Working’!! – 02

Episode 2 and we’re already stalking someone…Oh, Japan~

 Oh yes the best time of the week my daily dose of crazy fun with Working!! Or as some of us now call it Durarara in the kitchen. With  Nichijou over and done with Working!! Has filled that time slot perfectly for me for my comedy needs, anyway! Time to get to work Hime enjoy the review!
 It really is Durarara in the kitchen, isn’t it? Haha, oh well, it definately works! I’m excited to see our new OP & ED for this season, last   time they were so fun and addictive. (Heart no Edge~ omg the hnngs!) The animation is always so lively and Azumanga-esque, which means that along with a new OP and ED we get about a million parodies of it, which is always fun. Gotta love the internet <3

Another day another worn down hairline at Wagnaria…Yamada is getting jealous of Takanashi’s fawning of Taneshima and her cuteness, not to mention his constant petting of her. So, Yamada begs the question; is she not cute, too? Takanashi’s face alone seems to answer that…


Coolish Walkby Kana Asumi, Eri Kitamura and Saki Fujita

Yamada foolishly seeks comfort in Souma, who surprisingly isn’t in the mood to indulge. She isn’t going to let him go that easily, though, and starts quizzing him about his personal life. Souma evades her and so she enlists Taneshima to help find out more about him, by stalking. Healthy. Subtlety not being their strong point, Souma overhears their plan and of course decides to have some fun with them. So-mental-san has to reveal himself early on when the girls take his prank too seriously, though.


“Ladies, ladies! I haven’t actually killed anyone! (that you know of)…”

Inami laments that once she’s cured of her phobia Takanashi probably won’t have any reason to talk to her anymore. Taneshima sees this and tries to encourage Takanashi to tell Inami she’s cute more often (or, you know, at all). Not crazy about this idea, Takanashi practises saying it to a small doll. Inami overhears and, because she didn’t see the doll, thought he was saying it to her! Naturally, Takanashi corrects her without mercy, which doesn’t do much for her self-esteem.


“The power of Christ compells you!”

Still having no luck with Souma, poor Yamada is missing Otoo-San when he just so happens to drop by! He’s still searching for his missing wife, but that doesn’t seem good enough for Yachiyo who accuses him of trying to seduce Manager with sweets. As usual, Satou takes out his frustration of not being closer to Yachiyo by messing with Taneshima. Literally. Takanashi happily fixes her hair for her and gives her some revenge ideas. They suck, however, so she opts to ask the Prince of Darkness himself, Souma. He must have some good ideas, and by good I mean evil.


Unfortunately Satou is a master of comebacks, and despite going to extreme lengths, Taneshima can’t seem to get her revenge. In the end, though, the revenge is forgotten. Yamada is showing Otoo just how much she’s been missing him, meanwhile, and even though he’s quite tired out by it he is still touched that she cares so much. Though he does draw the line when she asks him to adopt her…

Love has many forms; Reactive-Attatchment Disorder is one of them


Yes, and rape is just a vigorous hug

Hells Kitchen

Oh, yeah…they are a match made in heaven (I’m not even kidding)

O3O …Uguuuuu~

See the things us short people have to put up with?


Wow! What a fun episode for me I finally got to see that amazing opening video, because I only saw the preview the first time around. I have to say it was so colorful and addictive to watch I think the best part of that opening was seeing Yamada pop up in the background randomly. I didn’t mind the new song, but I have to listen to it a few more times before I am really sold on it. I still miss that original opening from season one! Well this new opening sort of sounds the same.  D’awwww Poor Inami and Yamada! Those two girls just want to be spoiled; I don’t think any guy could ever spoil Inami unless they want a fat knuckle sandwich to the grill.

I loved that first bit with Yamada clinging to Soma and asking him all those questions, he is so damn mysterious! Watching Yamada explain stalking to Popuar was great! Leave it to Yamada to make it sound less dangerous. Now Souma! He was seriously channeling Izaya this week with that phone call and that line about your family dying! That was so amazing and so hilarious at the same time. I liked his new nickname so-mental-san… We had some great chibi styled drawings in this episode, and the expressions from Yamada and Popura I really loved them.

Yamada really steals the show for me each week I swear she has some odd power over me or something, I guess that character has that strange yet addictive personality. And all of her the third person talk; always makes me with laughter so much. Yamada clinging onto Otoo was very hilarious to me it was like those two were fused together! Who wouldn’t want a Yamada stuck to them? Well some might want to kill her after five minutes. And last the best moment for me?! Satou and Popura! Those two remind me of myself and my sister we always joke around like that, but Poor Popuar she failed at getting revenge on him! However it still made me smile watching those two poke fun at each other about their height. That whole ladder scene oh my god that left me crying from laughing so hard! I so want a gif file of that clip just too grin at Popuara’s expression and laugh of course; I guess Hime can make that happen right?

Panpanpanpan~! God, it’s even more horrifyingly adorable than the last one…and surprise, surprise I love Takanashi’s bits the most. So cute, ugh, can’t even…Jun plays the cutest meganes evar. But, really…will be downloading that as soon as possible, the ED as well. I love when Jun, Kamiya and Ono all do a single together, it’s like Christmas for fangirls, (though Ono is still the best singer). I can see the parodies already…! The actual episode was pretty laid back and sweet. Yamada is just one of those characters that you can’t hate, even when she’s clinging to your back and asking to be adopted! As poor Otoo-San found out. I agree that her teaching Taneshima about stalking was major lulz, and honestly made it sound kind of…alright? No, no. Stalking is still bad, Hime. Don’t even think about it.

Despite being a bit of an insensitive asshole and raging femboy Takanashi sure seems to get all the girls, doesn’t he? With both Inami and Yamada wanting his attention how could he not notice? Maybe he does and is just secretly building a harem…If he is he’ll never get Yachiyo, though. I feel so bad for Satou! I mean, if her lusting after the Manager isn’t just being played for laughs and she really is gay he has no chance. #foreveralone Satou. You loose out to tits. Bummer. It’s kind of his own fault though, because he doesn’t really even try. Maybe he just knows it’s hopeless. Souma will be glad about that, it means he can still sneak in the odd snide remark.

Oh, he was just pure evil this episode, it was amazing. I can definitely see him dying his hair black when he’s older and becoming a demented information broker in Ikebukuro. Oh, yeah. It’s going to happen. I do kind of like how Otoo just randomly shows up, gives out sweets then leaves again. It’s quite random, though hard on poor Yamada’s abandonment issues! Srsly, girl, you need to move out of that restaurant…it’s making you mad! As soon as she starts befriending cutlery, she needs to get out of there…Overall, though, this episode was another strong one. Maybe not as strong as the first but it still solidified the idea in my mind that this season is going to be just as good, if not better, than the last.


Something about …running? I don’t know, it only lasted about 3 seconds.


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14 Responses to “Working’!! – 02”

  1. Foshizzel says:

    Woooo nice post! And that last gif picture thanks!! So good xD

    LOL Yes! I can see Soma doing that…maybe Working!! Is the true prequel of Durarara!! Ohhhh yes! I can see it now something happens in the kitchen and he has to head into the world of crime!

    • Hime says:

      It was like the best part xD

      There is a parody of Workings OP with the Durarara!! cast, it’s amazing.

      Haha, what happens in the kitchen stays in the kitchen.

  2. Toori-chan says:

    Nice captions. I love the last GIF pic. Soma looked really badass making him similar Izaya. As usual, I love watching Sato bully Taneshima. So cute.

  3. Kyokai says:

    Oh God, Hime, why did you not FORCE me to finish this before this season started?! I’m just quickly catching up and I love this series so much. >3<

    • Hime says:

      You’d think my constant gushing would have been enough!


      God speed.

  4. Alynn says:

    I am dying of laughter. This episode, just LOL. That is all I can really say.

  5. Joojoobees says:

    I guess it’s good that they have such solid characters to draw off of, but I wonder if there will be anything new to this series.

    • Hime says:

      I’m not familliar with the manga, so I don’t know if there are any new characters we’ve still got to meet yet or not. I hope so, but like you said the present cast is so strong I don’t think S2 will suffer if they are all we’ve got.

      Want more cross-dressing Takanashi, though X3

  6. […] “Overall, though, this episode was another strong one. Maybe not as strong as the first but it still solidified the idea in my mind that this season is going to be just as good, if not better, than the last.” – Metanorn […]

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