Meta Mash – 36

Latest updates from Fairy Tail, Kuroko no Basuke and One Piece.


Fairy Tail – 146 

Fun fact for Wendy fans she is voiced by Satomi Satou aka Eru Chitanda

Hello again! Foshizzel here covering Fairy Tail this week and so far things are getting really exciting! That and it means we are getting closer to the end of this arc and hopefully they head right into the current guild versus guild tournament arc in the manga. So what is going on this week? Well we actually get to see the full effects of the giant clock and it appears to alter time and space making people turn either older, younger or altering your DNA completely like Happy turning into a dog and Charles changing into a moe-raccoon! The best was Wendy turning into her older self, but that did not last long because Ezra smacked everyone with her brand new hammer reversing the changes. One thing is certain we are in for some epic fights soon like Gildarts vs Byro Cracy? HOLY CRAP that is going to be amazing I wish this series updated twice in one week…at least there is another hilarious OVA headed for us soon.


Kuroko no Basuke – 22 

Kagami-“Derp what I do now with dat basketball…”

The training camp continues! Kuroko no Basuke is traditionally nonsensical and over-the-top, but there was actually some solid reasoning behind the training. The beach training not only improved everyone’s fundamentals, but made Kagami’s fearsome jump even higher. However, generic training isn’t very exciting to watch after a while, so that’s where learning special techniques comes in. Kagami didn’t suddenly realize in a flash of pure brilliance what he had to do, but slowly worked it out through the hints of mentors and trying out different things. Okay, it was still a little convenient that Riko AND Midorima happened to be there to provide pivotal advice for his growth as a baller, but at least he still came to the conclusion on his own. For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out what it was they were trying to get Kagami to notice until he actually said “huh, guess I need to improve my aerial manoeuvrability.” Jumping high is one thing…but we all know his end goal is the hoop, so his path there is pretty predictable if he’s dunking every single time. Now Kagami won’t just fight with brute force, but he’ll show us some ball-handling skills in the air as well. That is to say…SICK DUNKS YO! Kuroko comes to a conclusion too, but it’s not really the focus of the episode, and it’s a little more subdued. I’m still not exactly sure what to expect from him compared to Kagami who basically makes a list of “left hand, jump height, and aerial agility.”

Seeing Seirin work so hard to improve has got me really excited to see them continue training and play again. I’m sure the other MiraGen guys have been at it as well, so even rematches against teams they’ve won against will be intense. Speaking of MiraGen members making glorious comebacks, I was pleased that Midorima was the one to join everyone at the training camp. His borderline OCD-like behaviour is wonderful, and his appearance means Takao follows him about. And man, do I ever ship those twoooOOOOPS getting off-track! The main comeback I wanted to talk about was Kise and Aomine getting some time in the spotlight again! For the first time ever, we get to see two teams that AREN’T Seirin really go at it. Kise is relatively weak, so I doubt he’ll beat Aomine, but going against someone that strong means that Kise will get an immense skill boost. That is, if he can copy those crazy, formless moves of Aomine. Ah, what a match-up! Kuroko no Basuke never disappoints in terms of hot guys and heated games.


One Piece – 562

This roid rage thing is getting out of hand. Hody’s even mad at the Fuji TV Logo!

More roids for Hody, though I guess Fishmen don’t have to worry about that thing where it effects their penis size. He will have something to worry about later on, but for now he’s willing to pay the ultimate price to have Noah fall and get his revenge on humans. Even with a heavy dose recently, he’s still underpowered against Luffy who’s operating with a pretty significant handicap. For what fuels his anger against humans exactly? This is a topic that will be revealed next episode, and it’s kinda of an… “uh, ok” reaction.

Episode 562 didn’t do much besides (not really) set up events to play out in next episode, and don’t expect a lot of story-driven events to go down with the preview showing much of chapter 643’s battles at the ground level. 643 will be more of a fun episode, so as long as the animation can keep at a good level it’ll be a fun watch like 556-7 were. If you want to pass on a week and then get back to Noah falling, you could technically pass on 563, but cmon… Robin is rockin’ the shades and Brook is gonna be awesome. You aren’t passing up on that.



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2 Responses to “Meta Mash – 36”

  1. Namika says:

    I can’t wait to see the match between Kise and Daiki~ with these two, the match will be much like one on one, but I’m totally fine with it. Although I know that Kise won’t win, I’m still in high hopes that he will put up one hell of a fight. Kise-chan GO-GO~!! ^O^

    • Overcooled says:

      Yes! Even though it seems like Aomine is the obvious winner, I want to see how they get from point A to point B. A MiraGen match always promises tons of fancy plays (and a healthy dose of homoeroticism to boot!)

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