Working’!! – 06

The Extras from Beelzebub get their own episode

It’s time for Working!! Are you prepared to laugh till you can’t laugh anymore!? Well that happens to me with every episode well most of them. Enough rambling! It’s time to get to work with Hime as you read our thoughts on this amazing episode.
 I am ready to laugh until my lungs give out, Fosh! In dire need of my Jun injection this week, too, as he didn’t really get to say much in Horizon. Thankfully this is quite a Takanashi heavy episode and next weeks looks to be more of the same! *rabid fangirl whoops*

The employees at Wagnaria have caught THE PLAUGE! Only kidding, basically what happened was Yamada splashed Satou and Taneshima with water so they got sick…cause that’s how colds work. Yup. So with two down Manager enlists the help of some of her juniors, fellow delinquents from her high school days. The first is Yohei, who is…very energetic. The seconds is Mitsuki, an insurance salesman…with brass knuckles. This can only go well! The two are actually brother and sister and very clearly don’t get along very well, as they cause havoc in the cafe.


Neither of them are very good at their jobs either, but that doesn’t stop Manager from threatening our regulars with replacement, oh no!…The next day Satou and Taneshima resume their duties and Takanashi makes tries to get Manager to be more appreciative of them. This ends up loosing him his job of supervising Inami, something he can’t puzzle out why he isn’t happy about. Inami, trying to be considerate, also ends up upsetting him,after which he denounces all older women.


Yeah, but you see her as a dog so

Needless to say, things get awkward.


And violent…

Inami does try to speak to him but can’t help crying. This at least gets her his attention, playing to his not-totally-an-asshole side, and gives her a chance to explain what she meant to say before. Finally he gets it. Inami is happy again. They make up …and then she punches him…so much for progress. ;_; keep trying Inami, you’ll get there one day. When women take over the world and men are outlawed.



Even guys can suffer from the dreaded moe fang

Obligatory cute faces of the week

This coming from YOU?


Oh this episode! It was great but sad to see Satou and Popura get sick thanks to Yamada of course I figured she had something to do with that whole mess. Yamada does have to force herself into the “plot” of most episodes lately huh? I keep forgetting to comment on how Yamada talks in third person all the time. I did laugh when Satou still played around with Popuras hair while they coughed! You can tell his energy levels are down to zero. Popuaras cute bear outfit ohhhh man that was ultra moe!! I wonder where takanashi kept that outfit…..

I did like the new hired help as in the managers gang friend Yohei that guy was really eXcited to work I think he was way to happy! Then again he fit in quite well with all of the other oddballs. The poor guy can’t even remember any food orders, and then we had Masiba! Arriving to help out she is just as crazy as her brother Yohei. I couldn’t help but grin when the siblings began to make fun of each other! They really started to remind me of me and my brother, we do the same thing minus the punching and being loud of course. Before that part ends I have to say damn that poor door got the crap beaten out of it! I laughed when it ended and they kept the animation on the beaten door hahah good job.

And now we got some work related drama with Inami and Takanashi having a small “break up” even thou those two are not dating it was still sad to see Inami so depressed over it. That girl is just so lonely but she can’t really get her words out to any guys without a punch to the face. That aside we can really tell their workplace really requires certain people to get along like we learned in episode five. In Inami’s case she needs someone to distract her from punching the other guys, but in the end things got back to normal between the two of them so hooray for that!

First off; check out our sexy new headers, guys! They are sexy. Anyway, I remember hoping for some new characters a few episodes back, and here we are! I got my wish. And, oh, how I wish I hadn’t. I didn’t like this episode much. Managers lackys didn’t do much for me, though I like their designs. They were cliché and for the most part irritating, but I did laugh at the guys teasing of Mitsuki about when she was a delinquent. I felt like I was back watching Beelzebub with this episode, in all it’s unfunny glory. Sigh.

What I did like and am most interested in is Takanashi and Inami’s relationship. Their self-destructive tendancies are hilarious, and the drama they create really makes me giggle. Like Fosh said though, Takanashi’s blanking of Inami was SO cruel. I felt really bad for her (I was still laughing) but I did feel bad. It was almost too sad. But then that made it even funnier. Short thoughts from me this week as I am pushed for time. See you next episode~


Somethings up with Takanashi and he’s even weirder than usual! Could it be love?


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5 Responses to “Working’!! – 06”

  1. Kyokai says:

    Sexy headers are sexy. I was looking forward to the role Yuuichi Nakamura would voice but the usual sparkles were lacking. I guess, I was expecting too much and that moe fang? So uncharacteristic. >.> I felt sad for Inami, that girl needs to get out of her stupid androphobia and expressing her feelings. From the little hints apparent, it’s clear that Takanashi has feelings for her, it’s sad that he always ends up associating them with a dog. >< Btw, I'll join you two in the next working tag. xD

    • Foshizzel says:

      They are really sexy! Wooo!

      I laughed so hard with those siblings they are so crazy! Maybe they are related to Shizuo? They both ripped that door down so fast….

      Yeah I felt bad for Inami too poor girl…she just needs a hug! Well not from me because I like having a face ;D

      Triple tag!? Awesome <3

    • Joojoobees says:

      It might not seem nice, but in Takanashi’s bizarre inner world, thinking of Inami as a dog might not be all bad. Dogs can be small and cute. Remember he thought Popura was as cute as a krill, which seems even worse than a little doggy.

  2. kluxorious says:

    It looks like everyone watch this show for Takanashi/Inami dorama <3

    • Hime says:

      Theirs is the best kind of drama: violent.

      And obviously JunJun is just effortlessly entertaining /biased

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