Music Digest: Recent Single Releases

Recent release  of Fate/Zero (ED Single), Last Exile S2 (OP Single) and C3 (OP Single).

You know what? I’m pretty tired after a long week of work and full course of aerobics. Not to mention, it’s hard posting with the site lag (don’t worry I’m thinking up temporary solution, while Will is out of commission due to LOADS of work). So, I’m going to pull the plug on a long-winded music review and just give you some awesome stuff. Like SAKAMOTO MAAYA (oh how I’ve missed you) singing the OP Single of Last Exile S2 and don’t forget the epicness of Aoi Eir for Fate/Zero (my top most anime of Fall); closely followed by C3 OP Single, which is pretty catchy. Enjoy the releases~

Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam’s OP Single, “Buddy” by Maaya Sakamoto

1. Buddy
2. something little
3. Buddy -Instrumental-
4. something little (Instrumental)

Bonus CD – LIVE Tour 2011 – You can’t catch me
1. eternal return
2. Mimi
4. Spica
5. Mizu umi
6. Boku-ra no rekishi
7. Kiminosei
8. Kanashikute yarikirenai
9. M?nraito (or “kimi ga nemuru tame no ongaku” )


Fate/Zero ED Single, “Memoria” by Aoi Eir

2. Back To Zero
3. white world
4. MEMORIA (TV-Anime Size)


C3 OP Single “Endless Story” by Yukari Tamura

1. Endless Story
2. Rainy Rainy Sunday
3. Taiy? no Eve


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7 Responses to “Music Digest: Recent Single Releases”

  1. Reaper says:

    Memoria!!!! It doesn’t matter if it’s an ‘unknown’ singer if it’s this damn good. Gar, listening to music like this just gets me fired up for my creative urge (been in a bit of a slump, sigh, though the Persona ED has me jumping to finish my fanfic) Still have to see the Last Exile, whilst C3 is as twisted as I did not expect it to be XP

    • Kyokai says:

      Interestingly these unknown singers are doing a pretty good job. That guilty crown supercell vocalist is an example as well.

      I hope this music keeps your entertained enough to finish that fic. xD

  2. Joojoobees says:

    Waah? The LE:GnF single has a live version of Downtown?!?

  3. obladi05 says:

    These three singles are pretty good, and there are still so many great songs to come!!! I love Endless story and Buddy, keep listening to them all day long! 🙂

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