First impression – Guilty Crown

Hot girls and super powered right hands, and no Touma to get in the way.

The right to use my friend as a weapon. That is the sinful crown I shall adorn. I’ve been anxious for this show, and I’m really looking forward to watching and talking about this here on Meta with Fosh each week!
From the glowing Fall review, all of you must know that we have been waiting quite patiently for this series to start airing. The anticipation has been addled with lots of snorts from elitists about it failing like Black Rock Shooter or just being a pretty anime. Well, let’s see how this fairs generally but looking at the staff and names behind this, one expects nothing but brilliance.
The most anticipated anime of the season, with all the big names to back it up. It’s everything you could ever want from an anime and more, so let’s see how they handled episode one…

Well Guilty Crown is finally here and it has everyone so excited! I know when I saw the first set of trailers, made me want this series so badly. Now it’s time to start this massive tag team post for episode one with myself, Kyo, Jrow and OC. I hope you enjoy all of our thoughts and comments for this awesome review.

Plot follows a future set in Tokyo in the year 2039 after a terrible outbreak in 2029. We follow Shu, an average student living out his daily life of school and hanging out with friends; until one day he meets a strange girl named Inori who happens to be huge idol and member of a team called the Undertaker. Shu soon discovers more about this girl as he gets drawn into a brand new war and he rushes to save her after she was captured by the local government. While he saves her life she unlocks Shu’s hidden ability of King or “Guilty Crown” after pulling a weapon from Inori’s chest, saving the day for now.

Shu- “Pink haired chicks look amazing on my new iPad 9000.”

We start right off following Inori running away from a few huge mechs after she stole something valuable from them. While all of this is going on, our main character Shu watches Inori singing a lovely song on his super cool tablet on a nearby roof. Unknown to him and everyone else a new war is about to begin. The next day Shu goes through a normal day of school, chatting in his own way with some friends and we get a short history flashback of the outbreak and the after effects it left on Japan, crippling it to take assistance from others and finally coming under the rule of GHQ. Well at least you have one thing going for you dude, friends! Most anime characters have no friends at all, but do you really have to sit in THAT special seat? You know what seat I’m talking about right? The “problem student chair of awesome”.

Careful of Inori’s good looks! She might have another side to her, or she just loves to grin meaningfully?

During Shu’s short lunch break he takes a walk to a nearby building where he does some awesome video editing. I wonder what kind of computer Shu actually uses? It must be some super green machine from the future and maybe powered by all those plants. While he strolls inside he suddenly hears a girl singing! Did I forget to mention Inori has a really amazing singing voice? Well she does!  Shu scares the girl by mistake and gets attacked by her tiny robot, but she soon calms down after seeing one of his videos in production, calling it pretty. Inori begins to interest Shu as he tries to talk to her, only to learn she has something valuable to transport to her friends aka the Undertaker. Before Shu can answer any of her questions, a special unit of the local government known as the GHQ arrive in a rush with one thing on their minds: capture Inori and retrieve the Void Genome. Because the GHQ really want her blood for experiments and science related stuff, Shu panics and cries. YES HE CRIED LIKE A BIG BABY, I don’t blame him as the poor guy just lost his pink haired princess!

Shu- “Don’t stare at her boobs, ah damn…too late…”

Guard- “Why does the captain get cool orange glasses?!”              Captain- “I get paid more, you fool.”

Robot- “Dude! I do not want a crotch shot of you.”                   Shu- “Shut it! The girls wanted one right??”

Well, he manages to pull himself together after some self motivation and decides to carry out the rest of Inori’s super secret mission. Until he runs into some unfriendly guys that harass him, but before Shu makes friends with these random dudes, he gets saved by a blond haired guy named Gai. This guy wastes no time and proceeds to beat the living crap out of every one in his way! *Cough*Shizuo*Cough* Gai also brings his own badass theme music to his fights.

Shu- “Uhhhh sorry mister, I don’t want any free candy tonight; maybe tomorrow?”

Gai- “I’ve gloves on and that means I’m super important! Call me a doctor that puts people in hospital.”

Meanwhile the GHQ pretty much slaughter everyone in sight because they are super bored, also this whole scene screamed Code Geass! Inori’s friends arrive and split up to search for Inori. Shu decides to quit being such a huge baby and runs off to find his pink haired friend on his own and discovers her limping away towards two giant GHQ mecha. Yes, that seems like the best way to go, Inori! Walk right to the two giant killer robots so they can finish you off. Shu rushes in and saves her before she gets squashed by the robots. After he saves her life, she helps him unlock his king powers or “guilty crown” abilities, which was triggered by the busted virus vial. With these new powers, Shu pulls out a large sword from her chest and cuts one of the GHQ’s machines in half leaving one amazing explosion. The episode ends shortly after with a shot of our cool dude Shu walking away from an explosion looking like a total badass for a few moments.

Pilot- “Hey, Steve, let’s go out for ice cream after this.”        Steve- “I think “ill get cherry sauce on mine.”

Inori- “I seem to be lost, can you two help me?”                   Shu- “OH GOD, STOP TALKING TO STRANGERS, INORI!”

Shu- “Oh boy look at this killer tattoo! Oh wait did she just say use me?…..fufufufuuu….”

At least take her out on a date first before you pull things out of her….

After Shu was compared to Touma, he killed them all with his new toy.

Extra action fun time

Inori hit the high notes and destroyed her house.

Guard- “Sorry I kicked you but uh… can I have your autograph? My kids are big fans.”

Tsugumi- “Yo, drop the mechanical rice cooker or I’ll kill you.” (Now imagine Azusa saying that)

I can’t wait to see more of this cool looking machine!

Inori and Shu sharing a great bonding moment. (Kyo insert: Get a room, you two~ >.>)

End Thoughts


Guilty Crown has been definitely my most anticipated series of this season. All of the production art and the PV trailers had me hungry for this first episode, and the rest of the staff on board provided hope for a great story to go along with sweet, sweet animation. From a production perspective, animation and music are rock solid and is my personal favorite of what I’ve seen. Fate/Zero is also terrific, and I’m not ranking these guys #1 or #2; I’ve just been very high on I.G. for years and really love their designs. Amazing backdrops, awesome key animation and character designs such as the, well, sexy Inori really highlighted the eyecandy that will be Guilty Crown. The opening scene of her fleeing with Futella looked great while accompanied by an insert song right off the bat. We still have yet to be introduced to the mech a component, and even if they aren’t some fancy Star Driver approvoise crap, as long as they look sharp and are effective in making shit blow up, I’ll be pleased. I do want to see Shu start doing more with his power real soon, cause that sword looks so fricken awesome!

The music was great. All the theme music was great, the score was great, and even the rock music during the Gai scene shows some diversity in the OST aside from just “here’s our peaceful/happy/sad tracks”. The Gai scene did feel thrown in just for kicks to show some key animation, and it was very quickly offset by Tsugumi who took Futella away from Shu. And I’m guessing that theme song used during Shu summoning of his weapon is the OP, which really amped up that scene and rivaled F/Z’s summoning in episode 1.

Them sweet productions values are there, but the story will need time to develop. Story-wise, I’m placing hope that things will be fleshed out in time. I’m sure of it, but the first episode wasn’t as strong at setting up as I would’ve wanted it to be. After the opening sequence of Inori escaping, everything else went by so quickly and jumped scene-to-scene that it was like an introduction to the characters, but no bother in telling you their story or even making them intriguing figures; it’s like Majikoi, but that show can get away with it because expectations aren’t too high and the whole episode had an over-the-top rhythm that was kinda fun to be on. That’s where I did like F/Z’s debut more. Right now, I only care about what’s going on with Inori and whatever past it is she seems to have with Shu. As a male lead, Shu’s not looking very trend-breaking which is a little annoying, but if his character can get some good development, I’ll like that a lot and he’ll become a much better character for it.

Oh, the music. I think apart of amazing looking visuals and animation, music is what really captured my ear throughout the episode. I’ve been a fan of ryo for sometime so it’s pretty understandable that I look forward to all his new projects. This is definitely his most ambitious and I loved the placement of it all; OST will be such a bomb! Same goes for animation and character design that literally pops out of the screen. I don’t know the technicalities of 10-bit but if it has any connection to quality enhancement, Guilty Crown has really been a sight for sore eyes. I always have high expectations whenever Production I.G comes out with a new series because they have really kept up with quality and it shows in the most anticipated series of Fall; well, aside Fate/Zero.

Composition wise there was definitely something lacking in this episode. The beginning was really well handled with character introductions, especially that song. Man, this girl’s voice is really breathtaking; though, personally I miss nagi. But later on, a lot of things were unsaid and left on the watchers to figure out for themselves, which is alright in the long run because this is a two-cour series and you can’t always have a Fate/Zero beginning with all expositions in one-go. All characters and their circumstances of how they knows each other would definitely be shown but in parts of flashbacks most probably. I definitely would like to know how Inori knew Shu when they were kids and what actually transpired the “Lost Christmas”.

One thing I liked, the hero didn’t just up and got beat up to save the girl. I’m glad that Shu is not another Touma and can actually get scared and has issues. With Yuki Kaji voicing Shu, I was reminded quite strongly of Sion from No.6 and I can only hope to see lots of character development for our protagonist and the reason of him possessing such a special ability. It was almost as if Inori and Gai transpired for this to happen but we’ll know soon enough the story behind it. Speaking of blonds, he’s another one of those I’ll end up liking just because he’s badass and has awesome BGM to boot (also, Yuuichi Nakamura <3), while Inori becomes the central figure of mystery with her quite manner and sense of resolve. I definitely want to know more about Undertakers and have reason to believe that they are right in fighting the oppressive GHQ. This is definitely is on a good start, unlike the much talked about Blood-C of last season that literally crashed and burned in the end. Hopefully, the pacing is better in the next few episodes and this becomes a promising offering of this season.

Now THAT is how you do a first episode. The concept itself is pretty typical when you boil it down, but Guilty Crown handles it with style. It’s just another boy finds mysterious girl, boy saves girl, and boy gains Physics-defying superpowers set-up, but the execution is stunning. The art is gorgeous, as expected of Production I.G. They’ve got their typical lighting porn going on where they use the placing of lighting to really set the tone of scenes. Not only is it “pretty” but the fight scene with Gai and the Dantalian no Shoka like sword-summoning were fluid and crisp. You know an action scene is well-animated when your mouth is left hanging out like a fish out of water (although, the KICKASS MUSIC may have been another reason why I was so captivated). Everything about this show is mind-blowingly impressive.

This season has been rife with leading males that have no personality. They’re less interesting than your kitchen wallpaper, and about just as deep in terms of character (i.e. not deep at all because wallpaper is 2D, in case you didn’t catch that). Shu is a lead I really latched onto, because although he’s got the that meek personality, he’s relatable. He’s awkward, but not an anti-social dick. He’s compliant, but compassionate enough to try and make things right. Of course if a bunch of guys come in and threaten to kill you, you’re going to let them do what you want. Not only that, but he curled up into a ball for a few minutes before he went to save her. He’s the perfect balance of a normal teenager who, when put in a dire situation, will let out all those repressed feelings and wreck havoc. I can’t say so much for his lady friend just yet (she’s just the off-beat magical…thing. so far) but at the very least, her outfit is pretty sick.

I don’t want to ramble too much about this show, but just know that this is my #1 of the season so far. It has the potential to be the god tier anime of the Fall, if it can keep this up. I’m really curious where things go from here, and what Shu will do with his newfound powers. Will he reject them at first and try to live a normal life for a bit? Part of me wants him to keep his sheepish side a bit longer, and slowly grow into a confident young man. I really can’t stress enough how much I’m anticipating the next episode. If you’re gonna watch any one show this season, make it Guilty Crown!

Whoaaaaa! For a series I was drooling over while waiting, it sure did deliver on everything I wanted! From amazing animation, great looking character designs and one really amazing soundtrack. The only thing I was somewhat disappointed was the story itself. But this was just the first episode and Guilty Crown is scheduled to have twenty-two episodes. I know that seems like a really random number, when most of us are used to twenty-four or twenty-six. I’m sure we will have many flashbacks to cover the plot-holes; I just really hope they get those boring ass flashbacks out of the way early! Not like Sacred Seven because they just failed at that so hard.

Character designs by Redjuice sure look amazing during the action scenes! And that whole fight with Gai and those random thugs? That was so great. Yeah I know we really didn’t get to see much of that actual fight but damn the animation for that whole scene was amazing. And then Gai’s theme music kicked in, really good stuff right there. I can’t wait to hear the other random songs that pop up during the other action scenes for us to enjoy. Mecha designs looked decent too and really reminds me of Code Geass again because the GHQ machines just drive and transform. To non Geass fans, think more of Makoto’s robot from Sacred Seven styled design. I didn’t really like the mecha that saved Inori the first time on the bridge, it looked kind of lame to me.

Now to talk about the main characters! Starting off with Shu who happens to be just another scared main guy getting thrown into war, well I was sort of expecting him to be a mess of emotions because he’s just a “normal” dude who is new to war and fighting. So hopefully Shu does not spend most of his time crying or rocking back and forth after killing people and seeing blood for the first time. And for Inori! It’s easy to tell that her character design is meant to catch the guys’ attention with that outfit of hers and long pink hair, which always look great on some anime girls and she sings too!? Please do not turn out to be another Lacus Cline type. Well it does seem like Inori might not be the brightest person in the brains department, then again she might be a super brilliant character. She only got to sing and say like two to three lines in this first episode; hopefully, she gets to talk a bit more next time. Overall this was a great episode for me! So what did you think of Guilty Crown? Hated it or loved every minute of it?! Do tell us!


Join Shu and his amazing new friends for more action and EPIC SINGING from Inori!


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43 Responses to “First impression – Guilty Crown”

  1. Kitty says:

    This anime was amazing! The visuals, the characters, the OST, the fight scenes, everything excited my expectations. Everything else after this anime cannot compare, not even close. I just hope the 2nd episode lives up to the first. It was the perfect fit to fill the hole that Ao no Exorcist and Tiger & Bunny left.

    What I loved most was the opening, with Shu acting normally while Inori was chased. Poetic, captivating and really drew me in, and that ending!!! I wonder if that song at the end when Shu went bad ass is the actually open???

    I think Guilty Crown and Fate / Zero are gonna break my brain with awesomeness this season!! (now if only Last Exile would come out *shakes fist*)

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ooooh yes! I agree with you all the way Kitty! Such a great first episode, ahahah yes now to wait and see how episode can do for us I imagine chatting and not so much action…

      I know right? That opening was goooood and the song so amazing, I have found a few rips of the songs from this first episode but most of them have background noise behind them…so they aren’t as “good”

      I am with you there! I think Fate/Zero and Crown have the best visuals compared to most shows in this season line up , yea waiting on Last Exile next for that WOW factor.

  2. BlackBriar says:

    Finally it’s here!! I’ve been itching to see this anime since I saw the trailer and haven’t been disappointed one bit. The beginning was absolutely beautiful with the scenery and singing, they drew me in big time. This is officially on my “must watch” list just like Fate/Zero, C³, Persona 4, Mirai Nikki, Un-Go and Phi Brain. Waiting week by week is going to be extremely unbearable again.

    I’m seeing this as Code Geass meets Index/Railgun meets No. 6 and Elemental Gelade. Not to mention Shu’s power is in his right arm (Somebody’s been speaking with Touma). And he’s quite the clueless one for jumping into a situation that has absolutely nothing to do with him and he’s a shy kid lacking self-confidence. No wonder they picked Yūki Kaji as his seiyu who is branching out and creating a virus for himself (No.6: Shion; Deadman Wonderland: Yō Takami; C³: Haruaki Yachi; Ao no Exorcist: Konekomaru Miwa). Inori is so cute. The sweet and silent approach works really well and she has interesting taste in clothes, especially the shirt.

    I noticed that in every anime the main characters are always willing to risk their lives for random chicks they’ve never met before. Blind, premature love for the girl, maybe?

    The first episode made a huge impression and what’s even better is that Funimation is simulcasting, meaning they’ll get the rights to do the english dub like they’ll do for Railgun and both seasons of Index. Good composition with the music and action with everything.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Indeed about time huh? I know I was bouncing around going crowwwnnn whereee are youu!?! And now the wait is over, I am sooo with you there I was not disappointed! Course this first episode is getting quite a few mixed feelings over twitter and bloggers.

      Oh you could probably link up so many series and end up with a copy or clone of Guilty Crown, the biggest in that list is Code Geass now that I think about it both first episodes are so similar in style and story that’s where most of the “hate” for this is coming from.

      Inori is cute! She is a bit like Lala from Toloveru as in pink hair a bit of “air head” but I can’t say that for sure because she didn’t even get to talk! And yes that outfit is nice! Probably going to try and draw her soonish..

      Yeah that’s how it goes, guy meets girl hates girl but actually falls for her…

      Yep Funimation is all over it! If you know much about like comic con they are airing the first two episodes there! I was like oooohhhh I am jealous xDDD

      Oh funny story with Index/Railgun Funi owns the rights but they are letting Sentai film dub their own actors or something like that, so I would check out Angel beats and Clannad AS and a even Squid girl dub for a preview on how they “sound”

      • BlackBriar says:

        Funimation is dominating, grabbing up every available anime in their path. That’s great news because Funi is always first in line for me. I have the same amount of hope in Guilty Crown as I have in Index and Railgun. Guilty Crown, Fate/Zero, Mirai Nikki, C³ and Persona 4 are gonna help me burn through Fall season and onto Winter.

        There are mechs and big time military everywhere. LOL. I bet you’re gonna be like “hook, line and sinker”. And Gai is badass. Every anime MUST have an awesome badass. It’s an anime law. He owned those thugs like it was child’s play. Comes with the territory when you’re a resistance leader.

        Since there’s a virus involved, I’m guessing there will be quarantines and massacres on those who are infected just like purging the slums of the city. They always do that to people who are different from regular people.

        The pulling weapons out of people’s bodies is getting popular. Just like Shu taking that huge sword out of Inori’s chest, think back to a few noticeable characters: Orochimaru from Naruto, Dalian from Dantalian no Shoka and Shura from Ao no Exorcist. That trend seems to be growing right under our noses and Shu’s sword is huge and long. It’s over for anyone who gets stabbed with that monstrous blade.

        • Foshizzel says:

          Wooooo hooooo! I do love Funimation they grab the best of any new anime season. Nice! Sadly there are lots of people that hate Index and Railgun with passion! But ah well I don’t mind to much I just want Guilty Crown to have a good story…

          LOL Of course, the mech designs are a bit strange even the main one on the undertaker side looks odd to me but I can learn to love it. Gai was great! Can’t wait to see him fight more or if he has any special power like Shu? Imagine the weapon Gai can give Shu L O L

          Good old virus outbreaks just what this series needs ZOMBIES <3

          That list of people with weapons inside of them probably will be so massive, but I do think it's getting a bit over used....

  3. Moni Chan says:

    Guilty Crown – more like Guilty Pleasure to me.

  4. FirstImpulse says:

    I saw a ton of Index in this (and the whole massive conspiracy thing has gotten pretty old), but both the music and animation are ridiculously awesome.

    Gai’s fight was the first time I’ve been impressed by an anime action scene since Takagi K.O.ed a dude in the first season of Bakuman. Not only was Gai’s scene crisply animated, but the pre-fight dialogue actually managed to sound cooler than most American action movies! This setup really gave the scene and its musical accompaniment a credible and cool foundation, compared to the cheesy Index pre-fights which just make me want to roll my eyes (seriously, who would debate a life-or-death situation?).

    While the story is cliched, the execution is golden. The question is, will the lack of imagination in the plot/story mess with the great tunes and visuals in the later episodes? I will watch and see… : D

    • Foshizzel says:

      Truth right there, then again you really could take any super powered series and compare Crown all day if you wanted to. Yep typical secret government conspiracy and sneaky stuff with viruses! And yeah music and animation were amazing! Now if they can just work out a good story….

      Gai showing up! Holy crap the best moment of the episode, yeah he kicked ass and has some wicked theme music! Well with Index you get Touma’s speeches before he knocks you out.

      Yep messy plot so far but hey! 22 episodes we should be able to manage something enjoyable.

  5. Alynn says:

    EEEEEE I just loved everything about this.
    //sitting on the edge of my seat for the rest of the week.

  6. Amutofan123 says:

    I FUCKING LOVED THIS!!! I was kind of worried about how it would turn out because I over-hyped it so much, but it seems that the hype was well-deserved.

    The visuals were stunning. I love Inori’s character design (pink is probably my favorite anime girl hair color).

    The music was also really awesome. I can’t wait for the OST! I’m also really looking forward to “My Dearest”. I love that song so much, that I downloaded an mp3 of the PV so that way I could listen to it on my mp3 player.

    The story isn’t that original, and it did feel like Code Geass, but it’s all about the execution for me. I mean, it’s impossible to make a story that is completely original.

    I guess there were only two things that bothered me. To me, the episode felt kind of rushed. The other thing is Shu. Well, sort of Shu. I like him, but he annoyed me a bit. I totally understand being scared, but it was his inner-monologues that annoyed me. He seemed a bit whiny about how he couldn’t do anything. Totally loved him at the end of the episode though. Whatever, I’m just being nitpicky because I found almost nothing wrong with the episode. xD

    This and Chihayafuru are going to be my two favorite showes of the seasons! Looking forward to more!

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ooooh yes very good first episode, yeah really hyped up a lot but turned out really well! Glad they did such a good job.

      Pink hair! Always a good look one of my favorites too.

      Yeah this OST is going to be really good once it comes out, we do have a while to wait on that but either way really good music! There are some rips from the first episode out there.

      Right! It really is hard to make anything really original sad but so damn true and agreed on the geass vibes big time…

      LOL yeahhh Shu basically he is being called Shinji 2.0 due to how he acted this time, but with 22 episodes I really hope he changes even thou I already figured he was going to whine and cry the first time.

      Great! 😀

  7. Tofu says:

    The thing that gets me is that it was such a brilliant first episode that it’s going to be hard making it as brilliant throughout the episodes. I just hope Production I.G has that sorted out.

    I couldn’t help but think that Guilty Crown pulled off a Dantalian no Shoka during the “USE ME~” scene 😛 But done good~

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah the first episode was amazing! But agreed now to see how Production I.G. handles the rest of the series, one thing we can always expect great animation!

      LOL Yeaaah pulling a weapon from a girls chest or any weapon isn’t really all that original but I will admit that USE ME comment made me laugh xD

  8. Kushi says:

    hmmm… I really don’t like the handful of similarities between this anime and Code Geass in terms of how things were set up and played out because it’s making me want to give less credit to the anime than it deserves; the story has potential for interesting and original plot developments.
    The style, animation, and music are top notch but the main character is such a wuss(so far), it’s not entertaining to watch a crybaby :/ but there’s Gai balance it out 😀
    And of course, who could forget the awesome music done by Supercell ;D I’m glad they’re OP and EDing again

    • Foshizzel says:

      Set up was so Geass like, but like a few have said making anything really 100% original lately is where most shows tend to fail. After all they have to pull stuff from other series to do something with xD

      Style they win huge points for me! Well I give Shu a few more episodes before he changes, I don’t expect him to make a 360 to fast! It will take time I bet by 5th or 6th episodes in he might accept his fate.

      Gai for the win! So awesomeeee, and the music of course damn the music is good O_O

  9. umi_no_mizu says:

    I dislike magical boobs… real boobs could never stay covered with so little clothing

    on another note, I think that Gai was badass enough for me to continue watching the series despite the magical boobage =D

    • Foshizzel says:

      Lololol well Inori is our fanservice character for Guilty Crown so far, but I don’t really expect much in the OMG GIANT boobs department compared to what fall has to offer the girls in Crown are not as massive as others like Maken-ki or a few others.

      Gai for the win! Gotta watch out for him in future episodes.

  10. Karakuri says:

    Move over Ranka, Lacus, and all of the other idol girls from mecha shows with oddly coloured hair! Inori has them beaten. This anime’s music is pure win.

  11. Reaper says:

    I don’t know about anyone but this first ep has too many vibes to Code Geass’s first ep; foreign control, mechas, mysterious girl (of questionable past relation to character) and glowy eye powers. We just need Pizza Hut to finish this combo off XD, though the end bit reminded me of the beginning of FSN, with the fires and the sword fight, and the whole pulling the sword from the chest…it’s like Dalian’s lock, Suo’s rifle or a Valkyrian lance all in one :). Now, I was hyped for this show and I’m more than hyped for the next ep, probably because of the music; if they kept getting good songs, I will love the studio for it. As well as the fact that the characters are a bit more realistic; scaredy cat MC who wants to improve himself, main female, who DOESN’T have a massive oversize rack, and hopefully awesome support characters that will stand on their own without continuous coddling from the main pair. First episode formula I have to say is used quite commonly, (like in Code Geass and others) but for this show, they did it damn fine 🙂

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah it really does have a lot of Geass feel from the first episode like you said powers, mechs and LOL Yes needing some pizza hut logos to round things out <3 Yeah similar to Dalian and a few other shows that use the same theme.

      LOL of course it is a refreshing change from the normal busty girls as lead characters, yep this should be a fun series to follow now to see how well they do with story! They nailed animation and everything else.

  12. Ceyrai says:

    This is the one anime I’ve been waiting for all season, especially as a supercell fan. And the promotional art was just breathtaking. The only downside I see is that they seem to be taking the fanservice route – I hope, despite that (yes boys, I say it like it’s a bad thing), they make up for it with plot. Though I say they’ve been doing well with plot so far. And yes, that whole street-purging scene was highly reminiscent of Code Geass’s first ep. And Gai. WOW. He has redefined the name, considering the more famous owner of that name.

    Anyway, I have high hopes for this one. Nothing has filled the void that Madoka Magica left in me a couple of seasons ago, so I’m hoping that it’ll be this anime. 😀

    • Foshizzel says:

      Nice! I do enjoy some supercell! Always good music, yep Redjuice doing the designs and Production I.G.? What more do we really need? Well I am interested in seeing how they do fan service in this series, I mean compared to other shows I really don’t see Crown going extreme.

      Yeah Gai = awesome agreed to any Geass fan out there they will instantly remember that scene forever! I know it stands out for me. Good! I hope you enjoy this series as much as we probably will xD

  13. Jenny says:

    Am I only the only one who was thinking of Inori falling over or screaming “AAAH! My back!” during the scene where Shu pulls out that weapon? And I also immediately thought of Utena during the scene too.

    Anyways, I really enjoyed this episode though can’t understand why Inori didn’t haul ass the minute Shu showed up since she IS capable of running while injured. While Gai doesn’t remind me of Shizuo he still seems pretty awesome.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Aaahaha probably Inori will have to get used to having Shu pull weapons from her, yeah there are a few shows that do this even penguin drum 😀

      True she probably was like hmmm naww I don’t feel like running I will just wait for Shu, yeah Gai is different I like him! Can’t wait to see what else he does.

  14. Amutofan123 says:

    ;_; Why won’t my comment show up?

  15. kluxorious says:

    unlike Kyokai, I am actually do not like Shu because of what he’s lacking. To see a guy like him build a character of a hero is unsatisfactory. It gives us false hope.

    That “putting your hand inside of my chest for the greatest powah” thingy is getting old too.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah Shu might be hit or miss with most people, well hopefully he changes a bit through the series I was sort of expecting him to be like this at the start.

      Ahaha yeaaaaahhhh they probably could have done it a different way but ah well guess it works.

  16. Dan-go says:

    Heard alot about this one, rather large budget on it and it shows. Really pretty, good music, awesome first ep

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yes! If you ever visit twitter this was the talk for a few hours, great animation and killer music! Can’t wait for more <3

  17. Joojoobees says:

    This turned out pretty much as I expected, which is to say it looks great, but is loaded with characters and concepts we have seen before. I’ll keep on watching because Production I.G. knows how to make a show look great, and in hopes that something more original will eventually develop.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Same I was expecting something amazing and really got my wish, sad but true! We have lots of non original themes flooding Guilty Crown but hopefully they can break away and show us something new.

  18. Neena says:

    Omg, the graphics!I knew it would be good, but!I’m so glad redjuice is part of the project.

  19. I totally feel in love with thsi serie, maybe it isn’t very original, I mean contract, boy & girl, mecha, technology town, but it has some potential and these typical things don’t disturb my whole rating for this title.
    I like designe of chacters. Main protagonist isn’t just plain guy which got power from girl, he is someone else, he want to be someone else and don’t want to ahve his normal life. I mean I can see psychologist whcih is after his action and it is very well done.

    I really love graphic and OST is just beautiful, not only first full song, but backgound music, for example when they fighting at the end and middle of anime.

    Details and elements are very neat and are pleasure for eye.

    After watching I saw the similarity to Dandalion so shoka, with taking off key from girl chest, but it isn’t that big deal.

    I don’t knwo how will it serie turn , but I must say I very excited toward next episodes ^^

    • Foshizzel says:

      Good to hear, sad but true Guilty Crown might not be anything brand new for us but ah well I have high hopes for Crown to bring us something new! I mean we can hope right?

      Ohhh yes! Even if the story is full of crap we can at least enjoy the amazing artwork and great OST!

      Yes! Can’t wait for more <3

      • Of course we can.. and we will.. and I ahve feeling Guilty crown will shock us with sth amazing ^^

        hahaah you hit the point xD

        New ep should be soon available *A* *jumping* <3

  20. Hime says:

    Oh God, I both hated and loved this episode. Like everyone mentioned animation quality, direction, lighting and music are all superb, but I couldn’t help but feel, like Kyo, that this episode was lacking something.

    While I did like the music cues, and they were effective, they felt very over the top and forced. Not really enjoying how they over-sexualise the girls either. Inori’s “use me” and orgasm face when Shu was pulling the sword out of her chest (a concept that has been so over-done I won’t even go there) and how that girl that got hit in her mecha pure grabbed her chest in a stupid way, all of it enforces one of the reasons I anticipated not really getting the most out of GC. It would fall into fanservice traps, and it does, and it will, and I will sigh.

    One day I’ll find a show that doesn’t abuse it’s nice budget, one day I’ll find one that dares to be classy…. Or better yet, that exploits the men with gratuitous, unnecessary fanservice at every opportunity. Ah, yes, that would be nice. One day!

    Another thing that bugged me was how Final Fantasy it all seemed, and that’s right down to the designs. Blegh. I’m going to struggle with this show, I know it.

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