Meta Mash – 23

Meta Mash is back with its usual dose of Polar Bears, Sket dance, Moyashimon Returns and Accel World. 


Shirokuma Cafe – 18

Tortoise-“This…is….a….really….creepy…and…scary….story…”       Penguin-“zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz”
It was ghost story time this week, but of course, knowing the usual gang in Shirokuma Cafe, it’s not going to turn out exactly as expected. The darling Sasako ended up having the scariest story to tell despite her kind appearance, Penguin brought up his sad story about accidentally asking out the seven girl penguins, and Panda had absolutely nothing to tell. My favorite story out of the few complete ones that were told was Polar Bear’s. I literally busted up laughing about how his fur supposedly turned white from being scared by a mouse. It was just too random. Anyway, finally we got some more Sasako-Handa interaction! Having Handa being so terrified of scary stories was totally cute, but that ending when Sasako actually offered to take him was just cuteness OVERLOAD. I was actually pretty crushed when Llama interfered and it turned out he’d walk home Handa instead. The poor guy just can’t get anything while hanging around with Panda and the rest of the cafe gang…

So the second half of the show just showed Panda being, well, Panda. He had some superfluous reasons for leaving home, which really irked me for once. I was hoping the segment would actually have Panda take the advice of Penguin and Polar Bear and have him change a little, but he didn’t, as usual. It made the segment, for me, a bit of a waste of my time since it also wasn’t too comedic. I say that and yet I’ve acted the same way Panda has (and still kind of do, shh!). We’re both so similar it’s almost scary now. Anyway, as for the new ending, I have to say it’s probably one of the most creative ones they’ve done yet! I absolutely loved the animation, though I’m not that big of a fan for the song. Shirokuma Cafe has some of the most interesting ending animations I’ve seen actually. Each song that’s sung by a certain character gets its own unique animation that fits the character and gives off the same atmosphere as the character does in the show. I haven’t been bored with an ending sequence yet from this show.~


Sket Dance – 69

Hello Sket dance fans do not worry I am here to take over for this week while Kara deals with some internet issues! So hopefully she returns soon and to be honest with you I really haven’t been following this series at all because I dropped it around episode forty? Anyway this week it was a random filler episode and I have to say I was not really looking forward to watching, because it was a bathroom centered episode full of poo jokes. It was kind of hilarious to watch Bossun as he tried his best to “hold it in” now usually those types of things come off as being really freaking dumb! I mean Gintama has plenty of poop related episodes in both seasons. Thankfully they only followed that horrible story for the first half of the episode…now the second half had me laughing my ass off because they members of the Sket Dance club were helping the student council with a manga project to recruit new members. That whole scene with Bossun, Himeko and Switch was absolutely hilarious thanks to some crude drawings and random blood? I guess working with real ink sucks if you smudge or screw something up huh? Anyway first half was dumb, but the second half made up for the poo jokes.


Moyashimon Returns – 05

Ah the mind of a young scientist! It breaks so easily…
Welcome back to the microbe science anime! Last week we had some decent plot development with Haruka leaving the collage with a strange man and now she finally ended up in Paris?! What in the world is going on with her? I wonder if she is walking into some surprise wedding set up by her father; however I don’t really think Haruka would go through with anything like that. So what about the other characters this week? If you saw anything with the first season of Moyashimon you would have seen the other festival thing they throw. During the harvest festival the collage is open to the public and basically every club gets to set their booth in order to sale things like produce and it causes the local residents to go CRAAZY!!! Because everything is so freaking cheap! While the other clubs deal with the people and the crowds the fermentation club opens up a bar called Aoi’s bar where they are trying to sale something called pulque? Oh and whichever club manages to sale the most stuff wins a prize at the end of the festival!

So what the hell is this pulque stuff anyway? Basically it is a type of Mexican liquor similar to tequila which is made from distilling the sap from various Agave plants called maguey like Mezcal and Pulque! I guess those plants have lots of sugar in which the bacteria breaks down into sap? So there you go! That is your super science stuff to read about later if you are interested in that type of thing, but I wonder if they will be able to sale enough drinks to win the harvest festival in the end.


Accel World – 17

Haru is not afraid to cut someone like Shiki…
And by cookies, we mean his wings. How dare some bully take it away?! After a long while, this was an episode that I was really looking forward to because of previous development. I’m sure everyone has seen or faced one kind of bully or another. They are usually cruel and oily enough to slip by most of situations. Noumi Seiji is exactly that and then some having come to light his association with an elite group that doesn’t even call themselves Burst Linkers but compare themselves to the Level 9 Kings and Queens. If I hated him before, now I literally loathe him because even after knowing the Accel World more than a usual player, he’s been manipulating it for meeting his own ends. Someone really needs to give this dude a proper beating.

I was elated to find that Taku realized what was up and ready to back his friend up. The episode was filled with cheesy friendship lines but hey, not too bad. Haru’s teamwork with Taku and Gale Thruster were the highlights of the episode for me. I am sure for some it was Kuroyukihime fanservice shot. Anyways, I’m glad, Haru shed his emo skin and braved up to take new challenges but his new nemesis is not just another average baddie. He rather seems to have lots of connections and moves up his sleeve. The most shocking one was the healing by Chiyu, which no one could have expected. Why she did that? More blackmailing from Noumi I’m sure but when her two best friends are back fighting together, why did she side with Noumi? Are her parents in danger? What the hell happened, which caused this drama is what I’d like to know in the next episode. Ja ne~



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11 Responses to “Meta Mash – 23”

  1. D-LaN says:

    This is too funny to not post it here lol.

  2. tatsuya says:

    lol ..what it is mean ??

  3. skylion says:

    Accel World: Great action this time around; staff did well to assemble all the parts they had been gathering the previous two shows. I was semi-expecting Chiyo’s “betrayal”, cause this is that kinda show, someone has to betray someone or else there can be no more dorama. Which is a good way to show that this villain is holding cards in games the main character’s don’t even know they are playing. It’s a bit of an “ass pull”, but it was pretty well executed.

  4. Highway says:

    Accel World: I just have to accept that it’s “That Kind” of fighting show, where fights are all delayed by monologuing, back-patting, and cheesy explanations (well, aren’t all fighting shows like this?). Me yelling “Just finish him off, THEN discuss!” doesn’t make them actually do it.

    I will be interested to find out who the ‘we’ that Noumi refers to are. Is it a subculture of sociopaths who have no moral separation between AW and realspace? Taku felt guilty about using burst to gain advantage in Kendo, and thinks that Noumi goes too far getting perfect scores on tests. Noumi doesn’t see any problem at all with either behavior. Since Noumi’s behavior is completely odious – using theft, extortion, and blackmail to enhance his character’s power and allow him to keep using AW to interfere with the physical space – it’s easy to dismiss his using burst in the real world as very wrong. But what about someone who goes about acquiring their points in what is considered the ‘right’ way (duels), yet still uses burst points for the same end purposes (Taku doesn’t really fit this either, since he was looking to knock off Kuroyukihime to keep her from finding out what he was doing)? Would the same moral prohibitions still apply? This is likely a question that humans are going to need to answer at least to some degree in the coming decades.

    • BlackBriar says:

      Nomi strikes me as the kind of person who doesn’t care what happens as long as he gets what he wants, narcissistic, lacking in morals and is extremely sadistic. He’ll do whatever it takes, no matter how low and apparently takes pleasure in watching and/or causing the suffering of others. It’s safe to say he’s the type of person who would just want to watch the world burn for his own amusement. Traits I find that are very real and hidden among people and that moral prohibitations won’t be applied to all of them. After a while, you see it’s easier to be bad than good and Nomi is doing what is easy for him.

      • Highway says:

        Well, it’s a twist on the same personality disorder that we saw from Yuuko Kanoe in Tasogare Otome: what consequences has he faced? I would bet he’s never lost a Burst duel. He’s never lost at Kendo, he gets perfect grades. And noone has ever called him on it until Nega Nebulus. And while Yuuko’s avoidance of consequences led to her persistent childlike attitude, Noumi’s lack of consequences has led to socipathy. It’s usually ‘easier’ to be bad than good when faced with the choice. The consequences of being bad are the only things that keep people from doing it, generally (and not necessarily direct punishment, consequences also can be social ostracism, self-loathing, etc).

        Like I said, I do wonder about the other people he claims are in his group. I doubt the show will get into it, for lack of time, but is there a large cohort of amoral wretches coming down the pike for humanity?

  5. Samantha Zan says:

    Sket Dance: Ahhh so classy Sket Dance DX… yeah I have to agree the first half of the episode was just kind of uncomfortable to watch. I mean sure it’s relatable that Bossun REALLY needs to go to the bathroom, but is that something I really need to watch >.>, if it was like a cutaway to with a different episode then that would be fine, but the whole first half? Yeah no…

    Though I the 2nd half was notably funnier, with the manga idea and all. I really just love this kind of randomness when I watch Sket Dance. With messing up the ink and turning it into a crow, lol I really laughed hard at that, since I can relate to what their talking about XD. Kakaka~ such a amusing episode.

    • Foshizzel says:

      I know right? I am all for a good comedy themed episode, but damn seriously they are relying on bathroom humor for a plot? LOLOLOLOL

      Second half was amazing and soooo freaking hilarious! Yeah when they turned the smudge’s into crows and blood I died…wow…Bossun you inspire us! xDDD

  6. HannoX says:

    Re Moyashimon Returns–I don’t think the Medal of Honor could tempt me to stand between those housewives and cheap produce! The poor football and fieldhockey clubs! Sacrificial lambs all.

    Whatever her father’s plot is, I’m sure Haruka will soon rebel against it and return to the fermentation lab.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahahahha yeah those people DAMN! They are quite powerful when cheap food is involved just like BenTO…agreed what ever Haruka’s father has planned she is just going to be like lulz no.

  7. BlackBriar says:

    Accel World: I was really looking forward this episode where Nomi would finally get a taste of his own medicine. Now I completely detest the brat. There’s no shred of redeeming quality what-so-ever. The attack to the face he got from Cyan Pile was the highlight.

    Seeing Lime Bell suddenly appearing with that ominous music screamed betrayal but my guess is that Nomi is using something else against her. If he, alone, is giving the good guys a hard time, than the others he mentioned are even more vile and lacking in morals than he is. Kind of like the Equalizers from The Legend of Korra since apparently they have something against Burst Linkers.

    Haru and Taku’s tag-teaming was awesome. You know you’re badass if you can fight like that without explaining a strategy to your partner. Taku might take the title of kamakaze for deliberately taking damage just to charge up.

    Kuroyukihime in a swimsuit. Niiicce!! I’m surprised and glad to Haru has grown in those situations. He didn’t even try to hide away and he gets points for trying to solve a problem without worrying his master.

    LOL. This is anime. Cheesy, over the top friendship lines are to be expected though some are easier to handle than others.

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