First Impressions – Shirokuma Cafe

The almost-perfect seiyuu cast coupled with cute animals, but is that it’s only selling point?~

Oh gosh this is probably the cutest thing we’re gonna get this season. Ever since our spring preview I have been so looking forward to watching moe animals running a café. xD Are you ready for some kawaii overload? (。・ω・。)ノ♡
This. I don’t think I fully understand this. All of this. How an anime about a polar bear running a cafe managed to get such a great seiyuu cast is beyond me, but maybe watching this will give me an answer…?
Time for some more slice of life anime with the premiere of Shirokuma Cafe! That tantalizing question as to how exactly a polar bear runs a cafe will finally be answered! I don’t know about you but, I’m pretty excited to find out~.

This darling episode begins with Panda, a…panda who’s hobbies/skills are zoning out while laying down, lazing about, and eating bamboo. His mother wants him to get a part-time job and start thinking of his future, but Panda just wants to relax. When buying bamboo snacks, he finds a job magazine and starts calling up ‘fancy’ jobs. Of course, having no experience, he gets none of them. As Panda takes a walk, he comes upon a butterfly that gets a string caught on it. Before he can pull it away, the butterfly flies away, leading him through a colorful scenery until they reach a cafe. There, Polar Bear makes his appearance by welcoming him to Polar Bear’s Cafe.

Through hearing Polar Bear’s talk with Mr. Penguin about finding a part-timer, Panda gets an interview at the cafe The next day, five animal hopefuls, including panda, go through their interviews in front of Polar Bear and Mr. Penguin, but each animals’ talents are completely useless for cafe work. Polar Bear thinks he hasn’t found anyone, until a young women comes in with a sloth. She is quickly offered an interview despite just suddenly walking in…

Still without a job, Panda gets help from Penguin, who points out a job at the zoo. There he gets a part-time job as a ‘panda’, working alongside a full-time ‘panda. Preschoolers come on his first day and the two give as much fanservice as they can to the young kids. Panda gives so much that he actually passes out! After waking up just in time for closing, he heads to the cafe, where his other co-workers at the zoo are at. There Panda discovers Polar Bear has finally added bamboo and bamboo grass, after asking for it for so long~.



Dawww that was so cute. Panda was an adorable main character! Introducing your typical lazy teenage shounen… but in panda form. Polar bear plays the role of the magnanimous café owner who loves all his customers and has to deal with all this, um, utter weirdness all day long. This anime is really the epitome of weirdness. I liked how ridiculous it was in the sense that everyone was talking to the animals so naturally like nothing on earth was wrong LOL. How often do you see a panda walking down the street?! Like oh yeah it’s perfectly normal to be offering a panda a part-time job of BEING A PANDA. Is this what we can envision our future to be like? Please slow down, evolution, my brain can’t handle this so suddenly xD

Actually, when I first heard about the plot I was thinking that the style would be cuter, or more chibi, but it turned out to be more mature! Probably ‘coz it’s jyosei, but I think I might’ve enjoyed it better if it was cuter? I cannot match the voices of Junjun and Kamiyan to the character designs of the animals! It doesn’t really fit for me, but it’s not bad to the point that it’s unbearable. Moving on, the music was surprising! I wasn’t expecting such an epic OP – yes the entire thing was autotuned, but it was so catchy and jumpy! I could dance to this song! The lyrics are even well-fitted with the song (despite some cheesy Engrish), I am impressed. And of course, who could deny that the ED was super kawaii? Junjun never fails to give us some ear candy~

I’m still not sure whether I can see myself finishing the entire series. I do think that it is really cute, but truthfully I might not be able to survive through weeks and weeks of seeing slice of life in animal-style. Overall, I did enjoy this first episode and I’m glad I caught it! How about you? Are you, as the OP goes, one of “the lucky boys and girls that have found this café”?  o(*゚▽゚*)o

W-why is that theme song so catchy?! Why is their use of kaomoji in the OP lyrics so cute? HOW THE CRAP DID THAT TURTLE MANAGE TO CLIMB ON THAT TABLE?! DID THAT SLOTH EVER GET PERMISSION TO LIVE IN THE BACKYARD щ(゜ロ゜щ)?!?!?! …I admit, I was more hung up on the little things like how the bears managed to hold onto the glasses, why no one reacted to talking animals and whether owning a pet would be considered cruel in this world (…think about it) or not more than caring if Panda got a job.  Are there non-talking animals? Is there some sort of social ranking between animals that talk and ones that can’t? And if so, wouldn’t that just be considered racism? Obviously, I’ve been over thinking the small things and not caring about the plot. …Mostly because I didn’t really care about the plot. I didn’t really find the jokes funny in the first place and then I didn’t find them funny when they were repeated 4 or 5 times later in the episode.

It’s funny because the Panda is a NEET at heart (・∀・). I’ve heard Jun do some extremely shota voices before, but this has to be the shota-est of them all (pretend that shota-est is actually a real term). If the storyline wasn’t that interesting, at least the voice cast was. That is some of the most moe voice acting I’ve ever heard ever. Did he inhale helium before he read out his lines? How does Jun get his voice so high pitched? Is that level of moe even legal? Why is Kamiyan so perfect at everything he does? Why isn’t Sakurai in every single anime ever? Yes, the voice casting was superb. I can’t get over it.

So yeah, the voice casting was good, the actual storyline/plot/gags bored me and I thought the OP/ED were pretty good. As for the animation, I admit to not really paying attention, but I didn’t notice anything that off about it. The parts where I was paying attention were pretty good. So yeah, everything except the plot were great… Not that I’m saying it’s bad, but it just wasn’t my speed. I’ll probably give this a couple episodes to see if the jokes actually get funny or not ヽ(´ー`)ノ.

…WHY DOES PANDA SEEM SO MUCH LIKE ME CURRENTLY? Except, I actually feel bad for not having a job, and I’m really not that lazy. ANYWAY, Panda is so adorable, especially with that cute panda shoulder bag! Jun’s high pitched voice just makes Panda ever so lovable, despite his incredibly lazy attitude that nags at my inner hard worker self. In fact, his extreme laziness nagged me so much I clapped for joy when he actually got a job and enjoyed it, somewhat. I loved the ironic idea of Panda working at the zoo…as a panda, HA! For some reason, I thought Polar Bear was going to be a woman. I guess I figured since this was based off a josei manga that Polar Bear would be a woman…Looks like I need to pay more attention to the seiyuu list. I also thought that EVERYONE in the anime would be an animal, but there’s humans too! I guess only a few select animals can talk and walk around normally? Either way, it’s pretty lulzy and the animals keep the show’s atmosphere fun.

So the plot was…pretty bland; enjoyable, but unmistakably boring. The repeated jokes were also bland, and them being repeated just ran an already dry rag even drier. However, I did like the atmosphere of the show! It was very fun, light, spring-y, and quite cafe-esque. It’s probably why I still feel myself tied to this show as I’m a complete sucker for the cafe thing. Hopefully this is just another one of those shows that you have to give time to get the laugh-out-loud comedy ball rolling (like Kimi to Boku *cough*). I haven’t given up hope! Let’s just see what these next few episodes have in store for us~.


Not entirely sure what the next episode will be about, but hey, at least we got some more fun conversations from our three main characters! Until next week then~!!


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23 Responses to “First Impressions – Shirokuma Cafe”

  1. Mito says:


    • Hoshi says:

      ~Hahaha! Certainly is different than usual anime, and the animals are cute (*´▽`*)

  2. tatsuya says:

    hahaha !!! I want that panda ~~~(*・∀・)/♡\(・∀・*)like this

  3. Hawthorne says:

    I’m in love with this show!<3 There's something about talking animals that makes me rofl, it's probably the fact that I have the humor of a four year old. I agree with you all that the seiyuu are amazing, they picked the perfect people for VAs!

    ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

  4. Amutofan123 says:

    I thoughroly enjoyed this. Why? My favorite seiyuu voicing fluffy animals. That’s why. Plus, it was really cute~

  5. Overcooled says:

    Cute but boring. There’s only so much I can laugh at how lazy a character is. The most interesting part is how the humans and animals interact. Like, getting a job at the zoo (wtf) and such. IT’S SO WEIRD!!! If they did more gags like that, they could get some good jokes out there. The realistic (sort of) artstyle makes those jokes work even better.

    Ah well. It’s good background noise for when I’m doing laundry or something. I’ll try episode 2 to give it the benefit of the doubt.

    • Hoshi says:

      ~My thoughts exactly! The getting a job at the zoo thing made me laugh more than anything. I also hope they add more jokes were they interact with humans because the animals interacting with other animals gets boring fast…

  6. Moni Chan says:

    I feel like if I watch this anime Ill get nightmares.

    • Hoshi says:


  7. akagami says:


    I’m with Moni Chan, even the screen caps scare me.

    On a different note, why do people find pandas cute? They’re a fricken bear.. you know, the type that thinks it’s fun to swat you with a huge paw.

    • Gecko says:

      I personally have held a panda for something like 5 minutes, and it was super adorable. The fur wasn’t too soft, but it was fun.
      Plus, pandas are mostly vegetarian (hence the bamboo) so it’s like they aren’t really bears.

      • akagami says:

        Was it a baby panda or a large one? Almost anything in baby form is cute (as long as it doesn’t have tentacles, scales, slime, not-an-insect, antennas, and other-things-that-scare-the-bejeezus-outta-me)

        If it was a mid-to-full grown panda, you’re a boss. Do have this awesome fear-inducing aura around you?

        • Gecko says:

          It was baby, of course. I think 6 to 8 months, otherwise they’re wayy to heavy. XD I wish I could hug an adult, although I know some people who petted/fed an adult. And obviously they’re still alive (unless something really bad happened) so pandas can’t be that scary. But yeah, tentacles/scales/antennas/insects scare me too. So I’m not a crazy person.
          I only have the fear-inducing aura when I give presentations to my French class- the last one ended up being 25 minutes (compared to maybe 5 minutes for the others.) Someone called me scary afterwards.

          • akagami says:

            Just curious, where did you do this? In China? I assume it was at a zoo because they’re on the endangered species list. Unless you’re awesome and snuck up on a wild panda.

            Odd though, I figured they would limit human contact to avoid passing along viruses/diseases and such.

            • Gecko says:

              China, of course. There’s a perserve somewhere that lets you with money. We had to wear blue plastic suits and gloves, although I snuck a touch before I got the gloves.
              Honestly, with money, I think they ignored the disease part.

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Personally I find pandas adorable because they look so chubby, soft, and cuddly. I know in reality they could be possibly dangerous, but at least from a distance they look cute (lol).

      Give the show a chance! It’s quite enjoyable~

  8. Gecko says:

    Why is this so adorable? I came for Jun, but I think I’m staying for everything… The OP was way over the top great for this, the ED was pretty cute, talking animals, animals acting cute… I don’t understand this love. But I know that I’m sticking with this show. So what if the plot is slow? I read all of Aria (which was this slow and then some) and found it very relaxing. It reminds me that homework is not all to life.

    • Hoshi says:

      ~The OP and ED are just GLORIOUS. I fell instantly in love with both<3. I have a feeling that the plot will be slow, and I've stuck by a lot of slower paced shows so I'm sticking to this definitely.

  9. Jrow says:

    Kamiya as a penguin, love it! I’ve also had Jun saying “~SERVICE~” stuck in my head since watching the episode on Sunday.

  10. Joojoobees says:

    This episode was win for one simple reason: he was a part-time panda. How freaking lazy does a panda have to be, to only do it part-time?

  11. anaaga says:

    I’ll have to pass for this one. It’s definitely seiyuugasm, and the animals are cute. It was too boring though, and the panda is one hell of an annoying character

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