Saimoe Japan 2012 – Round 2, Groups C – F Results


Twice the Kirame, twice the marvelous~


After Saki dominated Groups A and B, one would have thought the trend would continue, but Saimoe is never that simple! Shizuno, the protagonist of Achiga-hen was taken out by a margin of only two votes. Cthugha led the match all day and a final jump in the votes almost changed her fate. Anti-Saki voters definitely felt proud! However, this loss only fueled the fires under the Saki supporters as the next day Hisa, one of the less popular Saki girls, wiped the floor against Kanon and Maon. To be fair, neither of them were all that strong anyway. Despite Saki’s commanding appearance in this year’s tournament, it’s obvious by Shizuno’s defeat that they’re not invincible and as we get further into the tournament and the fodder starts to dwindle Saki’s true strength in numbers will be tested. Soon enough we’ll see if Hisa can manage to revenge Shizuno by defeating Cthugha. My prediction, she won’t. (Voting Graphs: CTHUGHA / HISA)


Unfortunately for Sherlock she didn’t have it in her to take out another Astarotte’s Toy character, last year’squarter-finalist was just too strong. On the other side of C2 Yayoi defeater her moe rivals and will proudly continue as Smile Precure’s last force. The surprise here was that Ui managed to do better than Yune, who I expected by her performance up until now would have been the one giving Yayoi trouble. Now Astarotte will face her first truly powerful enemy in her attempt to reach quarter finals once again, but my money is on the newbie to make it out alive! (Voting Graphs: ASTAROTTE / YAYOI)


CHIHAYA, YAY! (°◡°♡) *ahem* The second Saki character to be taken out this round was Hajime, and as much as I’d like to think Chihaya had all that support because she’s amazing, a lot of votes were likely tactical. But does it matter? CHIHAYA, woo!~ Chihaya now fights as one of only three remaining iM@S girls, the others being Iori who won her match and Kotori who has yet to go. Sadly, Asami Imai’s other beloved character, Kurisu, didn’t manage to win. Last year Astarotte ended her run in the final 32 by a measly ten votes, this time the moe-baller Hinata came out of nowhere and defeated her. So, now we must say goodbye and hope that Chihaya takes revenge!~ (Voting Graphs: CHIHAYA / HINATA)


Nothing surprising here. Nagi continues to be a powerful force, taking out Madoka (who surprisingly made it pretty far) and Yasuna. This ends both Lagrange’s and Kill Me Baby’s chances of getting a character into the final 8. Round 2 is typically when a lot of series tend to drop out of the running as the most powerful take control. Makoto losing was to be expected considering her performance compared to the other iM@S girls. This does foretell the upcoming downfall of iM@S, if Miki’s loss wasn’t indication enough. (Voting Graphs: NAGI / LOUISE)


Group E1 is where the third Saki girl, Yumi, was taken out by a surprise competitor, Sakuno Uryuu from Mashiro Symphony. Yumi led at first, but a sudden influx of votes put her in second. Was this a tactical win for Sakuno? Most likely, and I don’t see her going anywhere after this. On the other side of things we have Sanya, who after being tactically used to take out Hinagiku in a massive 517-396 showdown will once again progress after defeating iM@S favorite Yayoi. Sanya now stands as the final representative for Strike Witches, and while it’s unlikely that she’ll pull an Erica Hartmann and make it to the final 8, her chances of defeating Sakuno seem high. It’ll be her eventual match-up with either Charlotte or Yuu that will present trouble. (Voting Graphs: SAKUNO / SANYA)


Adding on to the string of iM@S defeats is Hibiki, who folded under pressure and couldn’t manage to take even second. Unfortunately for Rin, Charlotte remains a break-out star from IS and her support was too much. Rin’s loss marks the end of the Fate universe’s chances. Saki’s Yuu, who outclassed every other character in vote totals for Round 1 had little to no trouble defeating former champion Taiga and former runner-up (of the same year) Yui. Any hopes of a rematch between the two were destroyed by Yuu’s overwhelming support! If anyone needs to be sniped, it’s Yuu, or else her run to the final 8 and beyond seems very likely. (Voting Graphs: CHARLOTTE / YUU)


Yui isn’t letting Akarin go into Round 3 scared and alone after taking out two less popular competitors and taking the win. Apart from Akarin, Yuru Yuri has had a rather disappointing show in their first year at Saimoe, but it’s nice to see at least one other girl make it through. Yui will have trouble against her next opponent however, Kirame, who swiftly defeated iM@S’s leading lady and looks to be a strong contender for the Group F champion. (Or maybe my bias is getting in the way!) Haruka’s loss was saddening, and Kanna’s even more so, but only one can win in the end. F1 also marks the end for Milky Holmes and Ano Natsu, who did well getting to this point. (Voting Graphs: YUI / KIRAME)


Having followed Eru’s and Ririchiyo’s match throughout the day I have to say it was one of the closest and intense I’ve seen. It went back and forth between the two at least four times, but unfortunately for Eru the support was in Ririchiyo’s favor as she eventually widened the gap and won. Both girls were in this alone (as Miyako and Karuta both lost early on), but even so they were both obviously very popular and it’s too bad they weren’t spread out more in the brackets. Well, so ends curiosity! On the other side of the group was a more predictable showing. Nyariko wasn’t able to top Kuro, who like her sister Yuu is very strongly supported. It’ll be up to the TsunShun to put a stop to the Dora magnet’s reign! (Voting Graphs: KURO / RIRICHIYO)






PREDICTION: CHIHAYA                           PREDICTION: NAGI


PREDICTION: SANYA                              PREDICTION: YUU


PREDICTION: KIRAME                              PREDICTION: KURO


Round 2 is not even over yet and there are a LOT of loses. Luckily, only one person has been eliminated so far, but Groups G and H are full of picks (14!) so it won’t be “only one” for long! Without further ado, here are the updates for the banners. (The actual banners are in the spoilers as usual.) Once we get down to around 10 or so players remaining I’ll take the banners out of the spoiler and only hide the people who have already lost to make viewing easier.

  • D-LaN has been eliminated, taking 20th place in the MetaMoe Challenge. His final pick, Kurisu Makise, was defeated Hinata Hakamada. (Other picks included Rise Kujikawa, Suzuha Amane, Irisviel von Einzbern, and Yuka Hanaki.) If we run MetaMoe again next year, we hope to see you again!
  • Anemorj has lost both 1st pick Eru Chitanda and 3rd pick Kurisu Makise. Still remaining is Yayoi Kise who has already won her Round 2 match. Good luck in Round 3!
  • Akagami has lost 3rd pick Kanna Hanigawa. Your fate rests in the hands of Snow Black now!
  • Roxalthea has lost both 1st pick Eru Chitanda and 2nd pick Yui Hirasawa. Tsukihi carries the weight of your team now.
  • Enma has lost both 4th pick Kurisu Makise and 5th pick Taiga Aisaka. Fortunately two picks still remain. 1st pick Ririchiyo Shirakiin has advanced.
  • Kai has lost 3rd pick Rin Tohsaka, and now your Space Pirate must go forth alone!
  • Samantha Zan has lost 2nd pick Yui Hirasawa, with two picks still remaining in the game.
  • Gecko has lost 2nd pick Rin Tohsaka, but fortunately has two picks remaining.
  • Jrow has lost 4th pick Sherlock Shellingford. All that remains is Senjougahara.
  • Kyokai has lost 2nd pick Rin Tohsaka, but Senjougahara and Ai Nanasaki remain to pick up the pieces.
  • Foshizzle has lost both 4th pick Madoka Kyouno and 5th pick Nyariko, however 3 picks still remain including Yayoi Kise who has advanced.
  • Hawthorne’s 2nd pick Chihaya Kisaragi has advanced.
  • Tofu’s 1st pick Ririchiyo Shirakiin has advanced.
  • Rakkyo’s 3rd pick Charlotte Dunois has advanced.

Updated Banners:

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36 Responses to “Saimoe Japan 2012 – Round 2, Groups C – F Results”

  1. Foshizzel says:

    HAZAH! Two down for me Noooooooooo! Your memory will live on in my heart Madoka and Nyaruko <3 <3 <3 better luck next time right? T____________T

    Things are getting interesting O_O


    • Hawthorne says:

      You’re still the god of moe in our books Fosh! Madoka and Nyaruko should be in next year’s tournament I think since Lagrange S2 was this season and S2 of Nyariko is on the way, so maybe next time. :< GOGO YAYOI, she must take revenge for her fallen comrades. XD

    • Gecko says:

      You still did really well, anyways!
      You lasted for a very long time without anyone losing on you. I lost one immediately, and two more after that.

  2. AllenAndArth says:

    go YU o/
    go kuro o/
    saki have so many moe characters
    but no one can win against koromo…it’s just not possible the sheer “moeness” of the bunny ears is already a win U.U/

    • Hawthorne says:

      You’re like the first Saki supporter to comment. ´▽` But woo~ the Matsumi sisters are going strong!

      Koromo still has to deal with Tacos~ Who will prevail, bunny ears moe or tacos moe? ufufufu

      • AllenAndArth says:

        but koromo has yet to unleash her trump card…
        she can be petted!have you seen the face she makes when fujita-pro(?) starts petting her when she’s using her tsundere ranting *-*

        daaaaaaaaamm i feel like pedobear right now… this is sooo sad T-T

  3. Kyokai says:

    RIN NOOOOOOOOOOO! >< Btw, I just noticed how Tofu's got only one eliminated till now. Lolicon. >XD

  4. D-LaN says:

    D: I saw this coming but d*mn…. 1st guy to be eliminated.

    So Tofu beat Fosh record?? Wow.

  5. BlackBriar says:

    Whew, I’m still good for now. This is like walking in a minefield without a map. Hopefully, a good number of people survive before the axe drops on them. This has got to be what paranoia feels like.

    But damn, this is getting scary and at the same time, more and more brutal. The almighty Fosh has finally taken a hit (Two in one shot? Unforgivable!! I know exactly how that feels), I’m on my way out and we now have a casualty in the contest. My condolences, D-Lan and hang tight, Karakuri, Jrow, Highway, Akagami and Anemorj.

    • Hawthorne says:

      A minefield of moe? That sounds terrifyingly cute. XD The ax may have dropped already, as right now Ai is in second in the polls. Unless she’s able to overcome the small margin it looks like Highway will soon fall. kukuku this intensity is the best part~

    • Foshizzel says:

      <3 wuhahahahah

  6. akagami says:

    I just realized I don’t know about half of those who advanced.

    Takei Hisa – Saki, I think?
    Kise Yayoi – Precure (only because Fosh spammed out so many Precure pics and got me curious enough to look them up before)?
    Hakamada Hinata – No idea?
    Matsumi Yuu – sister to Kuro, no idea from where?
    Matsumi Kuro – sister to Yuu?

    I’ve never understood the appeal of loli-tsundere characters. Every time they start whining I want to find a sock. And duct tape.

    And yay Sanyaa! I wasn’t aware Strike Witches had anything that aired recently. I like all the Strike Witches (other than Lynette – meh, and Yoshika – lukewarm). GO GO GO!!!

    • Hawthorne says:

      You’re right! Hisa is a Saki girl, as is Kirame, Kuro, and Yuu. (Maybe that’s why you don’t know them? XD) Hinata is from a basketball show called Ro-Kyu-Bo.

      A lot of those tsundere characters (Astarotte, Nagi, Louise, etc) get added support from KugiRie fans, she seems to be THE predominant VA in Saimoe.

      I believe Strike Witches had a movie release earlier in the year which explains it! (I didn’t know either until just now. ><) Is Strike Witches worth watching both seasons? I've been interested in checking it out since last year's Saimoe.

      • akagami says:

        I enjoyed Strike Witches. It’s much better than Sky Girls. If I had to pick something similar, it would be Sora no Woto with leg flying units and sky combat/magic.

        The neat thing is each girl represents a country and the associated WWII plane (similar to Upotte!). It’s a light-hearted slice-of-life show. I found it to be fun and cute.

      • akagami says:

        That would explain why I didn’t recognize any of them. And I never watched Ro-Kyu-Bo… if I recall, it involves three pre-schoolers who want to play basket-ball and get this teacher to coach them, and one of the kids has the hots for him? It seemed really borderline so I skipped it.

      • Highway says:

        I’ve watched the first series of Strike Witches, and some of the second. I think akagami’s likening it to Sora no Woto is probably close. There’s the same kind of bittersweet feeling to it, especially when you start finding out more about the witches. And of course, it’s set in a setting a lot like Total Eclipse.

        • Foshizzel says:

          I enjoyed both seasons of Strike Witches it was good stuff even though you had plenty of ecchi scenes to get through first lololol

          • Highway says:

            Yeah, I think the description of “loli-pantsu war anime” was about perfect for it. When a whole episode is about playing musical panties, you think just maaaaaaybe they’re not entirely focusing on the war.

            But apart from the hijinks and the “we don’t wear any pants”, there really isn’t much ecchi stuff. Nothing overt (except that musical pantsu ep) at least in season one.

            • Hawthorne says:

              Hm.. I’ll have to check it out then! I don’t really care one way or another about ecchi, I guess I’m not exactly the target audience, but as long as there’s a solid story and likable characters who cares! I loved, loved, loved Sora no Woto so now I’m kind of excited.

            • akagami says:

              Now that you mention it, I would probably describe it more as Sora no Woto with girls wearing just pantsu. I totally forgot about the just pantsu part, since I didn’t really pay much attention to it (or think it’s a big deal).

    • Foshizzel says:

      YAYOI!! I hope she goes far I am rooting for her!

  7. Samantha Zan says:

    WAHAHAHA OH MAH GOSH YUI NOOOOO D:!!!! Though I kind of figured she would lost going against 425 votes for that Saki character (like ohmygoshwow….)

    Ahhh Chitanda!!! Those moe eyes couldn’t hold you past most moe tsundere Ririchiyo! XD. I hope Ririchiyo wins that round, I would love to see her in the finals :3

    Plus, woot woot Chihaya for the WIN!!!!! 8D

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ririchiyo!! Have you seen the latest OVA? Wow that was aaahh hnngggg so cuuteeeooo! I forgot how funny that series was and I hope she goes far in the tourney <3

    • Hawthorne says:

      Saki is too strong. OTL Someone must rise and take down the Saki army!

      Chihaya<333 ´▽`

  8. Jrow says:

    Spoilers for today’s results:

    Show ▼

    • Hawthorne says:

      Woo~ Happy to see that Bake/Nise is still in this, with Tsukihi’s recent win they’re looking strong! Being in the same bracket ups the chances of a top 8 placing even more which is awesome too.

    • akagami says:

      Guess that means I join you as 29th D-Lan!

      Ugh, all the loli-tsundere characters are progressing (and all voiced by Kugimiya Rie – after all those loli-tsunderes I now cringe when I see Kugimiya Rie listed as a VA). A shame, since she’s pretty talented. I think I can only relax when I don’t see tsundere and loli anywhere by her name.

  9. Karakuri says:

    YES! I’m still in this!!

    • Hawthorne says:

      I followed that match all day, you and Roxalthea are saved!~ So glad Tsukihi won, though another side of me is sad to see Kotori lose. OTL

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