MetaVerse Episode 18 – Gone Fishing

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Hello everybody and indeed, the MetaCast of Fosh, Overcooled, lvlln and I get together to talk about the Spring 2012 season as it hits its midpoint. This episode was recorded on May 14th and unfortunately, Kyokai wasn’t able to join us ;_;

Has Sankarea still been really good after the early episodes? What about the action in Jormungand? Is Eureka 7 AO worth watching even if you haven’t seen the original 2005 series? These questions and more are discussed on the podcast. Enjoy!


00:00-01:12 Introduction: Fosh’s Tune (“Escape” by Hemenway from Eureka Seven AO)

01:13-09:04 – MetaPowuh

  • Anime news – Fosh
  • Game news – Jrow

Music from Sakimichi no Apollon OST

09:05-09:42 – Promo: AAA Podcast

09:43-41:50 – MetaProject Part A: Spring Shows

  • Space Bros
  • Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? of the Dead
  • Medaka Box
  • Accel World
  • Sankarea
  • Lupin 3: A Woman Called Mine Fujiko
  • Phi Brain 2
  • Fate/Zero

41:51-43:15 – Intermission: Jrow’s tune (“Esoragoto” by Nano.RIPE from Sankarea)

43:16-1:27:40 – MetaProject Part B: Spring Shows

  • Mysterious Girlfriend X
  • Dusk Maiden of Amnesia
  • Jormungand
  • Haiyore! Nyaruko-san
  • Kids on the Slope
  • Tsuritama
  • Eureka 7 AO
  • Hyouka
  • Quick Hits: most of the other stuff

1:27:41-1:33:10 – Shoutouts/Wrap-up

1:33:11-1:34:32 – Outro: Cool’s tune (“Ice Cream” from BACK-ON)

I could totally see Koko shipping these two together <3


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10 Responses to “MetaVerse Episode 18 – Gone Fishing”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    Round 18 of Metaverse. It’s good to hear you guys again and it’s the first time hearing Overcooled voice which is nice by the way. Too bad Kyokai couldn’t tag along.

    Spring coverage, eh? I say this quite a challenge with so many exceptional animes out.

    Good job on the game news. I didn’t even know there was another Bioshock and Tomb Raider game that were coming out but got delayed. What I know so far is that there are rumors of a Bioshock, Assassin’s Creed and Final Fantasy X game for PS Vita but there’s no confirmation on a release date while on the other hand, Persona 4: The Golden is set for Fall 2012, Netherrealm Studios just released the Vita version of the Mortal Kombat game and Gravity Rush is set for June 12, 2012 which I aim to get the moment I get a PS Vita in my hands. The game I think is going to have people talking and potentially start a contraversy is Assassin’s Creed III coming out on October 31st for PS3/Xbox 360. Sure, we get a new ancestor to check out but I think the problem it’s going to present is that it takes place during the American Revolution. I’m sure there are those who are beginning to understand where I’m going with this. The pictures and graphics look hot but I doubt people, mainly the english people are going to take kindly to a game that involves killing the ancestors of their country because the Assassin is native American which makes the Brits the Templar Order of their time.

    Oh yeah, Kore wa Zombie Desu ka: Of the Dead, one of the sweet shows of the season. It still has the same essence that makes it great. True that it’s whole cast from last season but with a few new characters like Chris. She quickly became a favorite thanks to her drunken moeness and unforgettable rainbow barfing now it turns out she might be a bad guy with a grudge. How often do we have a drunk antagonist in our midst? Ayumu has started attracting at least double the amount of people thanks to his exposure in the first episode, from Taeko being more open to him to Saraswati stalking him not for his personality but his butt. Talk about a strange fetish. Still cracking up about that one. The other new character that grabbed everyone’s attention was the lab coat guy walking all over the place spewing blo.. *PUKES BLOOD* Damn it… My doctor told me not to comment on the guy puking blood. I’m hoping to see Kyoko pretty soon because I’m really missing her insanity. One character who still isn’t present yet is the girl in the OP with long brown hair covering her face and who has a bust similar to Seraphim.

    So far, Accel World is getting there to be a good show. It was slow at the beginning but starting to pick up plot wise. First off, the animation is impressive, it was really well done. I’m extremely jealous at all of the technology the characters have. I would’ve even been able to comment in class if I dared to try it. Haruyuki’s character design I guess was an experiment being tried out because of the usual leads being tall, slim and such so it was time to try something new. And I’ve grown accustomed to it now so it’s no big deal anymore. Even if his seiyuu, Yuuki Kaji, voiced Guilty Crown’s Ouma Shu, come on people, cut the guy some slack. He’s a great seiyuu and did a good job voicing C3’s Haruaki. Kuroyukihime at the time, I wasn’t sure what to classify her as: a Tsundere or an ice-hearted, smooth talking manipulator. Later on, she turned out to be someone in the range of normality rather than a stuck up spoiled brat but also, her reasons for starting a fight in the Burst Link world leaves a possibly questionable agenda, speaking as if she wants to conquer everything, which seems like to motive of a villain. Like you all said, what brought it down a bit was the excess in explanation of the Burst Link world which I think could’ve been better explained first hand while being put in motion instead of standing and talking.

    Sankarea is a series that was taking it’s time building up before it got to the real parts that the summary described with Rea turning into a zombie. What was creepy, near disturbing was the lead male being a boy verging on necrophilia wanting to be paired with a zombie girl and his obsession with the undead was all consuming. Wanted to see what would happen if someone dropped him in HoTD’s world just for laughs. Though being the cousin, Wanko presents a big sister kind of role towards Chihiro, basically hounding him most of the time. She didn’t freak out as much as I thought she found out his dark secret keeping Rea in his room but got scared witless from nearly being eaten. Rea’s situation leaves a bittersweet taste in your mouth. Sweet that she doesn’t mind being a zombie as long as she feels free from her bastard pedophile father but bitter knowing there’s no permanent way to stop her body from decaying, leaving Chihiro to start regretting his wish.

    Second season of Phi Brain is definitely better the first. This seasons’ puzzles are certainly in a higher class to last season. They aren’t one-side where it’s just the solver moving around and the giver watching from a distance. New OP and ED and new villains that are systematically crushing the P.O.G in every way. Seeing them and their leader Freecell, who is awesomely voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya, I knew Kaito and his friends were going to be it deep. What’s more of a threat is that all the members are Phi Brains whereas with the P.O.G, it was just Rook and they are basically loaded. I mean, a normal person could never have the resources to build a giant glass pyramid in front of a school overnight. Moreover, each of them are named after an emotion or card game (Freecell, Mizerka, Pinochole). And they don’t play nice. They brainwash innocent people, they set traps and even though the trap fails, they stay and hand out new ones without retreating and have no respect for their victims and public property. That’s what I call ruthlessness. What the show continues to do and do well is introduce puzzles that are only challenging to the players but it also makes the viewer actually think about how to solve it and that is a big plus. They better be paying that puzzle creator a great deal of money for his hard and impressive work.

    Nazo no Kanojo X might actually be the first romance I get into where both characters in the relationship are human because normally, regular romance isn’t my thing. Gotta admit that the summary had me stumped. A guy got together with a girl because he got hooked on her drool? I give it points for originality. The visual direction was nicely done, especially in the dream sequences and the character designs were certainly very different from what we see today, reminescent of those old 90’s animes. The story is basically on adolescent sexual discovery. The characters Akira and Mikoto were the main attraction playing off one another nicely and gets funny when Mikoto pulls out her pair of scissors that can probably cut any and everything. The refreshing honesty between the two like Mikoto’s jealousy when she saw Akira’s old crush. The interesting development is the lecherous megane girl Oka who shares the same drool bond shamelessly and underhandingly teasing the couple to move forward so she can compare their relationship to hers.

    Yes! Tasogare Otome x Amnesia!!! I never miss an episode and am always willing to see a supernatural romance. This is SILVER LINK’s production after C3 and it’s just a great show to watch and the pace picks up with every episode. They did great creating an eerie atmosphere in a school that seems completely abandoned but there are still students attending. The best part was the OP “Choir Jail”. You grow to love the characters as you watch. Teiichi is this happy-go-lucky guy who is interested in rumors and the supernatural who just quickly accepts Yuuko even though he know that she is a ghost. Yuuko is a somewhat perverted ghost. Though you can’t really blame her since she hasn’t been able to touch/interact with people for a while. Though still kind of annoying and ditzy, Momoe has become a little more tolerable and represents the ‘average’ person in the series. She can’t see ghosts, yet she’s still involved with the supernatural, balancing out Teiichi and Kirie is this tsundere girl who feels Yuuko is an evil spirit who can’t be trusted and waiting for the opportunity to expose it and at the same time, she has low self esteem due to not feeling beautiful feminine. There is also an apparent rivalry between Yuuko and Kirie for Teiichi’s acceptance and the twist is both girls are distantly related. Kirie’s grandmother is Yuuko’s younger sister which makes Yuuko Kirie’s great aunt. The growing, adorable relationship between Teiichi and Yuuko, whether he realizes it or not, is making him look like a necrophiliac since, technically, he is in love with a dead girl.

    Jormungand is pure fun with guns, guns and more guns. If things stay good, action packed and all over the place like this with so much destruction and casualties, then I won’t mind that there is a lack of plot. There are shows that are just there for you to turn your brain off and enjoy the mayhem. Koko is what I call one hot mess. Her personality is quite cheery and happy, most would say even childish for an arms dealer but at the same time, she is the most insane female lead I have seen in a while and a potential shotacon for Jonah. Jonah is badass though his actions are contrative for someone who hates weapons and arms dealers but seeing his backstory, it’s clear why he has to do it. With the episodes I have seen, whether it’s Currie, Koko or her brother Casper, every one of them has an insane right hand woman with killing instinct (Mildred, Valmet, Chiquita).

    Haiyore! Nyaruko-san was a surprise and I almost passed it up. Luckily that wasn’t the case because it’s a total blast. Thanks to parody genre, it has become the ultimate geek test for “can you spot that reference”. At the end of each episode, you’re left to wonder what used and what didn’t as references and there would be some you would not notice until somebody else points them out and you’d feel bummed that you didn’t notice it at first. It is just all over the place that maybe the creators are making it up as they go along enjoying themselves in the process. The fun parts were that Nyaruko is doing everything she can to get in Mahiro’s pants and he just punishes her with a fork he seems to carry on person at all times and got his prowess from his hot deity hunting mother who can pass for a ninja thanks to the number of forks she can hold. And they’re trying to level the playing field because first there was only the yuri element with the obsessive Kuroko-like girl Kuko who is deluding herself thinking she’ll have Nyaruko’s child and more recently some yaoi by adding the blond haired trap Hastur. A little something for everybody, right?

    Eureka Seven Ao is a passable anime even if I missed about 95% of the original. I’m fascinated by the story and want to see where it goes, how it connects to Eureka and what part it will play for her son Ao which is a weird name by the way. Love the sloth mascot. They need to make sloth merchandise.

    And lastly, on Hyoka. It might be slow in progression but it does a good in building it up piece by piece. The animation is flawless. If the story were to drop, I’d probably continue watching for the sleek animation quality. Where the mysteries are concerned, it can be compared to Gosick, especially between the geniuses Hotarou and Victorique. Hotarou is impressive for someone who doesn’t particularly like to do anything that involves effort, but if given something to think about, he will see it through until it is solved. Eru is just adorable with all her moeness. Whenever a mystery is brought to her, she won’t be able to stop thinking about it until it is solved.

    Man, this comment was long and rambling. I applaud you all for getting me to talk this much!!!

    • Zabobinator says:


      • BlackBriar says:

        Yikes!!! Whoa, I didn’t realize it was that long!!

    • Kyokai says:

      When I saved this from the spam monster, I went 0.0. :3

      • BlackBriar says:

        You’re not the only one in awe, Kyo. I’m starting to question if I really am the one who made that massive comment. I surprised myself.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Whoa thanks for the massive comment here BB! Yeah it is really nice to have different writers appearing on the podcast! One day we will get zabob, kara, Miyu, Hawte and maybe Anaaga? ONE DAY! ANAAGA! Anyway ya it is always fun <3

      KoreZom2: I keep remembering the comment Kyokai left on one of the episode reviews! It is basically like reuniting with an old friend that makes you laugh and in terms of characters Chris-chan is making things very interesting and fun. Hell even Ayumu gets more love this season because there are what three to four girls after him? Well some are only interested in “parts” of him >.> Anyway I can’t wait to see what happens with 7-12, but it makes me sad to think of it ending T_____T OP/END are great! Even though I prefer season one because it had lots of guitar solos <3

      Accel World: Yeah I can tell they decided to take a chance and try a new character design, but I just can’t understand why ONLY Haru is like that? I mean I can understand the whole “every main is slim and normal” but seriously they could have added more unique designs…that said I haven’t dropped it and I am still following it. I really do like the idea behind Accel World because I like video games as a theme idea for anime like shows like .hack//sign and soon to be Sword Art Online <3

      Right Yuuki Kaji is a great actor and it really is a shame he gets the shaft on main characters that are usually like

      A) Whine all the time
      B) characters arm is broken or blown off
      C) scared to fight.

      I understand it isn't his fault for landing such roles, but I really do like hearing him voice a comedic character like he does for MGX or High school DxD rather than most of his action characters, however I will look forward to what he does in the future until then I wont think of him as Shu if I can help it <3 Who knows maybe I might start to like his voice?

      Sankarea: I love Rea! She is so hnnnggg worthy, but after she turned into her zombie self it becomes more of a slice of life series for me just based off the manga until a certain new girl arrives to spice things up with all the undead stuffs ie another fanservice character xD

      Tasogare Otome x Amnesia: One name comes to mind Yuuko! She is really keeping me watching every week even though her character is pretty much fanservice aka Boobs, boobs and oh ya boobs. Thankfully she is really fun to watch cause she can be hyper and so hnnnggggg all the time, but yeah artwork in some episodes is amazing to look at <3 and it is a fun series so far.

      Haiyore! Nyaruko-san: Agreed! can you spot that reference is pretty much the way that series goes for me, but Nyaruko is a lot of fun to watch because she never stops talking but who could ask her to shut up? Seriously her voice is amazing <3 LOLOL Yep there is a mix of Yuri and Yaoi for fans to enjoy thanks to Kuuko and Hastur.

      Eureka Seven Ao: I look forward to every damn episode because of the music, action, artwork and interesting characters! YESSSSS I love the crazy fun of Noah and Elena and not to mention all the hints and clues for Eureka and possibly Renton later? So ya Bones is doing an amazing job for Eureka AO so far.

      Hyouka: I don’t mind it to much, but it does drag it’s feet with the mystery I understand if they solved the main mystery in like three episodes who would watch that? So far I keep hearing mixed feelings towards the whole series because it comes from a powerhouse animation studio! I give it a lot of crap I just don’t get to verbal about it because I know there are people that enjoy it…

      I will give them huge props for animation because well they always rock when it comes to character designs and background work, but it can look all fantastic and amazing I just want the story to click as well. Eru is cute I will agree to that and I really hope they stay out of the relationship business for a while! I don’t really want a I like you no I like you more thing between main girl and main guy, but who knows I bet they will throw that in just to keep us watching?

      Amazing comment thanks BB! Wooooooo! Hooooooo!

    • Jrow says:

      I’ve already got $10 each on the Persona 4 fighting game and P4: The Golden. I also have Gravity Rush payed off along with Resistance Burning Skies. It’s good to be a Vita owner.

      It sucks about Bioshock and Tomb Raider, but better to have a quality game at launch then one that needs to be patched after the fact. It cost developers much time and resources to patch after the fact, so it’s most cost-effective for them and best for us consumers to just patiently wait for the game. The patch situation has been abused before, so I respect Irrational Games and Crystal Dynamics for wanting to put out a quality game at launch.

      The Assassin’s Creed III thing will surely come up all over gaming blogs as all of those patriotism/racism issues arise because somebody takes offense, which, 10 times out of 10, I find unnecessary. Cue Fox News with another horrible video game piece; they really can be the worst.

      Eureka 7 AO: Yesterday, Foomafoo linked me and Fosh to the bracelet that Ao wears. It would cost $142 USD to have it sent to me in the states. As I said, my hair better turn turquoise for that much money!

  2. Kyokai says:

    I missed you guys too. >3< Good episode guys! I wanted some more love for Jormungand though. Personally, I'm really liking this series because where else can you see strong women characters being so badass? The technicalities don't bother me too much because hell, I'm not an assassin neither a weapons merchant so until I keep seeing lots of gunplay and awesome fights, I'll be happy. Also, good idea, we should definitely do a Fate/Zero only podcast soon enough!

    • Foshizzel says:

      Also, good idea, we should definitely do a Fate/Zero only podcast soon enough!

      ^^^ THIS ^^^

    • lvlln says:

      Jormungand improved an amazing amount from episodes 2-3 to 4-5. More Koko and Jonah, and also the gun action was actually good. I’m hoping this show turned a corner here, much like Katanagatari did at about the same episode count.

      Also, maybe we should see if we can get some other Type-Moon fans in as guests and do a general TM podcast?

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