Phi Brain S2 – 05

“Oh no! Kaito found my Rubix cube x Sudoku fanfic!”

Ahh, there’s nothing like sitting down and chilling with Phi Brain in the summer, where it doesn’t matter how many brain cells die from watching stupidity. Although that won’t last for long since I’ll be back in class again during the summer, studying for the dreaded entry exam into med school. *sighs* But never mind that, because now is the time to savour my freedom and watch anime all day long! Oh, and blogging too. That’s why I’m here.

Gammon isn’t doing so hot lately. He’s so enraged at the Orpheus Order’s attempt to convert his sister into a genius serial killer that he can’t focus on creating puzzles for his magazine gig. His rankings are dropping sharply, and Kaito even remarks that his recent puzzles are full of mistakes and…hatred. After school, Gammon returns home to unwind and cool his head a bit. However, Miharu isn’t very street smart, and seems really good at letting life-threatening people and objects into the house. Doubt is standing in the dining room, smiling and drinking all of their tea. Didn’t you know Gammon loves tea? He’s so pissed that he almost beats Doubt to a bloody pulp then and there.

Not wanting to stain the rug, Gammon goes outside with Doubt. Apparently this takes so long the sun has now set, leaving the two of them facing off in a dark alley. Doubt explains that he skipped an important Orpheus Order meeting so he could ask Gammon to join them. He tries to punch Doubt, so it’s pretty obvious that’s not going to happen, despite the time-keeper’s smug grin. He gives Gammon time to think about the offer. He thinks about it alright. He thinks about it so much that he gets the rejuvenated POG members to suss out their headquarters and relay the info to him so he can bust in and raise heck. Finally, someone is taking proper initiative!

Not cool, man. He was just trying to give you a brofist.

Immediately after leaving, Elena tries to talk Gammon out of his more physical approach, but to no avail. It’s time to bring out the big guns! Elena phones up Kaito (presumably) and arranges a puzzle showdown between Kaito and Gammon. She frames Gammon by putting up a giant challenge written in BAKA morse code (a la season 1) on the school walls. Kaito accuses Gammon of looking down on him as a Solver specialist and challenges him to a series of puzzles. He has to race to the roof and solve all the puzzles.

It’s pretty easy stuff. Kaito just snatched up all of Gammon’s puzzles and added a bit of his own flavour. Gammon scoffs at them at first, but he’s quickly reminded of the joy he had when he made those puzzles. He also has a flashback to a scene that never actually happened, where he decided to solve a puzzle in Kaito’s place just for fun instead of for money. Finally, Gammon remembers what is truly important in life: puzzles. Glorious puzzles. Doubt receives a refusal letter delivered by the POG shortly after. “Foolish”? More like “F*CKYOU”!


“We’re almost done the paperwork that lets us be main characters on the show!”

“Hello, I’d like to order a pizza delivered to the man hanging upside down on Root Academy’s Roof. Thanks.”

Ohhh, is this like those Miku concert holograms?! Woww!!! Sing for us, Freecell!

“Kaito, this is pointless. Let’s go home.” “I think I see a nickel jammed between the cracks.” “OUTTA THA WAY, BAKAITO!”

End Thoughts:

Everyone’s high regard for puzzles in Phi Brain has always been something that pushed an already preposterous concept (solving life-threatening puzzles) further away from normalcy, right into the realm of the ridiculous. Instead of normal friendship speeches, we get friendship speeches about puzzles. Ana speaks to animals, Kaito can communicate with puzzles, and nothing is explained. It’s so cheesy that it transcends stupid, and makes you wonder if this show is actually written by some super genius with a higher IQ than Plato who understands the true nature of puzzles. It’s been a while since we’ve had an episode steeped in so much “puzzle-sympathy.” You would think puzzles were living, breathing human beings with the way everyone talks about them this week! It’s like a comedy-callback to the fledgling episodes of Phi Brain season 1 where it was purely “so bad it’s good.” Such lovely memories! I can’t wait to watch this with my fellow black sheep of SCCSAV on Skype. What, you thought me calling Phi Brain out as nonsensical was a complaint? Far from it! When it goes this far with the puzzle thing, I can’t help but feel like a puzzle-shaped void in my heart has been filled.

Every episode has some sort of puzzle-sympathy, it’s true, but episode 5 felt like it ripped through the fabric of space and time and revealed a dark abyss housing a cold, terrifying alternate dimension. Truly, the Phi Brain universe is a twisted alternate dimension where our logic simply does not apply. Elena talks Gammon out of doing something such as skip the risking death part and just capture Orpheus Order, and convinces him to instead go head-to-head in a puzzle deathmatch. He could have gone in with reinforcements – the police even – and rid the world of them easily. But no, that’s taboo. That’s considered jumping off the deep end! I spent all this time wondering why Kaito was so eager to continue risking his life for puzzles and it turns out the answer is because that is the inherent nature of this…this..Phi Brain universe. I just…wow.  By the end of the series, Kaito will reach Phi Brain and physically become THE ULTIMATE PUZZLE. Then Nonoha will cry on his rubix-cube body and the camera will pan up to the sky as some sassy latin music plays.

Focusing back on the actual episode instead of getting excited over how silly Phi Brain is (it’s really silly!), we have a nice Gammon episode on our hands. Gammon switched sides to the POG last season because they both had the united goal of defeating Kaito. Even then, it seems like he was actually a double agent (that, or no one really gives a shit and decided to forgive him anyways). It doesn’t make sense for him to join the Orpheus Order and it makes Doubt seem really dumb to try and convince him. It would be smarter to make an ultimatum such as “join Orpheus Order or your sister gets it” instead of insulting him and then hoping that counts as persuasive skills. I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to flatter someone when you want them to do something for you. Gammon’s rejection was predictable, but I really did enjoy how he was brought out of his puzzle slump by Kaito and Elena. His love for puzzles and Kaito’s pure variations of Gammon’s own creations got him through his depressed period. Awwww, how touching. As much as the puzzle-of-the-week format works for Phi Brain, I like when things are switched up a bit. Kaito as a Giver and Gammon as a Solver was definitely a fresh new format. It also confirms that Kaito knows jack-all about making puzzles. Not quite the God we think he is, eh?

Another big plus about episode 5 besides not containing a shred of sensibility and being full of Fukuyama Jun shrieking like a banshee was the presence of the POG. Remember when they used to give puzzles to Ana, Gammon and Cubic in order to kill them? Remember their merciless death sentences that they gleefully gave out without even being controlled by Orpheus armlets? Yeah, they’re totally good now. I don’t know how you’d explain that change of heart, but okay, cool, nice to see that the POG is catering to the booming puzzle industry needs without slaughtering thousands. Why is this such a plus? Because Rook is probably still the boss, and I’m hoping this means he’ll make another appearance. A cameo. A fluffy white circle in the corner of the screen. ANYTHING! They brought every other character back and even gave them a taste of glory, so why not the tormented stalker himself? I think I saw his name on the official site’s cast list, so I’m staying hopeful. I’ll be waiting, and complaining every week until Rook appears. Yes, that is definitely productive.

Before we go…What’s up with Whist, guys? I want to hear your ideas, because I’m too busy making fun of this show (while thoroughly enjoying it) to even think about speculation right now.

Preview: Some sort of team battle at school. Rook isn’t there so who cares?

Melancholy is actually like 25. I’m calling it now.


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19 Responses to “Phi Brain S2 – 05”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    Good to see Gammon didn’t join up with the Order like he did with the P.O.G because that would’ve become an unnecessary déja vu. He may be an ass to most people but I like how caring he is toward his sister.

    I wonder how long Kaito was waiting to give some payback. He holds grudges like Broly holding a grudge against Goku for crying constantly when they were babies, giving him insomnia. LOL, childish, right? They both even have the same hairstyle.

    Doubt and his arrogant high horse had that refusal coming. Revenge is a dish best served cold. That’ll bring him down a few notches. I agree, when I saw “Foolish”, I was thinking “Yeah, what he really meant was either f**k you or kiss my ….”

    Once again, I think Freecell is filthy stinkin’ rich. Just look at the building and the area he and the rest of his gang are staying and I bet they’re in the penthouse. A few things I’ve noticed. The Orpheus Order must be really confident. First, their current hideout is compromised by the P.O.G but they’re not afraid and haven’t even considered moving. Second, on the chance they’re ridiculously loaded, I think they are paying off the law enforcement to keep things quiet. Every time chaos ensues because of them, the police or anything of the sort are nowhere in sight.

    • Overcooled says:

      It would be too much for him to be the bad guy two times in a row. We’ve already got a large amount of quality baddies anyways. Funny how Kaito holds a grudge for being hung upside down, but not for Gammon trying to kill him multiple times. Hmmm…

      Oh yeah, they’ve got a lot of moolah! I don’t know where it’s coming from, but it’s enough to get a swanky HQ and build puzzles wherever they want and whenever. At this point, I question if this show even HAS a police force -_-

      • BlackBriar says:

        Even if this sounds utterly ridiculous, I don’t think he takes those attempts as personally as being humiliated by being snared and held upside down. A big number of people have already tried countless times to kill him so it’s nothing new.

        Yeah. The bad guys always get the sweet stuff and make it look so easy. Whether it’s money, weapons or connections to help their cause. And it always seems the bad guys are stronger until they get their asses kicked. That’s the one thing that’s had me curious about this show. Why aren’t there any police or army around when you need them?

        • Rolca says:

          It’s murderous puzzles. It has to be settled personnally. There is no puzzle police, they wouldn’t understand anyway.
          Half of what happened when Gammon went to the POG seems to have been thrown out of the window. It’s such a shame.

          Weird, I made a comment a few days ago but it got eaten.

          • Overcooled says:

            I feel like everyone in this world is nuts about puzzles. They probably have a police force, but they DO understand so they leave everyone to their own business :/

            I’m surprised his slate was wiped clean so quickly too. Applying logic to Phi Brain hurts my brain…

            Hmm, I guess our spam eater was overly ambitious that day, because your original comment is…gone. I’m sorry!

            • Rolca says:

              Phi Brain logic is too different from our logic. Maybe was Kaito too focused on Rook to really take note of anything else. I bet this is what happened to the Orpheus Order. They feel like puzzle one-night-stands and swore vengeance.

              They are building up Rook’s epic entrance. Everything points towards him coming back soon.

              Bad spam eater, I put thought into this comment! Now even if I remember what I talked about it would feel pointless. I’ll have to copy my comments before sending them and try to repost next time it happens.

            • BlackBriar says:


              Phi Brain logic would always be beyond our understanding but we always manage to keep watching. Maybe Rook will be back. The Orpheus Order is going to step their game up now that they know the P.O.G is involved.

              That’s a good idea to copy comments before posting them. I learned that the hard way. What made it more painful is that they were really thought out and I put a certain amount of time to them and after that, I could barely remember exactly what I was talking about. So frustrating.

            • Rolca says:

              WHAT’S YOUR PROBLEM SPAM EATER!? I hope all my comments don’t pop up belatedly.


              Barely accepting Phi Brain logic takes an entire cour. It’s a challenge that discouraged many.

              Ep6 has a big hint. Or maybe am I just craving for more Rook and seeing things. I don’t want to be disappointed like that ;_;

              What happened to Herbert anyway? He’s in the S2 credits too. inb4 he’s the big bad

              It’s completely that. Now I reread the review I remember some things but it feels stupid to rewrite a comment now, it’s like a missed opportunity. Moreover I always take an hour to write a first comment…

              I saw your comment on the feed a few minutes ago. I clicked but it disappeared without a trace and now it’s back like if nothing happened. It’s a ninja comment!

            • Rolca says:

              I swear my comment was on the feed until I clicked on it

  2. Kitty says:

    Clearly Gammon has the same delivery service as Yuu in persona XD

    “Oh no! Kaito found my Rubix cube x Sudoku fanfic!”

    <– EPIC!!

    • Overcooled says:

      Maybe he should swap out pizza for donburi. That might be hard to eat upside down….Oh well.

      • BlackBriar says:

        Two things can happen in that situation: Blood rushing to the head or puking. It’s one or the other. Though eating upside down is probably impossible to do.

        • Kitty says:

          It is -_-; its rather messing, so is drinking upside down, thou that is slightly easier. Oh the stupid things we do as children.

          • BlackBriar says:

            Hahaha, it’s true. We try to do the stupidest things imaginable when we’re children. Attempting to do anything that pops into our heads.

  3. Joojoobees says:

    This was the best episode of Phi Brain this season. I liked the fact that the problem was a bit more Gammon’s psychological struggle and how he regains his love of puzzles rather than just fighting for their lives again.

    “Oh no! Kaito found my Rubix cube x Sudoku fanfic!”

    Very funny, and hits the theme of the anthropomorphism of puzzles well. Plus, who wouldn’t want to see a Rubix cube and a Sudoku get it on?

    • Overcooled says:

      I still really liked the first episode (probably because it felt so new), but this one comes a close second. It’s nice to see the story focus on other character’s problems. Kaito will always love puzzles, so this wouldn’t really have worked for him.

      …I think we’ve been watching too much of this show if we’re agreeing on these kind of fanfics LOL

  4. Yuushin says:

    I think I think….Klondike-sama shares with Whist details of some other plan that OO’s are not supposed to know about that will be relevant later in series for the plot. Maybe it’s not just Orpheus Order that’s messing with Kaito and co. but it’s Klondike-sama who’s using Freccel’s and his friend’s grudge for Kaito for his own, currently unrelated, goals and reasons…And Whist is there to make sure everything goes according to plan >:D

    And you guys, of course Rook will appear later in series 😀 You can’t have POG involved without at least mentioning Rook. He still is the boss there 😛 He just went to travel the Wooooorld with Bishop, he’ll be back 😀 With Mexican hat and Hawaii shirt hopefully
    About the lack of involvement from police and other authorities, applying real world logic here xD(as much as that is possible xD), it’s possible that those who are making puzzles are filthy rich and have close connections to people on high positions. Or beside that, since PhiBrain-verse is about puzzles, maybe there is some sort of law that forbids police to get involved in puzzle-makers business. And if they we’re to bust in their hideout with police to arrest them, I don’t think they really have solid proof for them…Trying to brainwash/potentially kill (cause apparently that can happen) their family and friends xD They have remains of jewelry and friendly note inviting them to the game….And if the before mentioned law exists, and taking into account power and money they have, they can’t really do much about it anyway….:3

    • Overcooled says:

      Ohh! That sounds like a very good theory. Whist seems to be “in the know” about everything, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he was acting for some higher plan than even the Orpheus Order didn’t know about.

      I really hope so. I don’t want to get my hopes up and have him never show up…Gahh, Rook, stop sight-seeing and get your butt over here!

      I’m glad you guys are joining me in my feeble attempts to apply real-life logic to Phi Brain. I would imagine that the police is TOTALLY OKAY with murderous puzzles. I mean, no one even thinks about reporting it, and the world is filled with ancient puzzle deathtraps that are open to the public…Although I have to admit I like the idea of a corrupt society where people bribe the police to let some extravagant, dangerous puzzles slide under the radar. It’s like a serious message about corruption in society…except with puzzles!

      The only proof they’d need would be calling the police to the scene on the puzzle instead of trying to solve it. Then they’d see it first hand.

    • Rolca says:

      I thought the same thing about Whist and Klondike. It wasn’t all that subtle either, with Freecell smirking 10 centimeters away from Whist’s face, asking if he was hiding anything. Freecell regularly scares innocent little girls Melancholy but even Pinochle and Mizerka didn’t dare breathing.

      At the beginning of episode 6 we see the Order greatly respects/admires Klondike, yet we haven’t seen his figure or heard of a VA. It isn’t like Phi Brain to have unforeshadowed characters… Whist being the big bad would seem like a repeat of s1 (though Melancholy did say he was a sadist). My crack bet is on Herbert Muller.

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