Ano Natsu de Matteru – 06

Remon has prepared a very fanservice-y evening for you, enjoy.

Beach episode~ Beach episode~ Beach epi- wait. Let’s not forget that some serious business went down last week! I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day as well!

After hearing Tetsurou telling Kaito of Kanna’s feelings Ichika ponders what she will do now that he knows, and of course she does her thinking in the bath. (If you’re going to do a proper beach episode, you might as well throw in some bath scenes as well I guess!)

Back at Tetsurou’s house, Manami returns home to find him sulking on the couch. Thankfully, it wasn’t another fight with her husband that sent her packing, instead her reason is that she had plans with friends who cancelled. Realizing his problems have to do with Kanna, Manami gives him the flight tickets to Okinawa she had planned to use. (I wish I had a cool older sister!)

Tetsurou calls up Kanna, who is eager to go, and is then told to invite Mio, Ichika and Kaito while he calls Lemon. (He sneaks in a bit of teasing, of course!) Ichika overhears Kaito talking with Kanna and after hearing that she invited him to Okinawa she worries that’s she been defeated. To her surprise, it’s not a trip for two and everyone is invited. Later on Ichika looks at pictures of Okinawa and becomes excited to go. Kaito’s just happy because he thinks it’ll be a good chance to have fun and not worry about everything. (Psh, like Remon would let that happen.)

The group packs up and heads off! At the beach Kanna and Mio arrive first and Tetsurou/Kaito are impressed, but when Ichika runs up she seems to capture everyone’s attention. Remon, classy as ever, sports a one piece swimsuit. A montage of beach fun ensues, banana floats, sandcastles, volleyballs, blissfully gratuitous fanservice, and pretty much everything else you’d expect, other than watermelon smashing … I like watermelon smashing.

The joys of summer!

Remon interupts the fun and tells everyone to prepare for filming! The new plot involves the alien girl hiding out in Okinawa. The group sets up their camera and prepares for shooting while curious bystanders look on, but their acting is interrupted when two girls interject. The two girls turn out to be Kaori, Kaito’s childhood friend, and Arisa. Kaori instantly recognizes her, but it takes Kaito a few moments to remember who she is. (Smooooth …) Their closeness seems to cause a bit of jealousy in Ichika and Kanna who are far from impressed when Kaori says they’re engaged. It turns out to be a childhood memory, but that doesn’t seem to lessen the blow. Arisa has also taken a liking to Tetsurou, much to Mio’s dismay.

Nighttime comes around and inside their vacation home Kanna and Ichika team up to confront Kaito. He does his best to shake off any suspicion, but those two girls are tough! Mio and Tetsurou listen from outside, and as soon as they begin talking about Arisa, guess who pops out of nowhere! Kaori also appears inside with Remon, who announces they’re now apart of the film. (Remon, you evil little loli.)

Later on Ichika is alone with Rinon and considers leaving some hints for Kaito to realize she’s interested in him. Remon appears from behind her (looking awfully like Taiga with her hair down) and tells her to be more honest.


The next day at filming Kaori once again gets really close with Kaito as Kanna watches on in disapproval. Much the same, Arisa latches on to Tetsurou, who makes and excuse to leave. Mio leaves some subtle hints about Tetsurou’s feelings too. In the confusion the girls then realize that Kaito and Kaori have gone missing.

In the forest Kaori confronts Kaito about her feelings. Kaito recalls some memories of her from his childhood which prompts her into telling him that she’s serious about being in love with him. However, he informs her that he’s in love with someone else, thinking of Ichika.

The woes of harem boys.

Elsewhere at the vacation home, Arisa sneaks up on Tetsurou and attacks him on his bed. She’s clearly a sexual deviant, but NO WORRIES! MIO SAVES THE DAY! She literally lunges at Arisa, knocking her off the bed and onto the floor. Mio ends up on top of Tetsurou, and … she has no panties on.

Both Kanna and Ichika go searching for Kaito, and Ichika stumbles upon them first, setting up some prime drama for next week!


Preview: Oh dear, it’s the return of the Dynamite Drink!

Hide your Rinons!

As far as beach episodes go, that had to be my all time favorite! I hatehatehate those new girls, but they helped to finally bring some much needed drama to the show. Sure, I would have loved if it could have been brought within the core group, but I’ll settle for almost anything at this point because I like this show too much to complain.

The girl who stood out the most to me this episode had to be Mio. I feel like she’s desperately holding on to the idea that Tetsurou might someday love her the way he loves Kanna, and it takes a strong heart not to have feelings of jealousy or anger towards her friend. The conversation she and Kanna had after Tetsurou ran off was really sweet of Mio and it shows how sincere a person she truly is, even if she’s a bit of an oddball! It’s strange really the way the relationships work out in this show, Tetsurou loves Kanna, but he supports her feelings for Kaito, and Tetsurou loves Kanna, but Mio seems to subtly support him as well. And it’s all tied to Kaito who likes Ichika. If he ends up with her it’ll have a pretty wild domino affect on the rest of the group.

So those two new girls … I like that new characters are being introduced, but I’d much prefer the characters developing their relationships and feelings within the group rather than being prodded by some outsiders, especially if they’re only going to be here for what … two episodes probably? For comparison, Nanako and Maya were outstanding side characters in Toradora, having their own small influence on the story (mainly Maya) and playing into the character’s relationships. Arisa and Kaori on the other hand feel like a cheap (hurhur) method of causing more misunderstandings and somewhat forced drama, I mean … they even played the childhood friend card. Hm, maybe I’m just being protective of the group, I love them all and I hate seeing these two get in the way of everything! XD

Next week Ichika might finally confess some feelings towards Kaito, it’s been annoying me how introverted she has been so far! (I guess being an alien is a pretty good excuse though.) So many misunderstandings would be avoided if she, and Kaito, would be more open and honest to each other. Remon was very right about that! (I nod my head to you, Remon.) Anyway, I hope you ladies and gentleman enjoyed the fanservice this week! Until next time!~


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29 Responses to “Ano Natsu de Matteru – 06”

  1. skylion says:

    Actually, Hawth, I like those new girls. One is frisky, the other is demure. Made me wish I was a good 20…25 years younger.

    Oh, Mio. I was cheering to high Heaven when you made that tackle. Looks up Gutsy in the dictionary, it will list you as an example. Quiet girls are exciting as Hell.

    Now for the big question. Is this spinning out of Remon’s control? Or did she have that much control to begin with? Guess that is why we get teased with more Dynomite-eh Drink-eh, neh?

    • FirstImpulse says:

      My thoughts exactly! It was a welcome (and surprising) change when the two new chicks showed up, and that finale was rather epic. I watched this ep three times over because it compacted all that development into 20min (and I almost NEVER re-watch eps).
      Mio has made me raise an eyebrow many times… I wonder how many more awkward moments she will cause with her… “breezy” ways of dressing… XD

      • skylion says:

        …how much more “breezy”? Well, at least six, given the episode count. More if we start demanding an OAV right now…

      • Hawthorne says:

        Three times!? Wow, that’s awesome! I usually go back once the show ends and re-watch episodes I liked. ^^ (Or I just throw it on my list of shows I want to re-watch altogether.)

        lol I’m sure Mio will have plenty of more chances for that. XD

    • Hawthorne says:

      I don’t like anyone who tries to get between Kaito and Kanna. DX I will say that I liked the fact that I could see some serious HoTD similarities in their character designs, especially Arisa, which was awesome!

      Mio keeps getting better each week, she’s so unpredictable and I love it.

      This is Remon we’re talking about, skylion! If things are going out of control then she probably had it planned to go that way from the beginning! XD

      • skylion says:

        No No No, you cannot say my worst quality is that I may just be tooooooo good at something. I mean, that’s a whole “I meant to do that….” argument.

        But yeah, this is the Mighty Remon.

        • BlackBriar says:

          Lemon is so insightful knowing everyone wouldn’t be coming back to the movie shoot.
          None of them can come back to the place where they stayed in each others hearts, because they have to take a step forward to realize their feelings.

  2. Reaper says:

    Umida~~~! After last week’s bombshell, Ichika seems to think ‘discretion is the better part of the valour’, now bottling up her feelings to Kaito not only because of her eventual ‘departure’ but also because of Tanigawa’s affection for Kaito.
    Their united front though after Kaori’s and Arisa’s appearance was hilarious though, whilst Kaito just suffers, Kaori oblivious to his pain…
    For the other side of dorama, Mio and Tetsurou still aren’t being honest with their feelings, but with Arisa’s, uh, ‘rough tumble’, and Mio’s ‘fall’, something’s got to give, right?
    Meanwhile in the jungle, MORE DORAMA UNFOLDS! Hopefully Ichika will be more upfront, even if Tanigawa and Kaori has had an ‘older claim’ on Kaito.
    PS: I hope I’m not alone in thinking so but Mio has been naked too many times, hasn’t she?

    • skylion says:

      …eh? Define too many times. Do it, I dare you! lol.

      • Reaper says:

        Touche good sir. Touche 😛 But seriously, most people aren’t naked in their own house like that, right…?

        • skylion says:

          …home is a pretty ok place to be naked.

        • BlackBriar says:

          That depends on what the people at home are into. Meaning there is a chance they are nudists. Like if they would do it at a beach, once they feel comfortable in their own house, they’ll consider going around in the nude.

    • Joojoobees says:

      My theory:

      Mio’s bare ass is the big revelation that will dictate where things go from now on. Mio secretly has a thing about going commando, and how the various characters react to this will dictate not only how they interact / couple, but also how they line up when Ichika’s alien-ness is fully understood. Don’t overlook this critical plot point! Now that Mio’s obsession has been “uncovered”, it will certainly have a huge impact on the various relationships as well as Earth-alien relations.

      Either that or it was just fan-service.

      • skylion says:

        …depending on the situation a bare trunk is always a revelation…

      • Hawthorne says:

        That … actually made a lot of sense. XD (I’m still not sure if by “obsession” you mean obsession with Tetsurou, or obsession with casually walking around without panties.)

    • Hawthorne says:

      So much DORAMA! XD I agree with you, Ichika really needs to let her feelings out! They both seem to like each other, all they have to do now is follow Remon’s advice and be honest. (Remon knows all!)

  3. BlackBriar says:

    Normally I’d say “Ahh, it’s the accursed beach episode element again” but this one turned out pretty nicely. The girls were hot in their swimsuits but Ichika’s was obviously the best of the lot.

    Mio’s weak to sunlight? LOL. That’s strange. I wonder what her condition is that she has such a weakness. But her sandcastle abilities are nothing to sniff at. The girl’s got skills. I’m a little jealous.

    Thanks to the two new girls, seems everyone has a love rival (and psycho stalker if count Tetsuro. Is Arisa related to Yuno?). Things are getting interesting. And Lemon isn’t Lemon if she isn’t causing some kind of discord between everyone for her own personal, sadistic amusement.

    Note to self: If I were ever in the same class as Kaito and Kaori in elementary school, never make any premature engagements even if it’s a joke. People will get the wrong impression and it will bring on scorned women. Yikes!!

    • Hawthorne says:

      Maybe Mio’s reason for sleeping naked and walking around naked at home is that she has the weakness from sunlight and her only opportunity to strip down is in safety of her air conditioned room? XD

      All that’s missing now is a love interest and a love rival for Remon.

      I don’t even know how she remembered that engagement from so long ago, elementary school is such a blur to me … -_-

      • skylion says:

        I gladly volunteer for Remon’s love interest. And the next comment goes too…..

        • BlackBriar says:

          I’d avise you to stay on your toes if you were her love interest. She’s a tricky loli and you can’t let your guard down for a second. I bet you still remember her spiking everyone’s drinks a couple of episodes back.

      • BlackBriar says:

        I don’t know what to think of Mio anymore. I never pegged someone as sweet and innocent as her to be a nudist/exhibitionist. I wonder when was it she first started going commando because it’s clearly become a frequent habit of hers. She’s an undercover freak.

        But the question is: Who can possibly have the qualities needed to contain someone like Lemon? A regular guy will have a rough time taming her.

        Kaori probably has photographic memory and has been hoping Kaito would stick to the engagement even after all those years. I want to know how this will effect Ichika and Kanna.

        • skylion says:

          Blackbriar, to argue the point, so far she isn’t an exhibitionist. Well, that tackle. But that was unintended, she has more important things on her mind. Grrrr, get that man, Mio!

  4. HannoX says:

    I like the two new girls because a catalyst is clearly needed to get the main characters to start letting each other know what their feelings are! But given this bunch, Remon’s dynamite drink will probably be needed as well.

    • Hawthorne says:

      That’s true! The passivity in the cast can be pretty annoying, so hopefully we can expect some confessions next week. XD

  5. Rakuen says:

    What’s in that Dynamite Drink anyway? From the name, it seems like it’s a riff on the alcoholic energy drinks that have started floating around. I know a guy who drank one of those and said the trip it sent him on is one he’d never want to take again. Is this stuff safe? Think of the children!

    Okay, slightly more seriously (or not?)… stalker no stalk me? Mio and stalker-chick are almost polar opposites of each other in terms of the personality they project. While I agree it’s kind of a bummer to introduce characters who will be thrown away, it’s also kind of nice for Mio to have a foil. She’s so quiet and un-action-y that I think it’d be difficult to develop her otherwise.

    • Hawthorne says:

      Judging from the last episode that had Dynamite Drink (I think it was like episode 2?) it seems to be spiked lemonade, very fitting for sweet Remon. XD

      Very true! Arisa definitely brought out some new sides of Mio, love rivalries are always great for bringing out the best (and worst) in people.

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