Carnival Phantasm 05-06

Clean up in progress! Nyaaaa~

This sure got late but we still hope you enjoy it because Carnival Phantasm is epic. This time we have broken up the second season because it’s too much to cover four episodes in one go; though, I shouldn’t be saying much as I’m doing the same with Kara on Chihayafuru but that’s another story altogether. We’ll go crazy with Berserker and Rider tales from FSN. So, read on~
Fufufufu! Oh how I have missed these mini episodes with all our favorite characters acting very out of character, I mean after watching Fate/Zero. But it always makes me laugh for a while watching them act goofy.

Episode five follows Illyasviel von Einzbern as she sends Berserker out to get some batteries for her video games however Berserker end up causing more destruction. Episode six follows Sakura and her older brother Shinji and their odd home life together with Rider in the mix.

Ultimate little gamer! Jrow, Hato and OC are going to steal this set up.

Things start out with Berserker on Illyasviel’s special errand for batteries, because she desperately wants to continue her gaming! And damn did you notice that setup of hers? That was amazing! I bet Jrow, OC and Hato would love to have four screens like that. Berserker heads out and randomly encounters several servants on the way to the store, starting off with Gilgamesh chilling outside, wearing casual clothes and drinking.
You gotta say, Berserker sure has an ‘entrance’! The Neco Arcs even branded him “quite a man”. Well, he is if he has those many muscles and unruly hair… Let’s not even talk about his strength. Though, let’s not forget the chance meeting and sharing of tables by Soichirou and Chaos. The appearance of many animals during lunch was quite amusing. I wonder what would happen if Kirei and Chaos share a table? Well, Nakata Jouji would talk to himself and many LULZ would ensue. Type-Moon sure loves Nakata. :3

Gilgamesh-“Sup bro, wanna party with me?!”               Beserker-kun- “No! I gotta walk like a true pimp down the street.”

Did you miss those snake pants on Gilgamesh, hmm?! I sure did but of course, his old friend ‘vintage wine’ is their to soothe his boredom. I hoped to see more of his Noble Phantasm but of course, we have to move on so that Lancer gets his turn because well, he’s a dog after all. ZASHUUU! Poor sap. Gil is quickly defeated after receiving a mild pummeling from Berserker-kun-yo~.
The next servant he finds happens to be Lancer fishing. Apparently, he likes dogs and clings to Lancer using him as a backup weapon to help him defeat, Assassin, Archer, Caster and even Saber after she finished eating some ramen. With all the servants defeated, Berserker wins the Grail but it actually turns out to be one of the random cats with a single battery! Ah well, you gave it your best shot Berserker; hopefully Illysaviel went easy on you for failing.

Lancer-“Whoa big dude! I was just trying to fish…what’s that? You want to play tag with me?”

Playing tag with Berserker is true suffering…

Face the true face of fear! D’awww it’s so cute…

We start episode six with Rider watching poor Sakura get abused by her brother Shinji. Sakura does all the house work too like shoveling snow and cooking, while Shinji plays on the internet having fun. Rider thinks Sakura hates it but she actually doesn’t mind working for him all the time; in fact I think she loves it. While this is happening Rider gets a plan to protect Sakura from Shinji by hitting him with things and riding a bike indoors to run him over! Hell even Lancer makes an appearance.

Shinji- “The fans demand a wincest scene!”                        Sakura- “Nii-san no echhhiiiiii…!”

Phantasmoon usually makes me snore but at least these past episodes, it had enough quick imagery to some magical girls to keep me awake. I would still give DAT ASS only 1. Moving on, Shinji’s such a douchebag but he’s always been a cry baby (I’m so glad we won’t be seeing him in Fate/Zero). For those of you who’s watching F/Z, Sakura is not new to you, she appears more on FSN though. She’s a perfect host for crest worms though so don’t think she’s your normal girl next door.

Izaya Shinji- “Bitch, it’s trolling time! GO CAPS LOCK FOR THE WIN!!”

Sakura- “Little does he know I so drugged his food.”                       Shinji- “This tastes kind of funny….”

Shinji- “Are you blind or something?!”                         Rider- “I wish you were Waver and I had a beard….”

While at the store, Rider finds Caster’s special dagger called the Rule Breaker! Once Rider returns home from the store, she sees Shinji taking advantage over Sakura a bit far and throws Sakura the dagger, which she stabs into Shinji to calm him down but it appears it rather tamed than calmed him down.

Sakura-“Wow, it’s so shiny, Nii-san….”                               Shinji-“APPRIVOISE!!! Wait… This is so wrong…”

Sakura-“Now you will become MY bitch! Hahahahaha!”

Extra fun!

Illyasviel has the best faces ever.

Sakura-“Rider, you are getting in the way of my wincest!”                     Rider-“Nooooooooooooo!”

Shinji-“Whoa! Sakura, can we trade servants?”

Sakura was so cute, right, Shinji??

Rider was not expecting this turn of Yuriness~

It was just not Lancer’s day. He died in both episodes!

End Thoughts:

You know, I always love these small skits. They are FABULOUS MAX! People who are loving this with enough Type-Moon knowledge should check out the Take Moon managa because it’s definitely hilarious and not all chapters have been animated into these short OVAs. With Fate/Zero airing the same season, it seems like I’m in heaven and Fosh guessed it completely right. Things couldn’t have gotten THIS BETTER!

For the first episode, I can bet this was the shorted Holy Grail War EVER because Berserker simply offed every competition in a jiffy. I had a laugh after spying the suit version of Saber being squished by Berserker. Like Fosh said, if this had been the black knight, it would have been even better but I can bet Lerche doesn’t have budgets like ufotable. The quick ‘defeated’ status update really did a number on me and it was quite sad that the Neco Arc’d Grail didn’t even provide the right Enerloop batteries. This vessel was sure useless but you know, who was useful? Lancer by being a true bro to Berserker and hanging tough till the end even if he was turned into a glowing Shuriken and helped smash I-AM-THE-BONE-OF-MY-SWORD. Tsk.

The shoujo drama-ish outlook of episode six was a bit boring for me but when you have Shinji whining like a bitch with Hiroshi Kamiya doing the vocals, I had to stop and listen. Rider was sure amusing with the little tricks up her sleeve. Not to mention imagine she stealing the rule breaker and then it being used upon Shinji of all people. Why do I have a feeling there was a boner involved, which was censored off? You would never know the truth of rainbow coloured censor blocks! Next up would be the two remaining episodes of second season and we promise to off it before the third one airs late in December. Ja ne~

Oh my god, finally back to the craziness that is Carnival Phantasm! Along with Fate/Zero, fall is full of Type-Moon fun and I can bet Kyokai is drooling over all of this fun stuff. Episode five was so amazing! I loved watching Berserker run around the city randomly defeating all of the other servants. And poor Lancer really got treated like Berserker’s second weapon. He took on so much abuse this week and all the poor guy wanted to do was fish. The best defeat was with Archer at the mall and of course Caster getting smashed. I sort of wish this Berserker was from Fate/Zero and just imagine that knight form of his running around looking for batteries.

In episode six, we had Sakura finally doing something but I think she has some serious bro-con issues, doesn’t she? Or she just loves being his slave? She might have a serious M side to her. I enjoyed watching Sakura as she is very cute, and then we have Shinji who was channeling Izaya with that computer scene at least that’s what I was thinking, while watching him. I died laughing when Sakura would smack Rider around; she is so damn strong! I didn’t know Sakura had that in her, then again this is anime, anything goes.

Overall these two episodes had plenty of high points for comedy like Berserker’s nickname, Berserker-kun. I couldn’t stop laughing after the narrator called him that! Someone that big with a moe sounding nickname was great. And Caster?! I love this version of Caster as she is so damn cute! And those ears of her add to that. I like her more than the Fate/Zero pedo-version in the case of episode seven. I think the next few episodes will focus on the other cast of characters.


This time you gotta defeat Archer to get to some yummy Bentos… Any takers? None?! We thought so! 

More insane adventures to come! Stay tuned for more.


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7 Responses to “Carnival Phantasm 05-06”

  1. TheVoid says:

    I find it hilarious that Sakura was disappointed Shinji was no longer a douchebag who tries to rape her thanks to Rule Breaker. She must be a masochist.

    Being Lancer is truly suffering. Show ▼

    • Kyokai says:

      She’s so M. I mean, after being ruled over by Crest Worms so long, she can actually take anything heads on.

      They sure made the theme of second season as the many deaths of Lancer for sure. xD

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yes! I loved that part with Sakura and Shinji, for a moment there I was like what were going to have serious moment? But that was still funny ;D

      LOL @ Lancer and Berzerker-kun

  2. Moni Chan says:

    episode 5 is my favorite episode so far. Berzerker is now so awesome.

    And I love how Lancer dies in both episodes

  3. amado says:

    I liked how it was only archer who wasnt instantly defeated by berserker and even reacted in time(except for that NP). also berserker is a true bro indeed.

    and bah, how could they do this to sakura?! 🙁 while it is for comedy, I dont like how they flanderized it this much. she deserves better…

  4. Nichijou9 says:

    Berserker is just too GAR and awesome and being Lancer is suffering. I didn´t noticed that Illya could make all those awesome faces. And poor Lancer, getting owned again. Looks like they only put him in Episode 6 just for the sake of dying again XDD

    Bah, I wanted to see Shinji in Fate/Zero (Plus, Nasu mentioned in the Character Material that when younger he was a bratty tsundere and not so jerk yet), cz this episode proved me that he actually was kinda cute as a kid (god damn it, puberty!). But no so fast, bucko! We didn´t see him in FZ but we still saw his dad, who is as crybaby and douchebag as him.

    YAY! Loli Sakura!

    I wonder what will happen if they make a Carnival Phantasm with Fate Zero

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