Eureka Seven Ao – 06

Eureka Seven Ao: The fighting game!? I choose you Elena.

Welcome back to another fun Eureka Seven Ao review! So have you enjoyed the mini podcast recordings with me and Jrow so far? I really hope so because I always look forward to lending my voice about the episode along with writing about it in the review.Plot follows team Generation Blue battling against another giant secret. Also, a new character appears.

Drugs are bad m’kay…

Some guy-“DUDE! I was going to smoke those plants…thanks a lot bro.”

This episode starts off with a trip to Africa and the location of a drug operation; that scene left most Eureka fans scratching their heads with a bit of confusion, but at the same time it was very interesting until all hell broke loose with the local government arriving to “interrupt” the drug deal. After that it started to make me question who we can really trust in this world. It feels like the various government groups in Eureka Seven Ao are all into some shady stuff behind the scenes, but I think we can place the blame on Truth because he or she stirred things up with their fancy super powers.

Rest in peace Mr. teddy bear!

Conclusion? Never let children die.

So last week I know some of us started to see the death flags quite early for a few members of team Goldilocks, but we are only half correct on this as Ao watches their golden ship get taken out by the new secret… Thankfully the three girls survived, but Bruno went down with the ship after saving the girls from danger! Damn that really sucks to see a great character like Bruno get taken out; however, I agree with Jrow on this point about his death. The thing is we never really got to know the real Bruno with the last episode so his death felt a bit weak. Maybe the impact of his death might shake up Ao in the future with Bruno’s words of “don’t let children die” to heart? For some reason I can just picture Ao making that his new motto for fighting with Generation Blue.

Hospitals are serious!

Chloe-“And people wonder why I have imaginary friends no one listens to me.”             Ao-“Pass…the…pancakes…zzzzzz”

Chloe-“CHLOE SMASH! RAAWWWRRRR!”            Ao-“Oh crap loli girl is pissed…think fast!”

Chloe-“Rage…suddenly…leaving…”                 Ao-“That’s right don’t bite my arm off.”

While everyone regroups and takes a break, Ao takes a few minutes to check up on Chloe who doesn’t seem too shocked that Bruno died, but she does shed some tears. That said we really don’t have a clue how many people or friends have died around Chloe. For all we know, she might have seen death after death and has become numb to it at this point? Instead of getting down in the dumps about Bruno, it appeared that Chloe spent most of her time ranging on Ao. I think she just wanted to be alone to collect her thoughts either that or she is trying to motivate him in her own unique way? So what do you think is Chloe a tough as nails pilot or will she have a dramatic breakdown in her next battle?


Nirvosh loves to hug a little too hard…

Another interesting moment followed Ao feeling a bit left out, while he figures out where he belongs with Generation Blue. I know Chloe was practically telling him to go get some sleep, because if he is lacking sleep that will ultimately have an affect on his team. Yes you can’t battle giant alien like monsters if you can’t manage to stay awake, but he snapped out of it really fast after he took a helmet to the skull to jumpstart his brain into battle ready mode. So what was Ao’s master plan? Simple! Use the cannons on the main Generation Blue ship to rip a hole in the air around the Secret and do what he does best; as in epic close quarters combat…Nyaruko-san would be so proud of him right now or come out and accuse him of stealing her moves?

Secrets and Truths…

Truth-“I will tell you the truth behind my amazing cross dressing skills.”

Ao-“Oh boy a giant alien carousel in the sky! Seems like the perfect location.”

The truth is he failed to create the rest of his Iron Man cosplay.

Does anyone else notice the Secrets come in all shapes and sizes from tiny drones to massive space ships and recently with this episode carousel of death. So, every week we get to officially play “Guess the monster of the week” just like I did with Sacred Seven or maybe something like Smile Precure? The best thing about these monsters is the scale versus the mechs because Bones is doing a fantastic job so far. Those secrets are cool and all, but Truth takes the cake for best new monster; so what in the world is truth? Is he an Alien? Maybe he is a Human/scub burst hybrid or something completely different? Whatever he turns out to be he has me interested in possible theories, but I think he needs the Nirvosh for something special or he wants to steal it for himself.

Extra fun with Eureka Seven Ao!

I will give you a cookie if you can manage to find the hidden service.

Chloe-“Dude what the hell just happened? And why didn’t I bit his arm off?”

Elena-“This monster looked easy in the strategy guide…”         Fleur-“You need to get out more Elena.” 

Chloe is watching the latest episode of Aquarion EVOL and craving doughnuts.

End thoughts

Interesting episode this week showing us another side of Eureka Seven Ao with all the mechs fighting Secrets all the time. I remember seeing Twitter explode with comments like what am I watching? Thanks to the strange start of this episode…for a minute there I swear I was watching a side episode from Darker than Black or maybe X’amd lost memories? I guess Bones couldn’t resist the urge to throw in a character with a unique super power. What do you think Truth could be? I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with for their ideas on that character.

What else? Ah yes the lack of Noah!? What the hell did they completely forget the poor little fella? I bet he is in the room like guys? Where is my dinner? I think he will be just fine after all he is fueled by Hnngggss and moe magic. At least I got my daily dose of Elena being her fun loving self like usual! So what did you enjoy this week with Eureka Seven Ao episode six?


Truth-“Mind giving me a lift to the end of the world? Thanks!”

Truth attacks head on!?


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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11 Responses to “Eureka Seven Ao – 06”

  1. skylion says:

    I will give you a cookie if you can manage to find the hidden service.

    I would say it’s hidden it plain site, butt that would be obvious wouldn’t it? Rebuttal?

    Chloe is watching the latest episode of Aquarion EVOL and craving doughnuts.

    She’s prolly thinking, “LOLI! PLZ! That ain’t how you pilot a Vector”

    RE: Bruno. He was important to his team, he was huggy, and he took no shit from The Secret all the way to the end. That’s important enough a character in my book.

    • BlackBriar says:

      I think Bruno will still have a lingering effect on story. If someone of that stature dies so soon, especially in battle, it must be for a good reason.

    • Foshizzel says:

      I shall send you a cookie in the mail! I hope it arrives fresh and in one piece, butt I can’t promise such things <3

      Ahahah yeah Chloe is like dude wtf l2pilot!

      Yep RIP bruno...RIP T____T

  2. BlackBriar says:

    A different form of Secret to fight everytime there’s a crisis? That concept sounds like what they did for Sacred Seven, Evangelion and Blood-C and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not.

    I think Bruno will still be a crucial character for the story even though he supposedly died. He might not be around physically but he could be used in flashbacks that would be considered important. Just like Ao no Exorcist’s Shiro. His death was quick and we were trying to get to know him at the time. He died in the second episode but was continually used later on in the series in scenes where he was a big influence in the other character’s lives.

    Chloe understands the weight of what it means to be part of Generation Blue, mainly being a pilot. So basically, she knew there would be risks of losing team members and such and she had to be mentally prepared for it as if being part of the army, a soldier. She really looks mature about the aspect of death or maybe the shock of losing Bruno hasn’t totally sunk in yet.

    Ao’s still in the newbie phase so it’s gonna take some time to fully get in with the team. They left him to sleep because they thought it could be handled easily. That surely blew up in their faces. He’s being underestimated at every turn but he’ll eventually get recognition with the number of defeated Secrets piling up on his list. The main guy always has to prove himself.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yep! Classic monster of the week and I totally forgot about Blood-C probably because I blogged Sacred Seven and hated every lame monster battle; however this is nothing new in the form of anime aka random design = monster rampage.

      True that! They could easily turn Bruno into the “Shiro” of Eureka Seven Ao, but I still have no idea if I have any “feels” for him even if they show a flashback because this is technically Ao’s world and story. Then again I suppose Ao might learn more about Bruno from the remaining girls on team Goldilocks…

      Right Chloe probably knows the horrors about fighting the secrets and maybe it hasn’t hit her yet about Bruno, but the way she came off was that of someone who was like meh another person died…maybe she will breakdown later in another battle? However we really don’t know much about her true back story I have a feeling she has been fighting her whole life or something ultra cheesy like that.

      Ao still feels part of the team but still an outsider I, but maybe with more sleep and bonding time between his team mates things might ease up for him as far as “teamwork” goes that is ahaha

  3. Reaper says:

    Ah, been so long since I’ve commented but here we go, right back into it!
    Bruno got reshirted; NOOOOOOOOOOOO! I mean, he died in order to protect the kids of Team Goldilocks but it’s still tragic, especially afterwards when we saw Bruno’s motto ‘Never let children die!’, and all of his careful after action debriefings/reports, like the one on Iwato Island, and how it could have been improved for the children’s sake…Team Goldilocks looked really mature about Bruno’s loss, I agree, but it’s also sad because they’re kids; they’re not suppose to be hardened against death (though I guess also those Angels Secrets murderous rages are rather…devastating to local human populations…) A bit of character development, especially for Ao since he was still looking for a reason for actually being at Generation Bleu (should go vigilante with Nirvash, get slapped by Holland for taking it out without permission; like father, like son!)

    Hm, monster a week strategy atm, but hopefully with the new enemy called, uh, Truth (where are the homunculi!) things will be picking up faster, especially with Truth’s attack on Generation Bleu’s HQ, with the preview being a definite tease. Not gonna lie though, the buck-tooth avatar of Truth reminded me of the guy from the Darker than Black OVA; hella though I was watching something for Darker than Black, but then my hopes got crushed by the lolis… D:

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahahah welcome back Reaper! We have missed your comments <3

      I know right!? And that comment works perfectly thanks to Bruno's red vest thing and agreed they are just children, but in this world they have to deal with the possibilities of death almost every day depending on the secrets that attack.

      I hope we learn more about the girls on team Goldilocks in the future and I really am curious to see if there are other teams besides the two we met already.

      You know what I really never thought of that! You are right Truth does feel more like a homunculi than anything else, but yaaaa I was thinking the same thing about the buck-tooth guy in the DtB OVA ahahah good stuff! And since it is Bones maybe he is a shout out character from that series?

  4. Jrow says:

    The guitar version of the full OP is epic.

    *goes back to playing air guitar*

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