Working’!! – 9 & 10

Inami has the imagination of a fanfic writer

Where has the time gone? Thanksgiving is already over and Christmas is next, people do say time flies when you are having fun and boy is this series packed with fun moments. I hope you Enjoy this amazing review with me and Hime!
Orz…will the technological roadblocks ever cease! Anyway, yes! We are back for another double post of Working’!! I’m sure it’s going to be awesome because (spoilers) Kotori is back!…for those of you that have forgotten who Kotori is…maybe this will remind you. You know how I love my Star Wars references.

Alternate Title: Yachiyo Does Things. Well, everyone else has pretty much had their own episode, so why not her? She needs a mobile phone, so Satou offers to take her to a store to buy one on their break. For some reason this causes Yachiyo to cling unyieldingly to him, for fear of…something? Oh, the store clerk also hits on her. Yuri overtones seem to follow her everywhere. Nevertheless Satou needs to keep reminding her that the two aren’t going out. They manage to get her a phone without incident, though god knows how.


I saw what I wanted and I went after it…

Yohei arrives and Takanashi’s sister glomps him and asks him to marry her because he said she was pretty. Luckily for Takanashi Yohei has some scruples that prevent him from marrying his sister. Meanwhile other ways to fail at relationships are taking place as Yachiyo gets berated for letting Satou call her by her first name. With all this talk of mobiles, it’s got Inami wishing she could text Takanashi…he’s too busy giving tough love to Yamada to notice.


We interrupt this post to bring you a small spam of Yachiyo being pretty. Do not be alarmed, this happens every so often when an anime character is given the watercolor treatment and imbued with sparkles.


There. Can’t you just feel your teeth rotting?

While Yohei and co. stalk Yachiyo, Takanashi is getting further frustrated with Yamada, until he actually makes her run away. After that relatively depressing scene of Takanashi being a jackass we get to see Satou redeem the male sex when he puts a blanket around Yachiyo, who’d fallen asleep in the break room. You can almost hear the collective D’aww. Takanashi also realizes how hard he was on Yamada and goes to apologize to her.


Too many cute faces…

Episode 10

It seems Inami is having a hard time repressing her androphobia, and after punching Takanashi and nearly Satou, too, it’s decided that words have to be had. Well, it’s starts about that, but at the mention of Kirio Takanashi can’t help but let his jealousy show through. He traps her against stop precariously stacked boxes, saying that if she lunches him they will fall. Inevitably they fall anyway, which leads to the always awkward “I fell on you, does that mean were dating?” aftermath.


This is Satou’s idea of porn

Takanashi tries patting Inami’s head while she’s sleeping so she can’t punch him, but she wakes up mid-stroke-a-thon and is of course more mortified than violent. She decides to take some days off work! This leaves Takanashi pretty depressed and feeling like a pervert. Taneshima texts Inami to try and convince her to come back but gets a replying she’s sick and not going to school either.


Oh, the shame.

Takanashi wants to go see her, but deems it inappropriate as he is. This looks like a job for Kotori-Chan! his female alter ego. So she goes to visit Inami to say her peace and asks for her e-mail address so they can text each other from now on.

 Kotori; challenging Inami’s heterosexuality since Season 1


Hooray! That was another amazing episode this week! Damn that first half with Yachiyo getting her first cell phone was pure gold for me. Whenever I see Yachiyo and Satou together I just d’awww all the time, they are perfect for each other! Sadly Yachiyo is stuck to Kyouko forever. I did find it funny that Yachiyo suddenly gets super shy around other people and clings to her nearest friend. Speaking of friends poor Satou he is going to be forever stuck in the friend zone with Yachiyo…Still this episode had plenty of cute moments between them, if anything can be truly said about this episode it was a perfect shipping themed episode.

Next up we have Kozue! Takanashi’s drunken sister, well she wasn’t drunk this time for once. You know she could really pass as Inami’s sister or mom! They both have similar hair color. And then Yohei arrived! And saw Kozue calling her cute which led to him almost getting molested by her! LOL and what was up with the Random stripping attempt from Kozue?! Damn woman wait till you get home before you do any love making! And choose a better place not a family restaurant…

And with any episode of Working!! We always get the usual fun with Yamada, this time she was trying her best until Takanashi got angry at her. Who could get angry with Yamada? Well she is super lazy so I suppose you can’t really have that in the workplace. For once thou she really did listen to Takanashi for I think five whole minutes? Then her brain said nope back to LOLWUT mode NOW! I couldn’t help but grin at that ending with her drawings of Takanashi and of course the dramatic reunion with Yamada hugging him calling him all kinds of names…

Well it seems were back to square one again with Takanashi and Inami! Just when I thought things were going well for them or were they ever?! Ahaha I don’t think Inami would ever get over her fear of guys. And that is so sad! Because I enjoy that pairing a lot, but I really don’t watch working for the romance, I only watch for the laughs. However if some romance does happen I wouldn’t mind something happening between Takanashi and Inami one day. I liked Satou this week and his whole I might die today quote! Thanks to Inami blocking him in that room…

And now for my weekly Yamada filled adventure and her need for a cell phone; leave it to Yamada for wanting to be like everyone else. I loved the whole message board thing she got, I was waiting for her to get trolled by someone at work and sure enough it was Satou to do the trolling this week. Almost forgot Yamada walking in to find Imani passed out with Takanashi touching her face! And running off to tell everyone what she saw wow Yamada you love to be so sneaky! Then again that is why you are amazing every week.

Takanashi touching Inami while she slept was kind of amazing, and the whole time I was like NOOOO!! DON’T! YOU ARE GONNA DIE! LOL I think he was enjoying playing with fire? I know I would not touch someone like her unless you had a death wish. This episode also brings back Takanashi-chan he pulls off that cross dress a bit too well, but it is always funny to see how Inami acts around him when he is acting like a girl. So does this mean Inami’s mom figured out the truth about him? If so that makes things interesting for Takanashi.

Is anyone tired of that OP? Can anyone be tired of that OP? I’m not, and can’t imagine I ever will be. It’s just so cute! Everytime I see it it just makes me smile, and I know it’s not particuarly festive but, I dunno, it makes me think of Christmas xD Now, onto the actual episodes. 9 was alright; I like Yachiyo well enough and her and Satou had some funny and sweet little interactions. It seemed weird that Yachiyo was so out of synch she didn’t even know how to use a mobile. I know it was for the sake of comedy, but it was a bit of a stretch, and I thought it was just a little too forced.

The scene between Yohei and Takanashi’s sister was hilarious! I love Kozue, and her blatant come-ons to Yohei, as well as his reactions, had me in stitches. She needs to hijak the restaurant more often xD. It at least makes Yohei and his sister a little bit more interesting. We had to sacrifice Kirio in these two episodes, so I’m glad Yohei and his sister were able to at least get a chuckle out of me, instead of the usual deadpan, lack of interest I have in them.

The scene at the end between Takanashi and Yamada was brilliant. It’s true that Yamada brings out the asshole in Takanashi, and that he is probably meaner to her than Inami or Taneshima, at least knowingly. So to have their make set up to seem “touching”, in the sense of the soft colour pallete, Yamada’s intense sobbing and Takanashi’s smiling face, while she’s calling him all kinds of things like “pervert”, “lolicon” and “queer” was just hysterical.

I was disappointed to see the animation in episode 10 take a huge nose-dive. But I can’t bitch too much as the appearance of Kotori-Chan sure made up for it! Hnng

This was another of those episodes where Takanashi is a an asshole —-> Inami gets upset —-> Takanashi feels bad —-> He apologies —-> They end up back where they started. OH JOY. PROGRESS. I have to say I’m getting quite tired of it. Granted they had more ground to make in S1, building the relationship from nothing, but surely there are other things they can do with these two now that just having them recycle the same tired “conflicts” over and over again. More than just being the anti-progress that it is, it’s also not funny.


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas …


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  1. Joojoobees says:

    It’s pretty funny how easy it is to make Yamada happy sometimes. That message board was great.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ohhh yes! Yamada <3 she is always great for a few laughs, agreed that message board thing was amazing ahahah

  2. amado says:

    as the romance expert(and a soutaXinami shipper), ep 10 was great. we even got to see kotori-chan again and it was quite fun when inami’s mom showed that she knew about souta.

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