Eureka Seven Ao 09–10

Is Elena causing more heart attacks than Kana Hanazawa’s voice? You decide!

Welcome back to the fun of Eureka Seven Ao! Sorry for the wait readers and fans of this series, but we had a one week break from episode nine going into ten. However, you can expect things to return to normal for the next few episodes. As always you can listen to me and Jrow talk about both episodes on our weekly Eureka Seven Ao recording! Those are always fun to do and I hope you enjoy them as well, anyway time to tackle these two great episodes. Plot has swimsuits, explosions and epic monster battles!

Nakamura’s trouble military career

Nakamura-“Why doesn’t anyone ever want to kiss me through the glass?”

Some people really take their Call of Duty experience to the next level with military cosplay…

Episode nine starts off with Nakamura having a talk with some other higher ups in the Japanese government, but they are basically telling him he has failed to capture the Mark I and it seems they have issues with his constant failure! YEAH BRO WHATS UP? Oh wait…Nirvosh is piloted by the main character never mind nothing to see here…so what about his other plan to use artificial “scub bursts” as a possible power source? Oh yeah that plan fell through quite fast, but Nakamura has quite the scary future in mind for Japan aka letting it blow it up so he can rebuild the entire country! That sounds like the greatest idea dude, just like those fake scub bursts you wanted to use?

Ao takes the Nirvosh on a fishing trip

Noah-“Dude, we should go fishing bro!”            Ao-“Hmmm what kind of fish are we after?”

Ao-“OH MY GOD WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?”                        Noah-“Dude, I bet it tastes like chicken.”

Nirvosh-“Damn human! DON’T DO THAT AGAIN!”                 Ao-“I guess you can’t handle the pressure bro…”

While Nakamura gets laughed at for failing yet again! Ao in the meantime is going on a deep sea adventure with Elena and Fleur to hunt a new secret monster or the freakishly giant invisible sword fish? Yeah that monster starts off invisible, but Ao uses Elena’s and Fleur’s machines to assist him in detecting the monster fish. Also their IFO’s are not meant for deep sea exploration especially when transforming into their humanoid forms because they can’t stand up to the water pressure…maybe they need special diving “armor” to wear like Asuka used in the Evangelion series? Thankfully Elena and Fleur were there to save Ao from being crushed like a can after he defeating the fish monster.

Brand new team ups for the future of Eureka Seven Ao

Truth-“We are going to be the best team ever!”         Nakamura-“You are going to kill me later right? Damn!”

The end of episode nine featured something interesting with Nakamura once again after he finishes another talk with some other Japanese, but after he exits the car Truth arrives and practically tosses the car into the sky and walks away while it hits the ground leaving a massive explosion. Truth approaches Nakamura and shakes his hand because I assume he is a fan of the whole blow up Japan and rebuild idea, but what does this mean for Nakamura? I can only see Truth killing him off and taking his place with his copy powers…either way I can see him having a very bad ending before the series ends

Team Pied Piper travels to the America!

Rebecka-“I will not fall for your good looks!”         American-“Ah damn and I have a thing for redheads.”

Ao-“Those…eyes…they…freak…me…out.”              Ivica-“AHHHH! KILL IT WITH FIRE!!”

Episode ten takes the team to Phoenix Arizona, but everything is not sunshine and rainbows for the locals of Arizona because they are suffering from a case of random giant monster attacks, but Team Pied Piper is there to save the day. Well not really because Gazelle and Rebecka have their hands full with a friend from her past. Apparently the two of them worked together in the past, but they did not really save any lives! Instead they ended up doing more harm than good. Anyway while visiting this area Ao and Ivica set off together to save a small group of survivors; however, Truth is there and he transports a huge mall into what I can only assume is the Grand Canyon where he lets his Secret aka Miss Long toad and her amazing laser powered babies. These small “babies” fire laser beams that basically disintegrate your entire body and naturally Ao is there to witness their power causing him to flip out! If you don’t understand why I would only assume he has never seen a secret kill anyone up close so I think it would be a natural reaction wouldn’t you?

Exploring the true origins of team Pied Piper

Ao-“Hey Ivica Tell me a story about pipes!”             Ivica-“ARE YOU FREAKING INSANE RIGHT NOW?”

Ao-“So…you aren’t going to tell me that story?”           Ivica-“I hate you so much right now.”

So we have known for a while that the teams of Generation Blue adopted some fairy tale themed team names like Goldilocks and of course Pied Piper. Honestly I wasn’t really that familiar with the story but I remember some parts of it. It basically follows the idea of a single person using a flute to guide children out of danger, but with Ivica he feels like he is the flute player and he is leading Ao, Elena and Fleur into danger rather than out of danger…well young pilots are the ones who have to fight the secret to save the world. However, near the end Ivica’s view changes as he says the children are the ones leading him into battle! So what do you think? Are the children leading the team or is Ivica doing a great job as the commander of Team Pied Piper?

Truth loves to mess with the humans

Frog monster-“Holy crap you guys are so freaking dumb! BLOW UP THE TENTS!!” 

Ah truth you either love the humans a lot or you just love causing them to panic!? While Ao and Ivica save a few of the remaning cilvians after retreating into the mall, but Truth makes an interesting comment about the secrets while he watches the humans retreat “Secrets aren’t what you think they are.” So what in the world are they anyway? I mean it is kind of obvious that they are some form of living creature, but what else could they be anyway? I wonder if they are souls of people from the “other” world like the people that die in Eureka’s world and maybe they combine into the massive secrets. I know my idea is way out there, but if you saw season one of Eureka Seven you would know they had lots of random monsters in that world as well.

Ao-“Cool, now you can tell me that story right?”            Ivica-“Do you want to eat a rocket sandwich?”

Anyway there was one important fact revealed in the episode though. Some of these secrets attack based on sight or the human form. Ao discovered that after the frog monster’s babies were practically unable to detect him when he disguised himself with the tent. It would also explain why the Secret attacks the IFO’s because they transform into a humanoid looking form, but I do remember back in episode three or four when Ao took out that other floating secret it had a similar drone like system in place…so what do you think the secrets really are anyway?

Random fun in the world of Eureka Seven Ao!

Extra Elena fanservice for you to enjoy!

Noah-“WHOOOAAAAA DUDE! I don’t bend that way.”           Fleur-“This is so much fun!”

Noah will become an evil mastermind by the end of this series.

First off episode nine featured some bikini shots of Elena and Fleur and we got to watch how Noah was swimming and having a good time with the girls. Sadly Ao was not in the mood for such fun, but hey the girls love to poke the idea of him having a girlfriend, which he quickly shoots down. Awww come on bro you have two girls around you all the time. Speaking of those two girls for a moment where are the other male pilots like Ao? Or are we dealing with a bad case of harem-flu? I mean we don’t even know if there are any other teams that work for Generation blue…what else? Oh right! On top of swimming Sloths apparently have the skills to read books? Damn Noah you are very talented for a slow creature. Other than those moments with the girls and Noah we had Ivica being a total bad ass with his rocket launcher attack against the frog secret in episode ten. Hooray for the older guys being awesome in the world of anime.

Extra fun stuff with Eureka Seven Ao

Elena-“Oh wow we are like totally wearing the same outfit.”          Ao-“…yeah…we sure are…”

Poor Car-kun forever stuck in the sky.

Don’t you dare mess with badass Ivica! 

End thoughts

There you go! Two episodes this week and I will try to do my best to cut back to one episode reviews, but it really depends on what happens in the episode. If nothing goes down in the action department or story wise I usually have nothing to say…anyway episode nine was fun even though the fanservice levels were quite low for a half swimsuit episode, but honestly we have other episodes to do that kind of thing in. After all Eureka Seven Ao is about monster attacks and giant robot battles right? I did enjoy the bits with Truth and Nakamura forming some type of team at the end, even though I bet everyone is on the same page with that guy getting killed off and eventually replaced by Truth.

Anyone else notice common theme with Ao rushing off to save the people and of course Elena and Fleur follow the orders perfectly? I suppose that could be a theme in any giant mecha series? Like Gundam for example. Damn those young pilots who never follow any orders! And now for some parts of episode ten which placed Ao and Ivica together as a team without Ao using the awesome power provided by the Nirvosh of course, but hey was anyone else excited that Elena and Fleur finally got their time in the spotlight after THEY defeated the secret instead of Ao? Good job girls you can fight and defeat monsters.

Well there isn’t much to say other than I am extremely happy to see Eureka Seven Ao continuing right on through to the upcoming summer anime season, but my other favorite mecha series finally ended a few days ago in the form of the fun Aquarion EVOL and I am still sad to see that series ending! Ah well it was a fun ride while it lasted, right? Anyway until next time readers!


Truth-“Tee hee hee that tickles.”              Ao-“Damn you and that smoke body.”

Team Goldilocks is back in action or are they getting a new team assignment?


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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4 Responses to “Eureka Seven Ao 09–10”

  1. skylion says:

    You gotta love Elena…assprints on the window. Seriously, BONES, negative points in the subtle fanservice dept. But several HNNNNNNNNG points for the obvious.

    They cranked the Politics metre up these two shows, didn’t they? Both international and interpersonal. Survivors guilt is quite a burden, but as Ivica shows, it can give you strength.

    I love how they set it up to look like Ivica will be making the big sacrifice, then the look of him just screams “Dying….no….I have much bigger ass to kick!”

    • Foshizzel says:

      Elena for the win and very nice fanservice from Eureka Seven Ao! Even though it was like half service and the other was giant fish stuff <3

      I know right? The politics came out of nowhere for me, but hey I kind of enjoy those bits and yeaaaaa Ivica is awesome and he has seen his fair share of messed up stuff thanks to the scub bursts and secrets.

      LOOLOL Hell yea Ivica is a great character!

  2. BlackBriar says:

    We should be quarantined for high levels of moe. It’s contagious and all thanks to Elena and her swimsuit fanservice. Regarding Hanazawa, I think Elena is on par with Mayo Chiki’s Kureha. I can’t believe Fleur let a sloth beat her at swimming. they are supposed to be one of the slowest animals ever.

    I didn’t realise the Scub Coral incident was so widespread that it even touched Phoenix, Arizona. It makes one wonder how long they’ve been in existance and how many forms of Secret are they going to pull out.

    The more I watch this, the more I see people using the Scub Coral and Secret attacks for some poltical or personal gain. It just goes to show how far people will go, even if they have to go through corruption.

    I find Ao to be a bit like Naruto. He can’t stand by and watch people being killed in senseless conditions so he rushes in recklessly without so much as a plan in mind. And if he does come up with one, it’s the type that will most likely get him killed in the process.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahahah yeah beware of Elena’s moe levels! Yeah Noah is a pro swimmer <3

      Yeah the Scub bursts seem to be everywhere which is great because we get to see other sites and counties in the future of Ao.

      Indeed! I think every country has something to gain from Scub Burst attacks and of course money and power! Hooray!

      Ao definitely has a shounen heart and mind when it comes to death because he often goes against Ivica's orders to save everyone which is great, but one of these days he is going to end up getting seriously hurt or get someone else killed...

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