Manga Digest – So Bad yet So Good

This is a RAGE post for the mixed bag of  romance manga out there

Another manga digest by the pervy anaaga. I wanted to write something special for Metanorn’s Fourth Anniversary, but alas I am a total n00b when it comes to coming up with new ideas. So all I did was writing about bunch of manga… That I hate. And why I hate them of course. This is all my RAGE, so please tolerate some of my !nt3rn3T language lek dis, not to mention my crappy grammar, which will be edited for making it readable but still all I did was type type type type all my RRAAGGEEE!
Title: Black Bird

Author: Sakurakoji Kanoko

Genre: Action, Drama, Comedy, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, Shoujo, Smut, Supernatural

Status: Ongoing | Volume: 5 | Year: 2007

Publisher: Shogakukan, VIZ Media

Summary: I’m pretty sure every single soul on earth has heard of Twilight. Some find it glorious, some find it magnificent. And for those who managed to erase its existence from their minds, I hate to do this, but I’ll have to make them remember. Let’s start from the plot. It’s nothing special, really. Well, sort of. Our female protagonist falls in love for a male who happens not to be a human being. Let’s just say he’s a superior supernatural creature that we mere human beings can’t even be compared with. They stay by each other’s side while trying to tackle the obstacle that is impossible to be tackled – the difference of kinds. Not to mention other characters who pop out of nowhere trying to separate these two, but that doesn’t really matter, does it? It’s all about breeding of two different species. Make impossible babies possible! So, you know what? Someone made a manga out of it…

Thoughts: Ok, that’s not really what Twilight is all about, but that part of Twilight is what I want to talk. When I was still in the middle school, I was a Twilight fanatic. There, my biggest secret. I’m so ashamed about it. Anyhow… After I managed to regain my sanity and re-read it with more seriousness, I notice that Twilight is just bad. Thinking about it more, I realized that it could’ve been better. I mean, there are gazillion stories that have the same formula as Twilight right? And some of them are pretty intelligent too! Then what makes Twilight so bad?//Keep reading

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Title: Finder Series

Author: Yamane Ayano

Genre: Action, Drama, Mature, Smut, Yaoi

Status: Ongoing | Volume: 7 | Year: 2001

Publisher: BIBLOS, Libre Shuppan, June

Summary: Ah, good old Viewfinder. Everybody loves this yaoi. It’s like the yaoi bible for those who seek great angsty relationship between a journalist and a Yakuza. Yep, that’s what Viewfinder is all about. Our journalist Takaba Akihito happened to catch a scoop on our fabulously gay yakuza Asami. But what is a yakuza if he doesn’t know about his own news? Asami caught Akihito then did lots of penetration into Akihito. And other objects too, but that doesn’t really, um, matter right now. Other characters appear too, usually trying to break the relationship between the two. But of course, all Akihito wants is Asami and his penis!

Thoughts: Personally, I like this manga. Viewfinder art is just beautiful. The characters are not that realistic, but they look somehow believable. They’re manly; even the uke is. The sex scenes are worth to be drooled over. They’re just uber HOT. I literally re-read Viewfinder’s sex scenes for more than three times because they’re just that great. Yamane Ayano-sensei really knows how to please the fans with her beautiful artwork and the angsty story. Viewfinder is a great manga for one’s yaoi collection. As the owner of the first three books (and planning to buy the rest), I know. It’s worth it.//Keep reading

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Title: Ayashi no Ceres

Author: Watase Yuu

Genre: Conmedy, Drama, Mature, Mystery, Romance, Sci-fi, Shoujo, Supernatural

Status: Complete | Volume: 14 (Tankoubon), 7 (Bunbokan) | Year: 1996

Publisher: Shogakukan

Summary: lulz, this manga. It actually got an award. Well, I can see why it got an award, but still… Anyhow, Ayashi no Ceres is about a girl named Aya (duh) who’s being possessed by her ancestor Ceres (duh). Ceres is a vengeful MILF who can’t get over her sheeyat and demands Aya’s family to return her heavenly scarf (or something like that). But since Aya’s family is too into capturing Ceres, things get messy. Not to mention the sis-con Aki, mysterious bodyguard Touya, and some random (not really) guardian named Yuhi have hots for Aya. But of course, there’s more to this that meets the eye. As the story progresses, Aya delves further into the dark lineage of the Mikage family, a doomed family that’s destined to hate their name stained with blood… Or something like that. *shrug*

Thoughts: Like I said before, this shit manga got an award. I can see why. It started out unique and interesting, and its involvement with the tennyo legend just adds the charm to the story. It has tons of actions, enough to keep the readers entertained. The characters also started out great, likeable in every aspect. Not even once did I ever think of hating the characters (except the Mikage family of course since that family is full of morons and bitches who need to die). The artwork might not be the best, but considering the year when it was published, the art is pretty good. Let’s not forget that this is one of Watase Yuu’s earliest works. So yeah, everything about this manga was great… Until the second half of the story.//Keep reading

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So Bad but Didn’t Make It

Here are some manga that almost made it into the list but didn’t because of reasons given:

1. Vampire Knight

This shit sucked my money. I take back all what I said about this manga in my first post. The second half of this manga just sucks.  It’s being dragged just to prolong it. Seriously thinking whether the characters are mentally ill or something because their lack of communication is beyond terribad. Everybody’s full of pathetic angst. The only reason why it’s not in the top three is because I already reviewed it. Just end already, goddamn it.

2. Kitchen Princess

Man, it had a great start. Then things start to get messy in the middle. Dying people… In a culinary manga! Just one, actually. The death of that certain character marks the turning point of this manga though. It shifts its focus from culinary into some crappy dorama that can be read in other 999 shoujo manga and watched in 1000 movies. This manga is saved by its recipes. I like rainbow pudding.

3. Watashi ni XX Shinasai!

Smut. Smut smut smut. Smut smut smut smut smut smut. Yep, that’s about it. It had its interesting premise with Yukime’s unique personality and interesting plot (which turned into total smut obviously). But yeah… Interesting plot became too repetitive, and now it’s pretty boring. What bugs me is the fact that it’s being dragged even though it has been showing hints of “ending.” Since it’s not going to end anytime soon, there might be a chance that this manga will get better… But if it’s going all Vampire Knight on me, I will burn this manga from my mind.

4. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle/XXXHolic

It pains me to have these two manga in the nomination list because I’m a CLAMPtard and love every single one of their works. TRC and XXXHolic have lots of mindfuckcs that will either 1)impress its readers 2)make the readers give up on CLAMP. And let’s be honest here, most of the readers have had enough of CLAMP’s mindfucks, not to mention the downer endings. Also, these two are too intertwined within the CLAMPverse, and the new CLAMP fans will have a hard time understanding TRC and XXXHolic. Saved by my bias and some intelligence in the manga. I like XXXHolic ending. Don’t judge me.

And, that’s all! There’s more of course, but if I put all this will be an endless post. I know this is not great, but I hope you guys enjoyed it. And, don’t forget to read those manga! Teheh.


Have read 418 BL manga and continuing.
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53 Responses to “Manga Digest – So Bad yet So Good”

  1. Kyokai says:

    Dunno why the comments were close but it’s open now. I’m just glad to see you bitch about Vampire Knight because damn, UGH, IT MAKES ME SO MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD. UGHHHHH. It didn’t even deserve two seasons and manga has turned pathetic, I dropped it too late.

    Viewfinder makes me mad too. It’s the ultimate yaoi story that is DOOOHHHHHH. Rape = love?! Wtf. I won’t touch Ceres and even Black Bird with a ten inch pole. Nuooo!

    • xochandaox says:

      Oh yea, also the rape=love thing reminds me of a manga i read called Dekiai Paradox.. >.<
      I agree on Vampire Knight 🙂

    • anaaga says:

      I don’t get why the comments are always closed on my Manga Digests. Does WP hate me or something? ;_;

      YES KYO uuuugggggghhhh I fucking hate VK I wan to drop it so bad SO BAD. But I can’t because ufffff Zerooooo. I rabu that guy too much.

      Viewfinder has a sucky plot, and it’s sad it’s not getting any better. Now there’s some lame third wheel who can’t approve the relationship between the two. Wtf, just end already damn it

  2. Rakkyo says:

    I gave up on TRC and XXXHolic a long time ago coz its just too damn complicated.
    As a point of comparison, while the Nasuverse has recurring concepts and some crossovers, in CLAMPverse, you can replace the main protagonists or put all of them in a single story and nothing will be broken.
    It’s kinda a pain to read a chapter of XXXHolic and then go hunting for the corresponding chapter in TRC just so that the story can make sense.

    As for the rest of the mangas I’ll probably check them out for the lulz XD

    Except the yaoi ones of course.
    Sorry anaaga…

    • anaaga says:

      Exactly. How the hell are these two can be “read separately” when they’re too involved with each other? It’s like trying to make the readers to buy both series instead of one. Lame.

      One thing I will never like about TRC is the design of Syaoran and Sakura. They’re a carbon copy of the couple from CCS. With the same name! And they expect the reader to think that those two are not connected? If they want the readers to think like that, how about having different character designs for those two? Different worlds or not, whatever.

      Also, I am disappoint in you. Try to widen your knowledge. READ THE YAOI

  3. kluxorious says:

    I tend to ignore most yaoi with that kind of character designs so I actually never read this yaoi bible but since you said the smex is hot, I guess my hand is tied. I will read it!

    • anaaga says:

      You heathen, how could you not read this bible already!?
      Well, the sex is not that hot, but hey, close up penetration!

  4. BlackBriar says:

    LOL. Looks like you had quite a struggle reading these. How did you manage through it all. I hear Vampire Knight has been slipping and so far, the only things I know about it are the two anime seasons. I guess the reason I watched it was because how cute Yuuki was and got better as a pureblood.

    Here are some romance mangas I think will get the bad manga taste out:
    Fortune Arterial: (The beginning is slow but gets better as it continues. You’ll love the characters)
    Bara to Juudan: (Only one out so far and it’s already better than Vampire Knight)
    Blood Alone: (Interesting plot. There’s a surprise for the ladies: There is a yaoi character in it but I leave it to the fangirls to seek him out and his appearance is not what you expect)
    Bloody Cross: (Thanks to the plot, the Relationship Development will keep you guessing)
    Bloody Kiss: (Short but sweet)

    • BlackBriar says:

      Oh, man. I forgot to add Kenketsu Rush: Compare this to Twilight and I guarantee you that you’ll like this manga better. Prioritize this comparison!!

      • anaaga says:

        You know what the the synopsis reminds me? Meru Puri. And remember what I said about Meru Puri? Yeah… I’ll give it a try though. I hope it’s not like Meru Puri

        • BlackBriar says:

          I’ve never read Meru Puri but after what you said about it, I’ll take your example and steer clear of it. Kenketsu Rush is pretty good. I didn’t know what to expect and I ended up liking it. The story is enveloped with mystery.

    • I’ve read Blood Alone and Bloody Kiss, though BA is a little slow on the publishing side as the mangaka does not make regular updates. I’ve read the first few chapters of Fortune Arterial, but stopped for a while due to RL. Will be checking back on Fortune Arterial soon to see how the relationship between the three leads go.

      • BlackBriar says:

        You really should check back on Fortune Arterial. It’s gotten a lot better storywise. Erika and Kouhei have gotten closer, Erika is nearing the breaking point of her restraint and her mother, Kaya, is a lot more involved than in the anime.

        • Oh wait, I misread the title. What I actually mean is the series ‘Dawn of the Arcana’ and I mistook it with ‘Fortune Arterial. DotA is pretty good with a strong heroine (way more common sense than the heroines listed above) with a loyal servant and (initially bratty but became more level-headed) husband. If you’re someone who likes world-building, you won’t be disappointed with this one. It’s shoujo (if you are wondering) and the art’s nice. Go read it if you want to find out more.

    • anaaga says:

      As a manga lover, it is my duty to endure all kind of horrible manga. This is called dedication man, dedication. Of course, I want to bash it when it’s done.

      Oh look, more manga. Let’s be a bitch about some that I’ve read. Hehe.

      Fortune Arterial – Crap. Boring. Not even gona bother continue reading it. I mean, what’s the use of reading a manga that’s not even trying to catch the audience’s attention in the first few chapters? By not doing that, it fails as a manga already. The VN might be good (might since I haven’t played it yet), but it’s definitely not anime/manga material

      Bloody Cross – So-so, but the characters just plain suck. No depth, just bunch of people who have serious issue with mood swing. Main girl needs to get laid. Seriously. Still reading it though because I like Hina. He oozes sex

      Bloody Kiss – cliche, but it’s understandable since it’s SHOUJO and how short it is. One of my first shoujo manga. I enjoyed it. Of course, I was an angsty teenager at that time

      Not going to read Bara to Juudan since it has one chapter only. Might read it when there’s more. I’ll definitely read Blood Alone though since the main guy looks HOT. Your recommendations are not in vain, my vampire BB 😉

      • BlackBriar says:

        I hereby recognize your dedication. That means you’ve probably run through an unbearable amount of bad mangas and only found a few good ones. I hope you won’t let it keep you down.

        Fortune Arterial: I’ll admit it was sluggish even near depressing at the beginning but it got sweeter around chapter 18 if I remember correctly since Erika’s mother, Kaya, came into the picture, Kuze revealing herself as Kaya’s servant, Erika and Kouhei getting closer and Erika’s bloodlust finally causing her to lose her sanity, so much that her cravings are making her want to bind him. One of the best is Iori’s constant scheming. It’s like everything that’s happening is part of his plan and he has no problem using anyone caught in it.

        Bloody Cross: Karakuri and I are fans of this. The story is interesting and if you look at it another way, it’s a reverse harem which I think the ladies will like as a change of pace but my main reason for reading is Tsukimiya. Her attitude just makes her all the more hotter (Though I see some Seraphim in her. They could pass for vampire sisters), a way of saying “no ordinary man can tame her” making her devious (kissing Hinata to absorb blood) and her strong personality, especially when it comes to survival and getting rid of her obstacles, reminds me of Underworld’s Selene. Tsukimiya x Hinata would make the best couple but there is just no way to predict what he does next.

        Bara to Juudan: Yeah, it’s only one chapter so far but I’m already impressed and so are many others. You should see the rave comments of everyone desperately wanting to see this manga updated. There are even some saying “I’m tired of hot male vampires, it’s time for female vampires to take the spotlight”. I couldn’t agree more!!! Though I remember Karakuri saying there is a bias that female vamps always get the seductive parts of the genre. I guess she means the biting part.

        Blood Alone is a good read to blow some time.

        No problem at all. Those are only a few manga names out of what I know and I still look for more out there. I’ll let you know later and we can determine whether they’re good or not.

  5. Ceyrai says:

    I only touched on Black Bird because the author’s previous series (Backstage Prince) was all sappy-happy shoujo goodness of the guilty pleasure kind. Black Bird might as well be the Nippon-ized version of Twilight. The only thing that kept me going at first was one of the side couples, but then the BS just kept coming and I had to drop it.

    I do love Vampire Knight’s art, but the story is just so convoluted and angsty right now that I’m only reading it because I want it to end (and because I consider it a nice reference for art style). Between this and Twilight, though, I’ve lost all hope for a good vampire story. The one thing I thought was good in the anime was that it introduced to us Kanon Wakeshima’s talents in singing and the cello (via the two endings).

    As for Ayashi no Ceres, I followed the anime around 7 or so years ago, and for an inexperienced otaku I thought it was the be-all and end-all of storytelling. But now that I think about it, I had pretty much given up on liking Aya and Touya mid-series, and focused all my fangirling energy on Yuuhi and Chidori. Which of course was for nothing because it’s all about Aya in the end. Ugh.

    I haven’t read Watashi ni XXX Shinisai in a while… probably because I got tired of waiting for something to happen (besides G-rated smut). But as you said, the premise and the protagonist’s personality are unique, plus the art’s pretty cute with equal emphasis on male and female designs, so I might pick it up again.

    And, ouch. xxxHolic and TRC? I know those two works irked a lot of fans – the first because of the anti-climactic downer ending, and the second because of the mindfuckery, but those two works were actually the ones that got me into the CLAMPverse in the first place so they have a special place in my otaku heart. But yeah, even with that love, I have to admit I wasn’t immune to disappointment and confusion with these two series.

    All I know about Kitchen Princess is that it was written by one of my favorite shoujo authors, but most of the time any hint of love triangles (right off the bat anyway) makes me averse so I’m not going to touch this anytime soon. As for Viewfinder, the way you described it reminds me of the premise of Haou Airen (which would probably be its het counterpart). From that and the fact that it is yaoi (therefore something I am very very picky about) I probably wouldn’t touch it either.

    Then again this post wasn’t for recomms. 🙂 Hope you released some stress right there. 😀

    • anaaga says:

      I haven’t read backstage Prince, and will not even try. I am just anti of this mangaka. Black Bird traumatizes me for life.

      Matsuri Hino should’ve stopped at volume 10. The whole Show ▼

      should be excluded. And lols Show ▼

      . If the author wants to continue it, then she needs to do a better job at executing it because now everything is just so boring as fuck.

      asdfghjkl I was so mad when Show ▼

      because I ship her SO HARD with Yuuhi! But noooo apparently only Aya has the right to be happy and all that shit. Touya should’ve died and rot in the sea

      TBH I’m shipping Mami with Yukime’s (or whatever her name is) cousin so bad right now, that’s why I’m still reading it. Shigure is turning into a likeable character too. But it’s so DAMN REPETITIVE, and the drama is somehow turned up to eleven

      I know, I feel bad for putting TRC and XXXHolic there. But it’s just… That bad

  6. I’m beginning to lose interest in Vampire Knight, particularly the moment Yuki returns to Cross Academy and joins the Night Class. Then everything goes downhill from there, via Domino Effect. Such a pity, since I’ve been following VK for 6 years (around 2006 onwards was my first exposure, way before VK became cool to everyone else.) Had a hard time following what the fuck is going on, too many POVs as if Hino’s trying to put every single character (even the extras and minor ones) into one chapter as much as possible. Oh, and I can’t stand the angst level any longer. Just quit talking and kill each other already if you want to hurt them so much.

    I’m a former CLAMP fan and the point where I’ve started to see CLAMP’s writing quality deteriorate was the moment CLAMP introduced the multiverse in TRC. Simply put, there are too many WTF moments in it (I don’t read xxxHolic, but read some of the chapters that has TRC relations) and my love for CLAMP turned into suspicion once TRC reached its final arc. Blood-C was the turning point that turned that suspicion into hatred, though I’m still going to watch the Blood-C film just to see how much of a trainwreak CLAMP’s writing has become as of late.

    And for the other manga listed? Didn’t read them, but I checked out on Black Bird twice and decided that the kind of romance in it doesn’t suit my taste one bit. Really, why are people still buying these sort of manga portraying negative influences and sending the wrong ideas in little girls’ heads? And in particular I don’t like reading any of Mayu Shinjo’s works. Sorry, Shinjo, BDSM=/=Rape or Sexual Abuse.

    • anaaga says:

      Exactly. VK was so great until Yuki turned into a vampire. Do you know any poor soul who wants to buy the books? I’ll sell it to him. GOSH I just want to get rid of it from my bookshelf. Not the artbook though. That one is pwetty ^^

      Oh man, Blood-C. Don’t even-AAAGGGHHHH I hate hate hate Blood-C SO BAD. They should’ve make a 4 OVA about it or something like that because if just SUUUCCKKKSSSS. It has such amateur-ish concept that even little kids could’ve come up with. HATE HATE HATE

      LOL Mayu Shinjo. One of her works was one of the first shoujo I’ve read. I think it was Love Lesson or something? THe dumb female is being tutored by her smart friend or something. It baffled me how all they do is fuck fuck fuck. Then I read another one of her works where she was forced to have sex? What horrified me is how her sexual organ was FLOODED. Scarred for life.

  7. Hawthorne says:

    I couldn’t get into Black Bird, hated the characters so I stopped reading. Never understood all the praise it gets tbh.

    Might check out Ayashi no Ceres because the way you described it makes the story sound horrible but still somewhat interesting. >< You mentioned a "perfect" character though and I really hate that in shoujo manga. Someone dies in Kitchen Princess!? Now I have to go finish that ... but yeah, I loved the recipes in the manga, one of the main reasons I kept reading. I have them all saved on my laptop, and they're surprisingly easy to make and taste really great. (lol I have no shame reading that manga ... XD) Thanks for the post!~ I was in need of new manga to read.

    • anaaga says:

      Are you really going to continue Kitchen Princess? So much drama, from deaths and memory loss. Wtf mann.

      And lol, you’re going to read them? You sure? After such review too xD

  8. Gecko says:

    Black Bird: Something turned me off really, really quickly. A while ago. I don’t remember why. I probably stared at the summary and said “Never mind.”

    Ayashi no Ceres: I might try that for the first half of the manga, seeing as you seem to like it. But knowing me, I probably will finish it anyways.

    Vampire Knight: I remember loving this in its early stage. My friend and I were watching the episodes as they came out (first time for me) and listening to the music, fighting over who was going to win… Hahaha, good old times. I have the same feelings about the second part, that it went downhill and became very, very strange. The entire “I’ll kill you when you get sick of living” deal with Yuki was wacky and smelled like “I will kill these people before Zero can.” But I think the real reason I dropped the manga was that it wasn’t updating fast enough for me.
    Watashi ni xx Shinasai!: I am still reading this manga. I don’t think it’s a bad manga, the plot is just awkward. The first ten chapters were awfully awkward. Every conversation was, “Hi. Do xx for me.” “No.” “Yes.” “Ok, fine.” But once Hime showed up it became a love square and I could figure out the ending the writer would probably go for. Show ▼

    As for dragging on, I don’t think it is. Yukime has been forgetting to keep writing the phone novel, so she has to remember to do that, and write the perfect romance phone novel, or quit completely and do other stuff. She needs to accomplish one or the other.
    And like Blackbriar, I have a suggestion or two for you if you want to get that bad taste out. They might not fit what you like, but oh well.
    Akuma to Dolce ( ) Devils like sweets, and the main character happens to make pastries like a pro chef. So she ends up hanging out with a devil. I can’t figure out if it’s completed or not though. But it’s cute. Art is the only problem, and it’s minor. Makes me drool.
    Seiyuu Ka-! ( ) This is about a girl with a terrible voice who tries to become a Seiyuu (as a male seiyuu). There isn’t much dirty stuff, but it’s pretty light and fun.
    Six Half ( ) Mean girl loses her memory, tries to change herself and become a better person while trying to figure out her past. I have to say, this is way better than most amnesia plots just because the girl wants to change herself.
    And of course, one of my favorites: Reimei no Arcana. ( ) This manga has absurdly long chapters and great art. The premise seems a bit average, but the author put a lot of work into the evolving backstory and the world’s peoples.

    • anaaga says:

      What I don’t like about XX Shinasai is how repetitive it’s becoming and how the emotional conflict is poorly drawn/explained/written. Also, wtf, it seems like someone related with Shigure will butt in. Unnecessary drama. Bleh

      and Yay! more recs! None of them are completed though. Oh well, let me try some. SOME.

      Not going to read Akuma to Dolce because it’s in hiatus. Seiyuu-Ka is a no-no too because I’m not into that kind of stuff.

      Six Half I will read because it looks interesting. And yaaayy war between Countries! So I’ll read Reimei no Arcana. Thanks!

  9. Kitty says:

    Yes, I have given up on CLAMP because of those too. Which is really hard before I loved Tsubasa. Mostly for Syaron and Sakura (BEST COUPLE EVER) And they just killed it XD

    Oh yea, we cannot forget Vampire Knight. I’m ashamed to say I cosplayed that series. I stopped at about volume 5 and then heard Show ▼

    Normally that kinda thing doesn’t bother be as my favorite series in Angel Sanctuary. But Yuki had Zero!!! She had no reason to— AH rage!

    Black Bird a love!! I just really need to catch up! Have you read Ultimo yet? Anyway thanks for the awesome post!!

    • Kitty says:

      Adding to my comment, I just read all of Viewfinder yesterday!!! AMAZING ><; no Godly!!! Thank you *bows* for pointing me in the right direction. I have a new love for Asami x Akihito x Fei XDDDDD

      • anaaga says:

        LOL so you like Viewfinder eh? I don’t like the plot, but the smex…Yum…. I can’t wait to get enough money then buy the rest of them!

        *Zero high five8* I ship Zero with Yuuki too. I hate how Yuuki chose Kaname because uffff poor Zero has been suffering. And Kaname and Yuki are more than related
        Show ▼

        • Fans may find Yuki’s and Kaname’s romantic relationship as either cool or extremely creepy. If I were in Yuki’s shoes, I would still find this disturbing despite ‘Kaname”s backstory and all the shit he’s been through in the past. Even up to the latest chapter with Zero given a second chance, I wish Yuki would just make up her mind already and get this over with. But if you want me to take a stand between VK and Twilight, I’ll pick VK over Twilight any day.

          I’m starting to suspect that Hino’s dragging VK more than it should since it’s popular everywhere now (when I first picked VK up way before it was cool to everyone else) and the executives are going to milk the cash cow as much as possible. Just hurry up and give us the ending already!

  10. Moni Chan says:

    Black bird is awesome. its one of the few mangas i’m up to date with

  11. xochandaox says:

    I also read Black Bird just for the smut.. but wow now that you mention it… whyyy is it so similar to Twilight? ;_; (I just happen to hate twilight. The writing was just.. bad)
    Cedrick Diggory>Edward.

    I actually gave up on Vampire Kngiht somewhere after the 3rd volume… lol.
    but I enjoyed Kitchen Princess :3

    Your right. I love CLAMP, but wow those stories got really hectic. Still I loove

    • Kyokai says:

      Cedrick Diggory>Edward.

      ^^ THIS.

      Also, I have to quote Dean from Supernatural here:

      Dean: Are you wearing glitter?!
      Random Guy who was playing vampire with false prop fangs: Just to get laid man!
      Dean: Does that even work?
      Random Guy: *nods*
      Dean: I’ll be damned!

      • xochandaox says:

        Lol!! I’m not sure if you remember this.. Was a while back in one of the eps, Dean was like on a computer saying he was watching “Japanese cartoon porn” bwahaha Hentai >///<
        I loved him 100x when he said that.

        And which ep was that?

        • Kyokai says:

          Oh yeah, I remember that as it was in the current season (which just finished and I’m catching up). Sam was making fun of it and Dean was like, NO IT’S NOT HENTAI. It’s Japanese Animation! xD You should watch that interview when they did a dubbing for Supernatural animation.

          About the quote, this is from season six, episode 5. Title was something __, Twi Hard.

    • anaaga says:

      Yeah, it’s like a carbon copy of Twilight now. Not to mention Show ▼

      I haven’t watched Supernatural… Uguu

  12. Amutofan123 says:

    I, too, am ashamed to say that I was a Twiight fanatic in middle school. *cries* So, I’ll definitely avoid Black Bird since it’s so much like Twilight. Unless I read it for the smex.

    Completely agree with everything you said about Vampire Knight. I hate Vampire Knight so much. So, so much. I liked it okay until Yuki turned into a vampire, then I started to hate it. Especially Kaname. God, Kaname makes me rage. I dropped it at about chapter 63 and I’ve heard that pretty much nothing has happened. At all. I’m glad I’m not wasting my time with it anymore.

    Awww, I like Watashi ni xx Shinasai! 🙁 However, I certainly understand where you are coming from, the chapters seem to repeat themselves. I feel the same way about Faster Than a Kiss. Still, I enjoy it. I like the characters and artwork enough to keep me reading. Yukina is different from your stereotypical shoujo lead and I just love Shigure. The main problem I have with it is Yukina’s annoying cousin. >.>

    I need to finish TRC; I’ve only read the first volume. I don’t really know what I’m in store for, but as long as there is plenty of Sakura and Syaoran, hopefully I’ll be fine.

    You didn’t like Kitchen Princess? I’ve heard that it was really good. It’s on my plan-to-read list so I’ll check it out at some point and see if I like it, especially if it has yummy recipes~

    • anaaga says:

      Good luck finishing TRC. Make sure you read XXXHolic to understand it, especially the whole Syaoran/Watanuki sheeyat

      Kitchen Princess was good at first. But then unnecessary drama was added. As in REAL drama. It was too much to the point where it makes me want to burn the manga

  13. Amutofan123 says:

    I just spent 30 minutes typing a wall and it doesn’t show up. ;_;

    • Hawthorne says:

      Don’t worry, someone will save it from the depths of the spam monster. XD

      • Kitty says:

        ALL HAIL JROW!!! He rescues all comments!

      • BlackBriar says:

        The spam monster is such a infamous beast. Gotta rescue comments from its jaws.

      • Kyokai says:

        There are multiple Editors so never worry because your responses are dear and we save ’em from the spam monster even if it gets us bloody sometimes. ^__~

      • Amutofan123 says:

        My hero~ *.*

  14. kagamihime says:

    I completely agree with your opinion on Vampire Knight. I felt as if the author was constantly pulling stuff from the depths of Kaname’s ass and was subliminally saying “shh its okay, because Zero is hot so just look at him and it’ll be okay”. Thats the only explanation I see valid enough for getting me to read 60 chapters o.o
    Also I’m surprised Junjou Romantica isn’t on here. It used to be my all time fav yaoi, but once it started getting repetitive towards the later chapters and kept recycling the same bull concerning Misaki. it seemed really generic compared to my new fav Totally Captivated :\

    • anaaga says:

      GAAAHHH I totally forgot about Junjou Romantica bleerrgghhh. I don’t like it, but Nowaki’s relationship with Hiroki is just so sweet ugh. It’s cliche, but it’s just SOOO CUUTTEE. So far the only annoying factors of Junjou Romantica are Misaki and Usami. I like the minor couples’ stories because they focuses more on the daily lives, while the main couple focuses on drama

  15. Karakuri says:

    I’ll probably draw out my comment later, but YES OMG WTF WAS WITH THAT CERES ENDING, I proudly (okay maybe not) still read Watashi ni XXX Shinasai and Black Bird for the smut, Tsubasa and XXXHolic I only liked because I’m also a CLAMPtard, and I can honestly say that I gave up on Vampire Knight around the time you did that first post on it.

    • anaaga says:

      Hehe, I still read XX Shinasai and Black Bird too. Though I don’t know if I’ll be able to survive it ;___;

  16. Kencana says:

    I like Watashi ni XX Shinasai!, but when those ‘sensei’ appeared, it became worse. And… Yukina?! What’s wrong with you?

    I dislike Viewfinder. I cannot get past one chapter. I pity Akihito.

    • anaaga says:

      Ah, her name is Yukina. I actually like the Sensei but because of his appearance. I find his story to be utterly ridiculous. And lol, dating his ex-kindergarten student

      Well, Akihito is dating some rich BAMF now. The gigolo found his sugardaddy!

  17. tofu says:

    I think Tsubasa and Holic are my favorite manga of all times. The art is stunning and the plots are brilliantly planned out! (how amazing is that all these plot development are thought out ever since chapter 1!) It’s really worth the read and I have the entire Tsubasa series on my bookshelf 😀 Pains me to see it on this list >.< I hope you guys will give it a try one day!

    • anaaga says:

      It’s good that you buy the manga. Support the mangaka! I’m planning to buy XXXHolic for myself (not TRC though) when I have the money ^^

  18. Bell says:

    Oh, the Finder Series. I don’t usually like the whole love-through-rape cliche either, but I think what makes Viewfinder more tolerable for me is that their relationship was purely one of “rape and no love” in the beginning. IIRC, the first chapter was originally meant to be stand-alone and not part of a series.

    But I guess as the manga got more and more popular, Yamane Amano thought, “Oh shit, this is going to go on forever; better put the two of them in an actual relationship!” And thus the Hong Kong arc was born. xD

    And in the end, I’m glad that the two of them are in an actual relationship now, since the violent rape thing was getting old real fast. So no complaints from this fangirl. xD

  19. […] FINALLY bring out a manga post after having not written one in a year! In my absence though, Anaaga and Hawthrone have both graced Meta with their own awesome manga recommendations that are still […]

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