Working’!! – 03

Taneshima knows how to photobomb like a boss~

Hello again working!! Fans are you getting addicted to this series as much as I have? I know I love getting my weekly dose of Yamada goodness with so many light nights busting out laughing, well what about you Hime? Well it’s time to get to work on the review, I hope you enjoy it.
Working’!! definitely gets the giggles out of me, too, Fosh. It’s just so laid back and funny, and easy watch to brighten your week~ From last weeks preview it seemed an episode focused on Takanashi’s sisters, who are all great so I’m anxious to see what trouble they’ll stir up this episode.

Takanashi’s little sister Nazuna has started working in the cafe, though she isn’t being paid so I’m not sure how it qualifies as work. She’s showing up everyone though, especially Yamada. Takanashi sees her home at the end of the day and retiurns to find his other sister, Kozue, in the cafe and clutching Inami in tears, drunk as usual. Oh the joys of family~


Dinner time at the Takanashi household and the sisters are quizzing Nazuna about who their brother works with. Naturally this leads Izumi to fear for her brothers affection so she runs away, coming across Inami by chance. They get to chatting and Izumi tells Inami her woes, and flexes her brother-complex. Just as Inami sends Izumi off home in a cab Takanashi turns up having been looking for her, where Inami tells him how she just met the most charming novelist!


The next day Takanashi stays home to look after his sister, leaving the cafe at the mercy of Inami and Yamada. Luckily, Nazuna appears to lend a hand, simultaneously ridding the other two of their respective jobs again. Yamada swears revenge, and starts ordering Nazuna around (who is only too happy to oblige) until Satou calls her out on it. To make her feel better Nazuna pretends to break a plate and need Yamada’s help. And with that the two manage to make up~



 Obligatory Takanashi cute face

I’m actually quite frightened right now

Nazuna is working on building her own moe army

Also, obligatory Inami cute face

Good Luck


Another great episode of Working!! And the return of the Takanashi siblings, Nazuna, Izumi, Kazue and of course Kozue! She would win the crazy sibling award! Being crazy aside she does enjoy getting plastered all the time. I was a bit shocked that Izumi left the house this time! And she was wearing white instead of all that black she loves so much. I have no idea how Souta deals with all those sisters! I have one and she drives me crazy, but during these scenes with Souta’s family you can really tell that all of them get along well. I am still not sure which I like more Nazuna for her cute personality? Or Kozue for her crazy mind even thinking about Inami made me laugh I think she might be into some yuri!

I did enjoy watching how Nazuna interacts with the main cast well mostly around Popura and Yamada, speaking of Yamada! I couldn’t help but laugh watching her get angry and jealous over Nazuna working so hard. Sorry Yamada you can’t be a skilled worker like Nazuna! But like most fans of Yamada she is just perfect the way she is, cute and off the wall insane. I just about forgot that moment when Nazuna called Popura sister and she called Yamada Senpai! Damn Nazuna you made those two girls melt so fast.

We didn’t get much Satou and Souma love with this episode; those two are my other favorites besides all of the girls maybe next time? Man it was so hilarious to watch Izumi get the girls mixed up thinking that Popura was a child ahahah well I feel for you Popura! I don’t look to old either… I enjoyed that random scene with Izumi sitting in the living room for an entire day!? I swear I was watching a random episode of Nichijou for a moment, but I still found it kind of funny.

This episode didn’t turn out to be as good as I expected, but it was still fun because I like all the sisters. Nazuna is sweet but I understand Yamada’s pain. Still, the way Nazuna dealt with it was mature and funny. It was a bit like Taneshima and Takanashi’s “stop calling me short” dilhemma. It worked out well in the end, though, and Yamada was showcasing some hilarious expressions out of it.

Hnng! Domestic men. Takanashi can come to my house and chop cabbage anyday (that’s not a euphemism), and it really is sweet how he’s like mother of the family, looking after everyone and all that jazz. He certainly has his hands full. Izumi flaunting her brother-complex was quite funny, it didn’t even seem that creepy, more like she was just sad that they would inevitably drift apart. It made me d’aww, not gonna lie.

Yamada and Taneshima are always funny when they are together; the two shorties. Like Fosh, I was a bit sad about the lack of Souma and Satou this episode but there is plently left that they could feature bigger roles in. There is certainly a lot to draw from with their kitchen antics. So, yeah, this episode wasn’t as strong as previous ones in either season but that’s to be expected. The good thing about short series is that they often don’t suffer the mid-season lull as their longer counter-parts. So bad episods are more likely to be just dotted about in places instead of a continuing trend.


Potential yuri, boys vs girls, and manholes. Let your imagination play with that for a while. Yeah, I’m worried, too.


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6 Responses to “Working’!! – 03”

  1. Reaper says:

    Ahahahahaha! That was my reaction when Izumi-neechan both made her declaration of stopping Souta becoming a pedophile (as you said, good luck~!) as well as when she declared she’ll begin to build her strength (with the combined family outburst at dinner). Having said that, I remember Nazuna being being a little manipulative (all for the sake of her brother’s love of course, hah hah!) so her building the ultimate army of moe/lolis; for Takanashi, resistance will be futile!

    • Hime says:

      Yeah, I’d forgotten Nazuna’s dark side. It seems like a cruel sort of kindness she has with Yamada. It could be seen as pretty condesending.

  2. Joojoobees says:

    Takenashi’s sisters are always big fun. I’m glad I don’t have to put up with them in real life, though.

    • Hime says:

      Yeah, fun to watch but a nightmare to live with I would guess. There would never be a dull moment that’s for sure!

  3. Zyl says:

    Nazuna’s actually pretty devious but she’s so sweet that I actually support her fully. I really want to see her pwn Souma if he’s ever silly enough to try to blackmail her.

    • Hime says:

      I would like to see Souma loose at his own game, too! Battle of wits, it must happen!

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