Sacred Seven – 12 [END]

Lau- “Stop trying to guess my gender! IT MAKES ME ANGRY!”

What?! We are at the end! Yes, indeed the end of this random yet entertaining series, well if you have been wondering where I have been lately? Let’s just say my computer decided it wanted a vacation from the world of anime and internet related fun. It was having some power issues but hopefully it can remain stable enough to get my other episode reviews out. Well here we go! Enjoy the final review for Sacred Seven.

Plot starts back with Kenmi attacking Knight as he snatches Lau and runs away. Alma in the meantime gains a new transformation and fights Kenmi, defeating him for now. But Kenmi uses his evil Darkstone and forces it into Lau’s chest causing a transformation that feeds on Lau’s desires to kill. Knight also gains a new transformation thanks to Aoi’s magical powers, together with Alma they use their new powers to help Lau and save the day.

Alma- “Why are you crying?!”                        Ruri- “I didn’t get any hotsprings or shower episodes!”

Things roll right out to the action scenes as we skip the OP song with Kenmi grabbing Lau and breaking through walls to escape. Kenmi has plans to basically eat everything and everyone with any sacred power to increase his own, damn this dude’s so greedy! Get your own powers…oh wait never mind. While Knight and Kenmi play tag on the roof, Alma gains a new transformation, thanks to Ruri or should he thank himself? I have no idea! I blame some power of love or “growing” up. With his new powers Alma rushes to help Lau and Knight.

Alma- “Remember children, when fighting giant monsters that want to eat your face, wear your goggles…”

Kenmi’s testing his new company product! The loli/shota shield works great against monster fights.

Sadly Alma arrives a bit late only to see Knight’s power get absorbed by Kenmi who drops him from the air. Lau watches helplessly as Knight falls through the lab hitting the ground. This event suddenly triggers Lau’s first Darkstone transformation into some odd frog looking mecha suit… Yeah, I don’t even know what that thing was but it looked really lame… In the meantime Aoi wakes up from her sleep and finds Hellbrick and tells him she has a special mission ahead of her. Makoto finds her after running away from SP because yes he sucks at being a mecha pilot! He always finds a way to trash it during every episode.

Poor Lau having the worst day ever! Getting thrown around like a doll and growing random horns!

FROG POWER SUIT! Wait what is this pedo bear armor?

The fight between Alma and Kenmi continues to rage on as Kenmi’s powers increases as his body actually changes into some odd dragon-snake looking monster. Alma suddenly starts to run laps around the mountain to build up his speed. After he dodges one of Kenmi’s new beam attacks Alma rushes in for the final kill shot! He turns one of his hands into a small drill, yes I know they stole this attack from another popular series *cough*TTGL*cough* and Alma “defeats” Kenmi. Well he did defeat all the armor right off Kenmi but he’s still somewhat alive after taking a drill to the chest. He just staggers around for a bit, shocked that he was defeated so easily. Before Kenmi kicks the bucket for good, he suddenly grabs onto Lau and jumps into the hole he created earlier. As they fall together he removes his own crystal from his chest and forces it inside Lau’s chest, which causes him to transform into a large pyramid crystal. This new transformation seems to be feeding off Lau’s desire to kill everyone. Yes Lau has a few mental issues to work out later with Knight. Alma flies off to help and while he does his thing to calm Lau down, Knight is approached by Aoi, who gives him one of her crystals to help him transform into a white version of his previous suit complete with angel like wings. With this new power up from Aoi, Knight and Alma are forced to work together to free Lau and save the world! Well, that small part of the world anyway.

Alma- “Wow you look so dumb, Kenmi!”                  Kenmi- “Psshhh… you’re the one with the safety helmet…”

Alma-“Sorry, Simon, I need to borrow your signature moves…”

Aoi- “Hey mister! I’M A MAD CHILD-SCIENTIST!”             Knight- “Why do I get the little kids…?”

Alma- “Dude, I got this sweet paint job! You?”              Knight- “Kick ass wings and a blu-ray player in my chest.”

Lau- “You really were my Knight in shining armor!”            Knight- “Terrible pun, I think I’ll just drop you now.”

The final episode comes to a slow end after a touching scene with Aoi and Ruri having a moment together as they hug, and then a random time jump. I really have no idea how much of a jump it really was but I would say probably a few days or so. Anyway we watch Aoi and Ruri who seem to be running the company together, they even have time to take Alma and the rock club out on a boat ride! As the credits roll we get a shot of the sky and a red shooting star flying past them with Hellbrick, officially ending things.

Hellbrick- “HELL YA! I AM ON A BOAT, BITCH! Wait this better not be a nice boat ending for me! Noooo!!”

Extra powers

Hellbrick- “Ahh, hell no! I am stuck baby sitting this child….”               Aoi- “Don’t make me drop you.”

Knight- “DUDE Someone stole my pants! Bet that Hime girl from Metanorn did…”

Lau is taking after Knight, going shirtless for the final episode!

Aoi-“Oh sure, now you want to hug me!”            Ruri-“Sorry, I have a little sister fetish…”

End Thoughts:

Well, this was a good episode! I was quite happy with how things turned out, sure this wasn’t the most action filled episode but we did get to see lots of transformations! Especially with the new look for Knight’s suit. I sort of knew Aoi was going to help him change into something. I was thinking Ruri would do that but I guess once you are “bound” to the person who uses gems on you? Well, it is a contract style transformation thing or so it seems. So, which new suit did you like? Alma’s? Knight’s? Maybe you liked Lau’s frog suit? Or Kenmi’s new golden dragon-man-suit?! Personally I liked Alma’s new look but that dumb ass helmet of his, what was that?! Also, Knight was rocking those new wings of his! But he also had a lame helmet.

So that fight I was waiting for last week: Alma versus Kenmi! What did you think about that one? I guess it was alright for me even though it seemed like Kenmi just stood around and laughed the entire time while Alma punched him. I liked Kenmi’s suit until he changed into that lizard! WHY! He was looking great without those teeth and that face. Oh well, they always did warn Knight and Alma they could end up like that too if they stayed in the other form too long. Now for Alma’s GIGGA DRILL BREAKER! Err I mean sacred drill arm attack; yes, I know everyone watching that scene probably were like *facepalm* TTGL Drills really? *double facepalm* I remember shouting at the screen DON’T YOU DO IT, ALMA! Nooo!! Then he did it… I guess they got tired of Alma’s fist-gun-explode-monster-dead-world-is-safe formula they liked so much.

I think this episode clears what gender Lau might be! Leaning towards guy, unless Lau is super loli? Compete with the flattest chest in anime! Then again to be honest I really don’t care if Lau turned out to be a guy or a girl. Sure Lau didn’t do much for the story but without him/her, Knight wouldn’t be around to save the day or smack Alma around for a few episodes. I wonder if those two could survive in a spin-off series together?! Sunrise get on that project now! I did like Lau’s monster looking eyes it makes me want to draw them.

Well, Sacred Seven you were a fun series to blog and I think I could watch this again with English dubs; I can sort of guess who would be Alma and Knight. Now this series does have mecha, but the mecha was kind of pointless for me. Makoto is a great character don’t get me wrong but he is a terrible pilot. I guess they felt that character needed something of his own to fight with. Now for the girls! Ruri I liked but at the start I really hated her, because it seemed like she was using Alma as her personal weapon. Sure she did change after that “date” episode, which made me start to like her a bit more. Overall the best thing about Sacred seven: those battle maids! Ahahah they were awesome for background characters! Oh and those insert songs by Megumi Nakajima? Very nice, I liked the final song in this episode; now to wait for that OST to come out. Overall I probably would give Sacred Seven a fat six out of ten! It could have been better without a few of those random episodes.

I want to give a huge thanks to all the readers and comments! Thanks for hanging in there with me and following these reviews for Sacred Seven. Here is some exciting news here, another episode is set to release next year! Basically it will be a remake of this final episode with more on Knights past life and the fight with Kenmi from Knight’s point of view with a few new scenes thrown in.


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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16 Responses to “Sacred Seven – 12 [END]”

  1. Junko says:

    I’m going to have to disagree with you entirely. This was a terrible episode, this was a terrible last two episodes. It’s as if at the end of the 10th episode they realised the series was ending and changed the story line entirely.

    They brought in new characters. They suddenly gave a bunch of characters much more important roles. The aim of the episode changed at least three times. Nothing flowed, at all. They jumped all over the place, between characters. Up until this point, very little about the characters pasts was put in place at all. Why was Kenmi so power hungry? How on earth did the girls know what they were doing? What about short-shorts girl?

    And then they just straight up ditched Kenmi and pulled a whole new story line out of Lelouch Knight and shouta-loli. Since when did girls like Ruri and shouta-loli able to turn into the robot things? How did any of that actually work anyway? How come Kenmi could just eat anything he bloody wanted?

    And then they completely forgot about the only worthwhile aspect of the entire show; the awkwardly set up romance between midget-chan and giraffe-man. The most development they has was her hissy fit over a lunch date and that thing Hellbrick set up.

    And there is the only redeeming feature of this entire thing. HELLBRICK.

    Whatever, I’m done with this. I’ll be blocking this from my entire mind with the glory that was Tiger and Bunny.

    • Foshizzel says:

      No worries there, to a point you are correct the last two episodes were decent not to amazing. Yep it seemed like they had to rush those final episodes so we can kind of see why they are redoing this episode.

      I am with you there on the characters pasts, I really wanted to learn more about Kenmi’s past! Yes why was he so power hungry? And what’s SP’s deal how did she run into Kenmi? Ahaha there are lots of plot holes left for us which sucks they really did drop the ball on that part of this series.

      Well we only saw Lau transform, I think Aoi and Ruri are special cases like they have the sacred powers but theirs seem to be more on the side of “unlocking” others powers. Unless they can actually change? Because I was always wondering if Lau was anything like Ruri but I guess they are different.

      LOL Yes! Alma and Ruri together are a strange “couple” and it did feel completely forced agreed.

      Yep Hellbrick was cool <3

      Well hopefully Guity Crown proves to be a better series for us to enjoy! SOON! VERY SOON! And Tiger and Bunny very good!

  2. Yuki says:

    I think that only Episode 1 and Episode 12 was interesting enough. The rest feels kinda lame. lol. I dunno, but I really like episode 12 the most probably because Knight was total~~ *w* and the fights were interesting. I agree on Kenmi too. His lizard form is typical bad guy look and (O.O)

    On a side note: Lau’s gender will never be known unless they outright state it. XDD

    Oh well, cant wait for the next installment since it will be a focus on Knight~ (If you cant tell, I watch this purely for the armors AND Knight and his seiyuu. ROFL. I cant believe I last this long enough to watch til the end… Ok, I lie. This series was pretty horrible most of the time. I watch it only when Knight gets screentime. /gets shot)

    Uhh… I think you can probably ignore this fan’s useless comment. ^^;;

    • Foshizzel says:

      I did enjoy episode one! It had plenty of action and awesome scenes, well I remember episode nine had a few cool things with Alma discovering some of his powers. Ahahah yes! Kenmi did look really lame stupid lizard form…

      LOL yeah poor Lau forever a it.

      Ahaha no worries! Knight is awesome I am curious about his past life well I do want to learn about Kenmi’s past too! Because they never really touched on that at all…

      Well we all have our favorite actors and characters <3

  3. BlackBriar says:

    This episode was excellent. It made up for the lesser past episodes. Plus, everyone got an awesome armor upgrade. Tandoji’s armor was pretty close to Iron Man’s and Knight’s armor almost looks like a gundam. I was hoping one of them would kill Kenmi instead of him expiring on his own. That was anti-climactic.

    After going over episode 11 again before watching this, I know that Lau’s a girl because her brother was always yelling “get away from her!” before he died.

    One of the things I like about this show was Hellbrick. Even though he didn’t have a body of his own to goof off, he was still a likeable character. Aoi and Ruri are twins but Ruri looks a lot older. People are gonna ask questions about that.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yep lots of armor upgrades for everyone, well I wasn’t impressed with Lau or Kenmi’s new forms they looked so dumb! Yeah Alma’s new red armor looks great and Knight yep! Looks more gundam than anything.

      OHHH! Nice I completely forgot about that…I was probably watching Hon burn people alive xD

      Hellbrick was a surprise character for me I laughed more with him than anything. Ruri does look older! xD

      • BlackBriar says:

        Yeah, I would have tolerated Lau’s armor if it was cuter to fit her personality. Kenmi’s ugly armor matched his personality perfectly and his lizard face to go with it. Tandoji was practically MegaMan in this. Cyber blaster, a cyber drill and power boosters.

        It was a good thing I remembered that part about Hon to confirm Lau’s gender otherwise it would have caused a major migrane to come to a conclusion, especially with the flat chested part. Flat chested girls are deceiving.

        • Foshizzel says:

          Ahaha yeah I guess Lau’s armor looked alright, yes! Kenmi’s was perfect for him! I liked the black non lizard look but ah well it wasn’t to bad. I know? Alma was megaman the entire time…all those power ups.

          Yep I remember Hon yelling and screaming to let her go right if that wasn’t said I am sure we would still be guessing…oh yes flat doesn’t always mean guy! Very deceiving.

  4. ajthefourth says:

    As always, your captions do this series incredible justice. ^ ^ Although nothing can top last week’s “You’re under arrest…for being too rich!”

    In spite of the fact that it was a throwaway series, I can’t help but be sad that there’s no more Sacred Seven to watch. Was it dumb? Oh, hell yes; however, it was also strangely entertaining. I particularly enjoyed the fact that by the end, even the series didn’t seem to take itself seriously.

    Thanks for the recap!

    • Foshizzel says:

      LOL thanks! I always have fun with that part of the reviews xD

      Yep that is a good way to word it throwaway series, for me it was a great idea for a series but after thinking about it Sacred Seven you could say S-cry-ed is basically the same series. Yes very entertaining, true they sort of threw this ending together now to wait for this remixed episode with more focus on Knight!

      Welcome! Thanks for visiting again 😀

  5. anaaga says:

    God, this episode sucks balls. Nothing’s been cleared up at all. Kenmi’s reasoning isn’t clear at all. Wha, he’s ambitious because of what? What does he wants? Why is he eating bunch of hearts like that? Since when that’s possible?
    Ruri mentioned that Lau is like Ruri, but in the end Lau became a darkstone user. WHAT Ruri is a lightsone user.
    And there’s stuff with their parents. How did Arma’s mother know Ruri’s mother? How come Ruri’s mother knows about Arma’s power?

    At least we all know Lau’s gender now. LAU IS A MALEEEEE #yaoi

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yep you are right on the money there this episode never told us why Kenmi wanted that damn power! He just wanted it because he wanted power?….I have no idea why but whatever guess he was a crap main baddie.

      LOL yea I dunno Lau and Ruri are so different! I mean both Ruri and Aoi can use crystals to transform others so I would say they are special yeah I would agree they probably use “light” while Alma/Knight/Lau/Kenmi use “dark” and you have that plot hole too! How did Alma’s mom know Ruri’s? So many holes.

      Ahahah yeah but some would say no so true, because in episode 11 Hon screams let HER go! So I have no idea hahah but sure we can say its a boy xDD

  6. paulo_sy91 says:

    Damn! I Miss Alma’s Red Dark stone form! Its more cooler! And seriously i hate the new design of this episode! Lau’s, Alma’s,and Kenmi’s. but the White armor for Knight is not bad… hehehe

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah we all miss that original form for Alma T___T I am with you there on the hate for the new looks Knights was decent I liked the colors.

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