Meta Mash – 03

Last Mash up of this week. Enjoy~


One Piece – 549

BFFS FOREVER AND EVER! Through punches of course.
Well, hello One Piece fans, out there on Metanorn; if there are fans of this series lurking around here? Anyway just in case you are completely lost in the overall story so far for One Piece I would say you really are not missing much…basically after the seven year gap, Luffy finally reunited with his old crew and they are currently dealing with some angry fish people. Lately we have suffered through backstory with the royal family of the fish people; however, that short flashback arc feels as if the creators are pushing something important to the fans on racism? Yes! They are trying to teach us to get along regardless of gender or even race…I know what you are thinking! Shounen anime teaching us life lessons? Indeed, but hey I can support that.

As for the actual episode we are slowly getting away from the long backstory about the royal fish family and finally following the main plot, but this episode had plenty of hilarious highlights for me. Like the short battle with Luffy versus Jinbei? Yes, that fight was sort of a surprise for me; however, Robin stopped them before things got out of hand. Besides Luffy acting crazy, we followed Brook revealing his new ghost like power…Personally Brook is always doing something cool and who can hate a talking skeleton that sings and had a fantastic laugh? Other than that we are basically building our way to a few epic fights for the straw hat crew and I cannot wait anymore! FIGHT ON LUFFY!


Aquarion EVOL – 22

Kagura:”I am going to kill you all night!”            Mikono-“….Amata you suck at this saving me thing!”
Anyone that knows me off twitter or even here on Metanorn knows that I love me some mecha themed anime! And that means Aquarion EVOL is right up there with me, but I always get a bit sad when I see how close we are to the dramatic end. Anyway what have you missed up to this point? Lots of hilarious life lessons provided by Zen Fudou involving bananas, doughnuts, graveyards and important stuff on love! Yes Aquarion EVOL really has everything you could ever want in a high flying mecha anime. Oh and what else are we missing? Oh right lots of damn love triangles all over the place centered around Amata, Mikono and of course my favorite Zessica who managed to confess her love to him in a previous episode.

Now for the episode this week, which felt like it was going to run for a whole hour to me. The previous episode left me and practically everyone raging because they left us with a “possible fan favorite character might have died” moment. I won’t say who they are talking about exactly, but the rage was quickly quieted down thanks to a lucky get out of jail free card getting played! Hooray! What else? Oh right, the reveal about Kagura and Amata once being one person? WHAT THE HELL RIGHT? Yeah that moment was a bit strange but then again this is Aquarion EVOL where anything and everything is possible…so think about it? Mikono can totally have Kagura and Amata together? Three ways all the time err I mean what? However, I think she is going to “fuse them” together with her elemental powers eventually. Other than that I was feeling sad for a certain musical themed guy who might have his last battle here soon…damn I hope not because he is an interesting character to watch every week and I almost forgot the original Aquarion was discovered, but the enemies stole the damn thing along with Kagura kidnapping Mikono to “kill” her off, which technically means he wants to “love” her.


Zetman – 09

This face will haunt you forever.
Someone in METANORN is still watching Zetman here *points at self* That’s right, me! Continuing from last week, a bunch of Jin clones attacked original Jin and stole the pendant from Konoha. Doctor is dead, Chairman is injured, Hana got into a fight with parents, and Amagi daddy (almost spelled Amagami there) is still a mean asshole. Basically, everybody is still the same as usual. Yeah, not much improvement right there. I hate degraded characters at times because they usually make my face go =(, but what is worse than degraded characters? Characters with no characterization at all. Seven (Or eight? Nine? Which episode is this again) damn episodes and the characters are the same. No background information, no character development, nothing! I am not cool with this. And what’s up with these ruthless characters with no emotions? Is the mangaka a masochist or something? Everybody is just downright cold, mean, asshole-ic, or plain annoying. The funny thing is that the mean ones are the humans, not the EVOLS. The irony is just too much right there.

Well, at least there’s one character that developed even if it’s just a little bit and because of a random external factor. If that’s not clear enough, it’s Jin. His hardened heart melted because of Hana, and he’s slowly taking off his cold mask, turning into the old Jin. Me gusta. Why can’t other characters be like him? Ugh. Anyhow, it seems that the big fight is approaching, and I can’t wait to finish this crap- I mean, anime. There are some unexplained questions in this anime (when did the cloning started? Who funded it? How the heck did they get Jin’s blood? What makes Haitani special?), and I hope all of these questions will be explained later in future episodes. All Hail Master!


Gundam Age – 33

Sorry Zeheart your hugs are far to powerful for Kio.
Gundam AGE is back for now on Metanorn! I hope the fans are still keeping up with this addictive series, but if you haven’t I recommend you give it a shot…anyway AGE is now in the third generation story following Kio aka Asem’s son and Flint’s grandson! So what does a third generation in the Asuno family get as a present? A FREAKING GUNDAM. Alright maybe it wasn’t a present because those damn Vegan jerks are currently invading earth, which means Zeheart-o is still around to kick some Asuno ass or does he? I know he was frozen for a long time and he does get owned by the new Gundam quite easily.

Besides a new arc filled with laser beam spam Kio has been thrown for one crazy ride after like when he discovered a close friend that he just met was a spy for the Vegan?! That is really some terrible stuff for Kio to suffer through and he watched her get killed off in front of him? DAMN IT! NOOOOOO!! They always kill the girls with the fancy colored hair in Gundam don’t they? Anyway the fighting was great and I loved the short battle with Kio versus Zeheart-o, but yeah Kio’s new machine is bulky and it really can take quite a beating. Besides the drama and fighting apparently Kio is a humanoid bomb detector? Because he used his “power” to detect and dispose of a bomb aka throw that bomb like a football? Yes, he throws one mean long bomb to save the day! Good job Kio, you are starting to become quite the interesting pilot.



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18 Responses to “Meta Mash – 03”

  1. Kyokai says:

    anaaga, I’m still watching Zetman for some reason. >.>

  2. D-LaN says:

    I love meme-tic photos…. This is one of the reason why this site is entertaining….

    Kyokai, I was watching Zetman…. (Currently on-hold for college life)

    • Kyokai says:

      dots wins in my book. :3
      Though, I should ask, what you are liking in the series to keep hanging on?

    • Foshizzel says:

      Thanks D-LaN! Those shots are my favorite ones to do xD

  3. Kitty says:

    YEAH FOR ZETMAN!!! Best opening theme song this season, well expect maybe Hyouka I really like that one too. Those Jin clones were funny~~~ I really hope this gets a second season, I’ll miss my Shounen fix ;_; just I’ll have to pick up Hitman again XD

    Still watching Gundam AGE and glad I am, I didn’t care for Flit’s story all that much but I loved Asemu (I want him BACK!!!) and Kio is so fricken cute he shouldn’t be piloting a Gundam XD

    Snaps for Fosh and writing 3 post in this Meta Mash!!

    • Foshizzel says:

      Age for the win! The new theory is Asemu is alive and he might be apart of that pirate team! I think he will appear in episode 34 next week.

      Thanks! I was just covering One Piece for our good buddy Jrow he will return next week to take over xD

    • anaaga says:

      If they make a second season of Zetman, they should make it better. It has decent shounen material for the animation, but the execution of it is just bleh.

      • Kitty says:

        Meaning I should start looking into the manga? XDDD isn’t that always the way.

  4. The_Magus_Killer says:

    Next week on Mobile Suit Gundam AGE: Supah Pairotto is now Supah Pirato. Three Destinies Will Form History. XD

    Has Zeheart actually succeeded in any of his operations? Just one: confirming the location of Gundam AGE-1. The rest? He gets foiled like Team Rocket. XD

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahahah yes! Three destinies will form one giant gundam that kills everyone…I would laugh if that happens.

      Yeah Zeheart has yet to have anything go his way! Seriously you are right he gets all his plans messed up like Team Rocket poor dude…

  5. anaaga says:

    I could never get over how ugly the Vegans’ mobile suits are. UGLY. Are they based on apes or something like that? They sure act like one.

    And jeebus Zeheart, when the hell will he be useful? Actually, when the hell will the Vegans will be successful? I can’t help but noticing how Vegans fail most of the times. And the one time when they succeeded (destroying Big Ring), it was shown in less than one minute. WHAT THE HELL. If whole one-sided sheeyat is starting to annoy me

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yes! Those Vegan mechs are terrible looking and you are right those new underwater suits really do move around like apes.

      Right they fail all the damn time and poor Zeheart he never gets a break! Yeah I am with you there Anaaga it does get annoying after a while.

  6. Jrow says:

    One Piece: Yeah, the race issue was very significant in the Otohime/Fisher flashback and continues on through the remainder of the arc. Credit to Oda for how he presented that theme through an intriguing flashback arc.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Indeed! Out of all the Shounen One piece is doing something interesting for the story and hitting up race issues big time! Fairy Tail did this when the guild traveled to an alternate reality where the flying cats were treating the humans pretty badly…

  7. Kiwicki says:

    Hey, man, One Piece is

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