Eureka Seven Ao 17 – 18

Is your mind blown yet? Also would you look at those hot character designs…

Sorry for the delay of Eureka Seven Ao! Things have gotten quite busy for me and honestly this series has kind of slowed down in terms of OH MY GOD WHAT IS EVEN GOING ON?! So far I think we are headed back into full on story mode, but anything can happen like when the hell is Renton going to appear to do something awesome?! Only time will tell…anyway sit back and listen to me and Jrow’s talk about these two random episodes.

Quartz Gun or Quartz Cannons

Truth-“HURRY UP I DARE YOU! SHOOT ME NOW! YARR!!”          Ao-“Whoa nice mustache dawg…”

Noah-“Ooooh yes pull my cheek baby…”        Fleur-“Quiet you! Before I turn you into a new jacket.”

So Ao’s new powerful “Quartz cannon” I mean “Quartz gun” as the big wigs in Generation Blue call it appears to be on every want list in this series all the way from Truth to the Americans, but I think the gun is actually alive because in episode seventeen you can see clearly that it was bouncing around on the Pied Piper ship as if it was going berserk for the Quartz outside. Most of us remember Nirvosh from the first season had a few of those scenes where it came to “life” especially near the end when it suddenly developed a “voice” and a childlike personality. Anyway was anyone else screaming at Ao to shoot Truth with the gun?! I was like FREAKING DO IT ALREADY! SHOOOT HIM!!! Then I realized if he actually pulled the trigger it would send Truth to another world where he would become some god! I also liked when Eureka popped up even though it was just hologram-Eureka she did revealed that she is trapped in between worlds or as she called it another plane of existence, but those comments pushed Ao to make a promise that he would try to bring her back and she say that Renton is also trying his best to find her! Damn it I just want to see Renton, Ao and Eureka reunite soon and hopefully it doesn’t happen for one episode near the end of the series…

Team troubles with Elena and Fleur

Madoka from Rinne no Lagrange better watch out! Elena has her own energy drink.

Hnnnggg robot love is so cuteooooooo!

Old mechanic dude-“Good lord this really is a strange episode of Smile Precure…”

Episode eighteen followed Elena and Fleur for the most part because they were trying to focus on the whole team thing and how the temporary “loss” of Ao affected both of them, but more importantly it showed how Ao is the glue that holds team pied piper together or something cheesy like that? I know for me personally I love each and every scene with the three of them hanging out playing off each other I mean weather they are cracking jokes or fighting a secret you can tell they enjoy it just like a few other team based anime like Fairy Tail, One Piece, Smile Precure, jormungand and so on I just love those kinds of team based dynamics instead of an anime that only follows the progression of a single main character! Near the end of episode eighteen Gazelle pops up and tells Fleur and Elena he played off their emotions to get Ao back I don’t know what to make of that exactly…I mean sure it is for the good of Generation Blue, but of course it could just be him acting like a “big brother” type to Ao? I do know Fleur has a thing for Gazelle after all she wanted to seek some sort of comfort from him after Elena slapped her around…

Extra fun with Eureka seven Ao

Ao-“I know you are a hologram butt would you stop scaring me all the time?”

Noah-“Stand back I swear I will direct the hell out of the next episode!”

Elena-“Dolphin-sama you are my breast friend right now.”         Fleur-“Then why am I around!?”

Candy! The ultimate breakfast for champions like Noah.

I feel the same as Jrow for these two episodes I mean they were a lot of fun to watch for action and character development, but honestly nothing really fantastic happened for the overall story! I was calling out episode seventeen because it was like OH NOES! The characters have finally realized they were screwing up time all along or they figured out that there was some type of time travel going on? Most of us have been saying that since the beginning of the series. I did enjoy those short scenes with Elena and Fleur going through their emotional scenes and through their RAGE and ANGER they managed to activate their third engines?! I noticed that Ao was screaming at his Nirvosh right before he got his weapon upgrades and I guess it made me think that those IFO’s might respond to high levels of emotions? Anyway I will try my best to get just one review out for episode nineteen and like always thanks for reading and listening to me and Jrow.


Can you feel the pressure against you in the next episode Ao?

Truth is an evil jedi master and team America tests their new toys.


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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5 Responses to “Eureka Seven Ao 17 – 18”

  1. Reaper says:

    I was expecting an episode where Ao goes off for a bit from the nest, (like father like son! 😀 ) but this runaway didn’t result in anything particularly interesting; I mean, the Charles/Ray/Holland arc was one of the best from the original E7, with the dark overtones. Compared to that…Ao’s escapade was a nervous breakdown, since Ao couldn’t decide whether or not to change the world in order to see his mom…dilemma no? Though I will say, the most interesting part in Ao’s escape to the carrier is a certain pilot, one whom seem to be receiving little attention ever since the disappearance (hell, probably before, compared to her teammates) of Team Goldilocks. Cookies if you saw her too (unless she’s someone completely different. If she’s not, definitely going to throw a spanner in Ao’s works)

    Oh, I guess the Compace Drives/Third Engines of Kyrie and Alleluia deserves a mention too, even though they haven’t reached Nirvash-senpai’s level yet.

    Eureka! Sure, she’s a hologram, but at least we now know for sure she’s the real one (in time and in universe!). Stuck in alternative world line? Answer? EL PSY CONGROO! Won’t deny the plot walking down the line a la Steins;Gate but as long as Renton/Eureka (real one, and in the flesh) or anyone else from the original E7 crew (hell, even Dewey would be great; creepy, but THAT would be a massive surprise if showed up 😀 ). Just, please let it be soon! Until they arrive, I guess I’ll listen to the second OP that just got released guys 🙂

    • Foshizzel says:

      “the Charles/Ray/Holland arc was one of the best from the original E7”

      ^^^ HELL YESSSS!! ^^^

      Yeah there is something going on with Ao lately and it seems as if he doesn’t really know what side to join! Then again I was really happy to see Elena and Fleur jumping at the chance to bring him back <3 YES! I saw that other girl who was originally apart of team goldilocks and now she is with America...

      Yeah I completely forgot about Gundam 00...

      Oh yeah I was just making a joke, but anyway at least the reveal of Eureka being stuck in some alternate world gives Ao some type of mission and Renton is looking for her as well? That is going to be one amazing family reunion!

      2nd OP single DO FREAKING WANT!

  2. BlackBriar says:

    It’s always amazing how quickly humans become primitive under a little pressure. A little fear over the G-Monsters and Scub Corals because of one questionable book author and they resort to acting like animals, causing the death of an innocent man in the process if Naru hadn’t brought him back.

    The Quartz continue to show more side effects the more they are being focused on. I had a feeling the blast from the gun changed something. If it was able to change the fates of the Goldilocks team, then it means the planet is also in for a dramatic change later on but there’s no telling how it will happen and the timeline is in shambles. As Renton is trying to create a way time travel freely, we can say the gun is an incomplete prototype made from raw Quartz.

    Other than the bathtub fanservice that was nice, the scar on Fleur’s stomach as she explained in the first half of the series was the result of an operation after an accident concerning her and her mother. It seemed unnecessary to go on that if it only lasted a while.

    It’s terrible all of Generation Blue is now seen as terrorists after all the efforts they put in to help the planet and all because everyone’s fixated on its who’s working an angle. It kind of feels like X-Men. They help people but all they get is fear and hate in return.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ku Ku Ku thanks for the epic comment BB

      Yeah I found that whole scene to be quite funny just because everyone started to flip out over the G Monsters being referred to as GODS…and then Naru shows up to revive a dead guy? Whooaaaa are they trying to push religion into Eureka Seven Ao through those kinds of events?

      I just want to see Renton appear and be all like “Ao let us return to OUR world and leave this one.” What if Ao decides he wants to stay with Elena and Fleur or maybe he can bring them with him? Just kidding! Logically he would and SHOULD choose his own parents over the fake/messed up world.

      Ahhh yes fan service in Eureka Seven Ao provided by Elena <3 <3 <3 yeah that whole thing with Fleur was a bit odd, but I think they are trying to tell us she is super lonely right now as seen with her trying to get something from Gazelle..

      I KNOW RIGHT? Generation Blue is not EVIL and definitely not a terrorist organization; however the world and rival countries have painted them as such...ah yeah I can see the X-Men vibes from the recent events hahah

  3. MikADo says:

    screw everything NOAH is THE CUTEST!

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