and trying to help her, all five coming onto her at the same time might give her a nervous breakdown. Shin is the classic childhood friend turned lover, and although they were probably an adorable couple before the memory loss happened, now their entire relationship just feels really awkward to me. Shin’s obviously concerned about her, being the first one to find out about her amnesia (although how everyone else didn’t is stange, considering how bad the heroine has been at covering up her feelings/thoughts).


Yay, can’t wait until he’s back to narrate EVERYTHING that happens

K* Orion is missing, but it actually works here. He’s there in the game to fill in for the fact that the heroine has no personality/to narrate, so otherwise, he’s just a third party observer to everything going on. The anime doesn’t need that really, so I can see why they’d take him out. He was there to explain the fact that the heroine has lost her memories, but that’s all he’s really needed for. …Plus it adds to the whole mystery of the heroine trying to figure out what the hell is going on and why her memories aren’t adding up. That was something new to the anime, and I’d say that it was actually added in really well. If the mystery of each arc isn’t enough, there’s the overlaying plot mystery in here too. It’s a great way to connect this story altogether. Though It was frustrating watching her go through the episode knowing things, but not bothering to speak her mind about them. She knew Shin and Toma’s names, but they had to introduce themselves to her all over again. So much of the episode was wasted on reintroduction on things we already knew.

amnesia-00012 (1024x576)

M* What really puzzles me is what happened to Ikki and Kento. So with the start of Shin’s route, those two just conveniently disappeared into thin air? I guess the most logical way to understand it is to think of it as parallel worlds, and that they do exist (not as a “random photographer”, but as a friend), but just not in this world.. or route. What are they going to do from now onwards? As she finishes one route, the heroine just magically teleports into some other world where all her human relationships are different and be like BAM! you’re xxx’s boyfriend now, deal with it! If things are going to happen this way, even I would be stressed out watching it, needless to say the heroine. It’s not possible for her to enter every route thinking “oh haha all that was just a dream”, right? The big question is how they’re going to link all these parallel worlds and characters up in the end (while keeping the heroine sane) to reveal the final true story/memories of the heroine… If they even decide to at all. Gosh, just thinking about it is making me confused.

Also, who/what is Ukyo? He seems to have seen and known all the different parallel worlds – is he some all-seeing superhuman or can he jump between timelines? I couldn’t resist the temptation and checked wiki for more info but all it told me is that Show ▼

The more I think about it, the deeper and more complicated the story gets in my head. I wonder if it’s going to be something mind-blowing. Although the execution of the storyline so far has been pretty bland, the premise itself is what’s keeping me going. More things just need to start happening soon.


K* It was good pacing for the episode, despite not much happening (in my mind anyways; maybe this was an eventful episode for you). It was a lot of the heroine walking around and not saying much, but now we have a better grasp on how her life was before the amnesia hit. In the process, it probably helped fill you guys in on who Shin is as well. It’s not quite the high tension story it was before, but at least they’re not trying to throw romance with 4 characters at you all at once. Shin is clearly the heroine’s boyfriend. There’s no having her date multiple guys,which would probably just confuse her even more if she had to keep track of what she tells each person and such. Plus relationships require trust and the heroine clearly isn’t ready for trusting one person, let alone more. However, now that they’re actually covering route material, I’m worried about how long this is all going to take. Shin was missing for a huge portion of the route before the mystery was wrapped up, so I wonder how many episodes they’re going to spend on this… unless they switch to someone else’s route randomly again in the middle.

…Once again, my part of the review became a huge analysis of the differences between the game and the anime. OTL My thoughts on the actual episode? Well, the background music felt kind of off at some parts (like when they were exploring her school, there was electric guitar in the background as if they were doing something more exciting). The animation is still really pretty to look at though and I can’t get enough of the OP song. …I also notice something about the ED that now makes it unintentionally hilarious to me, but I’ll go into that later when it pops up in the story line. Yeah, I don’t have much to say about Shin until later in the storyline when a few things come to light and even then, he wasn’t exactly my favourite route since he was absent a lot of it. Oh well, the storyline is making progress. I know a lot of people don’t like him, but I’m really curious about what happened to Orion too. He didn’t disappear like that in the game until the heroine had all of her memories back, so I wonder what the explanation behind that will be.

Every week I hope for the best for Amnesia, but every week it just doesn’t quite hit it. I think the heroine’s passed her amnesia on to me, because I swear at the end of that episode I just couldn’t recall what happened at all. It was that forgettable. Sure, some things were revealed this episode, but I wish they could’ve used the time more efficiently to get the story progressing. If the heroine would justtt speak up a bit more (and speak faster), all the content covered up in this episode could’ve taken up half of the screentime, and more productive things could’ve happened. Frankly, I can’t stand the heroine – completely helpless on her own and also the serious lack of a personality, but I’m still sticking around for the intriguing premise (whatnot with those parallel worlds and all). I’m just trying to convince myself that next week will be better.





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18 Responses to “Amnesia – 03”

  1. belatkuro says:

    Wow, so amnesia is contagious now. Because I hardly remembered anything as well from the episode or the previous ones. The execution of the plot is so bland and boring that it’s so forgettable. I’m forcing myself to remember the details but most of it slips out of my mind.
    Thankfully I have you guys to fill out on details and other things I missed(plus picking up a little spoiler here and there).

    The heroine is too bland and quiet that I can’t believe most of the things Shin says about her. Since I haven’t seen someone I know that had amnesia I can’t say for sure but her condition seems really weird. In most cases of amnesia from other anime/manga/movies etc, the person with amnesia seems to function properly and retains some personality. But our heroine has no personality whatsoever and stumbles around that it’s kind of weird and getting annoying. Though she’s coping well with all the strangeness of the happenings around her so that’s probably a positive thing with her.
    And I’m still enjoying her voice even if all she does is mumble and gasp.

    Shin talked a lot here but as he wasn’t around much for the first two episodes, he also seems like a different character here. Quite forceful but really caring and a bit tsundere. I liked it when he blushed and turned away when the heroine greeted her off with “Take care, Master.” I’m a straight guy btw….
    It’s probably because it’s his route that he’s different. He’s pretty sharp for noticing the amnesia so I’ll give him that.

    It’s a bland, sorta meh episode but the content still intrigues me. What with Shin’s last words, Orion returning again(tsk..), NUkyo and the whole details of the memories and such, it’s still enough for me to keep watching. Though I’m hoping for something big to happen sooner or later and maybe some answers to the questions. So yeah.

    • Karakuri says:

      We watch the episode, so you don’t have to bother remembering it xD

      …I can’t really believe that she was like that too. Even after her getting all of her memories back in the game, she still doesn’t seem like she was quite as opinionated as the characters suggest. …Though of course, the stories skip right from the conclusion of the drama to happy-romantic-hand-holding times where theres no real need for personality.

      Yeah, Shin is a bit different in his route, but I always took that as he was dating the heroine, so he felt closer to her. Even in his route, he interacts with Toma the same way as he was before. So really, I think he’s just opened his heart to her a little more than when its not his route.

      Shin’s route was kind of boring, Ikki’s was a rage inducing, Kent’s was the closest to a normal relationship and Toma’s was… unique. The true story is probably going to be the best out of all of these combined though if they give it enough time. Things will happen, I just hope you stick around for it xD

  2. Liza says:

    Must resist urge to look at Ukyou spoiler….

    Heroine without Orion around is the best thing ever, I think. He was not nagging her every five seconds(and well, I think he’s partly to blame for her running away from Shin since he insisted that it wasn’t safe around him). I know it is a shock that Shin, apparently, killed someone, but he told her without killing her so at least he didn’t want to kill her. >_>

    I also agree that it was odd that Heroine did not confirm that she knew Toma’s and Shin’s names. Like…why? What could not revealing their names prove?

    What surprised me the most, was Shin’s description of her personality. She had one. She had a real personality, which I think is the reason why he picked up on it so fast. Maybe in the other world, that quiet blank character, was her personality(although not to the degree it is) and in this one it is someone fiery. Poor girl. If she has a different personality every single route, that would be confusing for her, so much.

    • Karakuri says:

      The Ukyou spoiler isn’t too bad of one. I’d deem it relatively safe.

      Yeah, without Orion, the heroine actually had to (gasp!) think for herself. Even without knowing about how the story goes, I’d say that after this episode, Shin is trustable. I mean, they’re childhood friends. If he was going to kill her, he would have done it years ago.

      The fact that they had to reintroduce themselves bugged me. I wish that they had made her a tiny bit more vocal.

      Judging from the small epilogues from the game, I really couldn’t tell that she had such a personality either, even with her memories. If they incorporate that into the anime to make her more interesting as the story goes on though, that would be great. Uhh, I don’t think she had a different personality in different routes (I think there were instances in all of the routes where she was hinted to be strong willed in the past).

  3. BlackBriar says:

    Having amnesia would be a total pain. It must suck having someone else tell you who you are and what your routines are. Shin was more like a babysitter than a lover taking care of the girl’s needs and making sure she maintains a schedul. If most most of her recent memories don’t fit with everyone’s side of their story, then whatever caused her amnesia in the first place is probably still happening. Not to mention the part about Shin killing someone didn’t come up.

    • Karakuri says:

      Well if she bothered looking around her room to see if she had a diary or which things were used or not, I’m sure she might have a better idea of what she did or did not do. You can tell a lot about people if you look at their things wait, that sounds kind of creepy. Hell, I’m pretty sure she DOES have a diary since it’s in one of the other routes.

      • BlackBriar says:

        She probably didn’t think about the idea of having a diary. What she’s done lately is being lead around by someone else like a little kid which is like letting them think for you.

        • Karakuri says:

          Ugh it’s frustrating. Really, if you have no idea who you are, common sense is to try to figure that crap out first. Especially if you don’t want anyone to know that anything is wrong. OTL

      • Joojoobees says:

        Hey, speaking of the diary. This show isn’t going in chronological order, is it? She writes in the diary that she was released from the hospital on the first, but the first episode was events from the 4th. So the accident that landed her in the hospital can’t have been the fall ???

        • Karakuri says:

          Things definitely aren’t going in order. …And that’s all I really want to say. I think I know what’s going on for all of this, but I can’t even answer your question properly without going into major spoiler territory.

  4. Gecko says:

    Waka: please become the main character. (I found him so hilarious! Gosh!)
    Ukyo: get yourself together. You look like N from Pokemon. And at this point, you’re acting like him.
    Shin: uh, why are you a babysitter? Also why are you so creepy?
    Heroine: you need a name. and a personality…
    Other than that, I’m getting amnesia minus starting to remember the OP’s lyrics. It’s too catchy!
    But hey, I’ll keep trying even if all that mumbling and gasping gives me a headache.

    • Karakuri says:

      Wakka: is the great in every route. Just wait and see XD
      Shin: LOL no comment on the creepy part
      Heroine: …I hope they give her a name.
      I’m waiting eagerly for that OP single to come out~

      • BlackBriar says:

        Ukyou: His ambition to save Pokémon is noble but he goes about it the wrong way. Wow, that sounds just like the thinking of a Templar.

        I second the statement on the OP. So far, I only have the TV size version to keep me compliant. The title is “Zoetrope” by Yanagi Nagi. When is the release date?

        • Karakuri says:

          Isn’t that what Team Galactic or Plasma or whoever were based off of though? I vaguely remember a lot of people dressed as knights in Pokemon Black/White.

          The single comes out Jan 30th apparently, so not too long.

          • BlackBriar says:

            Yeah, the bad guys of the Unova region in Pokemon Black/White are Team Plasma and their ideals were like that when N was their leader but he just being manipulated by his mentor Ghetsis whose ulterior motive was to rule the world. The knights were the grunts. Team Galactic were the bad guys of the Sinnoh region (Diamond, Pearl, Platinum).

            I guess that’s an agreeable amount of time to wait.

            • Karakuri says:

              Update on the single, it’s out now apparently (or at least I see downloads floating about). So even LESS of a wait time.

            • BlackBriar says:

              Thanks for the info. I’ll start looking around.

  5. anaaga says:

    Oh man, I totally laughed when the electric guitar was playing. Like, what the fuck were they trying to do? It wasn’t anything exciting at all. By the way, I just realized what it is at Touya’s ED that makes it oddly stands out *giggle*

    Episode 3 didn’t stand out that much for me. All I got to see was introduction of new characters (and alternate Waka) and the MC still can’t remember shit. I just wish that there’s something *more* exciting than this. I hope I get it by episode 4

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