Phi Brain – 20

With 20% more future vision, induced by onion breath.

Y’ello, peeps. You know the drill, right? If you have been following OC’s posts, you already know, she’s off till 28th Feb for vacation so I’ll cover for her till then. You should be aware that the second season of Phi Brain has already been announced so the story will not end with the next five episodes. Just make a wish for your favourite characters to survive!

Gammon has gotten into thick of things by becoming a POG giver. I’m still trying to figure out his motive, sniffing out the real deal of Rook most probably? Though, currently, he’s pretty busy designing puzzles that would be the death of Kaito. Oh man, where has this friendship gone wrong? Before my theories though, let’s quickly get over the episode highlights:

Threesome. Omnomnomnommm.

From the preview last week, the staff doesn’t waste any time on dilly dallying over emo friends rather starts up with a three dimensional puzzle designed by Gammon to challenge Kaito and the capability of his Orpheus’s armlet. Things go downhill with the armlet acting up and showing grainy footage from I Am Legend. Of course, anyone would get confused and what Kaito deemed as victory, turned into his failure with Gammon’s cheeky won. However, no fall-to-death happened because Bishop intervened under Rook’s orders and whisked the new POG leader away to their HQ.

Now kiss.

Other POG Givers are literally lackeys to Gammon now as he achieved something none of them could: make a deadly puzzle to corner Kaito. Though, Bishop is not easy to trust and he keeps a close eye on the eccentric, tea-drinking POG leader. Elena almost spews out everything that a watcher must be thinking at this point about his allegiance still active with Kaito and this being his way to infiltrate the POG faction. However, Gammon denies all of this and reveals his ultimate wish to become the Phi Brain after solving the Divine Puzzle. Sounds shallow to me and I definitely feel sorry for Elena.


On the other hand, Nonoha is sweetly klutzy as ever, helping Mahiru with food and love in absence of her baka brother. She’s literally the only one left in the Kaito-camp but she seems lost alone because Kaito has too much on his plate right now. Rook’s prediction of Nonoha unable to stop his progress is becoming true. Don’t you hate it when his scheme hits bull’s eye?! Whatever Gammon is trying, he should know better than thinking his money replacing his affection. The sibling/friendship bonds made by kids who grow up without parent(s) is very strong, which gives me another reason to rage at Gammon. I can only hope to know the cause of his discarding Mahiru later. All of this has gained him the trust of Rook and Bishop for now, even if the latter still seems wary of him.

The force is dark in this one

We have been noticing Kaito’s armlet going berserk since a few episodes but who would have thought it would induce vision of future with Jin in it?! According to whom, the power that Pythagoras sealed in the Divine Puzzle would destroy the humankind when unleashed. His best friend Baron is of the same opinion that the ultimate puzzle shouldn’t be solved by mere mortals. However, Kaito being the main protagonist has to swear to solve this particular puzzle by hook or crook… to him it’s saving the world, while to Gammon it’s to achieve the Divine Revelation. OTL.

More Divine Punishment!


Gammon: “Puzzles are beautiful~~~”          Kaito: “=P”

Now that you are at it, clean up my room and get my laundry too.

Rook the voyeur >.>

DAAAWWW, Nonoha. You are the only sane one left!

Obligatory Phi-derpness

Broody sunset.jpg

Please ensue the group facepalm because the main characters are not taking puzzles seriously! Kimochi no? Try to understand the Divine Puzzle’s feelings because it doesn’t want to be solved! Idiots, every one of them! I can understand Kaito’s detachment right now. Everything he thought dear in life turned out to be literal pawns on a chess board arranged by POG. His parents, friends and even acquaintances share the same agenda of him becoming a true Phi Brain. Even if the same people loved him and tried to take care of him, everything in his life has turned into a farce and this is a strong factor causing Orpheus’s armlet to not work coherently. He should definitely be worried about why his armlet is acting up and not giving him result during puzzle time. Of course, there’s something very wrong. Rook may keep grinning like Chucky but I see deterioration rather than progress from Orpheus’s armlet. Is it all that it has been piped up to be? Will he find a symbiotic relationship with it or it will turn into a parasite? Let’s see how the climax of this season is handled.

The main characters are all acting like a bunch of weirdoes currently except for Nonoha. Sweet, sweet, Nonoha, who has to bear the emo Kaito since his best friend turned out to be an evil faction leader. From the preview even, it seems Nonoha would be trying her best to knock some sense into Kaito. You go, girl! I’m cheering for you! Overall, things are looking bad with Gammon joining hands with POG but it can all be a scheme that he or the Baron thought of. I just can’t label Gammon as shallow who has been a father/brother to his sister and has a kind side to him with cute puzzle (Chido Setsu, anyone?). Also, a pat on his back in designing a puzzle to puzzle Kaito; nah, seriously. I know someone has to be near Rook to know when he’ll make his next move, right? But I don’t think even Bishop gets a memo on Rook’s agenda, which is filled with only **** Kaito ****. Would you give your homolust a rest, Rook? >.>

I don’t even want to guess what the ultimate treasure, the Divine Revelation, is. If it can sprout a whole association and organized nurturing of Phi Brain kids, I won’t be surprised that its power is something monumental and beyond imagination. Now what’s up with that vision and why Jin was even there? Kaito should listen to his mentor, even if the dude is talking to him from a reddish grungy haze. I’ll stick to my theory of him being Kaito’s father (Yes, I would welcome that Darth Vader reference of, “I’m your father”), and along with Baron he must have devised a way to keep the Divine Puzzle under wraps or was that a hint of a true Phi Brain, having the ability to solve the puzzle without the destruction shown? But if Kaito and Gammon both have decided that they would solve it, we ARE in trouble; yes, siree. We’ll see how this quest for Divine Revelation goes, even if it’s not meant for mortals. And I want ALL the characters to participate rather than just Kaito vs. Rook. That would be plain old mean and I want to see Ana and Cubic in the game again.


Beware of more future visions!

Seems like, we would finally know what the Baron has been up to. Though his meeting with Gammon smells like a penguin and by that I mean, a ploy. I hope there is one because rather than just free-floating, some purpose for Kaito is what’s needed right now.


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12 Responses to “Phi Brain – 20”

  1. Joojoobees says:

    I personally think Gammon is infiltrating POG so he can be of help to Kaito. As you said, there are too many parts of him that seem good to think he is ready to chuck away his sister, friends, Elena, and everything else just to be the Phi Brain.

    I have to say, this show has gone in an unexpected direction. Gone are the days of mere crazy puzzling adventure, and I’m looking forward to finding out what they have planned for the finale of Season 1.

    • Kyokai says:

      I would agree with that because the downside of this would be totally wrong, when a lot of time has been spent on developing Gammon’s character.

      I’m glad for this unexpected turn though because I don’t think the interest level would’ve been the same with ‘puzzle time’ repeated nonstop. Like you, definitely looking forward to a grandslam finale (hopefully!).

  2. Kitty says:

    You know I have been thinking lately. I have a 70% hunch that Gammon is not a traitor. He is just a really good actor! His reasons for joining the POG was silly and rashly put together. But I might just be giving the show too much credit. I think, based on that fact that Gammon always acts straight as an arrow. He targets what he wants and doesn’t take an side routes getting there, I think he joined the POG on purpose to get to Rook. Because Rook is the master mind, AKA the giant thorn, in not only Kaito’s life but everyone else.

    For the first half of this season Gammon showed deeply that he cared for his friends and trusts them. This might just be me reading into things because I desperately want old Gammon back. But I just… I dunno something doesn’t feel right. I don’t think he is a traitor, I think he is working behind the scenes because Kaito is stupid and stay defensive and not offense.

    Totally wanted the kiss to happen too!!!

    • Kyokai says:

      I agree with all your points. Gammon definitely has to have something up his sleeve because it would be totally unnatural if he’s all power hungry now after being such a good friend to Kaito and company.

      Sure, he doesn’t like to be looked down upon and is always challenging Kaito as his rival but isn’t that natural? His combination of a Giver/Solver is actually pretty unique.

      Let’s hope things clear out for good and yeah, I too ship him with Elena. xD

  3. tatsuya says:

    woaaahhh !! I respect the good quality about this anime ~~

    • Kyokai says:

      They are not always very quality loving but at least the story has taken an unexpected twist for good. ^^

  4. BlackBriar says:

    With this, I really have no clue: what will the second season be about anyway, and how on earth will it be able to top this?

    Things are getting really intense. I think the whole puzzle was just Rook’s way of testing Gammon’s loyalty to the P.O.G and he interrupted them because he still needed Kaito alive because of the armlet. After all, everything was used to prepare Kaito for that one particular thing.

    I’m certain Gammon has his own agenda for joining the P.O.G. The way he talks and not just to Elena, but everyone shows he’s hiding something.

    Anyway, part of me wants to say that the vision that Kaito was seeing is a trick of some sort, because it seems too easy for some vision to just give him the answers. I feel like visions are meant to be misinterpreted. Otherwise, they’re kind of boring.

    • Joojoobees says:

      I don’t know how they can top it, but I think they are going to introduce a brand new villain (organization?). That way we can have a proper showdown with Rook to end this season.

    • Saeleas says:

      Maybe with after the God Puzzle aliens will get interested in puzzles too xD

    • Kyokai says:

      They can always stretch things and have a Code Geass ending with something big revealed about Kaito (like Jin being his father maybe?!), or the fight continuing on with Kaito still not achieving the god mode required to top the Divine Puzzle? Actually, there are too many routes that this anime can take so I’ll give this a rest.

      Rook definitely has more up his sleeve than he’s showing. I just hope Kaito and friends have everything to counter it.

  5. Overcooled says:

    Thanks for covering for me, Kyokai n_n It’s interesting to see your take on the show now. Kaito’s armlet is a bit of a wildcard, so it’s hard to predict what it does, but I like how you mentioned it might be going wonky because of all the CRAZY SHIT he’s been through. Even I couldn’t predict it would tell the future. That armlet just does everything, doesn’t it? <_< Solves puzzles, changes eye colours, shows the future, goes into berserk mode...and it can be a night light too!

    • Kyokai says:

      Anytime, OC! I had fun doing this episodic, a kind of series that I won’t usually pick up but still held on just because it got interesting. xD

      And oh yes, Kaito’s armlet has literally become one of Doraemon’s multi-purpose and unpredictable gadgets.

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