Guilty Crown – 15

How can anyone sleep with that annoying red glow?!

Great. Every time I type Shu, I imagine Fosh screaming OH MA SHOE! into my ear, like some sort of phantom lingering around me. I’ve been cursed! Cursed, I tell you!
More school drama headed our way this week! HOORAY! Are you excited? Alright maybe you are not jumping out of your seats…but anyway it is now time to find out what OH MA SHOE and his void friends are up to this week.This week Shu becomes school president, while Yahiro prepares the void ranking system. Shouta feels left out after he learns about his actual void rank, which causes a certain void-aid girl to suffer in the end.

Shu-“Ooooh wow, I love the pictures…”     Yahiro-“Yeah, I know you can’t read too well, so pictures will help.”

Back to school time again for this episode, or should I say more like stuck at school forever? Shu is now the official class president and Yahiro is really pushing the new void rank system. He even takes pictures of each void during the examination placing certain users on the short list, aka YOUR VOID IS USELESS please try again next later. A few students are on board for the void ranks, but Shouta feels it is just discrimination! True Shouta, it really is… Do you remember your void? Yeah…don’t remind me about the fail behind that weapon.

Tsugumi-“Remember, kids, eat your veggies and you can grow up to have cool voids!”

Hare, Ayase and Tsugumi started their own web series, called epic bath time.

Shouta later joins Shu to state his issues with the unfair void ranks and they yell like two idiots on the roof together, shouting out their true feelings…bromance time for the ladies? Maybe we have another possible shipping war for Shouta? You tell me what you think about that. After the bromance moments on the roof, Shu returns to the student council room and finds out the final results of Yahiro’s work. He discovers that Shouta rank places him at the bottom of the list, which also means Shouta pretty much gets the last of any vaccines, while the higher ranks get first dibs on the vaccine.

Shouta-“Dude, I dare you to jump off the roof…”        Shu-“Wait a minute…are you trying to take my spot as King?”

Hare’s ultimate attack, the boob hold of death.

Poor old Shouta feels THAT IS WRONG BRO and he forms a small band with other low ranked void users and proceeds to lead this fail team to fight the big bad GHQ. Shouta’s plan to ROW ROW FIGHT THE POWER fails after Shu tries to stop them from getting killed and he brings Hare along, because every great team needs a moe healer girl to save their ass from dying. Before Shu can take the fail team back to school, Daryl and a few of his friends arrive to stop them. During the battle Hare gets pulled to the side to repair a car that Shouta found. Darly spots her magical mechanic skills and blows the car up. Hare takes a huge hit along with Shu who attempted to save her from the explosion; sadly his attempt to save her left him practically dead to the world.

Pilot-“The same thing we do every week! We try to kill you and your friends, DUH…”



After Hare wakes up, she finds Shu lying front of her dead and she notices her void-aid is looking quite beaten up…So, she heals Shu’s body first and starts to bleed all over the place! Damn it, Hare, you need to heal yourself first! Her attempt to heal Shu gets cut off thanks to a passing helicopter that finished off her void-aid power and her body slowly gets covered in void crystals. Shu wakes up and stares in shock as Hare slowly crystallizes and shatters into pieces while he holds her, which causes him to enter KILL THEM ALL BERSERKER MODE!


Inori-“DAMN! You could have just freaking asked…for the sword.”

Shu-“Now I’ve lost it…”                                 Steve-“I know I can kill! Wait what? Nooooooooo!!”

While in this new Berserker mode, Shu basically forces Inori to the ground and rips out his one shot kill sword and proceeds to destroy every GHQ machine he sees. After that he takes out some aggression on Shouta beating the snot out of him. Shu puts all the blame on Shouta’s shoulders for Hare’s death as the others watch him beat Shouta up…The episode ends shortly after Shu proclaims he will now become the true King, and this means the void rank system is officially a go. So prepare yourself for THE NEW KING OH MA SHOE or will his new nickname be OH MA Hitler…?!

Shu-“THIS FRIENDSHIP IS OVER, BRO.”    Shouta-“What? I can’t hear you over the emo background music.”


Extra crowns

World of Guilty craft has arrived, better buff your moe catgirl now!

Ayase-“I have discovered the world of yuri…I think.”

Segai-“Well hello again ladies…did you miss me?”

Ayase-“This is totally safe right?”                       Tsugumi-“Yahiro, speed bump ahead, floor it.”

End thoughts

Could that have been any more dramatic? Explosions! Screaming to the heavens! Long speeches! Love confessions! Guilty Crown reminds me more and more of a Hollywood action flick each week. It’s got a huge budget for the explosions and action, and that’s the main focus. The story is secondary, it’s a bit all over the place, and it tries too hard to match the intensity of the action. But hey…at least it’s oozing style! The same can be said about this episode (and almost any episode of the show). I love the action, and I actually enjoyed part of the drama. GC came SO CLOSE to nailing it this week, but once again, it overshot the mark by making things too dramatic. Hare’s confession was nicely timed to make us feel like they were actually going somewhere…until she had to shove his face into her bosom. So close, Guilty Crown. So very close to be classy. There’s also the fact that Shu knows full well about Hare’s crush, seeing as he tried to take advantage of her earlier on the series. Hare’s death was also well-done with the flashback about the book she liked and how she used all of her strength to heal him…until they dragged out her death. My empathy only lasts for so long before a switch is flicked and I’m chanting “Die faster” in my mind over and over. That’s probably just me, but I hate when death sequences are drawn-out. AGAIN, SO CLOSE, GC!

Souta is one of the only characters I consistently like from week to week. He’s eager to please, but without the same level of subservience of Shu. Souta will not hesitate to go out and try to secure a vaccine for the survivors. Okay, so he probably should have gotten a group with Voids slightly more menacing than a goddamned comb, but he’s endearing in that sense. He even apologized for Inori’s death profusely while Shu punched the daylights out of him. That really made it clear Shu wasn’t in a one-time berserk mode. It’s permanent. Shu has been changing rapidly since the halfway point, and in the last episode I was convinced he was going to finally be a great leader. NOPE, HE NEEDS MORE MENTAL TRAUMA! MORE! Now he’s on some crooked path where he rips Voids out of people forcefully and kills mechs with a newfound bloodlust. I wish they didn’t change Shu so often and suddenly though. Character development isn’t just making characters change because horrible things happen to them…

Ignoring Shu for a second, it’s interesting to see that most of Funeral Parlour is alive and well. We’ve seen little glimpses here and there of them in various hiding places, all scattered around. One of them was even playing chess with Segai to try and bargain with him. I’ll be curious to see who wins that match. My guess is that they’re all going to reunite and follow Shu’s orders..perhaps when he’s a little more sane. At this point, even Daryl is nicer than he is. At least he cares about Tsugumi for some odd reason. I guess no one ever gave him a candy apple before? Food really does make everything better.

Whoa… Just what the hell was this whole episode even about?! I guess this was the true route for Shu’s rise to power and take over the world or the school? After Hare’s death…what is he going to do now? I am not really big on history, but there are a few of us on the OH MA SHOE becoming a “Hitler” train type, especially with the very selective void rank system in place. Sure I can see why he is angry with Hare freaking dying in his arms and Shouta is left with all the blame, but was it really his fault? Or can we say Shu is partially to blame as well? Either way I fully expect to see all the-world-is-dead-to-me side of Shu next week.

There was one moment that made me cringe and it was the scene where Shu pushed Inori to the ground and forced her to give him her void sword…Whoa that sounds dirty… But still DAMN, SHU! Even though I hate Inori sooooo much you could see how scared the poor girl was thanks to his actions. And of course Shu punching the life out of Shouta like that…anger issues Mr. Shu, or was he in the right for doing that to his friend?

While there are plenty of bad moments involving Shu this week but random bath scene for the win?! Hare, Ayase and Tsugumi in the bath together…Sadly there was no OH LET ME GROPE your chest scenes involving the girls. And that bastard Shu got some up close and personal hugging from Hare too. However there were lots of death flags triggered in both of those scenes. Oh Hare…why did you have to up and die on us? Besides being the only Healer…you were so nice all the time and so wasted on OH MA SHOE! Bah rest in peace…or pieces? Sorry I am horrible! Either way I will miss her happy attitude even though Shu had his eyes set on Inori the whole time…


Daryl-“Remember kids, read OR I WILL KICK YOUR GRANDMA!”

Shu rounds up the weaker voids and wears Gai’s jacket. He dons new armbands for his super secret club of war.


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33 Responses to “Guilty Crown – 15”

  1. Gecko says:

    Hare was such a wasted character. Honestly, nothing is going to get healed. Ever again. But I do think that her death is not wasted because Shu is reacting to it, unlike Gai which just resulted in an emo moment and then they moved on.
    As for the plot… I actually prefer this to the Funeral Parlor plot. It actually considers what would happen to a bunch of people stuck in this kind of situation, all though I’ve noticed some things are being forgotten. But overall, it feels like someone actually thought out parts of this plot.
    Shu’s trauma is ruining some things, though. That and the huge amount of food they must have. Why would the vaccine run out first? Wouldn’t food be something that would run out just as fast too? Cause then Souta and useless void co could have started a farm. And no one would have died.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Hare is a strange girl! She really loves Shu but can never get him to understand this! Because he is sooooo attached to Inori or is he? Sure the opening is like HEY LOOK THEY ARE GOING TO KISS! Right Hare’s death was pretty much the fuel for the fire to get Shu to push for the void rank system.

      True this half of the series is more entertaining! And seven episodes to go…so hopefully we get some dramatic stuffs besides x character getting killed off? For some reason I picture Yahiro dying next or Shouta? LOL

      Right I was wondering where they got their food? Maybe someone has a void that can copy real objects?! That would work for a food supply…but it sounds super cheesy if it really is in Guilty Crown.

      Maybe fridge-kun is helping with the food issues? LOLLL

  2. skylion says:

    Obvious Hitler references are Obvious. Jeez, guys! Why grab for the low hanging fruit? I’m not finding the references offensive; I’m far to jaded and or objective about such things. It’s just a bit vulgar without merit. Not that GC is covering important ground and the reference nukes that; this show does it’s own fair share of over-wrought nuking of itself all it’s own. It’ just the joke lacks the wit I come to expect. It started in 2chan/4chan. I would have liked to have seen it die there.

    But, that takes us from the most important part of the show. Hare biting the big one.

    No. That was peanuts.

    Tsugumi Epic Furo. And yes, Ayase, by all means, explore those yuri implications. Leave Oh Ma Shoe to his creepy murdering clone/sister. We can sink the Ayase x Shu ship and party on the Ayase x Tsugumi Carnival Cruise.

    Geez, now who’s being vulgar.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahahaha I know I know…I just couldn’t help myself! Yes I know it originated from 2chan/4chan and a few bloggers out there, but I can see where you are coming from Skylion I will try to not follow the crowd xD

      Yep Hare is dead…RIP! GIRL! I will miss you..but sadly with healers you generally kill them first! I wish Hare healed herself, but if she did OH MA SHOE would have died and you can’t kill the main guy with 7 episodes to go.

      Ayase x Tsugumi for the win! I need that special OVA…yes…epic furo time! Who wouldn’t love that? Yeah I don’t see anyone ever pairing up with Shu, but Inori? She is stuck with him.

      LOLL You are awesome Skylion! <3

      • skylion says:

        You know, I’m probably going to write the Ayase x Tsugumi x Rika (from Tomadashi Hangai) script. Lots of Endlave action. (and by action I mean three way yuri groping battles).

  3. BlackBriar says:

    NOOOOOO!!! Why did Hare have to die?!! Especially after giving her love confession!! I really liked her, I cried when I saw that!! They always use the cute ones to create a potent tragedy!!! Now what is left of Shu’s kindness has died. He’s realised kindness is pointless when it comes to survival. Gai, I hope you’re watching your successor right now.

    It’s kind of funny that Shouta escaped relatively unscathed form the Anti-Bodies attack, just to end up getting beat into a pulp by Shu. But Shu was right. Shouta’s vanity, wanting to prove himself was the direct cause of Hare’s death. So getting the crap beat out of him is a way of saying that actions have consequences, to you and everyone around you.

    The Kind King became the Cold King. I couldn’t believe the way he took Inori’s void from her and viciously slaughtered all the anti-bodies. “I’m going to become King” just blew my mind. And as first decree, he’ll definitely accept the ranking system now and probably use Shouta as an example.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Healer character always dies…Noooooo HARE!!! I will miss her…ah well, I know right? The cute ones always get screwed in these types of shows, Gai is probably face-palming right now…

      Yep Shouta ran away and agreed he was the blame for Hare’s death! Repair a car in the middle of combat? WTF! Even if she repaired the car in time they would have been picked off so easily by Daryl. True Shu was in the right with his anger towards Shouta…Just so he could prove the point that he can fight? Shame on you Shouta.

      Yep void rank system is now officially a go! At least we will see a “new” side to OH MA SHOE xDDDD

  4. Karakuri says:

    I’m now officially dubbing Hare “Shirley 2.0”.

  5. Samantha Zan says:

    NOOOO HARE!!!! She was the first character I liked in Gulity Crown D:

    Her confession was really sweet, I thought with that Shu could have more development and ambition to become a better leader at least. Even though we all know he likes Inori more than Hare. None the less, I really wished she couldn’t have died. Even if that did create a better plot for Guilty Crown, I still think that it was pretty cruel. Her death scene was just really sad, I watched over and over again, and it still get’s me a bit emotional.

    “Dark” Shu going on was just surprising, I didn’t really think Shu had it in him, but I guess he does. The way he slammed Inori to the ground…harsh. Even if I hate her character, that was just really really harsh. Now that the Void System is going on a full sprint, it makes me wonder how everything is going to turn out next week.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Same here! Damn it Hare why did you have to up and die?! T___T

      Right Hare’s confession was cute and very nice! But like you said Shu has his eyes glued to Inori because he liikkessss herrrrrr whatever Shu! Hare > Inori forever and ever. Plot wise yes! Finally something good is going to happen <3

      I can't wait to see how "dark" Shu becomes, like full on revenge time go go!! Poor Inori, I hate her but she did not deserve that from Shu...

  6. Hawthorne says:

    I’m sure almost all of us saw it coming (I remember people predicting it like all the way back in episode 1), but Hare’s death was still really depressing. It’s like … impossible NOT to feel somewhat attached to her type of character because she’s just so … nice, all the time! It’s heartbreaking to see someone, even if they’re fictional, die for the sake of the person they love and like Fosh pointed out, he probably would have ended up with Inori whether or not she survived, which makes it even more depressing. I guess that’s why I found it so sad.

    ANGRY SHOE. I can’t wait.

    • Hawthorne says:

      “whether or not she survived” meaning Hare. -__-

      Shu might be crazy, but he’s probably not a necrophiliac. Probably.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Hare triggered so many death flags in this episode! From the bath all the way to hugging him…I was the same! Attached to Hare, yep even thou they are fake characters a death is still a death…

      I KNOW! ARRGGGG Even if Hare lived she would still not stand up to Inori…


  7. Reaper says:

    ANGRY SHOE: They killed Hare!…YOU BASTARDS! XD
    I knew the Void Ranking System last ep would lead into problems of determining a person’s worth but…didn’t expect Hare’s death so quickly. I thought, Guilty Crown about kids, yeah they won’t actually kill off one of the main characters – Hare sacrifices herself to save OH MA SHOE then dies – NO GOD NO GOD NOOOOOOOOOOOO!
    True, hare might have never had a chance with OH MA SHOE but when she died after standing by Shu all this time…it’s like losing your best friend, who wouldn’t get emotional, especially when your best friend DIES for you (Oh hey Persona!).

    Hare’s death though was, being non-sadistic, well done, both how before the attack she was trying to help them all get away (should have taken some SpeedVoid lessons…) and then died saving Shu instead of herself…

    ANGRY SHOE wasn’t surprising though, I mean, he isn’t that strong yet to determine things for himself, otherwise he wouldn’t call his schoolmates trash, like Souta (though he might have left trying to prove himself, we can’t blame him for getting Hare killed, right….?). He’ll probably be swayed easily by Yahiro’s ‘dark but necessary’ advice until Ayase slaps him awake…gah, they took the step I didn’t think they would, BUT IT WILL ALL THE MORE BETTER TO WATCH NOW! 😀

    • Foshizzel says:

      Totally shook my fist at the compute when Hare died! THOSE BASTARDS!! Noooooo!! LOL @Shouta getting his ass beat..well not really “beat” but yeah…

      Yep same here I knew that void rank system would not go over well with a few people! Like Shouta! He knows his void blows and yet he still complained about being ranked low? COME ON WAKE UP!

      No worries Hare was a great character, but she is the healer and healers are easy targets I still think it was crap that she died…ah well what can we do?

      I can’t wait to see how angry OH MA SHOE becomes! SOON! VERY SOON <3

  8. draggle says:

    Haha Oh Ma Hitler now? lol At least Hitler was good at leading people. I can’t think of any good points for Oh Ma Shoe. (Unless you want to count murdering two people rather than millions as a “good” ponit.)

    And as usual, I enjoyed reading your captions much more than the actual episode. 🙂

    • Foshizzel says:

      OH MA HITLER! More evil that OH MA SHOE…

      D’awww thanks Draggle! I liked reading your thoughts on this episode <3 Hooray screen cap comments <3

  9. amado says:

    the real annoyance for me was how A ROMANCE POTENTIAL WAS JUST DESTROYED! it was going all good, and was really sweet. hare is tons of ways better for shoe, not to mention “healthier”(a pun, a literal, and a figurative meaning all-in-one). their romance between the two was also actually developed unlike with inori. a childhood friend to boot(my favorite kind of romantic interest).

    • amado says:


      Hare’s ultimate attack, the boob hold of death.

      its actually called marshmallow hell

    • Foshizzel says:

      Rest in peace Hare…you were our only chance to escape OH MA SHOE and INORI! DAMN IT…I will miss the moe moe healer girl T___T


  10. anaaga says:

    The episode expressed their youths well, which can be seen from Shu’s emotional outburst and Shouta trying to prove his worth. It’s hard not to mix up emotion with duty when one is young after all.

    But damn, no more band aids? Booo.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Thanks Shouta! YOU KILLED OUR ONLY FREAKING HEALER! Damn you…I would have punched him too xDD


  11. Anonomyous says:

    What does this teach us? If someone has tried to use you like an sex object, find another guy. Don’t be like a lovestruck teenager or you get blown up.

    Also, play more RPGs and learn that the healer always heals themselves first unless mana is 0.

    Also it might help if everyone remembered that voids can change as mentioned episodes ago.

    • amado says:

      yeah that was apparently forgotten by the whole cast…
      not to mention we have never seen one change at all so why would shoe even state that when that episode was supposed to be about how he should be more open.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Hahahah yes! Shu doesn’t want you Hare…so that means WALK AWAY! You have normal hair and Shu wants Inori <3

      The tank needed to do something better and protect the healer.

      Yep voids can change if you are friends with Shu, but if you are not that close this stuff happens.

  12. Shey says:

    “My empathy only lasts for so long before a switch is flicked and I’m chanting “Die faster” in my mind over and over.”

    This sentence made my day! OC, you are just awesome 😀

    • Foshizzel says:

      LOLOL Yep OC has some good lines! Agreed some of these characters need to hurry and die, so money on Shouta dying really soon? MAKE IT HAPPEN.

      • BlackBriar says:

        Yeah, my money is on Shouta biting it next time. It was his stupid mistake and should die for it instead of Hare taking the fall in his place. Her death was so sad.

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