Haiyore Nyaruko-san – 09

For real man! She is like maximum level with all the cool weapons.

Hello Nyaruko fans! Last week’s episode finally brought back all the hilarious parody and reference material we have grown to love, but what about the episode this week? I really hope we stick to the comedy bits rather than the romance; however, I think there are a few fans who enjoy that type of thing I bet… Anyway time to start the review!

In this episode, Nyaruko and Mahiro swap bodies thanks to Tamao’s special gun.

Terrible dreams and Nyaruko’s evil plans

Sorry, Mahiro, but you can only fly in your dreams.

Nyaruko-“Don’t mess the pillow up! I haven’t paid for it yet!”          Mahiro-“PREPARE TO DIE EVIL TALKING PILLOW!”

Starting off with Mahrio having a strange dream about the kiss he shared with Nyaruko in the previous game world, but he was acting very aggressive towards her taking charge of the epic kiss…or maybe he really wanted to act that way? And Nyaruko tried to trick him with a full size body pillow of herself, which made me laugh because she actually tried to hide inside the pillow… Yeah… I don’t think Mahiro would hug such a thing in a million years Nyaruko, but hey she paid the price when Mahiro decided to toss the pillow outside! I was shocked that Kuuko didn’t jump out from the bushes to pounce that pillow.

Extreme shopping adventures!

Which glasses mode character do you love this week?

Hastur-“Do you like cats, Mahiro!?”                Mahiro-“uh…not…really…why do you ask?”

After school Mahiro takes Hastur, Kuuko and Nyaruko out shopping to buy things for Hastur, but of course this little shopping adventure means it is time for Nyaruko to act extra mental resulting in everyone wearing glasses for the super important megane fetish! Yes everyone looks better with glasses right? Well everyone except for poor old Kuuko according to Nyaruko of course…awww you don’t have to be so mean to your future yuri lover. Oh and I guess Hastur also has a fetish for glasses? I think everyone was basically drooling over seeing Mahiro throw on a pair of glasses, but why was there no Persona 4 reference thrown in for a few extra laughs? Maybe they are saving that for the final episodes?

Tamao Kurei the moe alien girl?

Nyaruko-“There is only room for one moe alien girl in this series!”            Tamao-“Psssh I challenge you for that spot.”

So what the hell happed to the quiet Tamao Kurei this week? First of all she shows up with a special gun and screws up everything, but I think she was “taken” over by a strange alien who wants more earth entertainment! Yes we are back to the theme of the aliens wanting our entertainment again. I still found it hilarious that she could have asked Nyaruko to help her rather than attempt to steal her body! I swear that moment made me laugh so hard…also the random body swapping which I will talk about next.

Swapping bodies and personalities

Nyaruko-“Boys sure are interesting!”                  Mahiro-“WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO!?”

Raise your hand if you have seen this silly anime thing before…I know I have seen it appear several times like in Shakugan no Shana specials, Dragon ball Z, Fairy Tail, One piece manga, Natsuiro Kiseki and you can find this crazy theme appearing in the summer with Kokoro Connect! That is just a rough list of things I have seen, but I am sure there are more out there for us to laugh at. So what makes that so interesting? I guess it changes the characters viewpoint and it alters the original characters personality like this week with Nyaruko and Mahiro changing bodies. The result is quite hilarious because Mahiro starts to act crazy and blushes all the time thanks to Nyaruko exploring certain features of being a guy, but Mahiro on the other hand faces the dangerous Kuuko and her yuri obsession over Nyaruko…you would think she wouldn’t touch her since it is technically Mahiro, but nope! She only wants the body not the mind of Nyaruko right now.

Aggressive love!

Kuuko-“Let me show you why girls are amazing…soon as I knock you out first.”        Mahiro-“Oh damn…”

Mahiro-“I SWEAR I WILL KILL YOU!”                  Nyaruko-“Then you would kill yourself, duh.”

Mahiro-“NOOOO! My life is officially over…”                Nyaruko-“You will become my love slave!”

Now that Mahiro and Nyaruko have to suffer with their new bodies they might as well make the best of it right? Well not so much for Mahrio because he isn’t very happy with the changes; however Nyaruko sees this as a perfect chance to use her new body to shout I LOVE YOU NYARUKO! In front of everyone in the classroom…oh man Mahiro your life went from bad to extremely bad in a matter of minutes! So what the hell will Nyarko err I mean original Mahiro do to fix this new problem? I guess he could just beat her up for saying such things, but that would mean he has to kick his own ass right? Still that does sound quite hilarious if you think about it.

Reference time!

Mahiro-“Your new master commands you!”              Kuuko-“YES MY MASTER!”

Nyaruko-“Ku ku ku time to think about more evil plans for Mahiro.”

Sadly I have to say this episode was lacking in the reference department this week, but I can only take a guess at the ones I saw. I thought they were going for a persona 4 parodies with all the talk of glasses, but honestly you can probably find that in almost every other anime series. There was that brief moment with Ruuhii dressed up as a magical girl! You could say sailor moon, precure or any other magical girl series what else…I did laugh at Kuuko saying her “Yes, my master” quote! I was thinking Fate/Zero but I did see talk of Code Geass reference with that line instead of Fate/Zero…so did you catch any I might have missed?

Extra fun time with Nyaruko-san!

Can you seriously get enough oh these evil faces?

Nyaruko realizing these glasses are really damn expensive!

Did you like Nyaruko’s angry expressions this week?

Your weekly Nyaruko fan service shot of the week!

End thoughts

Sooo this wasn’t the most exciting episode of Nyaruko-san so far, but it had plenty of funny moments like the whole body pillow thing and of course that bit about the alien borrowing Kurei’s body in an attempt to steal Nyaruko’s body? Yeah there really was a lot of talk of taking bodies from people…I guess you could say that was the overall theme of this episode. Speaking of bodies for a moment I suppose it was nice that Mahiro changed bodies with Nyaruko for a bit this week, so maybe he might gain some new respect for her? Then again you have the reverse with Nyaruko exploring Mahiro’s body and she killed me with her “boys are great” line! I think Mahiro will need a few cold showers after he regains his original body.

So, yeah this was one of the weaker episodes for me, but what about you? Did you enjoy it more or was it seriously lacking that hilarious comedic punch we have grown to love? Personally I wanted more jokes and parody related fun, but I guess it really is quite tough to have jokes for every single episode. Anyway I really hope next week is a bit better in the jokes department and I wonder how long this body swapping thing will play out. Maybe the creators will allow Kuuko and Hastur to change bodies next time? OH MY GOD I would die of laughter if that actually happened.


Nyaruko-“Let us show them our love!”                Mahiro-“No way in hell!”

Round two of the terrible body swap story.


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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15 Responses to “Haiyore Nyaruko-san – 09”

  1. skylion says:

    Our two main characters:

    Nyarly: Not ten minutes on the lot, she takes her new ride out for a test drive, works the gear box from reverse to fifth, and then decides to PIMP dat THANG!

    Mahiro: Befuddled by a bra…..

    • BlackBriar says:

      Hahaha, Nyaruko is adventurous. She likes to try new things, even testing the limits of someone elses body. Though it’s safe to say she takes a little too pleasure in the fact. Who knows what she’s fantasizing in her sleep.

      Mahiro, on the other hand, is scared to walk the extra mile. “Befuddled by a bra…..”? LOL. He must feel like it’s hell on earth right now. So much he doesn’t realize he’s damaging his own body taking his frustration out on Nyaruko.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahahahah yes!! Nyaruko was like OOOOOH WHAT DOES THIS DO!? And she totally entered exploration mode…Mahiro on the other hand was like EHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! DO NOT WANT!!


      • skylion says:

        Honestly, I think she just took a wee peek. It’s funnier that way….

    • deezy says:

      why is body switching relevant to someone who can morph into any shape she desires

  2. skylion says:

    Just for gits and shiggles: What do you think Nyarly did in the bathroom?

    • BlackBriar says:

      Let’s see. Nyaruko is a top class pervert who has already comtemplated things she’d do in her birthday suit. If she’s in Mahiro’s body and has gone to the bathroom alone and if everyone has seen at least one hentai, then we all know what she did in the bathroom. LOL. Poor Mahiro. I knew right away what she meant and that can’t have been pretty.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Mahiro’s body will never be the same basically…yes never ever the same again D:

      • BlackBriar says:

        True, he’ll never be the same again, never recover from the knowledge/trauma. No amount of therapy will ever make that moment alright. That’s violation in it’s worst possible form. Sorry Mahiro, better you than me or anybody else for that matter.

  3. lvlln says:

    I really enjoyed the Freaky Friday setup. Of course Nyaruko would do that with Mahiro’s body when given the chance. Loved the way they messed with each other using their bodies, and it was fun hearing the voice actors talk like each other.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Agreed the freaky Friday set up was perfect, but yeah those themes can fail in some shows out there and usually the girls that swap with guys are less into it than Nyaruko! I died laughing when she walked out of the bathroom like “Boys are great!” LOL BEST EVER

      I noticed that about the voice acting for the body swap and I was amazed how well they did ;D

  4. BlackBriar says:

    Weaker episode or not, it was still hilarious. Body swaping, man, that must be a terrible feeling. Which one is worse, that or being cursed as a middle-aged man like Kore wa Zombie’s Chris. It does however bring up something interesting. Kuko was still swooning even though she knew they’ve switched. So, does she want Nyaruko for her or just her body?

    Everyone was wearing glasses so I thought they were referencing Persona 4. And Kuko’s hot with them on!

    Hahaha!! Karma is a bitch isn’t it? Mahiro tries to sell Nyaruko to Kuko and as payback, he’s branded with a fake marriage proposal. What goes around comes around.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahahah yes!! I enjoyed that part a whole lot because Nyaruko as Mahiro is quite hilarious thanks to her “boys are great” quote…oh…my…god so funny! Yeah it makes you think doesn’t it? Poor Mahiro.

      You know what? I am shocked that Kore wa zombie never tried such things with a body swap, I know they had Chris-chan’s curse but never like this in Nyaruko! Imagine Ayumu swapping bodies with Seraphim or Haruna? Wow…that is an OVA waiting to happen.

      Agreed Kuuko’s glasses mode = SUPER HOT lolol

      Indeed and now Mahiro’s personal life at school is so screwed right now because there is no magical chainsaw that wipes out peoples memories…

      • BlackBriar says:

        In my opinion, Mahiro reacted mildly to that “boys are great” quote. That alone should have made him snap but personality wise, he seemed in his normal state of mind.

        After seeing the switch, I can say Kuko is 25% interested in Nyaruko’s personality and 75% interested in her body. That’s almost one-sided. But she got tied up. She wants what she can’t have. LOL.

        Agreed, that’s an awesome idea but someone will have to alert the paramedics. If Ayumu ever swapped with either Seraphim or Haruna, you can bet they’ll perpetually beat the undead crap out of him. Like he said in the first season, they’d turn him into a sandbag.

        Aw, his personal life life is ruins. No magical chainsaw that wipes out peoples memories? Too bad. LOL. Not everyone is as fortunate. If he can use Nyaruko’s powers while still in her body, that would be a different story.

  5. Mikoto says:

    This episode certainly had the least amount of references. I counted about three or four tops. Usually there’s a reference every few seconds. xD

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