Blogger Interrogation Game: Can You Handle the Truth?

Finding the Form, Reason and Truth of Overcooled’s heart

Like a swarm of locusts, the Anime Interrogation Game has been sweeping the aniblogosphere with force. Iso has created a rather catchy trend that has been getting bigger and bigger. All the cool bloggers are doing it (including Metanorn’s own Kyokai) and it sounds a lot more fun than the plague so I agreed to answer the questions of both Tofu and Yippy. I originally declined because I didn’t want to follow the “tag other people” rule, but I’ve received special permission (not really) to ignore this. Hopefully I don’t get into trouble for this. The blogging police could turn out to be pretty scary people!

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Tofu’s Questions

1) How did you come to discover the world of anime and thus the AniBlogSphere?

I got into anime and the aniblogosphere in a manner that was almost entirely due to random chance. I loved watching Pokemon and Sailor Moon as a kid, but I had no idea it was anime. One day I ended up buying a snazzy-looking DVD at my local music store because it was on sale. I had never heard of this mysterious “Neon Genesis Evangelion” but the cover looked cool, so I impulsively bought it. It was only after I watched it and realized this was something I enjoyed that I had to google what the hell it was I just watched. Once I knew it had a name, I could find more things like it. Thus began my life as an otaku, all thanks to judging every DVD or book I see by its cover.

Getting into aniblogging was yet another case of being in the right place at the right time. I was looking for music to download and Metanorn had it, so I ended up frequenting the site and reading the actual blog posts. Not long after I started stalking the site, a recruitment post went up. I thought to myself “let’s see if I can get past the first round of applications for a laugh!”..and ended up getting welcomed as a writer here. From there I just visited other blogs because Kyokai said it was something I should do (and I always obey the boss lady), although now I lurk about other blogs because I like it. Not exactly a fairy tale-like story, but that’s how it happened.

2) Which anime/manga do you have the strongest connection to?

Hmm…this is very tough. When it comes down to it, I think I have to say Metropolis though. I’m the type of person who never cries during sad movies, books, anime or manga – yet Metropolis has made my eyes produce waterfalls every damn time. It’s a beautiful movie, and I feel a strong, personal connection to one of the main villains, Rock. Seeing him try so hard to protect his father who couldn’t care less about him if he were a piece of gum on his shoe always brings memories of my childhood rushing back. I feel like I understand Rock’s sacrifices so well because of what I’ve been through myself, which is why I always get so emotional when I watch it. I’ve never felt a character’s pain like it was my own as much as I did while watching Rock.

3) Your occupation outside of blogging?

I’m a student! I’m double-majoring in Neuroscience and Psychology, and am currently in my fourth year. I hope to either go to med school or get some sort of Masters degree afterwards, so I’ll be in school for quite a while. I also work part time at a dojo teaching karate to both little kids and adults. Would you believe that some of the kids I teach are 4 years old? THEY’RE SO TINY AND CUTE AND I GET TO HIT THEM <3

4) Confess! Have you seen any Hentai before!? If you have, which ones and what did you think of it?

Oh, gee…I’ve seen some yaoi hentai, but I honestly don’t remember the names because I’m too afraid to put it on my MAL. I remember one called Level C? I think? It doesn’t look familiar when I google it though. Anyways, it was alright. There was a lot of rape, which bugged me quite a bit (for obvious reasons I doubt I have to explain). I also thought the animation quality was pretty bad. I think I transferred to drama CDs after since the budget for most of the hentai I saw was so bad. The imagination has no budget! =w=

5)* (I just played a Wildcard. Tell us something about yourself that we might not have known)

I’m obsessed with tea! I always have a huge stock of differently flavoured teas in my cupboard that range from simple things like mint to more exotic things like white tea with pomegranate and rose petals. I drink at least 2 cups a day, and never get sick of it.


Yippy’s Questions

1) Why are you still into anime/manga after all these year(s)? What keeps you interested in this mode of entertainment?

The reason I’m still here is because I have no answer to the question “why would I leave?”. Anime and manga has continued to be just as appealing as it was to me when I first popped an Evangelion DVD into my computer. Without any decrease in enjoyment, I really see no reason to change my habits, so I continue to feed my anime addiction like one would feed a housecat. A very obese housecat with a voracious appetite, mind you, but the point is that it’s a routine in my life so I keep at it. It’s fun!

2) If you could only visit/revisit one anime/manga series before you er…kick the bucket, what would it be? *(Wildcard-tell something interesting about yourself)*

How did you combine 2 questions into….? Okay, I’m breaking the rules so I shouldn’t question this. I guess I’d watch either Cowboy Bebop or Di Gi Charat if I was limited to one show for the rest of my life. They have a high rewatch value, which is hard to find since I rarely ever rewatch anything. If I’m watching one thing right before I die though, it’d probably be Haibane Renmei, because I like the way it deals with death, loss and coming to terms with things like that. It might be very therapeutic if I know I’m about to bite it.

WILDCARD TIME! Your interesting fact (whether or not it’s interesting is up to you, I suppose) about me is that I am very strict about things like alcohol and drugs. I don’t drink, smoke, do drugs or even buy energy drinks. I’ve studied the way these things mess up your brain thanks to my major, so I know exactly how bad they are. I really, really do not understand the appeal of getting crazy drunk or high and even bragging about it. It’s disgusting to me.

3) Who is your idol in the animanga industry? Be it a visionary director, a skilled seiyuu or even an animator, who is it?

Oh gee, an idol? I guess it would be the director Nakamura Kenji. He directed some of my favourite anime (Kuuchuu Buranko, Mononoke) as well as some pretty good shows (C, Tsuritama). I love his bright and chaotic style. It’s very unpolished and jumpy at times, but I’m oddly fond of this imperfection. There’s just something special and alluring about his work, even if it doesn’t always make sense.

4) If you could have a chat with any fictional animanga character, who would it be?

I answered this in the “50 questions” thing that was all the rage a few months ago or so, and my answer remains the same. I’d sit down in a comfy place with Kino from Kino no Tabi and talk about her travels. For those unfamiliar with the show, Kino is a traveler who spends a maximum of 3 days in each place. Every town she visits has a very different set of rules, morals and customs that ranges from bizarre to chilling. Each town is sort of like a critique at different aspects of humanity, and Kino is the passive observer. She’s seen so much that it might take 3 whole days for her to tell me everything!

5) What’s the most important advice you’d give to a person who’s interested in writing as an aniblogger?

Yippy’s advice was “Write every day” which is very good advice that you should definitely follow. My advice is to read every day. Firstly, read other aniblog posts. You will get new ideas for how to format posts and might even be inspired. Just seeing what’s out there really made me feel fired up to write better to try and compete. I know it’s not a competition, but by nature I feel the need to claw my way to the top – even if there is no actual top. Reading other posts also reminds you what’s great about the aniblogosphere. Reading the work of a passionate blogger is motivational. It doesn’t even have to get you to write. You might just sit there and say “that was a good post” and just feel content for the rest of the day. It’s almost always good for you to read other people’s posts, and I haven’t even talked about the bonuses of networking. Secondly, read books. This is my best advice, because it improves almost every area of your writing the more you do it. I write a lot faster and better (to me) if I’ve been reading a lot that week. A good writer must be an avid reader as well.

Overcooled’s Tagging Time


This is where I’m supposed to tag people to answer questions, but I just can’t bring myself to ask people to do it. I can’t! I’d be admitting to the world that there are people I am actually fond of, and that simply will not do. If you want to be tagged, I’ve prepared some questions I can use to find out your deepest fears get to know you so go ahead and take the challenge! In other words..I tag anyone reading this who wants to make a post or just answer in the comments section. That means I don’t have to reveal all the aniblogs I secretly lurk at! So there you have it: the aniblogger interrogation game. It was fun for me, and maybe vaguely fun for you. Now go answer some questions! (My answers are under the spoiler tags, because I’m obligated to answer my own questions ugh).

1) Is there a certain time of day (morning, evening, during lunch breaks at work) that you prefer to blog at?
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2) Name an anime you watched to the very end (but wish you didn’t). Explain your grief.
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3) What’s the most expensive piece of anime merchandise you’ve ever bought?
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4) How do your parents feel about your anime obsession? Do they even know about it?
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5) Which of the 7 sins are you most guilty of?
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A neuroscience graduate, black belt, and all-around nerd. You'll either find me in my lab or curled up in my rilakkuma kigurumi watching anime.
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30 Responses to “Blogger Interrogation Game: Can You Handle the Truth?”

  1. akagami says:

    I’m not a blogger, does that count?

    • Overcooled says:

      It doesn’t matter to me, so go for it!

    • akagami says:

      1) Is there a certain time of day (morning, evening, during lunch breaks at work) that you prefer to blog at?

      On commenting/posting, usually the evening.

      2) Name an anime you watched to the very end (but wish you didn’t). Explain your grief.

      Endless Eight. I had watched the original and liked it, and even though the first bit of EE was horrible, I held out. I don’t know why I continued to the end (I skipped some parts once I was sure it was the same), but looking back it was a huge waste of my time with nothing to show for it. It even made me like the series overall less. Well played KyoAni.

      The movie helped make up for that fiasco though.

      Naruto (the first season and part of the second). What is this I don’t even…

      3) What’s the most expensive piece of anime merchandise you’ve ever bought?

      Actually bought some figures this year (the first thing anime related, if you don’t count a small poster and color prints from a printer. An Ace nendoroid and Nami (5″) figure. Both not official since I got them for .< Why didn't I buy that big shiny toy that gives +10 ?!?!?!?!

    • akagami says:

      Gah, forgot those arrow things are used in the formats, so I lost 4 and 5.

      3) – meant to say the figures were less than $20.

      4) How do your parents feel about your anime obsession? Do they even know about it?

      They don’t really care. It’s really no different than watching TV, like Jersey Shore, Gossip Girls, Madmen, etc.

      5) Which of the 7 sins are you most guilty of?

      I had to look up the seven sins, I don’t know what they all are 😮
      If I had to pick one, it would probably be greed. When I play games, I tend to hoard all my cash. Then the game ends and I’m super rich and wearing basic gear. Why didn’t I buy that big shiny toy that gives +10 ?!?!?!?!

      Oh, and I was that SC player with 50 probes and one zealot. If I didn’t die in the first 10 minutes, I would amass this huge army of zealots, dragoons, and followed by reavers. Lots of reavers. Boom! Though at this point I would have too much cash and hit my unit limit.

      • Overcooled says:

        Oh man, Endless Eight…I think I dropped it. I couldn’t take it! I just couldn’t! I don’t blame you for feeling ripped off after sitting through the whole thing.

        I’m surprised you don’t know all 7 deadly sins! lol your sin doesn’t even seem to be that bad for you in real life, just in games. Even when you’re right before the final boss, you don’t think “hmm, maybe I should buy stuff?” I’m usually pretty stingy with my money in games, but as soon as I realize I need equips for a crazy endgame boss I don’t hold back XD

  2. Highway says:

    I also took the ‘I’m not gonna tag anyone’ route. But I did really enjoy your answers. 🙂

    • Overcooled says:

      I’m ashamed to say I had no idea you were even an aniblogger until this moment. It makes sense in retrospect though. All those detailed comments and pearls of wisdom…Anyways, wow, I learned a lot about you too! Thanks for the link to your interrogation post and thanks for reading mine!

      • Highway says:

        Hey, don’t feel bad, *I* didn’t know I was an aniblogger until I started doing it, what, a month and a half ago? Plus, it’s for a different site, so I’m not super comfortable shouting it on someone else’s site (although it is for Sushi’s site, so that’s a little better. 🙂 ).

        • akagami says:

          Haha, I remember one day your name was in blue and it linked to a site. I was like “wut, so this guy was a blogger and was hiding it?”

  3. Tofu says:

    Who else found Metanorn by looking for music? I DID! XD

    I’ve never heard of Metropolis but if it has made even YOU cry waterfalls then I’m seriously checking this out! O_O

    Is Level C like a prequel to Lever E? 😛 Ey? (See what I did there? Ohohohohohoho!)

    Omg… your love for tea reminded me of my trip to China with 29 other students and teachers. The thing is, I wanted to cut down on soft drinks and they actually didn’t have water at the hotels and apartments we stayed at INSTEAD they had TEA as a substitute. Because of that, I practically drank tea for 3 weeks and was labeled as tea obsessed… OTL Oh wells, I like tea so it was all goods ^^

    To tell you the truth, the most expensive thing I’ve bought that’s related to anime/manga is a Mio Akiyama Complete Figure (Festival version) for about $125 AUS, I think my Rin Tousaka (Unlimited Blade Works version) cost about $115? $120?

    • Overcooled says:

      It’s really good! We tend to disagree on anime a lot, but you might actually like this one.

      lol I kept thinking that too when I was watching it. Imagine if someone accidentally downloaded that while looking for the sci-fi comedy Level C? Yikes…

      BACK UP, YOUR SCHOOL WENT TO CHINA?? Man…luckyyy…I rarely ever have soft drinks anymore. The only sugary drinks I have are bubble tea. Tea is a good replacement since it’s usually pretty damn healthy. I’m surprised they didn’t have water at the hotel, yet they had tea. Tea is made with water, what gives?!

      *whistles* pricey. Figurine-collecting is an expensive hobby! Then again, anime in general can be expensive since all the little things (all the volumes of manga…) really add up. As long as you think they’re worth it though!

      • Tofu says:

        You just did it OC! It’s Level E not C AHAHAHAHAHA! EVERYONE! The sci-fi comedy is Level E, not C ^^

        I refrain from buying anything unnecessary so as expensive as it all is in total, I don’t regret my collection ^^ You also need a stable job, since I don’t have a job at all, I’m actually broke right now T____T

        I can imagine how people would be like China is super asian country and would drink a lot of tea or something like that, but yeah, it even shocked me how they actually provided tea instead of water (or both! D:) They really love their tea and preserve their water for tea?

        Well the water there is bad anyways if you don’t boil it before you drink it. I got sick from drinking the water during the trip..T_T it didn’t feel good at all…

        • Overcooled says:

          Oh my gosh, you’re right. Gahhhhh!!! Level E not C….>_< I can see tea being a common drink in China, but being the ONLY drink, that's just a bit unexpected. I guess the reason they don't serve just water is because it's bad then. That's kind of frightening that it can make you sick so easily. :/

          • Tofu says:

            It’s due to the pollution, and you can actually see the pollution in the air in certain places of China O_O

    • Kyokai says:

      Dude, you are not the only one. I have too many people’s names on my list who found Meta for music. xD

  4. BlackBriar says:

    So this is the person who I signed a contract with the first time I commented on Metanorn and who helped me gain my title (I could use this info to overthrow my contractor. Hehehe!).

    I think it’s safe to say those who developed their love for anime in the 90’s started off with shows like DBZ, Pokémon and Sailor Moon. The basic anime start offs. Back then, I’d hunt for anything concerning DBZ since it was extremely popular and was the talk of the school for anyone interested in anime, i.e: fellow otakus. I remember when everyone used to bring Pokémon cards to school. LOL. It was almost absurd.

    Hmm… “Have you seen any Hentai before?”. That’s a question a good number of people would be hesitant to answer which is obvious (a personal guilty pleasure). Once someone reaches a certain age, especially those interested in anime, they’ve seen at least one hentai. I wouldn’t be into one if there’s too much rape and if I had to choose a certain kind, it would be the perverted yet innocent kind. Like the MC is this average guy who meets a hot girl who comes out of nowhere and they hit it off then he loses his way with other girls. Followed by realizing the first girl was a long lost childhood friend who was happy to see him again, he apologizes then devotes himself to her then they have make-up sex. It’s a bit sappy, I know but it works.

    I don’t think anyone who is interested in anime will immediately drop it. There are so many genres that will keep them glued to the screen. Besides, what would that person do to fill that kind of void?

    By the way, Nice Pokémon Black and White picture. Can’t wait for Black and White 2.


    If you suddenly became an anime character, what would you do with yourself? Which anime would you want to be in? Would you want to be someone regular or have some power that separates you from everyone else?

    What’s your favorite genre (anime or otherwise)? Why do you love it and what was the very start of your love for it?

    • Overcooled says:

      Trying to get your soul back? Bring it!

      The typical case seems to be all the classic 90s shows, yep. Our school banned Pokemon cards because people would steal money from their parents to buy them from each other, or outright steal them o_o We were intense little kids…

      It’s a bit of an embarrassing question, lessened slightly by the fact that pretty much EVERYONE has seen hentai before. Even if they haven’t, some of the ecchi shows are so borderline pornographic that it doesn’t even matter. Yaoi hentai have a lot of rape, sadly. Normal hentai (I use “normal” very loosely) is basically all the horrid plot devices you described. Because really…it’s never about the plot!

      More questions? I’m surprised there’s more you want to know! How flattering.

      -If I became an anime character, I’d spend all my time making super cute anime faces (complete with sparkles). That’s kind of the best perk of suddenly becoming an anime character that I can see at the moment
      -I’d love to be in Soul Eater and go to school to learn how to fight! I wonder what kind of weapon I’d get~
      -I would want a power. It doesn’t have to be different from everyone else in the anime, but I’d love something different from my current abilities as just a normal human being. Sure, I know karate and how to wield a few weapons, but being able to SHOOT FIREBALLS FROM MY FISTS would be an entirely different experience.
      -My favourite genre isn’t really a specific thing, but I call it “Sadist Candy.” Basically, any show where there is a massive amount of human suffering and moral dilemmas. Would you call that psychological? I like it because there’s something very attractive about watching a character sink to the lowest of lows and then try to claw themselves back up to the top. I also love clashes between two moral gray areas, because it’s so much more interesting than typical good vs evil battles. I started to really pinpoint my love for these kinds of shows when I watched Kino no Tabi, Shiki and Madoka Magica. The same applies to books – almost all of my favourites involve main characters slowly drifting towards insanity. Hmm, maybe it’s just mental instability that attracts me? Anyways, I like dark shows!

      • BlackBriar says:

        If I try to get my soul back, I might die trying. Who knows how many souls you have in your arsenal.

        Wow, that was when Pokemon was a really massive trend. I remember seeing a news segment on that one time. It was unbelieveable.

        Answering the question becomes less embarrassing the more you realize others watch it as well. Hentai has pretty much become mainstream. You’d find it in any torrent site. You might not believe it but sometimes I watch it for the plot even though it’s 80% sex.

        Shooting fireballs from your fists? I’d say you’d pass for a Fire Bender. That reference was perfect for it.

        You are truly a super-sadist. Perfect for Kyokai’s right hand. Yeah, I’d call it psychological and I love watching a character break and put on a Mirai Nikki smile. Then I guess animes like Another, Blood-C, Deadman Wonderland, High School of the Dead, Jormungand, Mirai Nikki and Shiki are perfect to satisfy your almost insatiable hunger for violence, gore and insanity.

        • Overcooled says:

          Pretty much every anime fan has watched hentai…just as most people of a certain have watched porn (the live action kind). It’s a common guilty pleasure. Wow, your idea of a good plot may differ a lot from mine then lol I only wish I could be interested by the plot of one of those super sleazy shows.

          As much as I joke about it and over-exaggerate, I do actually quite enjoy reading/watching anything of the psychological genre to get my dose of human suffering. It’s not just my “character” here on Meta XD I’m not hurting anybody that way, but I still get to enjoy some dark stuff! 😀 Not all of the shows you listed are ones that I really like, but there are a lot of shows out there that have exactly what I’m looking for. :3

    • Highway says:

      I’m not really ashamed to say that I watch some hentai. The problem is that to so many people, the mere idea of ‘anime’ is porn, and that ‘hentai’ means “rape and tentacles, separately or together”. Instead of what it actually is, just porn, rather than ecchi with boobs and Barbie-smoothness.

      But I’ve mentioned before that I think the “Western” (actually, mostly anglicized, since there are European cultures that aren’t nearly as hung up about it) notions of human sexuality and mores are terrible.

      • Highway says:

        And just to be clear, I’m not a fan of tentacle and/or rape hentai. Kuttsukiboshi was right on / somewhat over the line as far as rape, imo, for an example.

        • Overcooled says:

          Yeahhhh a lot of people associate hentai with automatically being freaky and kinky, when that’s not (always) the case. Tentacle rape is a very niche thing that I would never automatically assume someone enjoys watching. I’m not a fan either…

          What do you mean by Western notion of human sexuality being terrible?

          • Highway says:


            Show ▼

            Spoilered in case people don’t want to read my semi-coherent rant.

            • Overcooled says:

              Ahhhh I see what you mean now. It’s the sad truth (curse?) of Western culture. I see this mentioned every now and then in some of my lectures, and a lot on video game sites (I read a lot of video game editorials). Violence is a-ok, but as soon as there is a sex scene then people freak out. It’s a bit sad that all Western media is filtered to make us think that violence is fine but sex is taboo. The negative effects you named are just some of the many repercussions. :/

  5. Kyokai says:

    Fufufufuuuuuu~ More intel on our Assassin is always good!

    – I think I transferred to drama CDs after since the budget for most of the hentai I saw was so bad. The imagination has no budget! =w=
    – I don’t drink, smoke, do drugs or even buy energy drinks.

    — SAME!

    Also, as I’m still not feeling sleepy, I’ll reply to your questions~

    1) Night time and any free time I get during work is when I blog. Though, for Editorials, I take a bit more time gathering my thoughts and such.

    2) Darker than Black Season two… Why does this even exist? I hated the Suo girl and even when the scruffy Hei was sometimes better, I just got tired of it. I could take the grief of the Gaiden OVAs but ughhhhh this. UGHHH.

    3) I’ll buy that White-Kimono Shiki when it gets available in November and it’s in the range of $100~200 so yeah. >>;

    4) They know about it and they have resigned themselves over it because they know I won’t be stopping anytime soon.

    5) Most probably Gluttony (family genes of loving food too much >>;) and Pride on occasions.

    • Overcooled says:

      *high fives* Drama CDs are a much better vice than drugs!

      Oh my gosh, take pictures of the kimono when you get it!! Are you going to wear it, or just put it up on display?

      I remember all those yummy things you cooked for Metanorn’s cooking showcase. Mmmm~

  6. MikADo says:

    heheh i found metanorn by searching for music too 😀

    and i just got into college (freshieeeee)

    i do smoke, but i hate drugs and alchohol

    i love coffee, tea thou caffeine doesnt really have any effect on me

    and i would love to chat with Kino as well 😀

    i work best at night(midnight~3AM) which makes me hard to wake up for my 8AM classes

    hmm i dont recall buying anything, maybe some books? I bought the Zaregoto series, 9 books or so, hardcover
    that was quite the budget

    my parents dont really care about anime, thou i try to tell them time to time about how fun it is.
    we watch Zibri Animations from time to time thou 😉

    lots of animes i thought why the fuck am i watching this, and recently it was Dog Days…. it was just horrible…

    of the 7 deadly sins.. hmm… how about gluttony, greed, and lust? im a guilty man ;P and if procrastination counts, that should be added as well

    Btw i loved Kuuchuu Buranko as well, and i am a BIG pokemon fan XD i also enjoyed eden of the east(disappointed at the movie :P)

    • Overcooled says:

      Hope your first year of college is going well!

      I can’t stay up late. My body is physically incapable of that. <_< I envy people who can pull all-nighters or work until 3am. Wow, that's a lot of sins...Gluttony and Greed are fairly similar though, so it's not too bad. AHHH KUUCHUU BURANKO YES!!! SO GOOD! I really think everyone should at least try watching it. It's become one of my favourite anime. I'm planning on watching Eden of the East soon because I've heard so many great things about it. Should I watch the movie afterwards, or is it really disappointing?

      • MikADo says:

        i am a guilty man 😉

        i have to say the movie isn’t that bad, but the anime was so interesting that i had high hopes for it… i guess too much expectations lead to disappointment

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