Phi Brain S2 – 07

“Hey, what did you do for Mother’s Da-” “MY MOTHER IS DEEEAAAADDD!!!”

With my city’s local anime convention (Anime North) on the horizon, I find it hard to calm down. In a few days, I’ll be weaving through massive crowds of cosplayers and throwing my life savings away in order to get some nice otaku goods. I don’t suppose any of you guys are going, are you? If so, say hi to anyone dressed as Tohsaka Rin and just assume that it’s me. If not, I’ll be posting con coverage once I’ve recovered from the whole ordeal, so you can relive it as if you were there. Why am I talking about Anime North right now? Because I’m a little jittery and excited, so I may rave a little more than usual. Brace yourselves.



WHOOOOOAAAAA THEEERRREEE!!!! WHOAAA!!! This week’s episode was really intense! I loved how Pinochle had a very specific puzzle-solving technique, much like how characters in shounen sports shows all have their own specialty. He’s like Inui from Tenipuri in that he uses data and memorizing patterns to make up for being a little weaker in the puzzle-solving area. However, once you figure that out, all you have to do is predict an extra move further. I expected Kaito to react that way, but the way it was pulled off was so great. He just gave Pinochle a hard stare, and gradually made him lose his cool as he realized that Kaito was mimicking his own strategy. Wonderful! I still think the puzzle is boring to watch, but they did their best to make it entertaining.

The real hook to this episode is when Pinochle goes into Phi Brain mode and starts taunting Kaito with his vast knowledge about his past. We get a ton of questions answered this week. The answer to most of the questions are a little simpler than I’d have liked. Remember those crack theories last week? NOPE, THEY ALL JUST WENT TO THE SAME SCHOOL DESPITE AGE DIFFERENCES!!! He forgets them because he only talked to them once, so the conclusion is really simple and…dumb.

Think about their motives for a second. They don’t like Kaito because he was socially awkward, and accidentally shunned people because he was too smart. I’d say he was maybe 8 years old…10 years maximum, so not only is this an old grudge, but this is during a time when kids don’t even really know what they’re doing. You wouldn’t blame a little kid for wanting all the chocolate to themselves instead of sharing, right? Their brains aren’t fully developed enough to even START thinking in that sort of pattern.Yet the Orpheus Order continues to feel snubbed because Kaito did this ONE THING when they were LITTLE KIDS. It’s not even like he made a major error, he just didn’t know how to articulate his desires properly and not hurt people. Do you remember the story told from Kaito’s perspective? He was so smart that no one wanted to hang out with him, but he actually wished he wasn’t so alone.

I’ll have to wait to hear everyone else’s reason, but Freecell’s excuse really isn’t any better. Kaito didn’t keep a promise to meet up with a kid because his only friend had disappeared forever after being carried away by a group of scary researchers against his will. Is that not a good reason to ditch a kid you’ve only met once? Again…he’s a kid!!!! Kids forget appointments all the time! Even my own friends forget we’re meeting up sometimes, but I don’t try to kill them 10 years later!

Things don’t stop there…We also have this great gem of logic from Freecell in an attempt to back up his petty vengeance plan. He proposes that his mom died because of Kaito. No, Freecell, no. Your mom died because she was sick. Yes, stress can harm the body and exacerbate pre-existing conditions, but she was gonna die anyways if she was bed-ridden to begin with. He’s also pissed that she died while feeling sad, but that’s not really Kaito’s fault either. If Freecell came home and told his mom he got a 40% on his test and she died then, would he just kill himself for revenge? Things don’t really work like that. If you see any shred of reason behind their grudge, please do prove me wrong so I can stop going “WHAT THE HELLL, PHI BRAIN?!?!?!”

Anyways, flimsy reasoning aside, I liked watching Pinochle go all Orihara Izaya on Kaito and reveal his darkest fears. He was extremely creepy during those scenes, and watching the audience’s reactions just made the “oh snap” tone permeate throughout the entire arena. The ending scene with him and Freecell was the perfect way to end the episode.

Overall, a nail-biter of an episode with lots of twists, turns, and surprising flashbacks to Kaito’s past. A must watch!



 “Oh my God, Freecell just hit me! ….I hope he does it again *dreamy sigh*”

Pinochle: He’s the weakest of the Orpheus Order members, He lost to Kaito in their first team battle, and he has to resort to underhanded tactics in order to win. I kind of like how he’s such an odd mix of cocky and pathetic. None of the other members like him, so it’s unclear how he even got into the order. He’s the black sheep of the group, because he the type of slimeball that will resort to anything in order to win. I don’t think he cares about puzzles or even the goal of the Order…he just has a bit of a thing for Freecell. While Freecell was agonizing over not getting to meet up with Kaito, I think that Pinochle wishes he meant that much to Freecell. He’s eager to please him, and that’s probably the only reason he joined the Order. Pinochle probably “likes being in the spotlight” so much to make up for the lack of attention he gets from Freecell. I love villains with a hint of weakness to them, so Pinochle might just be my new favourite Order member next to Freecell. I still don’t ship them together though, despite ample fuel being thrown my way XD

Orpheus Armlets and Revenge: The reasons the Order has for wanting to throttle Kaito are childish at best, but I can’t forget that all that can be explained away by their Orpheus armlets. If it was enough to turn Rook into a yandere and make Kaito hurt his friends, then it’s enough to turn the Order into blood-thirsty puzzle demons. This thing makes mountains out of molehills, so I assume their hatred will dissipate as soon as their shiny accessories are broken.


Crossfield Academy Yearbook:

Stalkers: they start young.

“Freecell…I need medicine..!” “Puzzles?” “No…medicine…!” “Alright mama, I’ll get you some puzzles right away!”

“Whoa, he got all the way up to a 5some! Nice!”


Why is he wearing that necklace before his mom actually died…?



Gammon fights Doubt, and Ana fights Mizerka. Since Gammon is heartless about everything except his sister, we have flashbacks about Ana’s past instead. Maybe we’ll find out how the hell she became an all-knowing genius and art prodigy.


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41 Responses to “Phi Brain S2 – 07”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    Wow, you must be working in overdrive, OC. I’ve never seen roll out a Phi Brain post this fast. I, myself, just downloaded and watched the episode a few minutes ago.

    Okay, it’s official: Everyone in this show is a deranged Kaito stalker. It was bad enough with Pinochle taunting Kaito with his vast knowledge about his past, down to perfect detail, which is disturbing but Cubic confirming some of the information means he’s been spying on him too. Come on, man, why do you know that he ran out of shampoo last night?

    Pinochle definitely fits the slimeball persona above everything else. His love for the spotlight as you say shows he’s weak-minded and easily influenced. Going into Phi Brain mode made him a lot creepier but it also made his voice go a lot deeper. It didn’t seem that way with Melancholy.

    Dude, that was a cheap win. Attacking him with old scars. It’s okay to make him remember and all but to the point of making him remember only the bad things is not cool. Thats so low. Kaito’s one weakness is his childhood past and he just had to add to it by making him feel even more guilty about it. That was a cowardly act.

    It’s sad that something like that happened to Freecell, but seriously, how was Kaito supposed to know anything about that? I think this news hurt him a lot more than it would hurt a normal person.

    • Overcooled says:

      Thanks! Monday was a holiday for me, so I ended up finishing earlier than usual. That, and cutting out summaries makes me write faster. I used to stall and leave them for the last minute before begrudgingly typing them up and taking many, many breaks in between XD

      I don’t get how everyone can dig up so much info about Kaito. Is Rook lending out livestream links to his Kaito-watching cameras? Is that what’s going on? I like how Cubic ALSO knew all this extra info about Kaito. SUPPPERRR creepy XD

      Pinochle got a very dirty win, and he’s not likely to ever beat Kaito again now that he’s out of ammunition. :B Hopefully Kaito snaps out of it soon.

      99% of anime problems would be solved by people talking to each other, ughh. How else would Kaito know how Freecell felt or even that his mom died? Geez…

      • BlackBriar says:

        I think it’s just Rook. They’ve probably been watching him every single day since he left the academy. Creepy *shivers* They’re giving Gasai Yuno and Index’s Kuroko a run for their money.

        A coward like Pinochle won’t get another chance like that. Hopefully when Kaito snaps out of it, he’ll know how to ignore his tactics. But I’m surprised he was boxed into a corner because no matter what other moves he made, there was no way he could win.

        When this season finishes its run, we’ll have gone through a whole year with Phi Brain and that’s hard to believe. I wonder which studio will do the dub work. I’m putting my hopes on Funimation. Gotta love their work. Speaking of them, they’re releasing the english dub dvds of Shiki on May 29th. YES!!!

        By the way, congratulations on reaching the 3000 comment mark. You’ve joined the 3000+ comment club like Fosh and Kyokai. I have a long way to go if I want to get there.

        • Rolca says:

          Actually they showed the correct answer in the side show. If I remember right, instead of going left Kaito should have gone up next to where Pinochle was with the other panel, then gone left the same way Pinochle did (while staying on the same panel). Then Pinochle would have had to make the puzzle continue.

          A whole year of Phi Brain… it’s hard to believe indeed. I’ve searched its tv ratings since the DVD sales are so abysmal they aren’t even registered but these don’t even seem to exist! All I could find was an anime twitter tag tracking site, but I think children make up a good part of the audience so it’s not all that representative. It’s a 17:30 Sunday slot on an educational(?) channel after all.

          • Overcooled says:

            I wonder what the next (assuming there is a next) team battle will be like after this one. A better puzzle, maybe? They would probably pair Pinochle with someone else though, you’re right.

            Yeah, Kaito wasn’t forced to make a bad move, he just screwed up and gave Pinochle the perfect opening to win. :B

            Oh my gosh, so many milestones I never noticed. A year of Phi Brain (and blogging about it) and 3000 comments. Craziness. I’m still amazed that this series even got a season 2 since I expected the ratings to be horrid (and it seems like they are from what Rolca is saying). It’s a mystery, but I’m just glad it’s still ongoing. I can’t see how this show could ACTUALLY be educational though lol. I haven’t learned a thing. Are they even planning to localize this in North America?

            • Rolca says:

              The problem with team battles is that they are either cut short or take too much time. I don’t think staying on the same puzzle 5 episodes is a good idea, even if the focus is on the characters. Wonder what Pinochle is going to do. He doesn’t even have a rival! Poor guy really gets the short end of the stick. bring Rook back bring Rook back bring Rook back!

              Congratulations! As I knew sales were horrid, I previously only looked for TV ratings, but today I found this topic that, while it doesn’t have the ratings, explains how it got a second season pretty well: it’s a different system from late-night shows. I recall seeing on anime news network that NHK produced it.

              Come on, have you not been enlightened to the glory of PUZZLES? Phi Brain has an educational/interactive part, what I called the side show, Motto x2. During season 2 viewers can solve a puzzle with their remote and their points are registered. Moreover, screenshots on 2chan let me think there’s an option to see the puzzle’s advancement next to the anime, and the popularity poll was entirely done through TVs.

              It’s on Crunchyroll (but there seems to have been a few problems lately) and Sentai licenced it. You can get more details at anime news network if you want.

              I’m all over the comments, I hope there isn’t a tacit rule against that!

            • BlackBriar says:


              Really? Phi Brain is going to be licenced by Sentai? I’m not familiar with their works so that’s news to me. Do they have any other recent animes under their name?

              I have been enlightened to the glory of puzzles. I agree on the educational aspect that you mentioned. Unlike like most animes where you just sit there and watch, Phi Brain is unique because with the puzzles, your mind is on the go, trying to figure them out as much as the characters. But I’d get stumped on the ones like the glass pyramid in the first episode.

              I don’t think there’s a tacit rule for something like that. It probably means you’re getting used to Metanorn. The first time I started here, I was only commenting on Shiki (Which has officially become Funimation’s property) posts before I started expanding to other animes. And I was a guy who was pretty much rampant on those posts, replying as much as I can because Shiki had massive, interesting and addictive debates going on (Those were the best parts other than the story itself). I have Overcooled as a witness since she was blogging that sweet show and it was one of them where I got my title. I’m still showing my gratitude!! I gotta get those dvds as soon as possible.

            • Overcooled says:

              I still can’t believe they’re dragging this out over 5 episodes…It’s obviously just a distraction in the background as they throw flashbacks and hints at us. Someone needs to invent a team battle where everyone is on the field at the same time. It’s not impossible, right? Then they could get through it faster, and it might be more interesting with so much going on.

              I really don’t pay much attention to ratings and DVD releases (I never buy anime anymore…I know, I’m terrible), so all of this is news to me. I’m glad it’s getting dubbed though, because I want this show to take over the world! I’m obviously focusing more on the guys than the puzzles, because I think I only ever tried to solve like 3 of the puzzles on my own XD

              Oh, and as Briar says, comment away. I actually leave the comments section to stew for a bit after I first post something to see if other commenters will reply to comments instead of me. It’s boring if you just hear MY opinion all the time when you could have a discussion with a bunch of fellow fans. The more discussion/debate, the better. That’s what made blogging Shiki so fun!

          • Rolca says:

            A 5 vs 5 would be too difficult to follow, maybe 2vs2 or 3vs3 would work. A sort of relay race puzzle or a big puzzle where everyone has to find hints through smaller would be cool!

            As I said in my comment that got eaten, I don’t try to solve the puzzles during the show. On the other hand, this part of the NHK official site offers an overlook of the puzzles and their answers, so sometimes I try these. (they just explain the rules of Solver vs Solver puzzles, so the S2 part is doesn’t have the Solution tab like the S1 puzzles)

            I wasn’t sure commenting on other people’s comments was a thing you could do. I felt it was a sort of semi-private conversation, even more so when there’s so little going on in these posts. But the three of us comment quite a lot now!

            • BlackBriar says:

              No, it’s not reserved to a particular person. You can reply to anyone you choose without a problem and as much as you want. Start watching other anime posts and you’ll see that a lot, especially with editorials and game posts. And you should start watching other animes, there’s a good few playing this season.

              Hahaha, I’ve noticed that lately and I agree!! It’s like the three of us are invading and claiming the Phi Brain posts for ourselves.

            • Rolca says:

              I have to catch up with Tsuritama at least. There were many intersting shows I put on my to-watch list when I looked at season previews, yet when I have time I never know what to do… I usually prefer reading manga, the Kuroko no Basket review made me marathon the scans!

              Oops I replied to the wrong comment, oh well, it was getting long. With how much we talk, there isn’t enough place for our replies to replies!

            • Yuushin says:

              I don’t think they will drag out this puzzle/duel for whole 5 episodes. maybe just 1 or 2 eps. more. If we are to judge by next few episodes titles (which you have here at the left bottom There won’t be Kaito VS Freecell match. This won’t last too long.

            • Rolca says:

              I had seen there were episode titles, but I didn’t try to translate them. I think 9 will be the conclusion episode, or 10 could be the conclusion with a sort of epilogue. 11 sounds rather interesting with Nonoha.

            • Overcooled says:

              Yes, good, everyone is doing more research and info-searching than I am. MAKES MY JOB EASIER.

            • Rolca says:

              Haha I stalk everything Phi Brain using Google Chrome translation, I will make a tumblr post later. Maybe we’ll get more people looking for info.

              I caught up with Tsuritama (minus the latest episode) yesterday 😀

  2. Rolca says:

    Whoaa fast! I loved this episode when I watched it raw, but with the subs I was disappointed because of the plot. I still want to hope for Mizerka and Doubt, they seem more serious.

    Pinochle is really creepy when he goes into phi brain mode, with these creeper pose, voice and cackle. I loled at the shampoo bit. He should have a stalker-off with Rook and Cubic. I already shipped Pinochle/Freecell thanks to sweet pixiv fanart (there’s even one for mother’s day) so I was sad when I watched the final scene. Pinochle was all “Freecell! Praise me! Love me!” and he got slapped and had that kicked puppy look ;A; What’s more, he ranked last on the popularity poll lol

    Freecell’s reason was disappointing. I hope there’s more to the puzzle he wanted Kaito to solve at least. I wondered why he was wearing the necklace if his mother gave it to him before dying too. Was she trying to solve it on her deathbed?

    I’m not sure whether Gammon’s really going to fight in the next episode. Seems like stuff will happen during Ana’s duel.

    • BlackBriar says:

      The douchebag types always fit the creepy roles. And the stalker bit was a plus that turns up the slime meter. They should have a stalker-off with anyone who has an obsession with Kaito.

      I think “disappointing” is an understatement. I was expecting Freecell’s reasoning to be something of importance, consequential not something as basic as a forgotten childhood promise. Kids tend to forget such things all the time because they’re all over the place trying to enjoy themselves. And how does his mother fit into all of this? Did she know Kaito personally?

      • Rolca says:

        Those three are the biggest stalkers, do the others even compare?

        There was more to Kaito’s parents, maybe there will be more to Freecell’s mother? *crosses fingers* In the preview, Freecell gets happy when somebody shows up at the burial, are we finally going to see Klondike?

        Phi Brain delivers good mid-series twists on early ridiculous events, I hope we get more info on this mess soon!

        • Overcooled says:

          Stalker showdown…GO! It’s kind of sad that Pinochle was ranked last on the character polls (I saw that too) and then had this episode showing how sleazy he is. I really don’t know who is the bigger stalker though…<_< I was under the opinion that he told his mom "baww, my friend ditched me!" and then she died while being depressed that her son was such a loner =.= I hope there's more to it than that. Maybe we'll learn more next week. I think the person at the graveyard might have been Whist though...Not sure. Gahh, I need the next episode NOW!

          • Rolca says:

            Rook was indeniably the winner during season one, but the shampoo bit has proved we mustn’t underestimate the others… Too bad we aren’t likely to see Kaito’s reaction to his friends stalking him.

            Pinochle had screen time in episode 2 so I thought he would be more popular… but even Whist ranked above lol. Even though this episode was Kaito vs Pinochle, he was more doing the narration for Freecell than talking about himself. But we understand his grudge against Kaito is because he cares a lot about Freecell.

            This is so far-fetched… but then again, it’s Phi Brain, you never know… Would Whist have been so tall nine years ago?

            I think Nonoha and Gammon are going to put Kaito back in shape next episode. And Ana is going to be totally badass! I hope we get something interesting about Mizerka too, she’s the one we know the least about.

            Unrelated to the episode, but Kaito’s seiyuu said in the short radio show that the entire order was named after “trump games”, but I don’t know Japanese so I didn’t get what he said about Melancholy orz

            • Overcooled says:

              Kaito is probably used to having his every move watched at this point. :/ They probably watched Nonoha as well to know that her food was too salty. Just how far does this network extend?

              I thought he’d be more popular too, especially since I was under the impression fans were crazy over Tomokazu Sugita. I guess it’s his hair and geeky glasses? That he’s such a slinky bastard? I don’t know. I wonder what people think of him after this episode. I like him more than Melancholy, that’s for sure.

              Oh, good point. It’s probably Klondike. Wait, but then shouldn’t Melancholy baby?

              Ahhh, I want to see badass Ana too! Revenge for the giraffe cup! He’s one of the most mysterious characters in the group, and I think they under-utilize his amazing psychic abilities. It will be a good challenge for Mizerka…hopefully one that brings out her Phi Brain mode. I’m honestly not expecting much from Gammon’s fight, it’s all about Ana right now.

              Oh, that’s pretty cool! Is there a link to listen to it online? After hearing Shintaro Asuma so much in Phi Brain and Xenoblade, I’ve grown quite fond of listening to him talk. XD

            • Rolca says:

              By the way, Nonoha cooking for Kaito gave me the impression they almost lived together. She’s staying a lot at his place, especially late in the evening.

              I guess? She just has to be old enough to understand Kaito is shunning her.

              Gammon had an episode about him recently, so yeah it would make sense to cut short his fight. This puzzle is taking a lot of time!

              I considered doing a post with all sorts of links on tumblr, but nobody knows japanese so I wasn’t sure people would be interested. The ROG is 5 minutes long, they talk about Phi Brain news (the episodes mostly) and the other one is 30 minutes long and features a guest seiyuu, fanmail, and a sound puzzle. The link to the actual show is on the right, and the number 0 one is about an event with all the main character’s seiyuus, fangirls didn’t stop screaming lol. The heroine bit is because Kaori Shimizu always introduces herself as the HEROINE! But didn’t when Ana’s seiyuu was the guest.

            • Overcooled says:

              Nonoha sure knows how to worm her way into Kaito’s heart. Just look at all that time they spend together! It really does seem like they spend a huge amount of time together.

              I was mostly joking about her being a baby, but the timing in this show is pretty weird.

              Ahhhh the radio show was awesome! My japanese is really bad, but I caught some adorable things like Ana’s seiyuu giving nicknames to everyone, Shintaro Asanuma solving all the puzzles so easily, and that one reader question about what kind of underwear Ana wears LOL. Thanks for the links.

            • Rolca says:

              gdi my answer to BlackBriar above got eaten. Its number ended with 35, if that helps? I don’t know how comment saving works.

              I hope we see the other members in the flashbacks. If only for more adorable kids who don’t want to kill each other with puzzles yet.

              What were the nicknames again? Kao-Kao and Shin-Shin? Even if I don’t know Japanese, the seiyuu are expressive and I catch a few words. On the previous show there was a fan who thought Doubt was Gammon’s father. I would have liked to understand what they said then. They also asked what was Gammon’s type of girls. An underwear question? Now you talked about it, I kinda want to know…

              The sound puzzles are fun! This one was simple, but it’s usually fast gibberish that makes everyone go “HUH?” at first. I don’t get how they manage to solve these!

            • Overcooled says:

              I just want to let you know I searched for your comment, but it was..gone. The spam filter hates Phi Brain comments…it even blocked my own, despite the fact I’m the author of this post…

              Anyways, they were all dubbed KaoKao, ShinShin and MeiMei respectively. It was cute because they kept reusing the nicknames over and over and getting sidetracked talking about how nice of a name Shintaro is to say out loud. I only listened to one of the shows, so I didn’t hear anything about Doubt being Gammon’s father. He’d have to be pretty old for that, geez…

              I think Ana’s seiyuu said “girls underwear, guys underwear it doesn’t matter/it has nothing to do with it!” and then she said something else as her main point, but I didn’t understand it, unfortunately.

              Oh, I was lost for the sound puzzles. I don’t know how ShinShin solved them so quickly. He’s a real live puzzle genius, or something…

  3. Yuushin says:

    Whoo~ That was fast 😀 Didn’t expect ep 7 review so early! :3

    I agree with ya, this episode was damn intense xD P.Brain is becoming more dramatic with every episode xD it’s just….That promise, the reason why is Freecell (and others) so pissed at Kaito is just….I was like-…Whaaaaaat??? xDDDDD And funniest thing of all when I heard it I was at first like: “No waay! He did what!?Son of a…Dx” and I can’t believe I took that seriously for the moment xDDD

    It’s been long time since Phi Brain was this ridiculous, it reminds me of early beginnings of this series.(and why we here love it so much xD) x)
    I hope they elaborate on this more, they have more then enough episodes for it xD. I love it when it gets so dramatic, no matter how ridiculous reasons behind it are xD

    Oh! And shota Freecell-SO CUTE!! <3 I think Nonoha's seiju, Kaori Shimizu was acting as lil' Freecell. Adorable <3
    Kid Pinochle on the other hand looked kind of spooky and funny at the same time I burst into laughter when I saw him xDDDD And he sure is quite stalker -_____- He leaves Qubic and Rook in the dust xD

    • Rolca says:

      Yeah, we’re only at episode 7 and there’s going to be 25 of them, I still trust Phi Brain.

      It was Pinochle doing the action, yet we only see a gloomy shot of spooky little!him at the end.

      I think says Ayana Taketatsu is little Freecell’s seiyuu.

      • Rolca says:

        Messed up the html…

        According to google translation, it’s said in that tweet that his seiyuu is Ayana Taketatsu

        • Yuushin says:

          Really? Sounds a lot like Shimizu-san…Awww never mind! Little Freecell is still adorable <3

    • Overcooled says:

      Monday was a holiday so I was a speed-demon for this one. When I blogged Madoka, I used to get the posts up more or less the same night the subs came out. Err, don’t expect this all the time now though LOL

      Phi Brain presents everything like it should be taken seriously, but as soon as you step back from it and think about it…you realize how dumb it all sounds. During the actual episode, I was totally feeling the SCANDAL going on. It was only until after that I started to facepalm at how ridiculous their basis for trying to kill Kaito was. Phi Brain is excellent at just running with an idea so far that you actually believe it yourself.

      Awww, Ayana Taketatsu as Freecell. So cute!

  4. Foshizzel says:

    Ahahah I saw that slap coming a mile away! Lolz he did deserve that! What a jerk that Pinochle! I guess when he was about to lose he was like uh screw that time to mess with Kaito’s brain and emooottionssss T____T

    Freecell is awesome to bad about his mom, but seriously how is that even Kaito’s fault? If he kept his promise Freecells’ mom would have still died right? Yes perfect revenge for skipping out on their meeting ahahah

    • Overcooled says:

      I knew Freecell would let him have it SOMEhow, but I wasn’t sure about a slap. I…should have seen that coming though. Freecell is probably just as secretly possessive about Kaito as Rook. NO ONE CAN SCREW WITH KAITO’S EMOTIONS BUT HIM!

      I don’t know what Freecell is thinking, unless meeting with Kaito that one day would have magically saved his mom from dying. :/

  5. Moni Chan says:

    ahahahaha bitch slapped

  6. Noc says:

    Another Anime North goer!? Well if you spot a green haired girl in a bright orange kimono, that’s me dressed as Shino from the manga Samurai Usagi! I’m head of the scanlation team for it, so I hope to increase its popularity this year through cosplay ^^

    On-topic now, what a fantastic episode! This show is so over the top, I love it. Freecell’s reasoning is just ridiculous, but these zany thought patterns fit into the Phi Brain universe so well already, I can’t be mad about it. I’m really looking forward to another full season of this stuff.

    And Pinochle definitely played his role well this time. I really appreciate a character that can make my skin crawl, rather than those that simply imitate the characteristics of such a person. Almost felt bad for him near the end too, creepy and pathetic, quite an interesting mix.

    I feel pretty bad for Kaito also- even though he managed to save his yandere childhood best friend and the world from a desolate future, he hasn’t been able to work through his own issues at all. I mean, why else would he not realized how utterly backwards Frecell/the Order’s reasons for hunting him down are? Boy needs some therapy!

    • Overcooled says:

      That’s right! I wonder if I’ll spot you amongst the huge crowds. Good luck promoting your scanlation team =w=

      True. I guess if Phi Brain WASN’T ridiculous, it would be weird. This show has some amazing de-lurking effect on the Metanorn readers, it seems. Obligatory congrats on your first comment on Metanorn, Noc!!! :3

      I like Pinochle for being so convincingly seedy and yet still earning our sympathy. He’s doing it all for a goal, even if that goal is a little bit misguided. Poor bowl-cut dude. D:

      Most of the characters in the show have a screw or two loose in their head. Kaito’s been through more than any one person should ever have to deal with. I dare say he’s had a rougher life than any of the Order members claim to have had. :/

      • BlackBriar says:

        “Obligatory congrats on your first comment on Metanorn”, huh? Sounds like another contract being made. Just how many souls have you collected already?

      • Noc says:

        Thanks! You might not, I’m pretty short haha. Its actually the manga I’d like to promote, but now that I think about it our team would also be getting more attention!

        Its funny, I never seem to realize how much of a lurker I am until I make my first post. I’ll try to comment more often from now on 😛

        It really is strange how I can dislike him as a person but still feel sorry for him when he gets bitch slapped. I mean, he’s doing everything for his own selfish reasons, but on the other hand, everyone deserves to be happy at some point in their lives. Pinochle is just trying to be happy by making Freecell happy in hopes of being appreciated by him! …Or something like that.

        I think Nonoha’s the only normal one? Well, depending on what one considers ‘normal’ of course… Kaito’s sure had it rougher than a fair number of them though. I’m still waiting on the backstory of the other Order members before deeming them laughable along with Freecell, but they’d have to be pretty damn traumatic and I can’t see that happening based on their current personalities.

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