Working’!! – 08

When being voiced by Jun isn’t gay enough it’s time to bring out the sparkles.

Another fat plate of Working!! Headed your way and we are getting closer to wrapping this series to go. Maybe not that close we have like four or five episodes left, anyway it’s time to start the show with Hime! Enjoy the review.
I can’t believe we’re on episode 8 already. It’s insane. NEED MOAR PROGRESS ON THE TAKANASHI/INAMI FRONT. Get together guys! You only have like 4/5 episodes left!

So Takanashi is upset because his little sister is now the same height as him. He asks Taneshima to be his oneechan instead but of course she refuses. Takanashi laments further and Taneshima eventually relents and indulges him. So they play at being brother and sister, but everyone gets worried about his obvious decent into his own delusional world and starts being unusually nice. Souma decides to have his fun with Inami as she wants Takanashi to say she’s cute. She does get her wish, though not in the way she intended. Nevertheless it seems to make her happy.

Very happy…

Oh, but it’s about to all hit the fan! Kirio shows up at Wagnaria, endlessly irritating Takanashi, who is surprisingly apt at causing him pain. Souma sends Yamada out and shows Kirio the photo of Takanashi cross dressing, claiming it to be Yamada. Kirio obviously says that it isn’t her, but does doubt its authenticity. Souma continues to keep the two apart and this involves going to the mall with Yamada, where he’s faced with hiding her from Kirio at every turn.


Not just anyone can scare Souma


 (I’m going to mini-spam you guys with Takanashi because he dominated the “cute faces” of the week this episode)

I don’t even know why I found this scene so funny…it just was.


 Woooo hooo! This episode was quite good aside from one complaint, but I will mention that later on. That first part with Takanashi and his little sister Nazuna in the kitchen was so d’awww. Coming from personal eXperiences it does suck when the youngest siblings suddenly get taller than the oldest! My sister is just like that too even my two youngest cousins are getting so damn tall. Anyway that scene was nice and all but the aftermath of Takanashi at work hiding in the closet and getting so depressed made me laugh! And then I felt really sorry for him don’t worry I know the feel bro.

After that Popura agreeing to become his little sister because she is sooooo short was kind of funny and creepy! Well Takanashi does treat Popuar very differently than the other girls. I loved when Yamada wanted Takanashi to make her his other little sister, but then turned her down poor Yamada she needs more love. And then Yamada-Kun arrived! Hooray! I was happy until some other events got in the way suddenly. I was really surprised to see Takanashi defend himself against Yamada-kun! I figured the girls taught him something and Inami’s reaction to wanting him to do that to her was so hilarious! Ahaha maybe Inami has a major M side to her?

And now for the only complaint! Souma what the hell man? Why are you keeping Yamada from meeting her brother?!! WHY!! I was saying that the whole time during the mall visit. Then again I think he had a special reason to keep them apart, maybe he wants their reunion to be something more later on? It’s either that or Souma really likes having Yamada around at work. If I worked with someone like her I might be sad to see her leave to, after all Yamada has soooo much energy and can make anyone smile.

 A thousand fangirl hnngs! for the return of cross dressing Takanashi, if only in photo form. God, what is it with me and traps these days? Anyway, this episode was pretty funny. There was a lot going on a pretty much everyone had a little moment to shine. I particuarly liked Satou kicking Kirio when he grabbed Yachiyo. It was just cute, and Satou is awesome anyway so why not? In fact, for Kirio being the only one able to stop Inami’s punches he sure gets his assed kicked a lot.

Takanashi’s surprising self defense techniques were super effective! And the fact that Inami got so giddy over him saying the photo of her when she was a kid was cute was cute in itself…then it got a little creepy. But then it got cute again! It’s hard to tell whether any progress was made in them confessing their feelings but at least Takanashi was totally intolerent of Kirio, to the point he was just blank faced and annoyed.

Souma and Yamada were also amazingly cute in this episode. Sure, he was the same evil genius like always but it was still fun to see him and Kirio interact. They have some really funny dialogue, granted it was pretty predictable and cliché at points. I still found it enjoyable, and it’s probably one of the episodes where Souma had a bigger part to play other than just throw-away gags surrounding his evilness.


Takanashi’s drunken sister fangirls and those vacuous siblings are back. Oh, joy.


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10 Responses to “Working’!! – 08”

  1. kluxorious says:

    Souma surprised me and I have to wonder why he was so adamant to keep Yamada to himself. Maybe she was the easiest for him to bully?

    • Kyokai says:

      I think he just wants to elongate this setting of brother looking for his sister thing, not to mention, at annoyance of Takanashi over Inami. Though, I’m just speculating.

  2. Kyokai says:

    So, we got to learn the stalker-version of Inami this episode, not to mention more of Takanashi’s fetishes. I would like to know more of why Souma protected Yamada in the first place though.

    You know what that preview design reminds me of? Mitsudomoe and I hated that show. Still though, Takanashi’s sisters amuse me to no end so I’ll look forward to it.

    • Hime says:

      Yo be fair, if I had a recording of Jun saying I was cute I would glue my phone to my ear and have it on repeat, too.

    • Foshizzel says:

      LOLOL Inami was so cute in that scene listening to her phone over and over again <3 major D'awwwwww factor right there.

      LOL I can't wait for it! Takanashi's sisters are all hilarious 😉

      • Hime says:

        Inami is very cute, it’s nice to see it get recognized for once. She needs the confidence boost.

  3. amado says:

    well, if you believe souma has a nice personality hidden inside him, you can say its due to yamada running away. judging from their talk, their mom wasnt really a good one…

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