Eureka Seven Ao 20 – 21

Noah x Fleur for second best OTP? I think so!

Time for some more Eureka Seven Ao here on Metanorn! Recently I got word of this series wrapping up after episode twenty two? And now they changed their minds again and decided wait until November to air the final two episodes…I guess they ran into some trouble with the whole three week break with the Olympics…anyway take a few minutes to listen to me and Jrow chat about these two episodes!

The Truth never dies

Truth-“Wuhahahahha I lived!”               Ao-“Dude…what happened to your ass?”

Truth-“WHAT THE HELL? SERIOUSLY?”                 theEND-“I really do not like this at all!”

After the ending events of episode nineteen we were left with one question, what the hell happened to Truth after Christophe set off that massive explosion? Sadly in the back of my mind I already knew Truth would find some way to survive and naturally he pops up to show his stupid face in episode twenty; however I don’t think he was restored to his original self because he was forced to fuse to nearby machine. Now this is where things get really interesting for me thanks to the reveal of a classic LFO from the original Eureka Seven aka theEND! If anyone remembers that mecha it was considered the rival machine to the Nirvosh and of course who could forget the pilot? Anemone was practically an evil clone of Eureka! So why does this machine exist in this world? Unfortunately how or why it was in this world, but I found it interesting that Hana Mama knew it was under the Generation Blue base all along! Oh and most of their machines were based of theEND’s design? That explains why the IFOs in this universe are more weaponized compared to the Nirvosh which lacks weapons until it evolved into Nirvosh type Zero! I really wished they hyped up the appearance of theEND a bit more than a two second clip? I just wanted something more AMAZING! Than oh yeah we have this old machine from the original series…

Side note to make take a look at Truth’s quote at the end of episode twenty one and a random one from Anemone, but both of them seem to act quite similar in a few ways or is Truth being taken over by the mind of theEND?

Truth –“Kill, Kill, Destroy, Destroy, Destroy it all!”

Anemone to the typeZERO- “There’s no way I’m ever gonna let myself lose to something like that! Die, die, die, die! Die again and die again!”

Elena just wants to be special

Elena-“I am the super awesome mecha ninja pilot from the hidden moe village.”

Elena-“Ao you just unlocked my flag…what will we do now?”         Ao-“Uh…I guess i can share Fleur with you…”

While Truth had his time to do something interesting things take a turn to Elena in episode twenty one and honestly I think Bones has hinted towards Elena’s past life for quite some time now, but things are coming to an end for Eureka Seven Ao so we have to wrap up all these character stories. So what about Elena then? Throughout the series we have watched her make several anime and manga quotes which has basically warped her mind into thinking that she is “unique” or “now of this world” just like Ao! Sadly Maggie had no choice but to breaks down Elena’s dreams of being anything special by informing Elena that she was with a bunch of other kids that went missing around the Caribbean’s around 2020 and Eureka saved her life. Then again did that information overload stop Elena? Of course not because she takes all of her anger out on Ao pushing him to fire his cannon! Thankfully Ao said a few choice words that calmed her down. I really don’t know what to make of that whole scene and it feels a lot like that one episode of Kokoro connect where Yui’s problems were fixed in one episode! I don’t think Elena will remain calm forever…maybe Bones is setting her up for something dark? I really hope she doesn’t sacrifice herself to save Ao from Truth who appeared at the end of the episode with the desire to KILL EVERYONE!

Extra fun with Ao

Noah also washes windows with his…uh…stomach…

Ivica-“Damn I am having a hnnggg attack right now.”                 Noah-“I know that feel bro…”

Elena is having a hardcore rage moment right now.

Ao-“Whats wrong?!”                 Fleur-“We never had a hot springs episode! NOOOOOOOOOO!!”

Things are getting close to the end! Saying that always makes me a bit sad, but of course all great things eventually come to an end right? Now as much as I love the Eureka Seven universe so far it appears that Bones is in rush mode to get everything wrapped up from character stories all the way to last minute guest appearances by theEND! So when the hell is Renton going to appear? At this point I am starting to honestly think that was never their true intention in the first place, but who knows he might appear in the final two episodes or not at all? I guess we can only hope Bones does something interesting for the final! Hell if things wrap up in episode twenty two and they set up twenty three as the “after story” of the future I would love it! So what about you? What is your perfect ending to Eureka Seven Ao?


Truth-“I am not crazy! JUST ULTRA HAPPY ALL THE TIME!”

Ao faces off against theTRUTH in November…until then! Take care Eureka Seven Ao fans <3


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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6 Responses to “Eureka Seven Ao 20 – 21”

  1. Ice cream says:

    theEND was blown to bits in ep 20 and then came that lfo which is named something else that I can’t remember had archtype in its name but its not theEND as that only comes in 1 form but in 2 different colours black and then white. So that is a different LFO. Still how did theEND end up in that world when it was blown to bits in E7? Also how did truth get the Nirvash I soo hope thats gets answered.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Hmmmmm yeah I might have forgotten about it blowing up in epi 20 of E7, but so far in the world of AO it seems that anything is possible thanks to all this time travel thrown at us.

      Sadly we wont find that answer until November T_____T

  2. BlackBriar says:

    There are so many twists and turns going on in this one anime that it’s baffling about 90% of the time. It’s weird that we have to wait a whole month to see the other episodes but it might not be a bad thing since we’re running out of mech shows now that Rinne no Lagrange is over. We still have Muv-Luv but I haven’t seen past the fourth episode. Time to marathon it.

    Before it all ends, they’ve got to at least shed some light on Renton. He’s been in the dark for way long and there was an older version of him in the OP wearing some really long black scientist’s gloves.

    It’s not surprising that Truth survived. After all, all we saw were the Quartz containers bombarding him followed by a flash of light and an explosion. He’s the kind of villain you can’t declare dead until you’ve seen it with your own eyes.

    I know Truth is the poster boy for insanity here but Elena isn’t far behind. She finally knows the truth, the conditions of how she got where she is and knows there’s no need to jump dimensions but continues to flail around like a berserker with a fractured mind. I could say she’s doing things and doesn’t know why she’s doing it. Okay, I get there would be traitors in situations like that but what was with Elena’s mask? LOL. I’m like “Are you now a character from Naruto or one from Mortal Kombat?” because before she took it off, she breathed through it and it looked like cold air. Maybe Sub-Zero’s new apprentice?

    Fleur is definitely going through a very painful ordeal. First, she loses her father after an incident followed by rapidly inheiriting the company. As if personal loss wasn’t bad enough, the responsibilities of the company and lives of the employees have been placed on her shoulders. That’s a severe load for someone who is still just a kid who wanted nothing more than a normal life so you can’t help but feel sympathetic towards her but in episode 21, she’s doing her best to keep it together.

    It’s surprising Naru was simply welcomed back into her home after her disappearance, what she did alongside Truth and was branded a terrorist piloting her Nirvash. I would’ve thought they’d try to kill her the moment she set foot in Okinawa but it looks like she’s made followers and converted the people scared by the Scub Coral beforehand. But I see her father still has issues but is trying to keep it all buried inside. They guy is struggling not to cause a scene at the table. Since Hannah paid Naru a visit concerning the Trapar and looking at her as if she’s an alien, I can’t help thinking she has a personal agenda since she boldly betrayed Generation Blue.

    • Jrow says:

      Muv-Luv is alright. I got up to 11 and it’s got some alright stuff, it just didn’t move me enough to continue onward. The BETA stuff has kicked in since where you left off.

      Re: Renton – Agreed~ Let’s get the boy who became a man in the last episode of E7 in this series!

      Re: Truth – Even with such a comical expression as he was being pounded by quartz containers, until the pencil-style animation happens, aint nobody dead, haha.

      Re: Elena – Oh man, now that you mention it, Elena did look like the distant cousin of Scorpion & Sub-Zero. She attacks with fanservice and has support of her many anime references!

      Re: Fleur – Gotta give props for Fleur keeping it together in a very rough situation.

      Re: Hannah/Naru – I had completely forgotten about Naru’s family. When that scene came up I was like, “the hell is this?” But now she has a cult and her and Hannah are going to work together. I think Hannah will be in for a rude awakening and will not like the results of these last couple episodes.

  3. Jrow says:

    Question: Has Naru seen Noah ever since episode 2? Was there that small spot in episode 15 or 16 where she might’ve seen him?

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