C³ – 12 [END]

Does anyone remember what this anime was actually about? …Me neither.

The last episode already? Wow, the fall season of anime came and went pretty fast. Anyways, now on to winter anime! What, you want an episode summary or something? Sigh, fine. I guess I can give you one.

With no introduction or recap, C3 starts right from Alice and Fear’s fight. Alice finally introduces her Cursed Object as Carnival Cleaver and its ability is to remember prior attacks and block them. If that wasn’t enough, it also remembers the opponent’s weak points. Fear and Alice battle it out for a bit and Konoha joins in. Meanwhile, Haruaki has some kind of realization and tells Kuroe that he’s different from her. He then proceeds to do something with his handcuffs that results in a large pool of blood and some injuries. Haruaki manages to get the handcuffs off and brings Kuroe to the others.

Alice then proceeds to pull a mirror from god knows where and explains that it makes the user beautiful and can pull the user to the other side (which is what stopped Kuroe from moving). It can also duplicate what’s reflected inside it and this is proven when some weird scene involving rainbows and fish in suits happens and another Alice comes out. The reflection only lasts for 10 minutes though and the curse from the object causes Alice to start bleeding. However, she feels it’s her duty to go through with the curses and so her reflection joins her. …Also, she’s not restricted to just one copy of herself.

Welcome to Yanderefest! Yuno couldn’t make it because she was too busy killing the other attendees.

Fear goes to attack the mirror, only to drill through an Alice copy and cause the first case of actual censoring that this anime has had. Fear freaks out and the Alice copy looks like she quite enjoys having a hole where her intestines used to be. Fear starts losing her sanity again, so Kirika goes to attack Alice. However, Alice stops this easily and Kirika gets her fanservice shot of the episode. Alice notices Kirika’s Cursed Object and uses the opportunity to fondle Kirika’s kidney… or whatever organ that is.

Meanwhile, Konoha’s glasses are breaking for some reason and Haruaki asks her to revert to sword form. Konoha doesn’t look like she likes that idea, but she does it anyways and Haruaki tries (and fails) to fight Alice. Luckily, defender of justice Shiraho appears randomly and then proceeds to verbally abuse Alice. After that, maid of justice, Sovereignty appears. After a short speech, Sovereignty uses her doll powers to move Kuroe and break the mirror.  With that, Shiraho and Sovereignty leave.

With her ability to move back, Kuroe uses her hair to stop the reflections, giving Fear the chance to attack. They battle for a bit until Haruaki joins in and Fear summons a creepy doll/iron maiden thing. Remember how Alice said she was orphaned? Well it turns out she hates humans and loves Cursed Objects because humans didn’t bother helping her in her crappy childhood. Fear uses her torture device to destroy Carnival Cleaver and Alice throws herself into the ocean…. Where she’s caught by some guy on a boat and the two start making out. Lolwut.

Alice just wanted a hug

Fear doesn’t want to let them get away, but her long range attack is blocked by a twintailed lolita. Also, the guy who caught Alice is a Cursed Object. He somehow knows Kirika and he mentions that Alice’s Cursed Object had an Indulgence Disk in it for whatever reason. Fear says that she’ll accept the disk, but not Alice’s love.

After all of that is over with, everyday life resumes and Fear still can’t dance. Kuroe mentions how Haruaki helped Fear with the Indulgence Disk thing again (lol she filmed it) and then gives Fear and Konoha their wages for working part time at her shop (which she’s taking a break from. Again). Kuroe has forgiven Fear for suspecting her and Fear tries to give her money to Kirika since she left her organization for them. Kirika says that she left of her own will though, so she doesn’t accept the money. She also takes this opportunity to strip.

I-it’s not like Kirika wanted one last shot of fanservice or anything. Don’t get the wrong idea!

So the credits roll and all of the characters are shown continuing on with their lives. Himura is alive and in the hospital, Sovereignty is still being forced to cosplay, Fear can dance, and Kirika’s (surprisingly bishie) older brother is reading with some pink haired woman.  Or at least I assume that it’s Kirika’s brother.

Credits aside, WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?!

After that, Fear and Haruaki chill on a roof and Fear is confused. Since Kuroe got rid of her curse and Konoha is almost rid of hers, she asks if they’re human-like tools or tools that became human. Haruaki says that she probably doesn’t need an answer to this, since they’re them whether they have a curse or not. Fear seems to accept this and the two stare off into the distance.

End Thoughts:

…..And there you have it. The only thing going through my mind really is how much this needs a second season. I mean, they left it open enough for one. Alice got away with her random lover, we have no idea what the Indulgence Disks do, Haruaki is an orphan as far as I’m concerned, god knows where Peavy is/what her organization that was completely forgotten about is doing about Haruaki’s harem of undesirables, Kirika’s organization is still in the shadows and I still have no idea what Kuroe’s purpose is. Konoha needed her own episode. They went out of their way to make her character interesting (I’m talking about the blue hair here), and in the end, didn’t have enough time to explain how or why. Hell, we don’t even know about Haruaki’s childhood or why he’s conveniently curse resistant at all. Though the thing that probably troubled me the most here was the last minute introduction of seemingly important characters. Alice’s lover and lolita friend are currently nameless and only served as a deus ex machina type escape for her. Also, that random introduction for Kirika’s brother and that pink haired woman. Why did they feel the need to add that in there?! It’s not like we’ll be seeing them ever again unless there’s another season to this.

Okay, on to the actual episode. They went all out on the action here (though there still were a bunch of derpy screens). This episode also convinced me that the directors behind this have a SHAFT complex. They’ve been adding in SHAFT like imagery all of this time, but those of you who have seen Madoka will probably join me in saying that Alice’s mirror world was awfully similar to the witch scenes. Overall this anime normally covered up the QUALITY shots with flashy graphics and visuals and really it was the fast paced stuff that the animation quality dropped. They made sure to put more money and effort into the slower and more emotional stuff though, which made the animation levels really really good and really really bad. So yeah, the quality was all over the place, but at least there were a bunch of excellent looking scenes. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of SILVER LINK’s stuff in the future (and oh look, they’re going to be doing the adaption to Tasogare Otome x Amnesia sometime soon).

What was I talking about again? The episode? Right. …Though really, half of the episode was spent of Alice effortlessly winning, then Shiraho shows up out of nowhere, says her piece and then leaves, a bit of it was Alice losing and then the rest was spent on trying to conclude everything while trying to shove in some fanservice to remind everyone that this was a harem show. Maybe I’ll check out the DVD release to see just how bad the censored part to this was, but other than that, if I touch on this further I think I’ll just get angry about how empty that ending felt. This was an anime that started out poorly and then trolled us all (multiple times) by suddenly getting better. Unfortunately, the storyline kind of died somewhere in the Alice arc. I know that this was following the novel at a pace of about one chapter per episode, but the thing about the novels is that there are 11 volumes currently out and I don’t think that this anime went past the 3rd volume. A lot of people have been saying that this would have made a better 24 episode anime and I’m inclined to agree.  It’s not that the anime was bad, but there were just so many things that were vaguely mentioned and then forgotten about. So yeah, second season: WANT. If not, there will be tables flipped.


And so I leave you with this last bit of fanservice.

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University student and the one at Metanorn who's known for wearing glasses. Likes blood, insanity and plot twists, but also plays otome games and adores cute romance anime. It balances out... somehow.
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14 Responses to “C³ – 12 [END]”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    Nice way of finishing a series: a brutal, merciless fight with a completely whacked out, sadistic bitch who has a lot of screws loose; a handful of new characters that mostly look like new enemies; a story that’s still wide open for development; some extremely hot fanservice towards the end and sexual innuendo between Haruaki and Fear.

    Alice is definitely worse than Peavy. The way she brought those copies to provoke Fear was underhanded and her torturing Kirika by directly damaging her organs was twisted. And she did it all with a smile. You sick bitch!!!

    Haruaki is an exception to most harem leads and should be considered a role model for them. He wasn’t the least bit annoying and I guess he enjoys pain. No matter what dangerous situations there may be be out there, he does something to himself that most people would hesitate doing. Like trying to get the handcuff off while slitting his wrists in the process.

    I still have a clear memory of Kirika stripping down to her Kurokawa Karen. They just couldn’t resist showing some intense fanservice one last time. “It’s too hot!!!” It’s such a perfect excuse. And she’s gonna dance like that?!! HELL YES!!!!

    This screams that it should a second season. Peavy is still alive, her organization is still after Fear, Alice got away and looks like still has a plan in mind, plus she’s shown her allies who looks powerful; there’s Kirika’s former organization that we’re still in the dark about and there’s the whole bunch of new characters that appeared during the end credits. That’s a strong possibility to greenlight another season.

    • amado says:

      Haruaki is an exception to most harem leads and should be considered a role model for them. He wasn’t the least bit annoying and I guess he enjoys pain. No matter what dangerous situations there may be be out there, he does something to himself that most people would hesitate doing. Like trying to get the handcuff off while slitting his wrists in the process.

      you do know how a lot of harem leads are actually like that. they risk their lives to save the girls and the girls end up liking them. only few harem leads are actually like that.

      plus, they should learn from keima katsuragi. he’s the absolute best at harem managing and he is unfazed by fanservice.

    • Karakuri says:

      ….Lol yes, the fight. Holy crap Alice is insane. Ahaha my reaction to her playing around with Kirika’s organs was pretty much the same. “You sick bitch!!!”

      Haruaki was indeed a great male lead. I was a bit iffy about him in the beginning but he really proved himself by constantly being useful.

      Ahaha….ha…. it has all of the indications of a second season. There had better be one, or the openendedness of this last episode will go to waste.

  2. Reaper says:

    Rant aside, interesting end to a series which we know will come back with another series hopefully in the not too distant future. We already had a montage of Haruaki’s future conquests/harem additions opponents
    And yes, I agree with BlackBriar; all other male protagonists with a harem should learn from him; less attention to the harem leads to more attention to story (mostly) The occasional fanservice is fine, but too much is…too much…like what they did to Kirika…why to my practical, sensible Iincho…

    • Karakuri says:

      I thought her stripping was pretty out of character too. Though I guess it means that she’s comfortable around Haruaki and the others.

      YES, THE NOT TOO DISTANT FUTURE. I hope this anime sells well enough to merit a second season!! They can’t just leave it like that!!

      Yeah, the thing I liked about this was that they (mostly) kept the fanservice out of the serious battling. Kirika was kind of an exception to this, but holy crap was she ever badass.

  3. Kitty says:

    I didn’t follow this series but congrats on finishing it and being the first end of series blogging of the fall season!

  4. amado says:

    yeah, this studio has done similar animations with SHAFT, evident with baka to test to shoukanjuu(and probably others I dont know).

    I told you guys this was the hidden gem this season. much better than it seemed and deserves to be a 2-cour unlike guilty crown who wasted half of its episodes(and maybe even more!).

    and yeah, 2nd season should happen. they already had a 2nd OP/ED song so it shouldnt be as bleak as other animes.

    • Karakuri says:

      Apparently they’ve also also done something called Kanokon and then some other anime called Tayutama (I’ve never heard of either of them). But wow, I thought SHAFT were the people who did Baka to Test, but I guess it’s SILVER LINK again. Suddenly things make sense.

      This really was a hidden gem. I won’t say much about Guilty Crown (though I can’t see how all of the episodes of Shu whining are necessary),but yeah. This needed to be longer.

      Unlike most harem anime, I would welcome a second season to this. SILVER LINK actually did pretty good with their adaption of C3.

  5. Foshizzel says:

    Kirika fan service is the best! I did think that was sooo random of her to show off…but whatever she is there to keep the guys guessing, or Fear fan service! Lol yeah that final shot was their way of saying DO NOT FORGET US! LOL

    Last episode was so…lame! The fight was more like chatting and some action but overall just chatter. I loved seeing the other characters return to help so that was great, but I wanted one last episode of Yandere fear! Ah well fingers crossed for another season? Hellz ya!

    So much Shaft in this final episode with the artwork, but fantastic to me <3 and Jouji Nakata as that final dude on the boat! That is awesome...I wonder how much they paid him to show up and voice someone xD

    Congrats on another competed series on Metanorn! Woooo!!

    • Karakuri says:

      Ahahaha really, I was expecting a group picture or something, but I guess loli pantsu works as well.

      Hmm, yeah it was pretty anticlimactic. It could have been thrown in anywhere and still worked (well, not ANYWHERE but you get what I mean). YANDERE FEAR THIS EPISODE WOULD HAVE BEEN PERFECT. She was soooo close to it too… lame.

      Ahaha I’m going to be honest and say that I have no idea who that is.
      Oh wait, never mind. He’s the guy who does Alucard from Hellsing.

      Whooo! I’ll catch up to you in posts some day! ….Maybe xD.

      • Foshizzel says:

        Yeppers! Alucard and Chaser John Doe from Yumekui Merry! And he is in Fate/Zero and Carnival Phantasm, lots of characters I know he is one of Kyo’s favorites <3

        Hahaha yes! YOU CAN DO IT!! -cheers Kara on-

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