Phi Brain S2 – 14

Oh, come on. Don’t me you thought someone who thinks about puzzles 24/7 was sane.

I was so hyped up for this episode that just about anything could have happened and I would have been ecstatic regardless. Thank goodness it was actually a good episode too, or else people would start to question my judgement. That is, if you can question the judgement of someone who likes Phi Brain as much as I do any more than you do now. I realize there is a saturation point somewhere, and I may have reached it ages ago.



There was a little bit of everything mashed into this week’s episode. On one hand, a lot of cool things happen, but on the other hand, it’s kind of messy. Screentime is split between The Order, Kaito, Rook and returning baddy Herbert. The Order is practically in shambles at the moment, as their lack of unity has only grown after their loss to Kaito’s group. Freecell’s painful obsession with Kaito has made him hostile, and that scares the other members. The Order all agree on one thing though – they hate their new leader.

You know you’re scum when the main villains of the show call you out for being a dirty weasel. Herbert basically slunk his way from one evil organization to another once he was fired. Finding refuge wasn’t enough though, so he got his filthy paws on a genuine Orpheus Ring and obtained some impressive puzzle-solving skills. He beat Doubt without even entering Phi Brain mode. He still relies on cheating and throws hissyfits all the time, but he’s smarter. Again, you know you’re scum when a insanity-inducing Ring has zero effect on your personality.

I’ll save talk about the rings for later. I don’t like how this episode has no unifying theme, but I do kind of like how quickly they’re breezing over these facts now. Whist’s talk with Freecell was very short and Herbert showing his ring was also just a quick flash. Phi Brain doesn’t try to get you to pause and gasp for every little reveal. A lot of this is kind of unnecessary (hands up if you think Herbert gets kicked out of the Order too…) and a bit stupid, so I’m glad it wasn’t a big part of the episode. Better to downplay it until they’re ready for some big twists. Afterall, a lot of what happened was just for fanservice – not for the plot. I really hope Phi Brain can find a good balance of making good story decisions and doing everything it wants to do with the older characters.

Next on the buffet list of things that were crammed into this episode: the puzzle Kaito and Nonoha had to solve. It was the same boring puzzle we’re used to, displayed in an even more boring manner than usual. No, I am not impressed by watching moving heads on a grid for that long. S2 isn’t bad, but it has some of the worst puzzles in the entire series. Which is a HUGE SHAME because there were so many other good things going for it! Rook jumped in, Nonoha got to battle, we had some new villains involved…it was really cool! If the puzzle itself was exciting, things would have been perfect. Nonoha actually had to participate in an important puzzle battle. I saw her use her memorization skills on the first move which had me cheering for her. YOU GO GIRL! YOU AIN’T A LIABILITY! Then…my worst fears came true and she proved that she was worthless once again. She couldn’t even follow Kaito’s orders and just carry out her moves quickly. I really want Nonoha to be less of a cheerleader and more of a useful character – I really do.

I may be a bit sad that Nonoha didn’t get to be useful, but not to the point where I’d rather her successfully help Kaito as opposed to GLORIOUS ROOK SCREENTIME!!! Yes, Rook and Bishop are here as permanent new members to the Super Puzzle Force X. After traveling the world, they’re settling back in Japan to help Kaito fight against the Order. I’M SO EXCITED! Rook may not be a psycho any more, but he is absolutely adorable. My love for Bishop has been growing in leaps and bounds too – especially after he pulled a Spiderman this week to save Elena.

Overall, a must-watch episode that squishes everything good (and a bit of bad) into one episode.


Knock-off Jewellery

Sorry to interrupt your potentially suicidal thoughts, but I….actually no, I’m not really sorry.

The question here isn’t “WHO IS IMOUTO?”, but “WHICH RING IS FAKE?”. I thought it to be mighty suspicious that the entire Order came across Orpheus Rings so easily, especially considering that they work for an organization that mass produces fakes anyways. Whist tells Freecell straight up that everyone in The Order has fake Rings this week, aside from him. Freecell is the only one who has a real one, because he’s special. I may just be stubbornly clinging to my theory of everyone having a fake, but I’m going to go ahead and say Whist is lying and everyone has a dud. Setting Freecell up to think he’s important may just be a plan to use him as a pawn, and then introduce someone with a real Ring instead at the end to deal the final blow to Kaito. Klondike’s “experiment” might actually be on The Order as opposed to all those extra Replica Rings. Not that those aren’t important research variables as well.

Whether or not you believe Whist, there is a big problem with anyone in the Order having a Ring. Orpheus Rings fall off when you feel you’ve lost (I’d say the same applies to real ones, which is how Kaito and Rook got rid of theirs) and the Order have lost matches and felt like they’ve truly lost as a result. Freecell in particular had a very severe reaction to losing against Kaito, yet his Ring is still there. I guess Jikukawa’s explanation isn’t 100% accurate, or they haven’t given up entirely. I guess that means more crazy Freecell for us! Yay!

So…WHICH RINGS ARE FAKE? There are so many goddamned Rings in play right now (even the Uno twins have them!) that it’s hard to tell what’s fake or not. What do you guys think?


Worst Boss Ever

Anyone less fabulous than me is fired! The same goes with anyone who dares to be more fabulous than me!

Was Herbert always this good-looking? He looks rather dashing when he’s not smashing things into smithereens. Err, what I meant to talk about here was how the hell this sleazeball came to command the Order. It appears that Klondike has some very specific steps he needs to take for his master plan, and it involves Herbert somehow. I’m guessing that his Ring is actually real if he was able to beat Doubt without breaking a sweat. Klondike may have given it to him because he thinks Herbert might provoke something out of Freecell. He’s known for coming VERY CLOSE to killing Freecell’s dearest Kaito, and seeing his object of affection in danger might trigger something in him.

How he became boss is one thing, but what he’ll do as boss is another. The Order hate him, so I imagine he’ll be overthrown soon enough. For now, I think he’s going to use the Uno twins and any other two-bit characters he can get his hands on. Apparently, he’d rather use DOGS than Freecell and pals. The Order will probably get testy about not having their precious puzzle time sex orgy with Kaito. This bad blood won’t end well for someone, and it’s probably gonna be Herbert.

Bonus Screencaps: Show ▼

Preview: I think the Order is barking up the wrong tree here…



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16 Responses to “Phi Brain S2 – 14”

  1. Jenanime4eva says:

    LOL at Freecell emofagging about Kaito in his room XD.

    I burst out laughing when Gyammon shouted: “This is freaking delicious, cafeteria guy!”. LMAO XD.

    It’s puzzling how the Phi Brain kids manage to to eat so much and not get fat or something. Solving puzzles really burns up the calories people yo! 😛

    It was cool that Nonoha got to participate in the puzzle along with Kaito for a while before Rook stepped up to the game. Bishop was totally Batman saving Elena like that ;). It was hilarious how much of a sore loser Herbert was hahaha XD. Also, yeah more Rook/Kaito scenes for me to ship haha! 😀

    This was an awesome ep. Probably my favourite one so far this season :).

    • Overcooled says:

      Freecell is pretty damn obsessed with Kaito. I’m glad most of us seem to have found his suffering to be amusing =w=

      I’m glad they let her do SOMETHING. It’s a step in the right direction, that’s for sure. Rook stepping in was awesome though. Rook and Kaito working together to solve a puzzle is something I could get used to.

      This is one of my favourites too, mostly because of Rook. I can’t help but be biased!

  2. Yuushin says:

    Ya know, I’m not exactly watching this strictly for puzzles, but more for the drama going on around them and characters, but if I see that puzzle one more time….*shakesfist* I’m gonna break some tea cups man!!! xD I’M SERIOUS!!!!

    I liked this episode too 😀 There wasn’t any minute wasted, it kept my attention whole time. Even Freecel’s emofagging about Kaito, and openly showing his hate toward’s Herbert, for taking away his “puzzle time” with him…(and Herbert just not giving a damn xD):3 He looks really cute with messy hair thou…
    I was happy that Nonoha got to participate in actual puzzle battle too (and not being completely useless actually). She got really nervous naturally, since there was Elena’s life on line, so no wonder she started to “freeze” after a while, who can blame her (well Herbert can xD he really is a d***), it’s the most “human” reaction in such situation. But of course, like with beach episode, I didn’t like the resolution. But it wasn’t as bad. I think the people who work on this are doing it on purpose xD Two similar situations that highlight her insecurity about her puzz. solving disability, just can’t be coincidence.
    My guess is Freecel has fake one too, they’re just using him for their other plans. Klondike probably has the real one. As the founder of Orpheus Order. Just how whack can you be to want to overthrow God, and release humanity from it’s grip xD
    Since that spiderman move Bishop is my hero!! It’s rare to see lady treated like that on this show 😀
    And I liked Rook’s and Nonoha’s high-five! It was really cute, considering that under influence of the ring he hated her guts in S1 so it was weird in a way too, when you remember it xD
    And I was lol-ing like crazy when Herbert broke that tea cup!!! It felt like S1 all over again, only more developed and awesome xDDDDD

    • Overcooled says:

      Yeah, I’m not so fond of the area-capture puzzle. Not only have we seen it before, but almost all of the puzzles so far have been on a flat grid. :/

      Oh, if I had to save a life by solving a puzzle, I’d freeze up too! Phi Brain doesn’t usually show the more realistic side of human emotions though when it comes to attitudes about puzzles though XD Well, at least she’s doing SOMETHING. I think her self-esteem regarding puzzles is going to go down too. This event is leading up to something.

      I wonder what Klondike looks like? I hope he’s hot and not some old geezer like the POG guy who kicked the bucket.

      Haha, I forgot how much Rook used to despise Nonoha. No hard feelings now that Rook has learned to give Kaito some room though. He’s really grown after having that ring removed.

      The more things Herbert breaks, the more I smile like the chesire cat :3

  3. BlackBriar says:

    It’s a reunion of old and new characters. Herbert returns with a vengeance only to be bitch slapped again, and by his former boss, no less. Talk about insult to injury, even worse since the Orpheus Ring he believes is real is just another cheap knockoff. It’s no wonder the Order hates his guts. The members are basically from high society so it’s only natural taking orders from him would be considered beneath them. But it was nostalgic seeing him throw bitch fits. Just like Yuushin said, it was like season one again.

    Seeing Nonoha involved in this kind of puzzle, especially one of Herbert’s traps was nerve wracking. A normal puzzle wouldn’t have been a problem at all but the kind where it concerns life and death is another story all together. She gets 100 points for memorizing every puzzle battle she’s seen.

    Freecell’s back to his old obsessive self after who knows how much time sulking (and possibly drinking). Well, not exactly his old self since he seems more amped up. I wonder what would have happened if he stayed on his old streak and wasn’t told about the rings. The dude looked like he was ready to throw stuff all over the place.

    Rook and Bishop pulled a Batman and Robin saving everyone at the last minute. Rook’s certainly developed into more of a Solver than a Giver. I once thought he was at the same disposition as Jikukawa but he’s clearly surpassed him. We’ve got to get Rook and Freecell to face each other. I’d like that just for the laughs.

    The preview has me asking questions. Since when are there Orpheus Rings fitted for animals? Can they achieve 100% of their brain power as well? Damn you, Phi Brain logic. You continue to surprise at every turn just when we thought we had you all figured out.

    • Overcooled says:

      I don’t think anyone ever liked Herbert in the show…It’s canon that he’s a snake. :B Oh, and his spazz attacks are a lovely defining feature of his! I like them a lot.

      I love Nonoha’s memorization skill – I really want them to find more ways (like this) to use it. Maybe if they ever do a memory game where you match cards or something…If that even counts as a puzzle.

      Whist seemed to have raised his spirits enough to help…Who knows what he would have done without that little push. <_<

      I think Rook was always better than Jikukawa. Remember when they played chess and he dominated him despite being a Giver? He may have had the ring at that point, but I think he's retained his high intellect along the lines of Kaito. I don't know to call it, but when a vortex appears in their eyes, I think they're entering a sort of "safe" Phi Brain mode that keeps emotions in tact.

      Next week will be balling. PUZZLE PUPPPY TO THE RESCUE.

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  5. Rolca says:

    Next episode airs 8 7 less than 6 hours from now I guess I should finally move my ass and comment ._. (and I still haven’t finished my reply to Kyokai ffffff) Why do I write such long ass comments? >:[ At least my paragraphs seem to have some sort of flow today.

    The armlet version of the Orpheus rings really comes in all sorts of models: Wu and No’s look shiny new, while Herbert and the five-men-squad’s look old and worn like the original. It reminds me of old Chinese coins in street markets. IDK why they gave Jikukawa a silver one, was it made with a different purpose? Or simply because it was twilight and the direction wanted a contrasting color? What’s more, every S2 guy wears it at the left wrist instead of the arm. But I guess it’s easier show it off when it’s placed there and you’re wearing winter clothes. Now I’m on this topic, I find it weird how Kaito (+ maybe Jin?) is the only one who has his right eye glowing red.

    IMO only Freecell or Doubt could have a real ring. Freecell because he’s this season’s white-haired yanhomo, and Doubt because he really likes Klondike. But that mock game knocked off my theories about Doubt knowing of Klondike’s plan like resident evil megane Whist (who outdid himself this week with his plotting and evil megane glint!). Herbert’s must be a newer, more effective model than Doubt’s if he managed to beat him… unless he’s really good at puzzles, which makes sense since he used to be the leader of part of the POG yet feels weird because come on, it’s the guy who only rigs puzzles and has his underlings do everything!

    I quite like the Uno twins, they fight fairly and aren’t afraid of strong adversaries (plus they don’t give a shit about Herbert). But why is their name Uno if they are twins? Does something happen when they separate? I didn’t expect them to stay around, do we really need two more characters? Even if they’re showing off Rook and Kaito’s ~link~ it feels pointless to make new characters. Unless the goals of S2 is to showcase every popular voice actor ever. I hope they come back as a part of Klondike’s secret plan! I liked when the guys walked backward to their next position, I found it pretty cool 😮

    I don’t get when does the puzzle end. Is there a limited number of turns like in ep 4? I prefered this presentation to the previous one, but maybe would have it been better to put the slideshow in front and the grid in the background? It was a good idea to modify an old puzzle to use Nonoha’s memory but… her usefulness dropped quite fast u_u” She started all “I can do it” but then she stopped and panicked at her turn. Kaito did tell her to just move fast, but she still hesitated so he got angry… He was on his nerves but this trend of being a everyone jerk to Nonoha is going to punch him back in the face hard.

    Nonoha and Elena seem to understand each other, even though Elena is always tsuntsun-ing , even when she wants to help Nonoha. I was surprised by the focus on Elena (and how the stereotypical tsundere line was used straight). My guess of her transferring to Root for the POG’s sake was right. Maybe did Rook find Kaito in time thanks to her. (or maybe were he and Spider Bishop there all along waiting for the good moment to make an entrance)

    Rook is back! I never would have thought I would see Nonoha and him high-fiving one day, even for a relay. He really mellowed out (I want more Rook with a pomeranian awwww). Now give us the goods and the intel!

    I noticed this week how much spoilers impact my view of the episode. To me it was going to be mainly Rook (maybe w/ Kaito) vs Orpheus Order + Herbert, so everything else was just bonus. Like you, I was pretty hyped so I only realized Nonoha went back to the bench yet again after I finished the ep. If there was a theme, I guess it would be Herbert and Rook coming back.

    • Overcooled says:

      Your comments are especially tasty for the spam bot =_= Weird. Anyways, there is no such thing as a late reply! I still get comments on episodics for things I’ve written over a year ago sometimes XD

      I noticed that as well, but wasn’t sure what to make of it. If it’s more worn, I’m tempted to say it’s more likely to be real (since these are supposedly ancient artifacts). I don’t get why Jikukawa got a silver one either. I guess every prototype varies, since we had an Orpheus earring way back at the beginning. They must be constantly updating and changing the Replica Rings as they get more data.

      I always thought Kaito and Rook had mirrored red eyes from Phi Brain mode to be symbolic, but now it just seems like Kaito was the odd one out. It’s probably just because he’s the main character, so he’s special OTL.

      It wouldn’t make much sense to give any other Order member a real ring (lol Melancholy) so Freecell sounds like our best bet for now. I really want to know what Whist and Klondike are planning! They sure aren’t letting the Order or even Herbert in on all their secrets…

      I like the Uno twins too. They’re cliche twin bad guys, but I like that they basically gave Herbert the finger and kept solving the puzzle. My guess is the name Uno is to represent how they think as one in complete synchrony. Will we see them again? Who knows. This season does have a ton of characters appearing all at once, so I won’t be disappointed if they go away.

      Err, it was probably a timed thing, although they didn’t explain it. That’s my guess. Time or turns. Ehh, I liked the badass stepping backwards onto spaces, but I didn’t like how we just saw dots moving around the grid as the main focus =_= That puzzle is just..boring no matter what. I would get mad at Nonoha too if she wasn’t doing a good job of saving my friend about to fall to her doom <_< Nonoha sees through the tsun act and Elena understands why Nonoha feels inadequate about her puzzle skills. It's really a nice relationship. I hope they become close friends later on. (I like to imagine that Rook STILL has his surveillance cameras following Kaito, and that's how he knew to come and save him lololol) I usually dislike even watching the preview let alone spoiling things before hand. I like being surprised and going into it with a fresh mind. Where do you go for your spoilers? HOW DO THEY KNOW?

  6. Rolca says:

    I’m watching the episodes each week, so I shouldn’t be so late, especially when I write so much! I don’t think I’ll ever write as much weekly with any other series. The time I spend on each comment must make them all the more alluring to the spam bot…

    I guess the worn ones are the ones which the owners think are reals. There must have been symbolism with the eyes during S1 that was dropped with S2. How do you even put on/off an fake Orpheus ring? Do you also shower with it?

    I wonder how many people know of Klondike’s real plan. The Order is actually really big, they even hire chefs and have a large headquarter with books everywhere. The mansion where Freecell & co are staying doesn’t look like Freecell’s (which would be in England anyway) so it must be the Order’s. They are so rich, where do they get all those funds? It’s like a sect with rich donators lol

    I like your explanation :3 They told Kaito and Rook they’ll come back, so I hope they’ll be more relevant. That’s why I would like them to be a part of Klondike’s plan. They seem rather high-ranked.

    This presentation allows us to actually see what’s going on in the game (Japanese actually have an option to see this kind of grid on tv with the anime in the corner). I prefered it to ep 4’s succession of short scenes. Showing people solving puzzles is hard :s

    Well, Nonoha isn’t used to solving deadly puzzles so I understand her being panicked but how that moment was handled was really bad.

    I’m usually the one who brings info on the tumblr tag but I’m not sure people care or want it… Yuushin and Jenanime4eva also look at spoilers/raws/what japanese fans say, but I don’t know how much Japanese they understand. I usually stalk the official twitter, the hashtag and look at 2ch with google chrome translate. I also lurk every place I see conversation about phi brain. I’m like, a Phi Brain stalker <:3c

    Ep 15 is already out! 😀

    • Overcooled says:

      …Not sure how I missed this, but I might as well reply now OTL

      I don’t think you can take the fake ones off unless you break them. Otherwise, it’d be a whole lot simpler to stop them if you could just rip it off them. Then again, you could cut off their arm…ANYWAYS, GETTING OFF TRACK. I think the worn ones look more convincing, although that’s not a complete affirmation.

      Who knows? Another villain could pop up at any time. I think Klondike keeps his plan mostly to himself and tells Whist some of it. Trusting too many people would be unwise. He only trusts them enough to give them a mansion not to tell them his plans. GODDAMMIT, I WANT A RICH BOSS PAMPERING ME!

      That’s so cool that they have an option for watching the puzzle in Japan! I guess it really is educational lol.

      I’m pretty sure people care lol. Fans always want info and you’re supplying it! I don’t like being spoiled, but I do like hearing cool facts I wouldn’t know from just watching the show on Tumblr and stuff. I’m not so hot with translations, but I have been able to translate a few really simple pixiv comics XD That’s…my only big contribution to the Phi Brain tag on Tumblr.

      • Rolca says:

        It’s alright, it was an old one! But now you’ve replied I feel compelled to reply myself lol

        Kaito even went to the onsen with his ring on. I don’t think it’s in case somebody attacks him with another deadly puzzle in his bath. But then again, I wouldn’t put this past the the Phi Brain staff…

        Using something else than a puzzle to make people do what you want? HERESY! But I guess it would work… with an appropriate puzzle… erm yeah we’re getting off-track there.

        Rook said in ep 15 that there were several models. I don’t recall anyone having the “worn-out genuine article” finition without thinking they had a real one.

        All I’ve seen up to now was grids (and maybe S2 ep2’s puzzle?), so I don’t know how educational that would be, but it sure must help understanding what’s going on!

        *shrugs* Your episodics are a contribution to the fandom too! You aren’t really active on tumblr anyway. I can’t draw or write, so info is my way of contributing to the fandom. But the site still hasn’t updated… I’m going to lack info to bring people now! To me, the most interesting things are which new seiyuu appear, official info, pictures drawn by the staff (eg drafts and the character designer’s weekly doodles) and merchandise I will sadly never get my hands on… These rubber straps! ;A;

  7. Hazou says:

    As much as crazy Freecell is cool, I find it humorous as well. I’m still like, really guy get over yourself it’s a fucking puzzle game. You don’t trash your room and stuff over a puzzle. This is how kids who scream about their video games are put on youtube and get made fun of.

    • Overcooled says:

      I couldn’t help but chuckle at his tantrums too. It’s okay to laugh at someone being messed up…if it’s over a puzzle. Those Orpheus Rings just turn everyone into psycho drama queens.

  8. Hazou says:

    I’d also like to mention that Freecell hasn’t felt a lost. At least from what I was understanding from the episode, he’s just mad that Kaito doesn’t lo…er…I mena doesn’t want to play puzzles with him.

    • Overcooled says:

      lol Yes, I suppose he hasn’t given up yet. Everyone else seems to ditch their Replica Ring after one loss though, so The Order are the odd ones out. I wonder exactly what they have to feel to be free of the ring :/

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