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What time is it? TIME FOR SOME C3!

Oh, look. Another catching up post. Have I mentioned how much I hate these things? Anyways, I have another minor paper this week, a final the week after that, AND THEN I’M DONE THE SEMESTER!!!!! Which means no more of these stupid joint posts!!!

Continuing from Sovereignty stabbing Kirika and then running off, Shiraho talks about how there was supposed to be a way for slowing down the Killing Organ inside Sovereignty. By feeding Sovereignty the love of others, it confuses Soverignty’s ability to measure love and know when to kill its owner. However, Shiraho says that neither of them want to remove the curse since it’s proof of their love and Haruaki is bro about this since love is illogical.

Looks painful

Fear comes up with a plan, but doesn’t tell Haruaki or Shiraho about it. So the group waits outside. Shiraho doesn’t think that Sovereignty will come, but Konoha turns into sword form and Fear explains that she told Sovereignty that she would kill Shiraho if he/she didn’t show up. However, Sovereignty does show up and he/she/it(…?) looks more than a little insane and desperate. Fear switches to yandere mode and says that the whole thing is a pain, so she’s going to destroy Sovereignty. After battling, Fear starts destroying Sovereignty, causing Shiraho to start crying and saying that she loves him/her. This, in turn, makes all of the blades come out of Sovereignty. By then, Haruaki has figured things out, so he uses Konoha’s ability to destroy all of the blades inside Sovereignty.

Must…resist…urge to…photoshop…in…Geass

Afterwards, they’re called to the superintendent’s office, where they see Sovereignty in a maid uniform (thanks to Zenon who loves cute things). Also, Sovereignty conveniently had an Indulgence Disk inside of it, so she/he gives it to Fear. Shiraho makes a megane friend who I swear is my anime look-alike in class and Fear talks to Sovereignty about ‘girl things;. Fear asks Sovereignty if she has enough of something (I assume its love) for Sovereignty to steal, but Sovereignty’s answer is pretty vague.

The next episode, a wild harem member has appeared! She attacks Fear with her hair and apparently, the girl (Kuroe) also lives in the house with Haruaki and Konoha. However, this is all made insignificant by the amazing new opening, which features a winter theme and Kirika. Afterwards, Kuroe apologises to Fear for attacking her and Fear learns that Kuroe is actually almost free of her curse. However, her powers still remain, so the curse lifts the way the Cursed Object wants it to. Oh and Kuroe’s hair can heal wounds.

The reason Kuroe came back is because people have been following her, and she points to some woman dressed as a nun standing in the yard. The woman introduces herself as Alice and explains that she comes from a group called the Families of Biblio that apparently just wants to hang out with Kuroe. However, when she sees Fear, Alice wants her instead. Fear refuses though, so Alice retreats, leaving everyone confused as to what that was all about.

At school, Kirika talks to a bishie teacher who turns out to be a part of her organization. He proceeds to molest her, but Kirika threatens to kill him and he backs off, saying that a relationship with the person she likes would never work out. Meanwhile, Fear and the group are handing out flyers for Kuroe’s new hair salon (yeah, apparently she’s a talented beautician). Haruaki asks for Kirika’s help and promises to help her in return. The two talk as he helps her and Kirika is cheered up by the fact that he had forgotten about the fact that she wears bondage 24/7…er, I mean wears a Cursed Object. Later, Fear and Kuroe take a bath together and Haruaki walks in on a questionable situation. …And not a second later, Konoha shows up.

Fear meets The Grudge

 The next day, Kuroe opens her shop and everyone showers her with gifts. Even Sovereignty and Shiraho come (with a cute moment of Sovereignty and Kuroe recognising each other as fellow dolls). Then for some reason, Zenon has Fear and Konoha dress up in costume. … And then Alice shows up to have her hair cut (which looks no different afterwards) and then pays using a ton of money and tells them to keep the change (WHY DON’T PEOPLE LIKE THIS EXIST IN REAL LIFE?!). Before she leaves, Alice leaves the group with the cryptic message that the culprit is her (You know, I’ve been meaning to watch Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro. Maybe this is a sign…). Oh and there’s also a new ED.

In other news:

I didn’t think this was possible, but it looks like we’ve  actually found someone with cooler hair than Hime’s

…And Kirika is awesome.

End Thoughts:

At least covering multiple episodes actually gives me something to talk about here. As far as I’m concerned, episode 8 was a satisfying conclusion to that arc. Sure, having Konoha use her very convenient power of destroying weapons to solve things was kind of a cheap way to end things (though Fear was pretty smart for realising this), it was a happy ending. Another thing that I liked was the fact that Haruaki helped out females and the DIDN’T end up in his harem (…as far as I know). This is partially because Sovereignty and Shiraho already have each other, but I’m glad that the two get to be happy together. Plus there was the insane Sovereignty and yangire (am I using the right term this time?) Fear again.

Lololol Kitamura is playing a tsundereish character again.…As for episode 9, if I had to sum up my thoughts in a face, it would probably go something like: (´・ω・`)? There were so many random and vague plot events going on, that I really had no idea what I was supposed to be paying attention to. Kuroe seems like such a straightforward character (though I’m still mentally prepared for that image to be shattered since this show has a track record for trolling), while Alice is extremely hard to read. …Is Alice supposed to be Peavey’s replacement?  Though thanks to Kuroe, we now know that Haruaki isn’t just an optimistic fool and that curse removing really DOES work. … Though we still have yet to find out why Fear needs Indulgence Disks. On a different note, I found the entire bath scene hilarious (though that’s mostly due to Konoha’s amazing timing), where in pretty much any other harem anime, I would have rolled my eyes and questioned why I was watching this. I don’t even know why I like this harem as opposed to other harems. I just do.

Second season where? I like the fact that they changed the OP and ED despite the fact that it’s pretty pointless since this ends in 3 or so episodes. This also clears up the confusion I had about reading that Kitamura Eri performed one of the openings. But yeah, the previous OP was pretty to look at, but this one was amazing (I simply love those snowflakes~). One another note, did C3 always have so many SHAFTish animation scenes to it? Not so much episode 9, but the ending to episode 8 was extremely SHAFT-like, which is weird because as far as I can find, none of the art directors have really worked with SHAFT all that much (though one of them helped with one episode of Madoka).

Preview: The next episode is titled “The Sadistic Person is Nowhere to be Seen”…. Noooooo! Sadistic people make this show better!!! …But honestly, I have no idea what this means.

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University student and the one at Metanorn who's known for wearing glasses. Likes blood, insanity and plot twists, but also plays otome games and adores cute romance anime. It balances out... somehow.
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14 Responses to “C³ – 08-09”

  1. amado says:

    like I keep on saying, this is the hidden gem! it keeps on getting better and surprising. I didnt expect for them to get a new OP and ED and they are now exploring the other characters like kirika.
    I would have thought they’d kept the formula of “meet a person and his/her cursed tool, then turn them into better people and let them be friends(or lovers in the last ep)”. we are also getting more answers about kirika and I can guess we’ll see more glimpses of konoha’s own along the way.

    I think that the nun might really be not the enemy. note, I said not enemy, doesnt mean an ally. I can sort of see it that she’ll actually combat the organization of kirika and maybe the organization peavy came from.

    I expected siraho to be jealous on sovereignty and kuroe but meh.
    oh and love how shiraho and sovereignty date. with sovereignty still in her girl form…

    • Karakuri says:

      Yeah, if they were going to explore anyone else even briefly, I thought for sure it would have been Konoha. And I also thought that they would have used the same formula over and over again, but the main antagonists that the show started with are either dead or missing. This anime is pretty unpredictable.

      Hmmm, an interesting theory. Well aside from the OP, it doesn’t look like she wants to fight. Hell, we don’t even know what her motives are. But if she is against Kirika’s group, then maybe that’s why the focus is suddenly on her.

      Ahahaha at first I was wondering why Sovereignty wasn’t in male form, but I guess this just proves that Shiraho loves Sovereignty as a whole.

  2. Jrow says:

    Remember when I was all like… “I feel I should check this one out again. And not just cause of the big boobs thing.”? Well, on Saturday I watched eps 2-8 all in one sitting!

    It looks really good and colorful (although sometimes it gets overly artsy just for the sake of being artsy, much like what you mention with episode 8’s ending scene), Haruaki’s a half-decent lead, and Fear-in-Cube is really fun to watch. It’s actually a really nice cast of characters. So like amado above me mentions, yeah, a hidden gem of the Fall season.

    • Karakuri says:

      Go Jrow! Yeah, you’re pretty spot on about the being artsy just for the sake of being artsy, but I don’t really mind that since it makes it pretty/interesting to look at XD.

      I’m just happy people are actually watching this now so I stop looking like a fool for liking this.

  3. BlackBriar says:

    Episode 8: Things were getting creepily fun when they were getting rid of Sovereignty’s torture pieces sticking out of her body. The best part was Fear going into yandere mode while still in complete control of herself.

    Episode 9: I love the new OP. I can’t wait to download it when it comes out. The music and visuals are beautiful even with the snowflakes but it would have been more useful if this was a 24 episode series and it’s focusing a lot more on Kirika than Fear. I guess this means she’s getting a bigger part.

    Another cursed tool? It’s official, Haruaki has a cursed tool harem. And that stranger Alice, I’m sensing potential Peavy style yandereness from her. That and they look frightningly alike.

    Ahh, the girls in the bathroom scene, one of the most famous parts in anime. Also, there was more sexual innuendo going on and Haruaki nearly had a front row seat. The guys are always misunderstood when they walk in unexpectingly and the girls just finished taking a shower. It’s such a curse.

    • Karakuri says:

      Episode 8: Yandere Fear is the best. I’m so glad they’re keeping that side of her personality (and knowledge of torture) despite her trying to get rid of it.

      Episode 9: I can’t agree more! Though I’m going through some kind of weird phase now where I REALLY LOVE how the first OP sounds, when I could care less before. A 24 episode series would be nice (though I’m having a hard time deciding if Konoha’d theme would be fall or summer and who the 4th person would be.)

      Ahaha even better, Alice’s seiyuu is Tanaka Rie (who does a pretty good insane/desperate/yandere voice from what I recall). Oh, plus that case she carries around looks suspiciously like the one Dance Time was in with Peavy.

      All we need is a beach episode now and I think we’ll have witnessed nearly every harem cliche there is… But more than that, I’m more amused by Konoha’s impeccable timing.

      • BlackBriar says:

        The new OP is pretty awesome. Eri Kitamura knows how to sing and act. She also plays Kirika. She did the same routine for Mayo Chiki when she sang the OP and played Kanade Suzutsuki.

        Eri Kitamura is beginning to grow on me as much as Kana Hanazawa. She played Blood+ Saya, Vampire Knight’s Rima Touya, Highschool of the Dead’s Saya and Ao no Exorcist’s Izumo.

        I know beach episodes are frequent in anime but I hope this doesn’t have one. I have a feeling that it just wouldn’t fit. Even though it’s cliche in harem animes. Konoha always has an internal radar at work whenever and wherever there is perverse sexual innuendo going on. I think her glasses help with the tracking. LOL.

  4. Foshizzel says:

    FEAR!! Damn she is cute and that voice of hers? Addictive that is for sure! LOL the cosplays damn that was good stuff not sure what I liked more China dress or maid?

    New OP! Not bad I was just getting into liking the first OP but this one will do, but it is rare to see a 12 or 13 episode series do a second OP. Then again…the company probably wanted to help promote a future artist? That could happen.

    I think the best moments in this series seems to be the artwork like the backgrounds! You can tell they decided to take a few directions from Shaft anime.

    so four or three episodes left! I can easily see this getting a season two, but you know what I would love to see? A amazing crossover C3 X Kore wa Zombie desu ka? LOL Imagine that! Vampires/magical girls/necromancers and cursed tools? LOLOL God….yeah….

    • Karakuri says:

      Fear is way less annoying than she was at the beginning of the series! …And I’m going for the maids (if you couldn’t tell from the screencaps). Maids always seem like the safer choice.

      Yeah, I was pretty surprised. …I have no idea why they did it either. Plus they went a weird direction with the season changing. Normally you’d think that summer would be next. Not winter.

      Some of their more artsy stuff is definitely what makes this anime great to watch. Plus I like the weird things SHAFT does, so this is just bonus.

      I know… It’s depressing. Also, LOL I WANT TO SEE THAT TOO! …Though I can see so many things going wrong in so many ways…. But at least it would make more sense than the Legendary Heros x Tenma Usagi crossover coming next season. >.>

    • BlackBriar says:

      Yeah, Fear has become a lot likeable. An actual tsundere you can’t help but adore. Kirika’s got second place and Konoha in third.

      It’s true that it’s rare that you’d see another OP for a 12 episode series. But don’t forget that Sacred Seven had another OP halfway through even if it’s switching the OP with the ED. Eri Kitamura has such a beautiful singing voice. I recognized it because it’s the same as when she sang the Mayo Chiki! OP.

      One of the things I like about this is the artwork and color they use.

      Hopefully there will be another season because I love this show so much. A crossover of C3 and Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? I wouldn’t hold my breath of it being a reality but I would still dare to dream. I’m already overjoyed for Kore wa Zombie season 2 coming in winter (I hope there will be yanderes). But a show with Vampires, magical girls, necromancers and cursed tools around? I might die happy.

  5. anaaga says:

    Oh god, finally some cute character that’s not an annoying tsundere. Kuroe come to me bb
    Yeah, I noticed the SHAFT style shit too. NOT AMUSED WITH IT. Do they have the same director or something (with Bakemonogatari & Vampire Bund)?

    • Karakuri says:

      I’m actually quite fond of tsunderes now…..

      Though about the SHAFT thing, no actually. I don’t think this director has been involved with SHAFT things.

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