Fate/Zero – 03

Join Irisviel on a moonlight stroll and much more~

So, how’s the weekend going, peeps?! I had to work yesterday so if you ask me, evening was very much better than morning and thus I didn’t have the energy to stay up late to review this episode from RAW. Besides being tired out of my mind, got through the first episode of Guilty Crown and it has more than a promising start, so if you haven’t checked it out; do so pronto.

Submissive much, Tokiomi? 

Coming to the current episode of scheming and back-stabbing, we begin things where we left for a change with Gilgamesh all pissed while Tokiomi’s almost prostrated to make justifications for something we have become quite used to in this genre: Keikaku doori~ Gilgamesh, the King of Kings is not amused at all and he literally scares the crap out of Tokiomi, who still can’t believe that of all heroes, Gilgamesh materialized in the Archer class just because of his attack mode (projectile weapon). From his attire to the high-handed way he talks, this particular King needs more than amusement to stick around. Tokiomi must have pleaded on his hands and knees to set this reconnaissance game with Assassin. And it was quite successful with everyone taking the bait, in a way commencing the fourth Holy Grail War.

Me: “Oh Rider, would you get a grip?”        Rider: “I got THIS. What else do you want from me, woman?!”

This fight was witnessed by at least four other masters via different familiars and Waver is one of the first to yip with joy. Though like Gilgamesh, Rider is not amused as well. He’s busy absorbing all modern news and using Waver’s mana to remain corporeal to gawk at B-2, Tomhawk and even Clinton to rule over him (lol!). Oh Rider, you are a giant slob who I assume would scratch his crotch while watching TV. Ugh, I’m glad you weren’t born in the recent years or else you’d be a giant couch potato or a gaming geek like one Daru. >.> However, thankfully, Rider has had enough and he wants to go out and find some game, maybe starting off with that flashy golden guy, who laid waste to Assassin. Time to engage the enemy as everyone must be on the move due to this fresh death. I kind of pity Waver because he’s simply being abused by Rider nonstop, pun intended.

Rider: “Food, sex, sleep and war… You gotta enjoy it utmost.”  Waver: “Is that a hint of you having hots for me?”


On the other hand, Kirei pretended to have lost his servant and has taken up sanctuary in church under his father, a neutral ground for all combatants. Kirei is a slimy one for sure because, my pretties, like I said in the previous review, there’s not just ONE assassin rather many; though even I was astonished at their ‘number’. They are watching all the masters and keeping tabs on their movement, fulfilling their role of being excellent shadows. Like I guessed, it was all a play between the competing masters and setting of traps. Though, the look Kirei gave after his father’s comment on finally witnessing a miracle was very disturbing. You can say, even if he’s completely invested in this war, he’s still not sure about the ‘purpose’ himself.

Gun p0rn… SO GOOD!

When everyone went WTF?!

The Kiritsugu team has arrived in Fuyuki as well and we finally see some gun porn as baku had been looking forward to it. Kiritsugu sure looks badass with any kind of gun, big or small. Blame it on his BAMF aura and how precisely he handles it. Talking about our main protagonist, he sure comes to new light every episode. If you saw him as a pained yet loving husband in the first, you saw his fatherly face in the second and now you see the face of an adulterer maybe? I would say, hold your horses on this one and let the events play out because he and Maiya seem to share more than history. At least, I’m having fun in being shocked around him from Mage Killer to a top strategist for this war.

Iri: “You are definitely rocking that suit.”       Saber: “Thank you, Hime~”

Iri’s finally out of that desolate mansion as well and looking at the real world for the first time; to her it’s Kiritsugu’s version as he had described and even showed it to her in bits and pieces. This is her only chance to experience it and even knowing that she’s being treated as a tool  she genuinely seems tranquil with her condition even when turmoil is rife in her future as Kiritsugu and her family has predicted. Her positivity is highly refreshing and even Saber is affected by it becoming an excellent escort, showing her different places in the city along with her first visit to a beach. Personally, living near the tropical equator, if I do admire something around here, it’s the beach and I always default-associate it with the fun it provides to us high-humidity folks.

Anyways, while Iri frolicked a bit on the beach, a hero finally approached them with the intent of fight and Saber is ready to take him on, Iri getting her back. And the challenger is none other than Lancer (guess which Irish hero it’s this time). He’s unique in a sense but I’ll leave that for the next review when we finally see some action and his masters. This fight is overlooked by Rider, who’s having the time of his life, unlike Waver who’s on his servant’s mercy and wit’s end. Poor bloke.

A new challenger appears! Ufotable, you kechi! I wanted MOAR FIGHTOOOO~

More Zero Love~

Whammed Expectation: when you know, you are inches from getting it

Rider: “Does this shorts makes me look fat?”                         Waver: “……….”

Gun Porn: You know you love it!

Obligatory Elegant beauty plug~

All Saber Fanboys/girls, you can scream now


End Thoughts:

Aww man, I needed more action! A lot happened, while some things just remained the same. I guess the big reveal was the Assassin’s capabilities but I already knew that so for me except for the Saber/Iri, Kiritsugu/Maiya and Waver/Rider bonding, nothing much happened. I expected the Lancer and Saber fight to get a move ONNNN, which I’ll get eventually in the next episode.

Before I get into nitty-gritty, I can bet you went all WHAAAA—with the whole Kiritsugu/Maiya kiss. For me, it didn’t seem sexual or even romantic in the least. It seemed as if it was done by Maiya to appease some of Kiritsugu’s guilt that he feels towards Iri in using her and his daughter Illya, who’s frail for her age (most of us already know she turns out to be a cute loli). I guess, this will come to light with some flashbacks and how Maiya became his trusted assistant. I’m pretty sure now that Saber is not going to like her master’s underhanded dealings in past or even some of his strategies to win the Grail but let’s leave that for later. The feeling though resounds in both Iri and Kiritsugu that they love each other yet are holding their emotions in check just because their partnership has a giant ticking clock on it and everything they know would end as the fourth war climaxes.

I loved the bonding between Iri and Saber, which is very much needed because they would be working together and Iri would even wear Kiritsugu’s role for posing as her master like in the current battle. It was rather refreshing to see Iri putting her hair down and having some fun with the gentlemanly Knight, so what if she’s a reverse trap? Iri shares the cuteness factor with her daughter; though her brand is of maturity and elegance. There’s just something about her that makes you smile whenever she’s on screen. While for Saber, her majestic charm is still quite in place and has not yet been sullen by the wariness and default-suspicion of Saber that some of you witnessed in Fate/stay night. She will remain to be as majestic though and her willingness to participate in fight in agreement of Iri is a simple proof.

Another important thing of note is the identity of servants and why it should be kept secret (even emphasized on Fate/stay night). You may ask why? Well, as they are famous heroes, knowing their true identities would give the opponent tactical leverage over them; however, Knight class servants are easier to point out than the rest and like Kiritsugu noticed, Tokiomi showing his hand by flaunting his servant is more than fishy. As noble phantasm is physical manifestation of a hero’s legend, witnessing that pretty much means knowing the true identity and thus having an advantage in a fight. You can compare it to seeing a captain’s Zanpaktou for a battle strategy against them. They get to know about Gilgamesh or not, he’s going to be a very powerful force to reckon with in this war.

One discrepancy though, according to Saber servants come with all the knowledge about the current era so why Rider has to do homework on modern weaponry? Sure, Rider’s default skills are riding but he should not be gawking at Tomhawks and fighter planes or even read up on modern weaponry because he should already know how to steer/use them. I guess, the whole joke was on his fanboyism to rule over world rather than technicalities. Also, Waver is in deep shit and I saw more than hints of bromance this episode. I pity Waver and he’s still pretty adorable, which comes as a surprise because I usually don’t like his type of characters.

Like I said before, I can’t wait to see Berserker and Kariya because even if they are not big favourites in terms of power, I like Kariya’s nobility. And imagine Caster in a battle with Ryuunosuke’s insane laughter in the background? Sure tingles your spine, doesn’t it? Including this, I can’t wait for the next episode because we would finally get to see an all out fight between two Knight Class servants and this is not going to be a short MI mission. Anyways, before I close, I have to fangirl on Rikiya Koyama voicing Kiritsugu because I think I’ve fallen in love with his voice. Why is it so SEXY?! Someone tell me! Also, for some reason Hikaru Midorikawa’s nasally voice really suits Lancer; don’t you think so too? So, how did this episode fair for you and who are you dying to see fight it out next? Till next week, ja ne~


My fangirl heart BADUMPed when I heard Kiritsugu calling Saber, “Kawaii King of Knights”. Saber honey, do Papa proud against Lancer; though it’s not going to be a death match for now. Also, Rider is telling Waver to ride but he isn’t liking it. Pfft. Oh Namikawa, how I like you when you whine.


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35 Responses to “Fate/Zero – 03”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    Huh? I’ve got to ask. What time period are they in? VCRs, Clinton. They’re a bit late. I see Rider as trying to be the Big Brother type here, giving tips about food, sex, sleep and war but with his strenght and Waver’s weak body and mind, Waver might be out of comission before anything is done.

    What is Mayo Chiki’s Subaru Konoe doing here? LOL. Oh, I remembered, that’s really Saber/Arturia. I’ll start screaming now. With that suit on, they’re almost identical. Suit or armor is ok with me, especially with that invisible sword of hers.

    It just proves that old habits die now that Kiritsugu is back to his assassin way but his skills have dulled. He must’ve really hated his life if happiness pains him. Who is that woman who kissed him? She obviously knows he has a wife and child.

    • BlackBriar says:

      Sorry about the second comment. Something wasn’t working.

    • Kyokai says:

      As this is a prequel to Fate/stay night, I assume this era is early 90’s while fate/stay night then would be around 00’s. I don’t remember if they made any direct reference as this in FSN but who cares about that bad adaptation? I’ve started calling Waver/Rider: Broskander and somehow or the other it just suits their volatile relationship. xD

      Btw, Saber in a suit was thought up before Subaru of Mayo Chiki, who knows the reverse trap actually had Saber for inspiration?

      About Kiritsugu, you can call him a ‘man with issues’. He KNOWS what he wants but he has taken a lot of lives in making it possible and it’s not even the end. Iri married him knowing everything about him, his past and what he has been up to and how she’s a tool in this war. Thus, Kiritsugu is lucky enough to find love yet is unable to cherish it due to his burdens. You’ll get more of this as the story progresses. ^^

      About Maiya…
      Show ▼

      *first comment cookie*

  2. Renn says:

    Good catch on the discrepancy. I see the “servants know about world” more as a convenient plot device, so it doesn’t bother me if it’s not completely consistent. Continuity errors or no, that scene where Rider declared war on Bill Clinton was priceless.

    I’d agree Maiya’s kiss wasn’t passionate or emotional, but Iri still needs to cheat on her wayward husband with Saber. B)

    • Kyokai says:

      Yeah, I can bet, there’s a reason or a plothole around that discrepancy. Because except for Saber, every other servant has a specialty around which their noble phantasm works. Rider’s not weaponry but his riding skills by rule but hey, he’s Alexander and how can he NOT know how to fight?

      Iri’s too elegant to do that but I can bet she had a fun stroll with her Knight. I wasn’t expecting such a deep bond between Kiritsugu and Maiya but I guess, that when happens when I’m unaware of at least 50% of the plot. At least keeps me shocked and entertained. xD

  3. Metalsnakezero says:

    Stupid sexy Saber! You’re being way too gentlemen like!

    • Kyokai says:

      Hahahaaaa! Who can say no when you have someone like Iri with you? I don’t dig girls but even if I was in her place, I would have escorted her around just because she looked so adorable. xD

  4. kluxorious says:

    I felt the same way about Rikiya Koyama. Just listening to him makes me wanna jizz in my pantsu. Emiya just have to be the most dynamic character in this show and I love him because of that.

    • Kyokai says:

      Arghhh!!! I know right? What’s with this guy, huh?! Even the great Hiroshi Kamiya hasn’t made me feel this way. That whole BAMF visage with that sexy voice. God, Kiritsugu, how many fangirls will you make? I love this SHOKU value that he provides with one action or the other in every episode. Dynamic is exactly the word. :3

  5. Alynn says:

    Can I say that I just hnnnngggggg-ed over all of this, especially Saber in a suit. Dammnn.

    That gun porn just. I love it.

    I finished catching up on Fate/Stay Night during the past week, so now I am just super pumped for this. Hnnnnggg all day.

    • Kyokai says:

      There was so much HNNNG in this episode and series overall. Best of Fall, hands down with awesome characters to boot.

      Good job in finishing fate/stay night and as I said earlier, for a new entrant, watching that is not necessary but it does give you an inkling of what transpires. Let’s HNNG on this together~ xD

      • Alynn says:

        Haha, one of my friends basically threatened me into watching Fate/Stay Night first. Not regretting listening to her though.

  6. Kitty says:

    Not much to say on the episode except, Gilgamesh powns all!!

    And can I join the line up for a date with Saber???? That was so awesome! Perfect gentlemen indeed. (love my traps)

    Very interested in Lancer, it seems like he might have a better back story then the Fate / Stay Night one.

    • Kyokai says:

      Gilgamesh is sure majestic alright. He’s going to be an amazing servant as well so watch this one closely. xD

      Saber is an awesome reverse trap and you gotta love her. About Lancer, both have Irish origins and special powers of their own. Next episode will be pretty awesome. :3

    • Dan-go says:

      Eh the backstory on this lancer is rather dissapointing. wikid it.

      • Kyokai says:

        He’s a tragic hero and his story is somewhat similar to another servant that’s around. :3

  7. Foshizzel says:

    I will quote everyone from twitter when I say SABER IN A SUIT!! = Hnnnnnhggg and oh so hot….

    Great episode I am loving this series so much right now! And yeaaahhh I soooo can not wait to watch Saber versus Lancer! And Lancer’s new design? Amazing! 😉

    • Kyokai says:

      Bwahahaa! I knew it, everyone just loves blonde bishies and when it’s a reverse trap, even MOAR!

      I would dub this BEST of Fall and really having fun with the quality and quantity both. There’s no dull moment and the wait for exciting events is so excruciating that AHHHH! *high-five* CANNOT wait for the next episode.

      This Lancer has Irish origins as well and hopefully will be an awesome opponent. xD

  8. T.K. says:

    There is another major discrepancy in that the Einzbern castle isn’t located in Fuyuki. Which is strange as the castle is where most major events happen in F/SN.

    Kiritsugu seems to be a fan of German weaponry, and wasn’t surprised by that sudden kiss the moment I know Kiritsugu’s assistant is female. ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

    What really surprised me was the entire brotherhood of assassins Kirei summoned, he must have had an incredible pool of mana to supply all of them bodies….

    • Kyokai says:

      If we know from FSN, the Einzbern castle in Fuyuki is different from the one shown in Britain. These guys have loads of money so when it comes to housing, mansions here and there is nothing. Also, Illyasviel will be taking part in the fifth Holy Grail War so a stronghold in Fuyuki is pretty probable.

      Kiritsugu is a gun nerd for sure and the way he lovingly caresses them… the reason for me calling it gun porn. xD I can bet we’ll learn about the kiss not being serious but this dude definitely has the biggest harem in this series.

      About Kirei, you gotta remember he was the first one to be selected as master and he has learned almost all types of magic: something like jack of all trade but master of none. He’s going to be formidable and his team of Assassins are definitely going to come in handy.

      • Dangos says:

        When you said gun porn i imeediately thought of the fat otaku from highschool of the dead

        • Kyokai says:

          Lol! Hirano was awesome. xD

          • T.K. says:

            reason why I’m still keeping the show in my hard drive. xD

            Well back on topic, Fate/Zero seems to be used as a catalyst to retcon a lot of the stuff in the VN so I’m not totally surprised by it’s progress.

            • Dan-go says:

              has anyone here actually played the VN? im sure theres a fan translated version somewhere on the internet

          • Kyokai says:

            @TK, they are using FSN material quite brilliantly with proper hints. If only ufotable does their own take on FSN after finishing up with Fate/Zero but I’m sure that would be too good to be true! >< @ Dan, I'm still in process of playing the VN (4GB+ game files man!), which is all Fate/stay night (patch is available on mirrormoon). For Fate/Zero light novel, baka-tsuki has almost finished translations but I'm not reading it until the first cour ends in the least.

  9. Reaper says:

    Gar, so muchawesome with Iskander coming in, showing he’s not just brawn with his tactics (he is the King of Conquerors after all), Gilgamesh just casually his intent to destroy everything if he doesn’t like anything in the modern world and SABER IN A SUIT! Gah, why wasn’t FSN this good? The only thing I’m sad about is that they stopped the ep just before the fight between Lancer and Saber Show ▼


  10. Mad Chemist says:

    Pretty good episode, though not quite as good as the last one. It was mostly build up for the first big fight, but Rider and Waver were delightful as always and seeing the big lug declare Clinton his rival made the episode for me. The scene with all of the Assassins was pretty great, too. There was clearly something tricksy going on there, but I had no idea there were that many of them.

    Kiritsugu and his family haven’t quite clicked for me yet – it feels like all of them are slowly moving towards some great purpose but for now I’m more interested in other Servant/Master pairs. Really looking forward to the battle with Saber and Lancer, though, I want to see how battles in this series work.

    • Kyokai says:

      If only we got to see MOAR fight! But I guess, it was necessary for the anticipation and the bonding needed between Saber/Iri and Waver/Rider. Broskander is so amusing! Not to mention Rider going gung-ho over world domination tactics was hilarious.

      Kirei will definitely be using lots of underhanded tricks against other masters. He’s definitely overstepping the boundaries by taking sanctuary in church; at least Kiritsugu knows something fishy is going on and keeping a close eye. This dude in particular will be playing a true protagonist but as the episodes are going, it’s going to be very interesting discovering his many facets as the episodes roll by.

      Can’t wait for the battle myself. Lancer being a Knight class servant hints at being very powerful. Next episode should be epic~

      • Joojoobees says:

        I would have liked to see the first big battle, too, but I think they have done a good job of introducing a large cast, and putting the various pieces into position. Next week’s episode should start off with a bang.

  11. Toori-chan says:

    Lancer VS Saber. This is gonna start the actual awesomeness. I can’t wait for Saturday to come. Saturday please come quickly.

    This first battle is quite quick to start compare to the pace in the novel. Anyway, two cursed spears is definitely going to be more exciting than one cursed spear from FSN. Show ▼

    Saber is way too charming in that black suit. Lancer is quite charming as well. Show ▼

    • Kyokai says:

      Yes, please. Now my top most thing to watch out for Saturday is literally Fate/Zero. With this fight, I can’t wait for the epicness to begin. I’m glad to know they are picking up the pace because when it comes to visual adaptation, you can’t always keep at storytelling.

      I’m rather looking forward to how things will end with Lancer/Saber and can only wish that Rider joins the fray too. I was going to make a mole HNNGGG comment on Lancer (as I rather liked Yukio’s version), but then it would give away his true identity so I contained myself. xD

  12. Dan-go says:


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