Robotic;Notes – 02

What song is Aki listening to this week!? I like these three songs~

If you are reading this post then it means you are either giving Robotic;Notes a trial run or you are completely sold like me? So far I think the two main characters have sold me, but I know anything can happen after a few episodes. As always you can listen to me and Jrow talk about all the random things found in the episode and we’re joined by Overcooled as well! So sit back and listen to the madness of episode two.

Some assembly required

Aki-“Yo dawg don’t make me take you apart!”                   Robot-“One of these days I will defeat you!”

Kai-“why are there extra screws left over?”           Aki-“Uh don’t worry! It should work afterwards I think.”

Aki-“I need a crazy old dude for my club! PLEASE JOIN!”             Doc-“Stop asking! I don’t want to join you!”

Aki-“You can be the club maid!”                     Junna-“EHHHHH! What kind of club are you making?”

 So what does it take to be an awesome mecha builder in the future? Does it take guts, imagination, heart or strength? While all of those sound like amazing qualities Ahiho finds out it takes MONEY lots and lots of MONEY to make a giant robot. Other than money, building a giant robot requires a team of skilled workers and in this episode we get a peek into the “assembly” of the robotics club, but how will she convince them to join her? I know our robotic adventure started off with a preview of the club members working together, but I think we all just want to see HOW she manages to gets them to join up and what kinds of special talents each member brings to the club. For their project I would think that they would need a mechanic, programmer, pilot and a commander type to lead everyone unless you are building a tiny robot? Then again we all saw how overworked Ahiko got when she tried to do everything on her own which triggered an event with her elephant mouse syndrome.

Robotic Mystery Science Theater

Aki-“Did you say mystery? We must investigate!”       Kai-“Have fun with that I have to play more vidya games.”

Kai-“Whoa, your hair smells really nice…”                 Aki-“Don’t be a creeper…please…”

The building blocks for a robot are in place we just have to wait for Kaito and Akiho to figure out where they fit, but this episode left me with a lot of questions like what happened to Akiho’s sister? Did she die or is she working on some top secret government project? Also what caused Mizuka to require the aid of a prosthetic? I think there was probably some type of accident related situation of course and for my final question did Akiho develop her elephant mouse syndrome after a traumatic event? I have a feeling it is related to her sister somehow. Oh and just in case you wanted to know that strange disorder isn’t a real disease because it was totally made up for anime purposes, but for what reason? I really have no idea other than plot? I know some readers out there will probably hate the whole idea of giving such an adorable character a random medical problem, but I don’t mind that it’s a fake disease as long as it doesn’t define her as another typical sick moe character.

Extra robotic parts

Kai-“Are you alright over there?”                     Aki-“Nothing wrong here! Just sniffing all the plastic robot parts…”

Doc-“This is the worst looking piece of chocolate of all time!”                Aki-“Uhhh that is not chocolate! Don’t eat it!”

Beware of tiny Aki! Her robotic moe levels are off the charts!

Kai-“Wow you need to get out more.”                   Aki-“Quiet fool! We must prepare the sacrifice for our new god.”

 End thoughts

 Interesting episode this week introducing us to some new characters like Doc and his hnnggg so cute granddaughter Junna Daitoku! I died laughing when she was trying her best to teach Akiho some special fighting moves, but I can see where that character might come in handy later on? I just picture her wearing some type of special motion capture suit allowing her to teach the robot different fighting moves, but of course we find out soon! I also forgot to mention that Subaru was seen outside of Doc’s robotics shop. I wonder what that was all about because it clearly tells me he is still interested in robots; however he just doesn’t feel like joining a team right now…wait a minute maybe he is really Kirito from another timeline!? I remember the good old days when he wanted to be a solo beater…anyway I can’t wait to see what happens in the next episode of Robotic;notes or as I call it Robotic;Adventures!


Programmer chick-“Borrow my source code? AHAHAHAHAHAH Nice one kid.”



Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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32 Responses to “Robotic;Notes – 02”

  1. D-LaN says:

    Wow is it me or why do I spot so many references:

    Goodwin Akiho sis: “Welcome to the beleaguered castle, Captain Stevens Akiho.

    Does it take guts, imagination, heart or strength?

    LB! ref??

    Haruhi Akiho: I am forming SOS Brigade a robot team so you can wear a bunny suit to recruit members 😀

    Dude you turned Kai into Sugou!! D:

    -reference rant end-

    Tht robot and the police robot disguise in P-P gotta be the cutest robot in recent memory lol. K one deserve a mention too.

    Funny you didn’t mention the Mystery Passion Fruit Buns lol. Best scene IMO.

    I do find Junna a bit… bland. She a shy moe tht knows karate. And tht it atm.

    Its fun to see ppl speculating on the plot 😛
    But I shall be a good samaritan and keep the hit and miss rate a mystery 😀

    • Foshizzel says:

      Nope not a LB ref! Well maybe? I have no idea usually I think of mecha when I hear GUTS! Maybe the imagination talk? LOL

      Aki would have made a great addition to the SoS team <3

      Oh god the passion fruit! That was really amazing and it showed Kai is such a boss, but yeah hes doing alright...I just want him to stop being so freaking lazy xD

      Right Junna is WAY to shy...maybe she will become something more after she gets to know Aki and Kai a bit better? Hopefully she opens up like in the first episode when the team is together?

      Yep! Trying to find the plot is always interesting every week even though there really isn't a whole lot happening right now.

  2. Joojoobees says:

    The worst part of this show for me was Kai’s incredible LACK of enthusiasm. What an energy suck, no wonder Aki falls asleep whenever she is around him.

    • Foshizzel says:

      I AGREE! Dude needs to HELP before Aki explodes…maybe things will change if he manages to get the killBALLAD controls for the little robot?! hopefully he changes soon~

  3. BlackBriar says:

    Overcooled’s on as well. That hasn’t happened since one of the Metaverse podcasts. Nice, we get to hear The Mad Scientist’s point of view.

    Kai’s unenthusiastic personality could be a problem. Optimists like Aki may be a little overboard but I dread those characters who prove to be sticks in the mud giving up before they fire a stroke of work.

    I feel really sypathetic towards Aki and her objective because she has an goal that she wants to meet, she’s putting a lot of effort into it, even using hard earned allowance while everyone is already against her and counting her out before anything happens. It’s amazing that her spirits are still up despite Kai’s lazy and depressing atmosphere. I was so annoyed by him that I started asking “Why are you even here if you’re not doing anything to help?” Most of the time, he’s just dead weight.

    What made Kai save a little face was that he sacrificed his dignity to eat that strange Passion Fruit bun (Do those things even exist? Looks lethal, like the kind of food you’d torture people with) from that seemingly emotionless and sadistic store owner, Mizuka, to get leverage on Doc (I say she enjoyed every moment of Kai’s pained expressions as he’s eating it). Though using a cute granddaughter to get what you want is pretty low. Well, desperate times call for desperate measures, especially when you’re on a deadline.

    For a disease uniquely created in this series, I’d say the elephant mouse syndrome has something to do with the brain’s motor functions. A kind of trauma that accelerates it but the body can’t keep up. Like when accident is about happen, the mind races at a high rate but the body doesn’t have enough reaction time which later results in fatigue. Even worse if you’re tired from physical labor of any kind and lack of sleep. It’s probably a new piece to add to the trend of having moe girl characters with diseases and you can’t help but feel sorry for them just like Naru from Eureka Seven AO.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yes! We got her to join our madness of Robotic;Notes <3

      Yeah Kai and Aki both have their fare share of issues to work out, but I find Aki's hyper personality to be quite addictive, sadly most of the time she rarely thinks things through like the money issue or time?

      Hahahah yeah I felt the same way about Kai when she asked him to get that test board and he was like nope you do it! I was like WTF DUDE SERIOUSLY? And I feel to Aki too she probably worked really hard to get all the money for the new parts while Kai played video games? Seems a bit unfair, but I guess that is HIS character after all even though most of us want to reach into the screen and slap him!

      That was a surprise to see Kai do something like that to help Aki out! Like I said on the recording he is helping Aki in his own way without letting her know which is really cool and how he stayed by Aki's side when she had her attack? So there are some good qualities to him I just wish he showed that side more.

      Mizuka is awesome for a side character! I want to know more about her <3

      Aki's fake anime disease is an odd one but I suppose the temporary fix is for her to have someone there to help so she doesn't work herself to hard? Yeah Naru at the start of Eureka Seven Ao! I felt bad for her as well, but I guess that works to make certain characters feel more realistic? Either way I don't mind it ;D

  4. Highway says:

    Maybe I’m not too up on this universe, but I’m pretty sure that mystery person at the end is Akiho’s sister Misaki, and that makes for some interesting questions.

    I was under the impression that Akiho’s disease wasn’t that her mind accelerates, but that her mind slows down. So 5 minutes of *our* time goes by in what feels like one second to her. That’s why she collapses or grays out. I don’t really know if it was ’caused’ by something, or rather just happened the first time at a memorable time. And both of those hypotheses fit with the idea that it’s more likely when she’s tired.

    Other than that, the show’s just going along. No problems from me.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah everything probably points back to Aki’s sister and that strange girl from the first episode at the end? Yep! I NEED TO FIND OUT.

      I think it could be both ways? Her mind either speeds up or like you said Highway it slows down, but one thing is certain stress and over working is putting quite the toll on Aki’s brain! I hope Kai realizes this is serious for Aki and takes more of an active role.

      Yeah nothing exciting since we are still technically dealing with the whole “club building mode” right now.

  5. JoeAnimated says:

    Glad to see you’re blogging this. I had my worries when I heard IG was doing this series. As expected, they’ve got great visuals. I only hope we see some more character exploration and growth from Kai. Their relationship reminds me a little of Oreki and Chitanda, with hopefully the same wonderful results.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Thanks! I wanted to tackle this series from the moment I saw the trailer even though I knew it wasn’t going to be a giant robot series like Gundam AGE or Eureka Seven Ao.

      Right IG is doing a good job for animation and character designs, but for the most part the story is lacking something! I know most people either love or hate Kai’s attitude towards the club and I can bet there are a handful that find Aki’s upbeat personality to be a bit much xD

      Yes! That is a good example of how Kai and Aki act together or possible sibling relationship? I know both of them seem alright with the whole physical stuff aka messing up x characters hair or making jokes about each other? Which shows me they are comfortable with such things.

  6. HannoX says:

    I haven’t made up my mind about this show yet, but I’ll give it at least one more episode. I find Kai’s personality such a downer that he comes pretty close to ruining the show for me. Aki’s hyper energetic and optomistic character is a necessary counter to him, but I’m not sure if it’ll be enough to keep me watching.

    Can you tell that I really HATE Kai? Yeah, I know the idea is that he undergoes a transformation and ends up piloting their giant robot, but I’m not sure the change is going to happen soon enough for me to tolerate putting up with him (and the show) until that point. This would be a better show if he were less apathetic.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Oooooh I hope you find the next episode more entertaining!

      Yeah Kai’s personality is becoming like you said a downer than anything positive like Aki and together they are fun to watch, but I can see why people dislike Kai right now! Hopefully as they gain more members he will change or he will just sit in the corner challenging everyone to KillBALLAD.

      Ahahah no worries! Kai is just being kind of dull right now and I really really really hope he goes through some transformation and becomes the official pilot of the robot, but we just have to sit through a few episodes until he figures out what his true purpose is in the club.

  7. MikADo says:

    dreams hope and passion! the anime has brought out my robot soul that was lost after gurren lagaan! characters are extremely attractive and im excited to see Kai do sth! he is such a tsundere, acts like he is lacking in enthusiasm for everything but he will act when he needs to act! i like that prolly cause im like him, where i try to do nothing until something important comes up and i start to actually move my body 😛 im definitely continuing this series and i hope i get to play the game as well

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yes! I am waiting for Aki to use the whole “believe in me who believes in you” quote to come up eventually or something else from TTGL? Anything works for me or “GRIT THOSE TEETH!” Bammmm Aki punches Kai <3

      Good good I am glad you are having fun with it! Yeah I think everyone has bit of a Kai side to them in terms of being pushed to DO something rather than be lazy? It can happen to anyone! I admit there are moments when I need to find motivation to start a project...

      • MikADo says:

        oh projects why art thou exist
        procrastination is what thee deserve

  8. Highway says:

    Hmm, I think Kai’s character is fine. Yeah, he’s very clear about his self-interest, but that fits fine with me. And I don’t know how much of his constant “beat me in Kill-Ballad” is really that much of shirking and how much is “I want to include my friends in what I do”? I think there’s at least some of that: They want him to do things they like, he wants them to do things he likes. He’s not really what I would call apathetic, because he’s always around and he obviously cares.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah I don’t mind Kai’s personality right now because he did eat that passion fruit bun thingy and stayed with Aki when she was having her attack, but yeah I think his killBALLAD challenge modes will eventually go away…at least I really hope so >.>

  9. skylion says:

    This was a pretty fun episode. I enjoyed the wheeling and dealing, and Aki with her pet robot.
    Her syndrome seems pretty much like my own absence seizures only with complete collapse instead of slumping; and the same stress point as well. So I don’t know why it has a fancy name. I never feel like an elephant or a mouse. I cannot comment on “five minutes in a second” it sounds like nonsense at this point. It might have something to do with Steins; Gate time travel, but I never watched that show.

    I don’t know what to think of Kai. I can agree with what Highway says and only add that it just might be a defense mechanism of sorts to Aki’s genki.

    And with that, this is my 800th Metanorn comment. Yes, BlackBriar, I know I have some catching up to do.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Aki did a lot of transforming and rolling out this week huh? I liked that tiny robot <3

      Hmmmm right I can see that about Aki's disease and the name struck me as a bit odd as well but I guess it works to make her an interesting character...yeah the time thing is odd I guess the creators were like "lets give her some strange anime disease"

      Congrats on your 800th comment! *throws cake*

    • BlackBriar says:

      LOL. I didn’t realize I made an impression. But I’m the least of your worries. It’s that rising phoenix Highway that’s going through the ranks.

      • Highway says:

        Hey, I haven’t died yet! Phoenix, bah. 🙂

        Congrats on 800 comments, Skylion 🙂

        And interesting about the seizures. I hadn’t really heard of them (went and looked it up). I think they probably came up with a different name for Aki’s because they didn’t want it to really be something that people could latch on to, and as a device to give them leeway in addressing it, rather than being tied to our world with reasons, treatments, even future discoveries.

        • skylion says:

          LOL, Phoenix. And thank you.

          I don’t know how much research the staff did, but there are quite a few ways that these sorts of seizures can present. But, they do name it as a syndrome, so perhaps it has different pathologies and different presentations. Being a sci-fi series, I hope they tie it into something real.

      • skylion says:

        He is persistent, isn’t he? Your numbers leave a mark, your comments leave an impression, high score or not.

        • BlackBriar says:

          His persistence is to be admired. He brings up good topics.

          Thanks for the compliment, Skylion.
          3rd commenter to reach 1000 comments.
          2nd to become the top commenter.
          1st commenter to become a Meta Resident.

          I guess I’m leaving behind a legacy. Forgive the narcissism.

          • skylion says:

            Narcissism forgiving. I brought it up, after all.

          • Highway says:

            I love commenting here so much because of guys like you guys, and the post writers, who engage serious positions and commentary. Sure, we have a few outbreaks of “OMG BOOBS” and “DAT ASS”, but you gotta have some of that too. As long as it’s not all of the commentary, it’s good. 🙂

      • Foshizzel says:

        Hmmm what does a fried Phoenix taste like? Mmmmmmm

        • BlackBriar says:

          I have no idea how a Phoenix would taste but I’m pretty sure the one that tries to fry it will get deep fried first.

    • D-LaN says:

      Congrats skylion. Keep it up!!

      I will bet on Aki disease will somehow be usefull like Okabe Show ▼

      Somehow I guess?

      But still, having tht disease sounds like a pain… Imagine watching a vid with high speed…What I am curious is how she pick it up. Show ▼

      Maybe Kai did it due to something tht happen in the past lk Okabe going chuuni to cheer Mayuri up?

      • Highway says:

        I don’t think you needed that second spoiler tag, since that was in the episode, but if that turns out to be significant in anything besides being the first time it happened, I’ll be surprised. It’s certainly not how she got a disease like that.

      • Foshizzel says:

        Cruise ship of horrors where all the moe anime diseases are born…yes…every last one of them! Basically a ship filled with characters from Angel Beats/Clannad/Air/every other Key series/

  10. Yippy says:

    I don’t think Aki’s sister is dead yet. Maybe she’s off overseas studying or working?

    Anyway, the cruise ship seems to play an important role in the story. We see glimpses of it in the OP and in Kai’s flashbacks. I’m guessing that’s where she got her disorder Frankly, I think the name is poorly-named and ridiculous. It doesn’t even tell you anything about the disease!

    Oh, and who is she copying when she wears those glasses? It’s quite funny, but I’m still wondering who it is. Was it the previous club president?

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