Phi Brain – 14

Kaito is in the hospital? TIME TO PARTY!!!

Phi Brain, help me get my brain back into shape for school! All I’ve done this vacation is sit on the couch with my friends and game until the buses stop running and they all have to walk home. My brain is mush. No more gray matter – just gray ooze. Maybe my problem stems from trusting anime to keep my senses sharp. :/ Oh well, let’s try it anyways!

After falling from the top of a burning tower, Kaito managed to walk away scot free, minus a few scrapes and bruises. The hospital still keeps him in a private room so he can regain his consciousness and recover his strength a little. All of his friends sit around his bed, waiting for him to wake up. They’re all worried about Kaito, and how he’ll react when he wakes up and remembers that the only person he considered his friend betrayed him. Mixed with feelings of sadness and worry, they also think “Man, Kaito is just plain DUMB.”

Cubic storms away angrily, eager to extract revenge on Rook and prove to Kaito that he should have eloped with him instead of that poofy-haired sleazeball. While prowling the halls, he comes across a strategically-placed heart rate monitor that uses morse code to invite him to a POG match. I really, really don’t want to know how they managed to steal such an important machine away from a patient so they could summon Cubic to an old military base to do a weird, math puzzle. Anyways, Cubic puts on his best confident smirk and takes on the puzzle given by one of Rook’s right-hand Givers. Rook designed the puzzle, so at least Cubic will feel like he had some sort of victory over Kaito’s assailant.

Meanwhile, Kaito awakens to his friend’s relieved faces. But friends are not important right now to Kaito – at least not these ones – so he tries to leave so he can find Rook. Gammon forcefully stops him, princess-carrying him to the bed after a mini wrestling match. Kaito pouts the entire time. They all get the hint that he wants to be alone so they leave. Well, maybe they didn’t quite get the hint seeing as Nonoha is quick to propose a cheering-up party for Kaito.

Gammon looks like he’s done this sort of thing before…

The puzzle Cubic was so arrogant about actually turned out to be pretty hard. Cubic can solve it just fine, but he can’t seem to type in the numbers fast enough to beat the timer. As a punishment, a tank starts shooting the surrounding area to frighten him and make it hard to think. In a last ditch effort, Cubic screams to the heavens that he WILL become Kaito’s bride even if it kills him, and solves the puzzle with not a second to spare. He lets out a creepy laugh as he imagines Kaito in a dress, and then rubs his victory in the Giver’s face. To this, the Giver responds with “Uh, yeah, Rook designed this puzzle when he was 5.” FIVE. I was crawling on all fours and pretending to be a Meowth at 5! Talk about making one feel inadequate.

Spazzing Q-chan montage

Cubic slinks back to the hospital to witness a very interesting cheering-up party. It has no effect on Kaito, so the mood is pretty awkward. When he sees Kaito still looking so depressed over Rook’s betrayal, he can only retreat to the hallway and think things over. He’s really doubting that he’s worthy to be Kaito’s husbando. Meanwhile, Jikugawa quietly plots a way to help Kaito out.

Screenshot Cheering-Up Party:

Look, we’re sorry, okay? They were out of maid outfits and this is all we could get!

I’m so angry that even these extremely bolded lines cannot contain my rage!

How many bathtubs does this guy have?! Does he have one in the kitchen too? The living room? In front of a volcano?

Deadlier than Nonoha Sweets…NONOHA HUGS!

End Thoughts: Kaito you diiiiiccccckk! Just you wait until the 2012 awards – you are getting my vote for BIGGEST DOUCHEBAG. I will personally make sure we have an award for this category. Kaito wakes up from his confrontation with Rook to his friends smiling over him, and his first thought is to rush out and talk with Rook. He doesn’t say “Gee, thanks for picking up my battered body, dragging it back here on an airplane, and taking me to the hospital.” He certainly doesn’t thank them for waiting there all day for him to wake up, nor does he look the least bit relieved to see them. No. Instead he sits there with a scowl, having almost knocked out Gammon only a little while ago just so he could contact Rook. I can forgive him for being disoriented just when he wakes up, but to still be so callous after a few hours of being awake was just wrong. Kaito Daimon, you are a horrible person who doesn’t know what true friendship is.

Ah, it feels good to get that rant out of my system. SO GOOD! One more thing I’ll say about Kaito is an elaboration on what Nonoha said about him. She feels like he’s stuck in the past with Rook. Kaito can’t make new friends, because he doesn’t live in the present. He lives in a time where he lived happily with Rook, solving puzzles all day. Until he can accept that Rook just up and went without a word (and the whole, you know, becoming a creepy psycho thing) then he’ll continue to be blind to those around him. His friends are really great friends though. Even Gammon cares about him a lot. He may convert his affection to anger, but you can’t deny that Kaito is the only one to evoke that big of a reaction from him. But we all know what I’m hinting at with this paragraph is that Gammon is totally gay for Kaito. That’s..what I really want to say and can’t hold it back. AHH, THAT PRINCESS CARRY…!!!

Cubic also has it bad for Kaito. Well, everyone does, but this episode focused on how he in particular admires Kaito with all of his tiny, shota heart. I still think he’s adorable in that he’s so devoted to Kaito and wanted to get revenge for him, even if it was a bit foolish to do so. The tension between his puzzle and Kaito in the hospital bed was great. Cubic’s panic is a lot more real than Kaito’s, because you know in the back of your head he can just pull a Phi Brain and solve it without breaking a sweat. Cubic doesn’t have this. This means there is a good side to Kaito sulking – we get to see all the other characters solve puzzles! GOOD! Kaito, why don’t you just fall into a coma and let Nonoha be the star, okay? At least then you won’t be able to make Cubic look so fricking sad. That look on his face at the end was so painful…It takes a heavy blow to make someone as confident in his abilities as Cubic feel unworthy. I hope he cheers up soon!

Preview: Ana is a ditz, so he automatically wins.


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11 Responses to “Phi Brain – 14”

  1. Kitty says:

    Kaito!! Think about how Galileo feels!! You wake up after being injured and its rook this and rook that, Kaito should transform into a pokemon already, it would be easier. I’m with you OC I shall vote for his douchbagness. And we can assume everyone has it bad for Kaito, even thought he’s being a total jerk. Then again everyone does fall for the cranky bad guy -_-; Great episode! Its good to have Phi Brain back ^_^

    • Overcooled says:

      Whoa, you commented like right after I posted this! Kitty, you’re so fast!

      Everyone hates Kaito, but we all secretly love him. Mostly because of all the potential pairings…

  2. TheVoid says:

    Worst part is that now Cubic is probably depressed because of what that flunky said after he beat the puzzle.

    • Overcooled says:

      Definitely. His confidence was at an all-time high right before he dropped the bomb on Cubic. Now he’s got it stuck in his head that intelligence is the only important factor for being a good friend D:

  3. animeducky says:

    The animation was at an all time high with the derpy-ness this week. And of course, we all agree on Kaito being a douchebag. I remember hearing how geniuses can have a different outlook/perspective on life and how common sense can sometimes evade them.

    I love how apparantly here in England, we like to leave fully functional (albeit old) tanks in unsecured, abandoned military bases, where they can be easily jacked by megalomaniacal, bath loving, dandelion-haired teenagers. Nice job there Ministy of Defense!

    • Overcooled says:

      Phi Brain is derp of the highest quality. Wow,I never even really noticed that it was weird for fully-functional (and loaded) tanks to be haphazardly left around XD There’s just so much wrong going on sometimes I lose track haha

      Yeah, most geniuses straddle the line between insane and brilliant. Kaito is just in-between “brilliant” and “tactless boar.”

  4. BlackBriar says:

    Ok. Kaito almost gets barbecued alive and the first thing he does is try to go after Rook who nearly had him killed? Is he suicidal or something? All hail King douchebag.

    Oh, Cubic. Intelligence, bravery and arrogance does not mean you go looking stupidly for trouble. He had nothing planned and there was a big chance he wouldn’t have gotten of there alive. Have most of the characters this episode gone stupid? But I think barely solving a puzzle that someone made when they were only five years old would seriously depress anyone. A sharp blow to the ego.

    Nonoha has shown another one of her wrestling moves: The Bear Hug. Approach her at your own risk. And if Ana wasn’t a guy, I’d call that hugging with Nonoha a potential yuri moment. Arrgh!! Damn it!!!

    • Overcooled says:

      Kaito isn’t very smart sometimes…Cubic too…Going off and running headfirst into trouble. I would be really depressed too if a puzzle made by a 5 year old nearly killed me D:

      Haha, yeah, I was thinking “Oh, it’s one of those yuri moments” until I remembered that Ana was a dude. He’s such a convincing trap!

  5. Junko says:

    Part of this episode was spent yelling at the screen because Kaito’s face was starting to piss ME off. The rest was spent wondering how I’m going to get around shipping Kaito with both Nonoha AND Gammon. Threesome? Threesome. Never mind, I figured it out now.

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