Fate/Zero – 04

I got my eyes on you, Blondie~

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Things start splendidly with the awesome fight between Saber and Lancer. But of course, you don’t expect just fighting, right? There’s bound to be lots of talking because two legendary heroes from different times are facing-off. Not to mention, there are too many players watching the scene like hungry vultures, ready to lunge at the opportune time. I’m talking about Kiritsugu and Maiya in particular, who are keeping more than an eye out for the development along with zeroing on Lancer’s master Kayneth overlooking from a rooftop.

Kiritsugu: “Kawaiii Kishiou-san”  DAT SMILE caused a shiver down my spine

I sure like your… um… Spear…

It’s not every day that King of Knights meets a very well-known bishie Irish hero, having more than expertise of spears and a beauty spot (which makes any woman fall for him but as Saber has anti-magic charm, it’s useless on her). The way he moves and handles spears, the air swooshing by and even Saber’s wind charm on Excalibur is used to its maximum limit for heightening the suspense of finding out Lancer’s tricks. The Lancer you saw in Fate/stay night had one spear so this not quite matching spear-pair is quite mysterious. As the fight progresses we find out that one can surpass all magic be it weapon or armour, while the other causes fatal wound that can’t be healed even with superior alchemic powers of Iri.

On the other hand, Assassin is surveying the scene and let me say this: EPIC FAIL, ASSASIN! You got on Candid Camera! Dude, aren’t you known for your sleuthing?! Being a servant, you can always remain in spirit form. That was a big giveaway being spotted by Kiritsugu, who’s of course a total pro in hawk-eyeing. The only loophole I can think of is that the barrier that Kayneth set, makes every magical being in its radius visible and thus the tailing Assassin had to become corporeal and didn’t know that he was being watched in process. During the debriefing, Tokiomi shows more than an interest in Iri, who turns out to be a homunculus created by the Einzbern for their own means. She’ll play a very important role in the war and thus, gets her very own Assassin surveillance being deputed by Kirei on Tokiomi’s orders.

Meanwhile, Kayneth is not amused and orders Lancer to finish Saber quickly. Like Tokiomi and Kirei agreed that Saber is one of the strongest servants, her fall would be a big ace on any master’s sleeve. During the fight, Saber is able to get two cuts in, one of which ruins the pretty boy’s face but the pretty boy is just not for show. He’s an impressive warrior who uses his noble phantasm (two special spears) to wound Saber. She finally guesses his true identity, being one of the first Knights of Fianna, Diarmud of the Radiant face (Thanks, UTW for removing that SHINING face. I wanted to facepalm so hard! >>).

Before things get to the last blow, Rider decides to pops in to crash the party because he doesn’t want to miss any fun. Of course, like every other time Waver is being more than a wuss, grasping for his own life on the bridge from where Rider has been surveying the fight. The more episodes progresses, the more uke he becomes with scared moans and crying all the time; providing the much needed humour. I don’t know if he will ever get to use the command seal because for now, he’s totally been taken for a ride by Rider and surprisingly HE WANTS IT HIMSELF! Lol, Broskander is born. And man, that awesome Ox-pulled chariot of Rider’s used to intervene is just golden. I don’t think his declaration of being Alexander was intelligent though because servant identities are supposed to be hidden. But this is Iskander we are talking about and he’s going to be a very powerful opponent to beat.

Everyone take note, a hero’s honour is everything! “To win, but not to destroy… To conquer but not to humiliate… That is what a true Conqueror is!”

Extra Bishies~


Obligatory Gun Porn discovered by Dango: Walther WA 2000 is smexy~

Lancer: “The last thing I want is to kill a woman who’s fawning over me.”  Me: “Oh, Lancer. You so smug…”

Saber sure rocked Lancer’s boat

Obligatory Iri-ness: “I’m still here, nyaa~”

Waver-chan, why so adorably funny?!

Rider: “We have become famous! People are calling us Broskander~ <3”    Waver: “NAAAAAAAAANIII?!”

End Thoughts:

Not a single episode of Fate/Zero has let me down till now. Sure, I moaned about no fight in the last review but plot progress is important and so is the overall understanding of the universe we are roaming about in because everything has depth and meaning, which is typical of anything from nasuverse. From the master concealment to true identities of servants; everything is purposefully shrouded in mystery and this fangirl is pretty happy in walking towards discovery. This season even both the noitaminA shows put together lose in front of Fate/Zero because it is THAT good and keeps it up well.

Like I said before, I haven’t completed the light novels so I don’t know how things would end leaving out the obvious stuff from Fate/stay night. So, Iri being a homunculus was news to me but even then I wasn’t much surprised because Eienzbern are known for alchemy and connecting the dots is easy. This proves why she has no parents and why Illya’s so frail. Most probably homunculus are not supposed to breed so this must have been an exception made to strengthen the bond between Kiritsugu and Iri but on what price? You’ll find out soon enough.

I’m still saving myself from getting spoiled about noble phantasms so I’m enjoying the new reveals each episode. The double spear combo of Diarmud was pretty neat and don’t even get me started on the sound quality. The whole thing just makes the viewing experience so better. Also, the fighting style is not half-assed and actually showcases the many years of training each warrior has gone through. Those muscles are not just for show, peeps. Whatever fight we get, it’s amazing; full of strategy and oomph. It’s not just a sword fight for I-will-look-cool-while-I-swish-my-golden-hair rather I-swish-my sword-like-this to hit you, even if I have to take a retaliation hit in process. Strategy is important in every field of work and it’s the same in case of a fight when calculations are to be made about opponent’s weapon to their strengths.

I admired Saber’s choice of battle to let go of her armour and banking all to one blow even if things didn’t go as she planned. She gave her all and same can be said about Lancer but damn, his smugness really rubbed off badly on me but it’s to be expected as every hero has literally proved his/her worth in their own time. Sure, Lancer’s a bishie and I consistently played SNSD’s The Boys, while writing his part of review but hundreds of women fawning over him has sure made him proud. Will he uphold the honour of a hero to conquer but not to humiliate as Rider put it? If you listen to the preview, it seems Kayneth would be using the first command seal to forcefully order Lancer to maybe kill Saber or Iri? That would not happen but it’s enough for me to keep guessing for the events to follow in next episode. The biggest question is, what will BROSKANDER do next because they are always pretty well informed.

I love the fact that unlike FSN, there’s not just one perspective here. We get to see the story develop from different point of views rather than being fixated with Kiritsugu; though, I won’t mind getting fixated with him alone. xD I’m liking his character more and more. From the creepy smile to completely opposing personality traits, this man screams DODGY in bold. Though how he has invested himself in the war, his reasoning has to be very solid. Somewhat same things can be said about Kirei but his DODGINESS is even more apparent with playing the second fiddle to Tokiomi but having more aspirations. I think I wrongly dubbed him as purposeless in the beginning; even not having a figured-out path doesn’t mean he’s not learning and adapting. His forever foreboding stature seems like a lull before a storm.


The fight is interrupted by Rider, while Kayneth uses his first seal of command to sway Lancer. But for what? Is the party going to extend to more heroes? The command seal shown is actually Kariya’s and I’m dying to see him and Berserker. I would love it if Kariya kills his grandfather Zouken (he’s more than a douche); wishful thinking I know. Anyways, even if we get a glimpse of him and Black Knight, I’ll do more than Huzzah! Till next time, ja ne~


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18 Responses to “Fate/Zero – 04”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    A battle of honor, that’s what creates legends. This was a good fight. Saber is pretty good at analyzing her opponents’ moves and fighting style whether she’s wearing armor or not. I wonder if her sword can extend. Lancer isn’t half bad himself, always being on his toes. He might turn out to be a really likeable character.

    How could Iri not be human? Other than her crimson red eyes (some anime characters seem to be born with piercing red eyes), I don’t see any inhuman features on her.

    While the two servants fight, everyone’s watching in secluded hiding spots. That’s no way to be a spectator!!! But not Rider, his pride just won’t allow it. LOL. He’ll do anything to satisfy his ego. I loved how Kiritsugu affectionately called Saber/Arturia his lovely King of Knights. She’s obviously the strongest.

    • Kyokai says:

      I loved the battle porn and we will be getting even more as the episodes progress. Excalibur’s length is fixed and the reason that Lancer could gauge it once he judged it by using his first spear. I think except for Caster, all servants are pretty honourable and good servants in their own right.

      In case of homunculus, don’t compare it to the FMA verse but yeah, Iri does have special abilities and Einzbern dudes have a reason to make her. It will become apparent as the plot progresses.

      Rider is going to be such a handful and I like him for it. He doesn’t mince his words and just comes out with it. I can bet very soon Saber would be questioning Kiritsugu’s motives but till then, let’s enjoy the show, shall we? xD

      *first comment cookie*

  2. Joojoobees says:

    This was a great episode. I really liked the way the battlefield tactics were spelled out. The animation looks great of course. Rider’s bombastic arrival on the field was really funny.

    • Kyokai says:

      I thought I would hate the ‘talking’ but I ended up liking it because it was more of an intelligent strategy rather than I kick you like that and you go wooosh~ I can’t wait for things to develop more around Rider’s eccentricity. xD

      • Joojoobees says:

        Yeah, even though they didn’t really do anything, the discussion between Saber’s master and his assistant added context, and the discussion between Lancer and Saber clarified the battle mechanics (helpful for me as a newbie to the franchise).

  3. Tofu says:

    I can’t help but think that Saber’s fight with Lancer basically turned out the same way in both FSN and FZ because she fights then she gets injured by something she can’t heal… oh wells, it’s not a complaint just to clear things out, it’s just a thing I noticed ^^ I have no negatives towards Fate Zero becauce towards me, it’s living up to its hype!

    Oh and… SABER~~~!!!!! <3 <3 <3 HNNNNNGGGG

    • Kyokai says:

      It’s not the conclusion yet but supposedly it’s said Lancers are usually cursed in Grail wars so Kayneth better watch out. Also, there’s nothing negative to be said about FZ at all because the adaptation is beautiful and done by the ufotable masters. :3

      More HNNNG Saber, coming right up~

  4. TheVoid says:

    I read that info Diarmud.

    Being Diarmud is suffering.

    Assassins also really at fail at being good assassins. Looks like Dancing Assassin died for no reason.

    • Kyokai says:

      Lol! There are actually two sides to being Diarmud, Show ▼

      Assassins are making me facepalm every episode and they are supposed to be best in sleuthing. Looks like they need to be taught classes by Kiritsugu.

  5. Reaper says:

    Oh, BERSERKER!!!!!!! WHY U NO SHOW UP? Oh now we just have to wait til next week for the Battle Royale’s conclusion but this ep was full of heck yeah, especially with the fight between Lancer and Saber. Two knights just having a rightly duel and the animation fitted it just right, from the clashing of blades to the destruction of the area around them…before Iskander just comes in, singing ‘they see me rolling, they’re hating…’. Having said that though, Waver must have broken when Iskander just announced himself like that; the taboo of Servants was conquered in under two seconds of his entry…fufufu as for the picture above of Kiritsugu’s sniping, there should have been the comment of, ‘I’m gonna shoot that mole right off his face’, although, Maiya may have something to say about that XD. Now, it’s another wait to live again…

    • Kyokai says:

      He did show up in the next episode and it was marvelous! Oh man, I’m kind of at a loss of words whenever I think about that entry. The fight was definitely awesome and I really wanted to give it to Kayneth for being such a coward. Kiritsugu’s gun porn was awesome as usual.

      For Rider, I don’t think he’ll do much efforts in hiding his identity because he’s just grand like that. xD

  6. Toori-chan says:

    Awesome battle between Saber and Lancer. It seems Irisviel has a anti-magic charm as well since she isn’t affected by the mole. Lancer’s spear from FSN is like a combination of the two spears in FZ. FSN Lancer had a red spear with unhealable injuries.

    That’s a Walther WA 2000 with IR and heat seeker scope! Wish I had one, it’s so cool. “Kawaiii Kishiou-san”? *shivers*

    Alexander in the house!!! The next episode will be another awesome one. Show ▼

    • anaaga says:


    • Kyokai says:

      Iri sure got saved from Lancer’s charm and same goes for Saber. These two are lucky for sure.

      The battle scene between Gil and Berserker was definitely awesome. I couldn’t have hoped for more.

      Show ▼

  7. Zyl says:

    Irisviel being a homonculus and the Einzberns being famed for alchemy makes this sooo ripe for some FMA:B related parodies. Though it seems that F/Z and KnK (unlike F/SN and Tsukihime) have been left out of Carnival Phantasm thusfar.

    • Kyokai says:

      Somebody should definitely get this parody down as it’s screaming for it. Btw, CP is adapted over Take Moon (which centers around FSN, Tsukihime and Melty blood parodies) and it doesn’t have KnK though, All Around Type-Moon does. I can only wish they animate it after finishing up with Carnival Phantasm. xD

  8. fathomlessblue says:

    I feel a little conflicted how much I’m enjoying this Fate Zero considering the F/SN series/film was some of the worst anime I’ve ever sat through. I know the VN’s are supposedly better, but I even thought the basic plot (Holy Grail war, summoning servants) was incredibly trite and silly. Here I’ve been completely won over. You can definitely tell Gen Urobuchi’s touch on this show. Hang your head in shame noitaminA; your shows have been completely trumped yet again!

    Still, that was a major fail from the assassin. Even I could have been stealthier than that! Kirei obviously sent the wrong guy on the suicide mission.

    So in conclusion: GO TEAM RAVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kyokai says:

      You can say that again. This season in particular, noitaminA sure has hit bottom. And actually Gen wrote the backstory so well because all the characters in Fate/stay night did have that much detail in the VN. I’m just sad that DEEN completely ruined it.

      And I agree, Assassins are not being stealthy at all. I can only hope that they are discovered by more masters. People really need to know the truth behind Kirei’s plots.

      And I fully support team Raver! xD

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