First Impression – Tantei Opera Milky Holmes II

Farming gone terribly, terribly wrong.

Well, here I am with Kara talking about Milky Holmes II. Would not have thought this’d be happening. She’s warned me about some of my braincells dying, so we’ll see what happens.
Believe it or not, this show isn’t about a bunch of hentai lolis. …It’s about a bunch of incredibly stupid lolis.  By some miracle, I also bribed  threatened  shamelessly begged somehow managed to have Jrow here to cover first impressions with me SO I’M NO LONGER ALONE!!!!!!1!!1one! So on to the review!

Milky Holmes starts off as just another day at detective school, however, the protagonists of the series choose to sleep through their alarm and instead wake up at night WAAAAY after school is over. After bathing in a random body of water, the girls start on their important jobs… farming. While it’s probably more productive than anything else they’ve done before, Henriette (aka the infamous Thief Arsene) and her team don’t appreciate the loss of their eternal rivals.

However, Milky Holmes seems to have forgotten about detective work completely and instead spend their time planting vegetables and doing odd jobs like posing for students at some art school. While going around mooching food for people, Sheryl runs into Kokoro and the rest of the G4 (who’s names I can never remember) talking about some detective fair coming up. That doesn’t last long though because then Kokoro’s loli kidnapper shows up, causing her to flee.

I’ve dubbed these two “VY1” and “Luka” …because I can’t remember what their real names are

The girls continue with their uneventful life of farming while Henriette takes out her anger on her henchmen. This causes the three to seek revenge and send out a letter of challenge via arrow through the window. …However, the girls don’t even notice that they’re being shot at/threatened until Stone River sends a voice recording. … The girls decide to ignore this as well. So the Gentlemen Thieves sit outside all night waiting for Milky Holmes.

When the girls get up in the morning, they find their farm being destroyed by 3 extremely angry thieves. This gets the girl’s angry too… with farmer’s rage. Instead of defeating them by their magical detective powers, Milky Holmes attacks with hoes and other farm related objects. Just before they’re defeated, the thieves ask to at least be defeated by detectives and this stops the girls. They finally remember what detectives are, but before anyone can be defeated, Rat pulls out a bomb. …And then Kokoro shoots herself out of a cannon (while escaping her loli stalker) and causes everyone else to be knocked out. Around that time Henriette figures that Milky Holmes needs a great shock to get them back to detective work, so she calls the mayor. When Milky Holmes runs to their farm, they find a bunch of construction workers there instead. Also, their rooster catches fire.

To be fair, I think this would be anyone’s reaction

…More Nipples.


 …And for the maybe 5 of you I didn’t lose after the above pictures, here’s Arsene.

End Thoughts:

To be honest with you, I’ve only seen 3 episodes of Milky Holmes. The first two when you see the girls lose their “Toys” whatever weird name to call an ability and sort of living in the slums of the academy. I also saw the beach episode where the plan to get out of the cave was to tie bikinis together; sounds like a plan that would be nixed if I asked for it. Carrying over from last season, it seems like not only do the girls still not have their toys, but have actually gone away from even caring about being detectives. I’m curious if there was any moment during S1 where they came close to getting them back. Seeing as stupid as they are this episode, I’m gonna guess nuh-uh.

Either way, I guess Henriette has gotten bored with them not being a main competition for her and wants them to come back. Speaking of this character, my god is she hawt! Just like the first season’s ED theme, they went the full mile to get Henriette-sama in as little clothing as possible with the shots (this time a full frontal one). Why did I even bother watching Milky Holmes? Well, it was from randomly looking at a Crunchyroll forum. Why did I bother staying? Henriette-sama! I only saw lolis everywhere in past promo images, but they did good this season to highlight Henriette with Sherlock Shellingford.

One thing I’d heard about coming in was that sometimes Milky Holmes can be rather suggestive. Not only does the purple hair girl play with a cucumber as though she’s playfully stroking it, but that the weird nipples dude has a cucumber emerging from his pants. And the nipples dude is a frickin weirdo! They’re like spiky, helicoptery nipples that he could probably fly with. Anyways, there’s a reason why people overlook Milky Holmes. This book can be judged by its cover at about 95%. I could feel the braincells leaving, and now I won’t be at 100% for work tomorrow. I’m worrying about myself because I want to go ahead and finish season 1 now. Oh no, Kara, what have you done to me!

Bwahahaha just as planned, Jrow. …And now a moment of silence for the braincells lost to this episode. …Okay, I’m good now. Lol what a way to open up a new season. I was wondering what it would be about since the girls have their powers back, but forgetting about being detectives? I knew they were stupid, but not that stupid. Though at this point, I don’t think I should be surprised by anything they do anymore. So what will the big conflict be now? Since last season’s problems have been solved, there’s nothing driving what little of a plot this show had anymore. …Not that this show really needs a plot, but still it would be nice.

Words cannot describe how much I’ve missed Nijuuri-sensei’s constant flashing (I-I’m not a pervert! I swear!). He’s easily my favourite Kishio Daisuke character ever. That being said, I can’t mention the villains without bringing up Henriette. Cleavage aside, I absolutely love her character. Spoilers for first season here, but I like how she’s so manipulative, she helps out Milky Holmes just so she has a rival to toy around with. It’s somewhat refreshing to see a villain who enjoys actually battling with their archenemy, but doesn’t want to destroy them because then they’ll be bored. That kind of reflects on Henriette’s henchmen too since they’d rather be defeated by detectives than farmers (…then again, I think most people would). Of course, I wouldn’t like her character as much without the awesome seiyuu work by Akesaka Satomi. Why? I guess I just like her voice.

Okay, I’ve raved about the bad guys for long enough. It’s probably time for me to try and justify why I bother watching this despite all of the negative hype about it. This show is weird. I don’t think that it’s that big of a secret that I like mindless comedy, (no matter how stupid it gets) and in Milky Holmes, it can get pretty stupid. However, this show just plows (lol farming pun) through it’s weirdness as if it were completely normal. Milky Holmes takes it’s own stupidness to extremes and I respect that about it. …In a weird way. I guess it’s just a case for me of “so stupid, it’s funny”. Anyways, you can thank Elyon from Sekijitsu for this post, since she was the one who pushed me to watch this. I’ve probably lost quite a few IQ points, but thanks anyways.


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8 Responses to “First Impression – Tantei Opera Milky Holmes II”

  1. TheVoid says:

    Honestly I felt sorry for Arsene’s henchmen. They were only trying to make her boss happy by making these idiots get back to being detectives instead of being farming idiots.

    • Karakuri says:

      Ahaha well that’s how I remember last season going too. The henchmen would do things and Arsene wouldn’t really care just as long as they got their powers back.

  2. Jrow says:

    Look what they’re selling for $102.99 on Rightstuf. Do want.

  3. anaaga says:

    Hey guys, planning to watch this anime from the start
    One of these days

  4. Jrow says:

    So I just finished season 1 and wow, I’m so glad I did. Never did I think I’d say the phrase, “shit is getting real in Milky Holmes” by episode 10 when Henriette expells the students from school. Last battle was really epic.

    But other than that, I came to like all 3 groups of characters. I thought I’d only like Nero from the detective unit, but the other 3 girls are nice. G4 has some cool gals, and the Gentlemen Thieves are funny.

    Oh, and I remember everybody’s names except for headphones-chan, who actually is my favorite of the G4. But that might be because she looks like Luka xD

    • Karakuri says:

      Yessss! Now you have to help me corrupt convince other people to watch this!!!

      I’m not too fond of Nero or the G4, but Milky Holmes just wouldn’t be the same without them.

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