C³ – 05-06

It’s all fun and games until someone loses an ey- screw it. This is still fun.

…I had forgotten how much I dislike putting two episodes into one post. Aaaaaaaanyways, sorry about the delay, but RL caught up with me last week. I’m hiding from it now though xD.

So continuing from episode 4, Fear decides to join the battle because she’s selfish. Where Haruaki was struggling immensely, Fear sends Peavy flying within minutes of fighting. She tells Haruaki and Konoha to kill her if she starts acting strangely again, but they’re not going to listen to that. In the end, they all form a bond of trust pretty much forgetting all about Peavy.

However, Kirika is outside the house and gets captured as a hostage. Peavy uses Kirika to lure out Fear and after Fear comes outside, Peavy loses it, goes on about how Cursed Objects led her family to ruin and she says hates Fear for saying such human-like things. In her rage, she cuts Kirika anyways, causing Fear to almost lose sanity again. However, Haruaki and Konoha come out of hiding inside one of Fear’s objects and attack.

Two words: School Days.

Kirika saves them as well because she didn’t actually die. Peavy gets heavily injured during this battle. She starts freaking out even more and has hallucinations about Mummy Maker still being alive and such. She collapses (after being strangled) and Kirika explains that she merely knocked Peavy out. Kirika’s clothing conveniently falls off then and it turns out that she IS the bondage wearing person from earlier episodes. She takes out something that looks like a memory card from Dance Time and calls it an Indulgence Disk. She has no idea what it is, but apparently it’s related to Fear. … How she even knew it was there, I have no idea.

The next day, Kirika explains that her clothes are cursed. She calls them Gimestorante’s Love and apparently it was created by a sadist (big surprise there) and cursed by the person who was tortured by the sadist. It gives it’s wearer the ability to never die from physical wounds (convenient!), but in place, Kirika will die if she ever takes it off. Also, she isn’t wearing it by choice.

…You tried to kill her with a giant drill. Yeah, I’d say she probably figured it out from that.

Kirika is not their enemy, but she is the one who caused Peavy to kill Mummy Maker and was the person who was creeping Haruaki that one night. She was going to kidnap Haruaki to keep him safe, but decided against it because of Konoha and Fear’s reactions. Also, she is part of an organization. Not the same one as Peavy, but one dedicated to studying Cursed Objects instead of destroying them. Her motives? She wants to help them out because she’s the Class President. Right.

As for why she’s in the organization even though she doesn’t want to be, apparently her older brother …created it? I didn’t quite catch that. Later, Fear somewhat recognises the Indulgence Disk and has Haruaki insert it. Yeah. A ton of sexual innuendo there, but Fear was in box form the whole time xD. Afterwards, Fear can’t summon one of her curses so it’s a good thing.

It’s totally what it looks like

The episode after that involves Fear searching for a Cursed Object doll due to a request from the Chairman. Fear wants to do everything by herself to help lift her curse and they run into a Cursed Object-turned-human named Sovereignty Perfection Doll, who thinks humans are annoying (she is also sucking out their spirit energy for some reason). They also run into some pink haired girl named Shiraho who is the doll’s owner.

Sovereignty doesn’t want to go back with Shiraho, so she chants some Engrish and a bunch of stuffed animals come alive and attack. Konoha notes that Sovereignty is only attacking the school for some reason and Sovereignty (…there has to be a way to shorten that name) gets away. Shiraho turns out to be extremely clumsy. Also, her father was the one who locked Sovereignty in a case and took her away from Shiraho, probably making Sovereignty think that humans betrayed her.

Outside while searching for Sovereignty, Haruaki, Shiraho and Fear talk. Apparently all Haruaki wants to do when he finds/catches her is just add her to his harem let her live at his house while she works on removing her curse.

The next day, people are still collapsing and Sovereignty calls out Haruaki. He tells her that her curse can be lifted if she joins them and give his usual “You can change if you try!” speech. However, Sovereignty says that not everybody want curses lifted and walks away. Suddenly there’s news about another person collapsing who has big boobs and glasses. I wonder who that could possibly be.

2011: The year of girl’s heads being censored

End Thoughts:

At last Kirika’s position on this whole thing has been revealed. I wasn’t expecting them to throw in ANOTHER organization into the mix or have Kirika as the one who was stalking (and almost kidnapping) Haruaki. That’s pretty close to yandere behaviour there. Also, she’s pretty much set up as a fanservice character because of the clothes she’s forced to wear, but at least she has a pretty good reason for it. Not only because she can’t take it off, but the whole immune to flesh wounds thing just gives her an excuse to have her clothes constantly cut off. And on the bright side to all the fanservice haters out there, compared to some heroines out there, Kirika is actually covering a lot of her skin. It could be a lot worse. …Though you would think that not being able to remove her clothing would probably create some hygiene issues…. Yeah, I’m just going to stop talking about this now.

I have some mixed feelings about the Indulgence Disks curing Fear’s curse. For one, no weapons= no insane Fear. Plus the whole thing just seems TOO CONVENIENT. I mean, she got the disk from a weapon Peavy was using. Something isn’t right there (plus episode 2, Peavy seemed to know what an Indulgence Disk actually was. Though that might explain why she didn’t want to use it). We don’t even know the purpose of the Disks yet either other than they conveniently solve Fear’s problems. Yeah, I can just tell that something is going to go wrong there. Though I guess this does finally give the storyline some direction now that Peavy is …. Where? I don’t even know where Peavy went. I think Kirika’s took her or something. I guess this will now turn into a find a cursed object, find an Indulgence Disk type thing, though you can almost guarantee that Fear’s problem won’t be solved anytime soon since she has 40 something torture devices. … Though that part with Haruaki inserting the Disk was hilarious. (On a side note, I hope Fear has a giant pair of scissors as a torture device. Yanderes and scissors always prove to be a fun combination.)

I wasn’t too fond of episode 6 since it was borderline slice of life again. (…But not really). Though if Haruaki somehow makes this work, then he will get no only one, but TWO new members to his unconventional harem. …Not sure if want. I mean, Konoha and Fear are awesome female leads, but Shiraho is… kind of useless. She seems like the type of character that would more likely kill someone by accidentally pushing them down a flight of stairs through clumsiness as opposed to cutting their arm off with a guillotine. Though episode 2 proved that this anime likes to troll, so maybe she has a hidden side to her. I also liked that Sovereignty (which is still a painful name to type) said that not everyone wants to get rid of their curse. It’s about time that someone went up against Haruaki’s extreme optimism. This show was getting too lighthearted for me since I’m really in the mood for watching yanderes cut things up and Mirai Nikki isn’t coming out fast enough for me xD.

Preview: Will Haruaki add to his harem? And just how many limbs is Peavy going to lose before she finally gives up?


University student and the one at Metanorn who's known for wearing glasses. Likes blood, insanity and plot twists, but also plays otome games and adores cute romance anime. It balances out... somehow.
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16 Responses to “C³ – 05-06”

  1. amado says:

    C3 is what im calling out now as the hidden gem this season. while its not really quite as awesome as F/Z or creepy as mirai nikki, its definitely a lot better than anticipated and has great potential.
    the SoL scenes are also done pretty good. I like the fact that the serious secretary has that ringtone.
    and how gruesome this show can be. not quite as big but kirika did still get her neck sliced and arm cut off. they also got the guts to really kill off mummymaker(unless it turns out later that she survived).

    • Karakuri says:

      C3 has it’s own charm to it for sure. I also love what they’re doing with the animation here. There are some really visually interesting scenes Silver link has done… I agree that the SoL stuff isn’t all that bad, but its hard to sit through when want to see something else. (Like sitting through a romantic comedy when you really want to see a high speed car chase or vice versa… if that even makes sense.)

      Yeah, I’m surprised at how gore filled this is as well. It’s not Blood-C level, but that wheel to the arm looked like it broke a few bones. Mummy Maker’s death was pretty unexpected as well.

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  3. BlackBriar says:

    Episode 5: Peavy gets crazier evry episode. How far will she go now that she’s been beaten again? And by a shy girl wearing scantily clad bondage-like clothing no less. I’m clearly seeing future underhanded reasons to get Kirika’s clothing shredded again. Please let there be more reasons!!! Haruaki is a role model to harem male characters everywhere because he’s not like the usual ones. That’s a lot of sexual innuendo there at the end. I was telling myself “What the hell is going on in there?” “I didn’t know they allowed that kind of stuff in shows like this”

    Episode 6: Haruaki’s trying to create a harem of cursed tools. He already has a sword and cube in his posession and now he wants to spice it up by adding a doll. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say he has a lot of ulterior motives in store for them. His best friend has every reason to be concerned because he’s grabbing up all the girls in his path, human and cursed too alike. LOL. This is really good and if it gets any better, I’m gonna start wishing it was a 24 episode series.

    • Karakuri says:

      Episode 5: I want to see what insane thing Peavy does next, but more importantly: where did she go? She just kind of was defeated and then vanished. I can totally see them using Kirika’s immortality as an excuse to rip her clothing off in battle. Also, I’m impressed by Haruaki as a harem lead because he doesn’t piss me off \(^o^)/. I was shocked by that scene as well though xD

      Episode 6: SOMEONE ELSE SEES THROUGH HIS EVIL PLOT. Ahaha….. I wonder how ridiculous this harem is going to get by the end AHAHAHA imagine if Peavy joined. I wish this was longer as well… I figure it would take at least that long to have resolve the plot if they’re going for the whole collect the Indulgence Disks=solve Fear’s problem plot. I guess there’s always a season two though.

      • BlackBriar says:

        I really hope they find more reasons for Kirika. That’s just added motivation for me to keep watching and I’ll be looking out for that from now on. I’m sorry, I tend to be really perverted sometimes, especially when it comes to stuff like that. LOL.

        I find it hard to believe that there would even be a chance of Peavy being in the harem. She’s in her own crazy world. I hope Mummy Maker survives and joins in. Blood sucking bandages could make a nice addition. Hopefully there might second season, like I’m waiting on the second season of Kore wa Zombie Desu ka. And you know the quest to get the disks is eventually going to take a turn for the worst. Meaning somewhere along the line, Fear might lose it again and get even worse.

  4. Moni Chan says:

    this show riminds me more and more of Higurashi,Higurashi is an amazing show. which means this show beter get more awesome.

    • Karakuri says:

      I doubt that C3’s plot will EVER get that complex, but I see where you’re coming from. Plus, Fear’s seiyuu is also Rika’s from Higurashi.

  5. Foshizzel says:

    Kirika I knew she was something “special” but never thought it was something like those clothes! Now it makes total since with episode four shower scene…

    Episode five thou! Awesome fight scene between Fear and that one arm chick this time around, there is something about Fear’s cube weapon that makes me drool over because it’s just so bad ass to watch.

    LOLOL the ending of five made me go WUT!? And the cube blushing was d’awwww but also made me think of more portal jokes >.>

    Episode six more laid back and returns to the random comedy and new character introductions! Like BlackBriar said Haruakai is making a special harem of cursed tools and it sounds perfect.

    • Karakuri says:

      I KNEW THERE WAS A REASON FOR HER SKIRT BEING SO LONG. Though of course, wearing that, I doubt you’d want to be flashing your underwear like Fear did episode 1.

      The animation for Fear’s cube scenes is always so pretty…. But yeah, overall, the fight scenes look amazing.

      Ahaha never played Portal. I’ll take your word for it.

      More like a harem of yanderes! …Though I doubt that would go very well.

    • BlackBriar says:

      Thanks for referencing me in your comment, Fosh. It’s much appreciated.

      LOL. It’s no doubt in my mind Kirika’s cursed clothing is fanservice of the fiercest kind directed at the male audiance and I’ve taken the bait.

      The fights are getting better every episode. I love it when Fear pulls out her cube weapons and some of them have a chain-link attached to them. I can’t help thinking Scorpion from Mortal Kombat because of the chain, only no one’s shouting “GET OVER HERE!!!”

      Looks like everyone has sexual innuendo at the end of episode 5 engraved into their minds. My jaw dropped hearing that. That kind of conversation is hentai territory. LOL.

  6. Reaper says:

    Ha, I have to say, that Cube scene took wwwwaaaaayyyyy too long to get over, as if Konoha really was just standing outside the room, listening the whole time before finally realizing the truth…kukuku, I do wonder about Fear losing her ability to use her…abilities; I don’t know anything about the light novels but I can see at some point Fear making the decision to lose all her power essentially and become ‘weak’, or she could lose her ‘humanity’ and use her remaining power to protect Haruaki and the others. A possible dilemma in the future anyway.
    And Kirika? She’s my favourite character, notwithstanding the, uh…swimsuit! (yes, we shall call it a swimsuit…) that she wears. (reminds me of Sasha from Index, but more exposed and constantly worn). And, this isn’t 24 episodes? WHY NOT?

    • Karakuri says:

      Ahaha I thought that scene was hilarious. Though it did go on for a loooooong time. Ohhh yeah I can see that too. This anime changes the direction of the plot so much. You just know that this whole Indulgence Disk collecting and helping people isn’t going to last long.

      Swimsuit. Lol. Anime news network says that it’s 12. I really wish it was 24 too… Hopefully they’ll add more seasons.

    • BlackBriar says:

      I guess Konoha was outside trying to decide how to handle such a perverted sounding situation. No doubt her face was red with embarressment and/or jealousy untill she found out what was really happening.

      Plans based on wishful thinking like trying to help Fear out with her curse always tend to go sour.

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