50 things you didn’t know about Hawt

I promise not to embarrass myself too much, but no guarantees. 

50 questions? Challenge accepted! (There goes my attempt at being mysterious and ambiguous …) Anyway, here’s a little peak at who I am outside of the blogging world, though I doubt I’m anywhere near as cool as Hoshi, OC, Miyu, Fosh, and Kyo. I hope you enjoy reading a little more about me, and don’t forget to check out the other scandalous questionnaires from the series. (I bet you really want to read them now if you haven’t already! fufufu)

1. Who is your favorite male anime character?

Definitely Shouma Takakura! (As if you didn’t know by now from the picture and icon. xD) I love that he’s a dependable brother, will do anything for the people he loves, and is just hilarious in general. (Plus he’s partnered with Penguin #2, who is like the best penguin everrrrr.)

I’d say at a close second tie are Serpico, from Berserk, and Gareki, from Karneval.

2. Who is your favorite female character?

I don’t think it’s any secret that I’m a huge fan of Chihaya Kisaragi from The iDOLM@STER. She has an incredible singing voice and she’s passionate about her career as an idol, probably more-so than any of the other idols from the show. There’s just so much raw emotion behind her voice (credit of course to the awesome Asami Imai) and every time she sang in the show I was completely blown away. In a show full of high-pitched, upbeat, cheerfulness she stood out as that one girl who could capture everyone’s attention within seconds of singing. I’M A FANBOY OKAY. gosh/ Dx

Some of my favorites, if you’re interested, include Yakusoku (non-show-spoiling version), arcadia, and Aoi Toori.

3. What is your favorite anime soundtrack?

That’s hard to pick! Ummm, ermmm, uhhh … okay, it’s a tie between the Mawaru Penguindrum OST and the K-ON OST. They’re probably the two I’ve listened to the most on my iPod.

4. What is your favorite anime opening + animation?

I’m pretty much in love with Rinne no Lagrange’s opening “TRY Unite!” by Megumi Nakajima, all those colors and that addicting song, yeah. Close second would be “Uninstall” from Bokurano by Chiaki Ishikawa.

5. What is your favorite anime ending song + animation?

Star Driver’s first ED “Cross over” by 9nine was amazing. I guess the animation part wasn’t anything all that special compared to say an OP’s animation, but I love the song and I thought it fit the series very well. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a video of the actual ED to share with you all!

Second place goes to Triple H and each of the Mawaru Penguindrum EDs they sang! :3 (I think they sang most of the EDs in the second half of the season …)

6. What is your favorite anime scene?

Okay after carefully thinking about it, my favorite would have to be the last couple minutes of episode 20 of The iDOLM@STER. You can’t really get the full effect of it unless you’ve seen the rest of the series, but basically it involved Chihaya (the one from before) finally breaking free of the things in her life that held her back and accepting that they can’t be changed, and it also shows how close all the idols had grown throughout their careers. The first time I watched it I was in tears, not Grave of the Fireflies or AnoHana type tears where you cry yourself to sleep after watching, but just happy tears.

This probably sounds super cliche, but one of my favorite scenes as a kid was the rain scene from My Neighbor Totoro when Totoro learns what an umbrella is and then jumps into the air and back to the ground and all the rain falls from the trees. I still love that movie.

The rest of my favorite scenes are mostly from comedies like Ichigo Mashimaro (this one for example) and Nichijou (pretty much EVERY scene), it’s hard to really pick a favorite out of everything I’ve seen since starting to watch anime!

7. If you could meet an anime character, who would it be?

 Hibiki Tachibana, so I could cut her hair. FOR REALS NOW. Probably either Tsukimi or Okabe. I think either of them would make for a pretty interesting friend.

8. What anime character is most similar to you in terms of personality?

OKAY. CAPS. I’m probably like a cross between Osaka and Sakaki from Azumanga Daioh. Sakaki because people who don’t know me think I’m sort of quiet and distant, and I’m usually by myself staring out a window or something, but like Sakaki I have another side to me which is like Osaka, incredibly clutzy, kind of airheaded, and occasionally weird.

9. What is your favorite thing about anime?

There are SO many different types of anime for everyone, whether you’re looking for something lighthearted or something intense and crazy, I just love being able to come home and watch an anime and make everything better. If I’m sad about something I can watch a comedy, if I just feel like relaxing there’s tons of slice of life/healing anime, and if I’m not in the mood to watch something I can go read some manga, or a book. I guess that’s my favorite thing about anime.

I also love that through anime I get to meet lots of new people online who feel the same way, and even write about it. ^^

10. What is your least favorite thing about anime?

Honestly sometimes my least favorite thing is the fandom. I don’t get why some fans feel entitled to criticize and mock other fans for stuff like cosplay or their interests in different genres. I think there’s a difference between not liking something and being tolerant of people who do, and not liking something and being an asshole about it. Meh.

I promise, no more ranting from Hawt!

11. Who is your favorite anime couple?

Ararararagi and Senjougahara, I loved watching them this season in Nisemonogatari, and they were great in Bakemonogatari too. One of my favorite episodes of any anime ever is the one with the car ride/star gazing scenes, everything about it just felt perfect, the way they interacted and the humor from the whole situation with Hitagi’s dad kept me laughing throughout.

12. Who is your favorite anime animal?

Poyopoyo, the adorable round cat. :3

13. What anime would make a good game?

I always thought that Shiki would make a pretty fun game if it could be as chaotic and horrifying as the anime. Something about small towns and horror just always gets me interested.

14. What game would make a good anime?

Rune Factory! (preferably Frontier or 3) It already has elements of anime in it since it’s pretty much one giant harem (or reverse harem in Tides of Destiny), plus the characters are great and I’m sure they could think up a suitable story that involves action and slice of life. /fanboying

Cookies for anyone who recognizes the original image this is based on. ><

15. What was the first anime you ever watched?

I can’t even remember which came first, probably episodes of Pokemon as a kid before school, I remember being in love with them. (I even had a Pikachu backpack and hundreds of the TCG cards!) I also watched episodes of Dragon Ball sometimes. The first anime I ever watched actually knowing it was Japanese animation was Totoro, and I loved it to death, so much so that I started searching around for more movies, and eventually shows, and now years later I’m here. ^^

16. Do you think you’ll ever stop watching anime?

No probably not, for however long I live I’m sure it’ll always be a part of my life. I’m sure down the line other things will become important, but I’m not the type of person to just ignore something that I’ve been interested in for so long.

17. What is your favorite genre of anime?

I’d say horror, but there are so little that I’ve actually seen, so I’ll go with psychological, fantasy, mecha, romance, comedy, slice of life, and music … Okay, that’s a lot! It’s hard to pick just one. xD

18. What is your least favorite genre of anime?

Sports, I’ve tried getting into to it before, but I’m just not that interested. -.-

19. Are you open about watching anime with people you know?

Yes … if only I knew someone around where I live who even knows what anime is! I tried introducing my brother to it, but either Claymore was too much for him, or he just doesn’t like anime at all.

20. Have you ever been to Japan?

Never, but I’d love to go at least once.

21. What anime was the biggest let down for you?

MM!. I was not a fan, I thought it looked nice though.

22. What anime was better than expected?

Oh plenty! One of the first though was Nana. When I first started learning about/watching anime I would pick a random series from a list and follow it through. (That’s how I came across amazing series like Ichigo Mashimaro and Bokurano.) The whole grunge-y, rock-n-roll drama wasn’t really my thing, but as soon as at the first episode ended I was hooked. Nana is by far the best serious romance anime I’ve ever seen and though it’s been a LONG time since I’ve watched it I still feel like I have a connection to the characters.

Another surprisingly awesome show was Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru, one of my favorite comedies that I initially thought would be terrible.

23. What is the best anime fight scene?

I’m really enjoying the fight between Strength and BRS right now in the new Black Rock Shooter anime, other then that I loved Sayaka vs Elsa Maria in Madoka Magica and Takuto vs Simone in Star Driver.

24. Who is your anime waifu?

I haven’t seen her in a while actually … AKARIN!~ Nope. I think she’s finally disappeared from existence. (╥﹏╥) Wait … Akari … who is she again?

25. What was your favorite video game as a child?

Harvest Moon and Pokemon! Even today I still love them both.

26. Most Embarrassing moment?

Everyday of my life is a most embarrassing moment. I’ve pretty much done everything … fallen down stairs at school, fallen up stairs at school, tripped and fell on my face in gym, spilled my teacher’s coffee, my Kim Possible (dun dun dunah) ringtone went off in class once, another time it was the Pokemon theme song (and people started singing along) … my friends have pretty much accepted the fact that at least five times a day I’ll do something embarrassing, but I always recover. Self-confidence ftw! ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ

27a. Can you drive?

Legally? Not by myself. I failed the driver’s test a lot before I even got my permit thing (stupid parallel parking!). I’m still working towards my license now. I’m one of those overly cautious drivers who drives like 5 miles under the speed limit though …

27b. Do you own a car?

I wish! I mostly ride my bike everywhere … it’s a little damaged at the moment, but I’m going to college soon anyway. ><

28. Are you mature?

Ehh … I would say sometimes. It depends! When I’m around people I’m close with I feel more comfortable being silly and outgoing, but towards people I don’t know very well I’m kind of shy and reserved. Online I also feel more free to be myself, which sometimes isn’t very mature. If you met me in person you’d realize how different my personality is online compared to in real life though, I guess I like being behind a keyboard rather than moving my mouth. xD

29. What year were you born?

1994! I’m 18, which feels weird.

30. Do you prefer cats or dogs?

Kittens!!! I’m a cat person, when I get older I’ll probably be that crazy cat lady … except not a lady. Seriously though, I’d love to have a kitten and a puppy and watch them become friends, hopefully not mortal enemies. For now though I have an adorable corgi! His name is Colton, he doesn’t live with us anymore, but I get to see him every weekend and sometimes after school and as soon as I get my own place after college I would like to re-adopt him from my aunt. I try to see him as much as possible, I don’t want him to forget me. D:

31. Describe yourself physically.

Erm, I’m like 5’10-ish, sorta thin for my height. (I was short and “plump”, as my friends would say, in middle school and then puberty hit me like a bus!) I have short brown hair (usually put in some kind of faux hawk type thing, unless I feel lazy that day), blueish/greenish eyes, and a nose with a little bump in it. I’m kind of pale, I live right near the beach but I never tan or anything. xD

32. What would you name your first child?

By child do you mean kitten? Because his/her name will be Mittens and I will love Mittens with all my heart.  °◡° But really, I never actually thought about that before. I like the name Autumn though, and Winter, and Summer … I guess I would name them after a season!

33. What is the worst injury you have ever had?

I’ve never had any serious injuries surprisingly, I’ve sprained stuff and damaged things before but never anything serious.

34. What is your worst habit?

Oh by far it’s procrastinating! I leave things off until the very last moment. I’ve tried not to let it carry over into my blogging habits though, and I’m trying to be more productive with school work and whatnot because I’ll be going to college soon and the last thing I want to be is a procrastinator. Even as I write this I’m procrastinating because there’s a Spanish project I don’t want to do. (;-_-)

I also have a habit of walking out of rooms and not closing the door behind me. It’s pretty rage inducing apparently.

35. Do you drink or smoke?

Nope, I kind of avoid alcohol and cigarettes. I don’t really mind when people drink or smoke, but with my health being not so great at the moment I have to avoid those kinds of things.

36. Do you have a tattoo?

I love the way tattoos look, especially ones with bright colors, but I don’t have one. I’d like to get small one when I’m older just to try it though.

37. Are you a morning person or a night person?

Morning, definitely. I struggle to stay awake anytime past 10. In the morning though I’m up as early as possible, I don’t like missing out on daylight!

38. Have you ever slept past midday?

I’ve tried, but I can’t do it. I kind of end up just laying there staring at the ceiling. -_-

39. Do you regret anything?

Of course, I think there’s at least one thing in every person’s life that they regret.

40. Can you count the number of friends you have on one hand?

If I count only my closest friends, then yes.

41. Do you wear glasses?

I prefer contacts because when I wear glasses I tend to get them dirty with my hands and stuff. They also fall off my face a lot, I crushed a pair once. Those poor glasses weren’t even owned for a full week. So yeah, contacts ftw!

42. Are you a picky eater?

I’m not able to eat meat or fish, or uncooked veggies, so I’m kind of limited in what I can make for myself. I really like rice, so most of the meals I cook are along the lines of fried rice. Other than the things I can’t eat though, I pretty much like everything else, especially chocolate-y foods and cultural food.

43. Would you die for someone?

Yes, I would. There are people in my life I would do anything for.

44. If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

Healing powers! I hate seeing people who are or get hurt.

45. Do you believe in the supernatural?

Yes I do! I don’t really think about it often or anything though, it’s just something I think is interesting.

46. Would you rather be rich or famous?

Rich, because I can be pretty lazy sometimes!

47. Have you ever committed a crime?

I J walked once when I was in New York, there were no cars though so it wasn’t really bad! Besides, is that even really a punishable crime? xD

48. Pirates or ninjas? Time Traveler or ghost?

Ninjas! Time Traveler! heh.

49. Does someone have a crush on you?

Nonono, I doubt that very much.

50. Are you in a relationship?


Well that was fun! I didn’t realize they were going to get so personal. I had all weekend to do it so I hope I didn’t creep you all out with some of my unnecessarily long answers. (;-_-) Thanks for reading and I guess I’ll be seeing you around Meta! ;D

Until next time!

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I enjoy watching anime, when I'm not burning toast or sleeping through college.
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46 Responses to “50 things you didn’t know about Hawt”

  1. Ceyrai says:

    #6: OMG I love My Neighbor Totoro! I watched it with some kids I was babysitting… the TV ended up babysitting all of us. 😀 I adored the Cat Bus. :3

    #10: I AGREE WHOLLY. Fanwank is the worst. The shipping wars, the bashing… GUH. If you ever rant about it I will rant with you. 😛

    #18: It seems nearly everyone on Metanorn doesn’t like sports much. :)))

    #22: OMG NANA. I can see why your first impression of it didn’t seem great and I’m glad it surprised you. It’s one of my most favorite josei series.

    #23: Do you know the doujin game for Puella Magi Madoka Magica? Elsa Maria’s level was also the best there. Just saying.

    #26: Aww. You’re such a positive soul. Not to worry though, my ringtone is a Charlie the Unicorn quote and it’s rung in class a couple of times, too. Happens to everyone. 😀

    • Hawthorne says:

      #6: Aw! It’s such a great movie, anyone of any age would probably fall in love with it. I adored Cat Bus too! I adored pretty much everything about Totoro. x3

      #10: If I ever need backup I’ll let you know. xD

      #18: I tried, I really did, maybe it just wasn’t the right series for me. Instead of soccer maybe I should try baseball or something. -.-

      #22: I’ve heard of a couple, but sadly never got the chance to play any. It sounds cool though! Playing as the Puella Magi girls would be pretty awesome.

      #26: Charlie<3 haha nice choice! 😀 Cell phones are so unpredictable. -_-

  2. Shey says:

    You said that you are unable to eat certain types of food and that your health isn’t very good. Are those two things related? And if so, what are you suffering from? :<
    You don't have to answer it if it's too personal 🙂

    "Healing powers! I hate seeing people who are or get hurt."

    Aww, that's so sweet. I feel the same! Though if I'm healing others I want to be able to heal myself too haha.

    • Hawthorne says:

      Oh no, don’t worry! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make it sound like I’m dying or something! Those are both unrelated, I promise I won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. D:

      That’s true! I’d hate to end up like poor Hare from Guilty Crown. If we both had healing powers though we could just heal each other! ^^

  3. Overcooled says:

    YEAHHH MORE DATA ON HAWTHORNE! It’s really hard to pick one favourite for everything, isn’t it? o_o

    You want to heal people and the worst you’ve done is J-walking? Are you a saint or something? Such a pure soul, this one ;_;

    Aww embarrassing moments are the worst. At least your mortification wears off pretty quickly. I’ve had dorky ringtones go off really loudly in quiet places too…Yeah, it’s pretty awkward. ._.

    By the way, I don’t know if Claymore is a good starting anime for someone XD I mean, it’s pretty intense…Unless that’s his usual thing, and you thought it suited his tastes. It’s tough finding real life anime fans (I have about…3). The power of connecting with people online brings us all together!

    • Hawthorne says:

      OH NO I’M BEING ANALYZED. dx Incredibly hard! D: I even ended up changing some my responses a couple times, I’m so indecisive!

      Saint? Probably not, but thanks OC. xD

      “Pretty awkward” is putting it gently! (;-_-) I guess it depends on the level of dorkiness of the ringtone though.

      Yeah, I think I might have scared him away! He likes action movies so I thought “Hey, this has action!”, but he seemed pretty uninterested throughout. That must be nice having some people around you who share in your interest! But I totally agree, thanks to the internet it’s a lot easier to connect with everyone. ^^

  4. Karakuri says:

    Hawt. We need to talk more. I freaking love Rune Factory. I’ve never played the Frontier or Oceans games, but I’ll take your word that they’re good.

    Ahaha your embarrassing moments sound so… so… moe. I can see how they would be embarrassing though.

    I hardly think j-walking in New York is a crime. I lived there for short time and pretty much everyone does it xD

    • Hawthorne says:

      Rune Factory fans ftw! *high five* I’ve logged so many hours into RF3, it’s crazy. Frontier is good, but REALLY irritating at times because it has this annoying Runey system that has to be maintained like every two days or the game breaks. I wouldn’t recommend it unless you don’t mind putting some time into that. D: (Plus, loading screens. bleh.) Nice to see more fans! We can totally talk more, I should probably go on MSN more often then I do.

      hahaha they do sound pretty moe-ish when I re-read them. I’m sure it’s less moe in person though.

      When I went there were a lot of people doing it, like you said. But when I did it my teacher got pretty angry. -_-

      • Karakuri says:

        RF3 was for sure my favourite so far. Gaius Raven is my waifu xD. Oh…that does sound tedious. I think I’ll give Tides (I think that’s the English name…) a chance though since you actually get to be female in that one xD. Ehh, I’m not on all that often either to be honest. I wouldn’t stress too much about it =3

        Really, anything about tripping automatically sounds moe ヽ(・∀・)ノ

        • Hawthorne says:

          Raven was my waifu too. x3 Tides is really fun! I think you’d enjoy it, it feels a lot different then the other RF games, but it’s still a great entry in the series. ^^ (RF3 will always be my favorite though!)

  5. Fallenblackroses says:

    I’m happy to see Idolm@ster getting mentioned getting mentioned in most of these Q/A’s, it’s a really great series. That’s where that image is from too, under the question about game becoming an anime? Do I get cookies??

    • Hawthorne says:

      Fictional Cookies for you!! ˆㅂˆ I’m happy to see there are lots of fans too! It was an excellent series to watch.

  6. Kyokai says:

    Your emoticons are so cuddly that I want to cuddle them and take them home! xD Here’s a fun fact: I had the Kim Possible ring tone for a while too and NO ONE knew that it was a cartoon RT. Not to mention, it’s still defined as my tone on my mom’s phone… >,< And like the girls said, now we have more DATA on you to stalk you! Muhwahahaaa~ If we ever do a Metanorn meet up some time in the future, I'll cook you some traditional Asian food to test your taste buds. xD

    • Hawthorne says:

      heheh I love emoticons. ˘⌣˘ No way, you had that ringtone too!? Haha that’s so awesome! Kim Possible was great, though just like when you had it, nobody seemed to know what it was from when it went off in class so I guess that took away a little from the embarrassment.

      Ahhh I knew this was secretly an investigation! XD Just kidding, I was happy to share a little bit more about myself since I only just got here a couple months ago. ^^ And oooo Asian food, sounds delicious!

  7. Hoshi says:

    ~I’m trying to so hard to contain myself from completely fangirling over how ADORABLE you are!<3<3 If I ever met you in real life, I'd just straight up give you a hug before even saying anything xD

    27a. UGH, YES PARALLEL PARKING IS EVIL, and high-five for going 5 miles under the speed limit too! xD I failed my permit test 5 times before finally getting it, then failed my first driving test after one minute. Driving is just something that takes a lot of practice, even now after 7 months I still can't park correctly, hahaha!

    • Hawthorne says:

      Aw, thanks Hoshi!! •◡•

      VERY EVIL! I was the same way! I failed my first one too like seconds after starting because I didn’t tell my instructor to put on his seat belt. -.- Thanks for the advice though, I’m sure with some more practice I’ll get better. (lol! I’ll probably be the same way with parking 7 months from now too! XD)

    • Kyokai says:

      Hoshi, you have said what I tried not to say. xD *high five*

  8. Synchrine says:

    If it counts, I have a mini crush on you D:

    #22) I thought the same… it was getting kind of hyped up from my friends and that turned me off from Nana, but I gave it a try and it was so goooood. And to be honest, I didn’t think Mawaru Penguin Drum was going to be good D: but then I watched it was hooked ; ^ ; it was AMAZING★

    Why are you so adorable? .____.

    • Hawthorne says:

      Thanks Synchrine! >///<

      I'm glad you ended up feeling the same way about Nana, it turned out to be a truly amazing romance! And I completely agree about Penguindrum! I'm a big fan of the show. It's fun taking chances with shows, especially when they turn out good. ^^

  9. wonton jr. says:

    GAAAH XD I agree with you about Rune Factory being a good anime. I love the series so much haha.

    • Hawthorne says:

      Yay, more RF fans! ^^ If it ever got adapted into an anime I’d be really excited, but for now at least we have RF4 to look forward to!

  10. Hime says:

    #1 Hnnng, Gareki! I love him, too. He’s just so cool~

    #30 Nekos are the best, by far!

    #31 lol, mean girls xD that made me lol so much <3

    • Hawthorne says:

      Very cool! I love his goggles. xD

      Woo!~ I was hoping somebody would enjoy that! That’s like one of my favorite films ever.

  11. Rakuen says:

    You know, they have these new flexible glasses. You can bend or twist them and they stay in one piece. That’s what my latest pair is. Though, I’ve been hit in the face with plenty of objects with my old glasses and they barely even budged. ._.;

    Procrastination never really goes away. You just do it a bit more productively over time. You should see my calendar. It’s so full of nothing I’m not sure how I could get it all done!

    • Hawthorne says:

      I should look into those, I’d never have to worry about breaking them, honestly most of the time I don’t wear them because they break so easily. That sounds pretty traumatizing being hit in the face though, that must have hurt with glasses on. ><

      Calendars full of nothing are the best kinds of calendars! XD I don't really expect it to go away, as long as it doesn't become too big of a problem I think I'll be okay.

  12. Gecko says:

    Nice shortening of your name XD
    #3- What song is your favorite from the Mawaru Penguindrum OST? Mine is either とぎれゆく想い or 運命の子たち , for sure.
    #12- Finally, another person who likes Poyo! (Gosh, I think I love all the animals everyone’s mentioned so far -__-)
    #24- Which Akari? There’s at least 2 that I can find. If it’s Akari from Aria, I do know her. If not, then probably not.
    Dang it why can’t we live super nearby and actually know each other…? To copy Synchrine, HOW DO YOU EXIST?

    • Hawthorne says:

      Ah sorry, I can’t read that! XD I copied/pasted them both to youtube and after listening to them I can say though that I remember them from the show! My favorites are Penguin Mission from the first OST volume and Burning from the third volume. 😀

      Yuruyuri’s Akari! Awesome show. ^^

      I think I might start questioning my existence now! XD

  13. Foshizzel says:

    #5- YES YES AND YES! I love that Opening for Lagrane <3

    #6- ALL MY IDOM@STER LOVE! Seriously so many great moments in that series...season two...where are you!? We need more fun adventures with our favorite Idols <3

    My favorite is Haruka! I guess she reminds me of myself always happy and willing to help anyone xD I have no idea why I picked Hakase on my 50 questions.

    #31- You are just five inches taller than me! This isn't so bad short people are awesome...well 5'10' isn't that short LOLOL

    • Hawthorne says:

      Such an amazing song! My favorite of the season.

      Season two has to happen soon! I miss my idols. T_T

      Haruka is great! I love her optimism, and I felt so bad for her towards the end of the series. Ahhh I have to rewatch it soon it feels like it’s been forever. Picking between Hakase and Haruka is tough, they’re both awesome characters!

      Compared to most of the people around where I live 5’10” is pretty short. I feel like I live in a land of giants! XD

  14. tatsuya says:

    hahahahahahahaha ~~~\(T~T\)

  15. Yippy says:

    I agree, variety is one of anime’s strengths, perfect for otakus with broad tastes-like me. Some segments of the fandom are also quite harsh sometimes, but I think the best solution is to either reason with them or just ignore them if they persist just for the sake of it. Why ruin your love of something because of someone else’s opinion?

    Parallel parking? The HORROR!!! ( ゚д゚ )

    Seriously though, I feel your pain-I’ve knocked down quite an impressive number of poles while practicing for the actual test. Have you tried taking notes down on a piece of paper or on your phone? It helped me quite a bit when I forgot some stuff.

    Btw, do you go for the test using a manual or automatic transmission car? I think the manual transmission has got to be the most complicated and rage-inducing invention ever…

    • Hawthorne says:

      Ignoring tends to be the way I go about it. Sometimes I just don’t feel like getting involved. I completely agree with you though, letting someone else ruin something for you isn’t worth the time. (;-_-)

      Ah practicing … I did very little of that before my tests which is probably why I failed so many times. The day I finally passed I actually had notes and stuff, and I even practiced a couple hours before going. I feel lame saying this, but “practice makes perfect” definitely applies for driving.

      Automatic! If I ever tried to use manual stick shift I’d probably drive myself into a lake or something. It’s confusing as hell, I don’t get it at all! “Rage-inducing” doesn’t even begin to explain that stupid thing. XD

      • Yippy says:

        True, practice get can you to a lot of places. And, it’s not lame. =)

        You guys are lucky. We here in Malaysia are forced to drive manual cars for our tests. I think I even stalled at a green traffic light while on the road for 4 times straight. On the bright side though, at least we’re prepped for any car life throws at us!

  16. Zabobinator says:

    Respect level went up 50 points for liking My Neighbor Totoro! xD

  17. Jrow says:

    I sure do love the Penguindrum OST, and also the Triple H compilation.

    Also good to know you enjoyed Nana! It’s a shame that it seems like 47 episodes is all we’ll get. ;_;

    • Hawthorne says:

      Yeah, I was disappointed when it ended because it was so good. D: A sequel would be amazing, but it’s too bad that probably won’t happen. I heard the manga goes a lot farther then the anime though, I might have to check that out!

  18. skylion says:

    Ichigo Mashimaro’s Miu for the Win. I posted that clip to livejournal and on facebook so many times before.

  19. Joojoobees says:

    “Besides, is that even really a punishable crime?”

    I was given a ticket once for Jay-walking. A cop on horse-back chased me down to give it to me, too. Then I went to traffic court and complained that the police should spend their time hunting down murderers or something, and the judge dismissed the charge, but made me pay a $15 court fee. 😛
    :still mad about that:

    • Hawthorne says:

      Wow, that cop must have really had nothing better to do! o.o A court fee? That sucks! D: I would have been really angry too. (Also, when I picture it in my mind a cop on horse-back chasing someone down looks kind of funny, especially for such a stupid reason as that. -.-)

  20. Miyu says:

    OH HAWT Y U SO HOT #badpun
    I think you sound even more moe than me. *hi-fives* Aim of the year: make Meta flowery and sparkly with our moeness!!! xD

    Especially those embarrassing moments HAHA I’m sure your friends must be having a great time with you xD My ringtone (one of Kana Hanazawa’s characters song at that point) rang in class once and I was sure everyone was judging me heh. But otaku pride ftw! ♥

    Our timezones are too different ;_; I need to talk with you more hehe.

    • Hawthorne says:

      lolol I don’t think Metanorn is even prepared for our combined levels of moeness. xD

      They tend to laugh at my clumsiness, walking into locker doors and dropping books has become a pretty common occurrence for them I think. (;-_-) Ahahah if I was in that class when the ringtone went off I’d probably start singing along, Kana is awesome<3

      Timezones ftl! I feel like everyone on Meta has such different time zones. D:

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