No.6 – 11 [END]

…and then Raid sponsored this episode as soon as they could

If you wanted a finale rife with homolust and wasps, then I’m sure you enjoyed episode 11. It’s sad that No.6 has to reach its inevitable conclusion, but all noitaminaA shows are over in the blink of an eye. It’s just another fact of life. The Fall season is taking over (if you haven’t seen our Fall preview by now, there’s something wrong with you. Legitimately. Like, you should have a doctor check you out.) and we must say goodbye to No.6. Let’s ring this show out with style!

Infodump time. 1) Eliurias is using Safu as a vessel. 2) The researchers were trying to find the perfect sample to be the vessel so they could use Eliurias to regain the land they destroyed themselves but then WASPS happened. 3) To get revenge, Eliurias waited for a perfect vessel to exact her revenge. 4) Now Nezumi has to blow up the super computer and also kill her…not sure why the killing part must happen, but okay, sure. As you can expect, Shion freaks out when Nezumi tries to blow everything up, suggesting they just destroy No.6 like Nezumi originally wanted. Seeing as Nezumi isn’t the same Nezumi as in episode 2, he’s more interested in creating peace so he knocks Shion out and blows everything up.



When Shion wakes up, he’s already been dragged away to the ground floor and the explosions have already started. Shion starts accusing Nezumi of planning to kill Safu from the start, which is timed wonderfully with the arrival of a guard who shoots Nezumi. Shion – the time ruiner. He does some last minute surgery on Nezumi at the infirmary, but things look grim when you’ve got 3 extra holes in your body.

Keep in mind the building is still collapsing all around them, so it’s no easy feat for Shion to piggyback Nezumi to the nearest evacuation route. On the way down one of the shoots, Shion gets shot in the chest. He’s done like dinner before he even hits the ground. Rikiga and Inukashi are waiting at the other end, and they drag the half-dead bodies towards the exit before deciding it’s too much effort and ditching them.

Nezumi gets shot 3 times: meh. Shion gets shot once: FATALITY.

Nezumi crawls over to Shion’s lifeless body and covers him with his cape. He starts to sing to him, but his voice is hoarse from, you know, three goddamned bullet wounds. As he’s singing, Safu is wrecking havoc outside. An outbreak of wasps has killed a huge portion of the No.6 civilians, and the newly hatched wasps are gathering together to create giant, golden hurricanes. She uses these hurricanes to break the walls dividing the city, so that’s good! Okay, so she may have destroyed like EVERYTHING ELSE as well, but hurricanes are bitches to control.

If only the hurricane sparkled, my day would be perfect

Controlling storms is not the only trick up her sleeve. She can sing! Really well! Safu appears before Shion and sings, totally one-upping Nezumi. Oh, and she revives Shion. That is also a thing that happens. The two of them venture outside to see the new world without borders where all the people are gathering to meet. It’s a beautiful sight. Just as Nezumi starts to leave, Shion calls him out to apologize, but can’t spit out the words. All is remedied by a quick peck on the lips from Nezumi who smiles and promises they will meet again. After all, let’s not forget Shion has a hysteric mother he needs to spend some time with for a while. It can’t be gay sex ALL THE TIME, you know. Also, because things are not dramatic enough, Shion gets a baby. A BABY. Now at least if there’s no SUPER DAD ending for Tiger & Bunny, we can sleep easy at night knowing Nezumi and Shion are going to look after a baby. Awww.

Bonus Messages From Hamlet:

Hello? Is thing thing working? Jesus, Skype is so hard to use…

Inukashi learned to use a gun the same way Shion did. Plot convenience.

He is so grounded when he comes home

…little did the audience know, their reunion was only like 4 hours after this scene.

End Thoughts:

Although the ending would have been a lot better if episode 10 and 11 were watched back to back, I actually quite liked the ending. The reason I say watching the last two together would be better is because episode 11 just jumps right into all kinds of craziness without much warning. It needs some of the build-up from the previous episode to really work. They covered all the main points, but left a few things unexplained. We don’t know explicitly why Safu is the perfect vessel, why Eliurias has the power to do whatever the hell she wants, and why she had to kill her vessel body. Are we just supposed to assume Safu is inexplicably a child of the forest? Or she just conveniently a match, but shhh, don’t ask why? Also, why couldn’t Eliurias just go about with her godly ways in Safu’s body – or better yet – relinquish the poor girl and buzz about in her own wasp form? I guess conjuring golden tornadoes of wasps and then reviving someone takes up too much power for her to get it all. However, in the interest of time, they couldn’t possibly have Safu go on explaining things for that long. They covered all the bases they needed to and finished things with flashy explosions, dramatic near-death experiences, and a kiss to seal the deal. It was everything I could have wanted for an end to No.6, and I can now safely say that No.6 did not become another Fractale.

Nezumi and Shion have really developed a deep understanding of each other after going through all of this crap together. Shion may have seemed calm and almost cruel in his calculated planning to get to Safu, but it became clear that he was still an innocent boy underneath. He lost the ability to believe in his ideals once he realized Safu had to die and started pinning the blame on Nezumi as a kneejerk reaction. I loved Nezumi’s reaction to being accused of being the same cold-blooded animal he was in the beginning of the series. He was so hurt, but then he decided it would be best for Shion to just let his anger out on SOMETHING. Anything. Displacement of anger is a defense mechanism, and it tends to work. Of course, then he dove in front of a bullet and the shock made Shion remember “Oh, right, Nezumi is awesome and he had no choice but to kill her durrrr.” I really liked that scene, as I tend to love any scene putting their relationship dynamics in the spotlight as they try to find a happy medium between being more on the “fight for survivial” side or the “idealistic, optimistic” side. It’s also a metaphor for the whole union of No.6 and the West Block. At the end, they both meet at the middle and find their happy medium.

For all the development Shion and Nezumi get, I question why Inukashi was even in this show. She didn’t grow as a person AT ALL and still reverts to her same instincts to try and run from death. Even Youming’s allegedly SUPER IMPORTANT EXPOSE THE GOVERNMENT PLAN was useless. Did we need him either? The only other important side character seems to be the mom, even if most of her lines were “SHIOOONNN!” I liked seeing how she missed her son as he went out frolicking about with his new boyfriend.

Okay, I’m going to have to address this eventually: giant wasp hurricanes. Random? Not really. It’s very convenient that Eliurias just happens to have the ability to use wasps to destroy the walls exactly as Shion wanted, but hey, we already knew she was all-powerful. It’s a bit deus ex machine-like (although not as much as saving Shion’s life was.), but it somehow works. In terms of storytelling it’s a cheap way out, but I judge my anime in two ways. The part of me that analyzes what makes a good anime or a good story sees it as a bit of a clunky way to force a happy ending takes a back seat to the side of me that watches and simply feels. It felt like a good ending. Nezumi’s dying voice being replaced with Safu’s clear song felt like a powerful moment, and so did that beautiful kiss at the very end. It was a sweet ending where everyone lived happily ever after. Except not, since like everyone died because of bloody wasps.

Looking back on the whole series, I’m glad I got to blog it. Covering both Tiger & Bunny and No.6 this season meant I really got to work on trying to understand good anime relationships and what it takes for a good relationship to work. It’s true that opposites attract. It was a nice mix of action and sci-fi that took things slow and didn’t feel bad to stop every now and then and do some character development. At the end of the day the mystery wasn’t really much of a mystery (the government is a jerk…WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT?!). Yet somehow, it still grabbed my interest as an ambitious little series that knows how to do consistent characterization and animate badass fight scenes. Also, bromance. Bromance will blind every fangirl to everything, learn that lesson now, my friends. Thanks for sticking with me, especially the males out there who were comfortable enough with their sexuality to withstand like 5 seconds of kissing in total for the whole series. Well done, good sirs. Let me know what you thought of the ending since this is the last time you’ll see a No.6 post grace Metanorn. See you in the Fall season with brand new shows~


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27 Responses to “No.6 – 11 [END]”

  1. Junko says:


    Show ▼

    But yes, this series needed to be much longer to justify having so many important side characters. Inukashi needed to do more than scream at people about being alive and I still don’t get why Safu was so important(although I really liked Bee Queen Eliurius).

    I also liked the bringing back of the good-bye kiss, although I don’t see why he buggerd off.

    But I did find the ending funny since it seemed like some sort of ‘where did I come from?’ book made for the child of gay parents.

    “Well you see my son, me and your other daddy really wanted to have a son sooooo much. Then one day daddy and me showed each other how much we loved each other and the next thing we knew a stalk-er-dog turned up on our door step with you!”

    • Overcooled says:

      I really need to watch Doctor Who one day. It’s always being referenced around me…

      If they had even had Inukashi try to stay and help Shion and Nezumi or not just give up that baby, I’d have bought that as half-decent development. But to have her not make any decisions that show her growth…*sigh*

      lol that poor baby is going to be so messed up.

  2. Foshizzel says:

    So I was thinking it was orange juice hurricanes! Ohhhh Safu the wasp queen! You were fun but so lame near the end, I did stick to this series the whole way through! But damn why did Shion have to live? Ah well someone has to take care of that random baby….

    Nezumi! I liked that guy really cool character till the end when he switched personalities with Shion! Maybe it was all the science that made them switch? But ah well Nezumi had some great action scenes xD

    Would I re-watch this dubbed? Probably not! I can tell Bones really tried something new with the Nezumi and Shion! So good for them, so are the girls happy with Bones? Or not so much? I guess this is technically the only “bromance” show I have seen. Then again…Tiger and bunny? Almost the same minus the making out lolol.

    Grats on another finished series OC!! And T&B next! Yayyyyy fall season!!

    • Overcooled says:

      It was random to kill Shion since I was expecting Nezumi to kick the bucket. Then it was just convenient to revive him for a better ending, because an ending with dead Shion would be kind of pointless :/

      I never re-watch anime, unless I love it, let alone watching it dubbed. Some dubs are pretty good, but I’m always skeptical. XD

      Thanks Fosh! Now to watch Tiger and Bunny! (Although I went on Twitter this morning and THE FIRST TWEET spoiled everything for me…)

  3. TheVoid says:

    Inukashi did kinda grow as a character in the Novel at least. Show ▼

    I thought it was a okay ending.

    • Overcooled says:

      You see, I would have greatly appreciated it if they included that in the anime, because even that little gesture means that Inukashi has undergone some changes as a character. :/

  4. Miyu says:

    NOOO IT ENDED D: D: D: now it is time to suffer withdrawal symptoms.

    They ended it off pretty well with this episode, though I think too many things happened..? Safu is Elyurias (wtf)- Nezumi got shot- Shion got shot- Shion died- Nezumi is depressed- SAFU STARTS SINGING AND SHION MIRACULOUSLY REVIVES- Happy ending yay(EXCEPT EVERYONE DIED but everyone is insignificant in comparison to Nezumi & Shion… and you were talking about bromance blinding fangirls to everything)

    I really liked that scene in which Shion started to doubt Nezumi. And how Nezumi actually acted like he really used him just for Shion’s sake T_T But then Nezumi took a bullet from Shion and suddenly he snapped, remembering everything that Nezumi did for him. 😀 Their relationship is too precious (and I’m not even talking about the bromance yet)

    And I agree with the side characters. Inukashi had so much potential and her running away at the ending was just so unnecessary D:

    No.6 ended with a kiss bang! That goodbye kiss was so sweet, and it brought back memories of the one Shion gave Nezumi earlier on. Both kisses had the same meaning of “farewell” but the last one was a peaceful, calm goodbye.

    Okay that is all excuse me while I go cry in a corner and possibly spend the next 123097 hours reading No.6 fanfic to try to get over it.

    P/S. Grats on another completed series OC! :D:D I’m sure you’ll have many to come~ 8D

    • Overcooled says:

      At least it wasn’t some BS cliffhanger ending. Thank God for that. Things were a bit rushed, but the end conclusion worked out. Picturing Nezumi and Shion happily living together and baking bread with the mom makes me too happy to complain.

      Thanks Miyu! I wonder what I’ll end up blogging next season? =O

  5. Kitty says:

    First I was like yep Nezumi is dead predict that. Then WHAT!!! Uke dies~~~ NO WAY!! Then omg they are going to die together awe~~~ [email protected]#$%[email protected] BAM Sion comes back life!! Kissing in the sunset lalalalala~~~~ best yaoi ending ever!!!

    (to quote my friend) I’d just like to say that today on September 16, 2011 the yaoi community has received a major victory. I’d like to thank Nezumi and Shion for their willingness to kiss not one but twice with in eleven episodes! *applause*

    Awesome ending, I hope one day to read the lit novels, but if not I’m pretty happy with this. (Want to point out finishing No. 6 marked my 200th anime watched. BIG DEAL for me XDDD)

    First one of the summer season bites the dust!!

    • Overcooled says:

      I didn’t expect Shion to die either, I totally thought Nezumi would be the one to bite the dust. Thank God Shion didn’t die though, it’d be a shame if the one guy who wanted the world to unite died before it happened. -_-

      Yes, the yaoi community got an anime without the UGUU PLEASE DON’T RAPE ME nuances usually found in yaoi. What a nice breath of fresh air! I hope more anime seamlessly put some more gay couples into their storylines.

      200 anime! Nice! I need to catch up! XD

  6. 2PacFan says:

    Wow, this episode was amazing. Compared to all the forced-kisses in most yaois, this was the best.
    I’m glad I sticked through the whole series. This was an amazing show with a good ending.
    I was ppredicting their death’s like nothing.
    Shot three times: Nezumi is gonna die.
    Shot in the chest: Sion is gonna die.
    Refused to leave dead Sion: Nezumi is gonna die.
    A building collapsing: Everyone is gonna die.
    Bugs in No. 6: The mom is gonna die.
    This show was so crazy Sion actually died ANNNDDD came back to life. Ahaha.
    Even though they did not clear up all the plot holes, it left me immensely satisfied.
    And then they kissed. I could not stop Awwing at the damn screen for like a minute then I replayed it so make sure it’s what I saw.
    One of the best shows this season.

    • Overcooled says:

      I agree, the relationship was actually streamlined with the plot as opposed to being like “oh, we need to turn on fangirls, let’s make them kiss in this scene.” The kisses in this show hold so much more meaning because they’re placed in strategic moments.

      Yeah, it kept looking grim for everyone. I kept switching between who I thought would die too >_< But then all the main characters lived, except Safu.

  7. BlackBriar says:

    So this is how it ends. It felt a bit too rushed.

    I did like the bee tornados tearing the city apart. They did a serious amount of damage. So Safu was the bee queen. Not a bad role to play.

    Like Fosh said: Would I re-watch this dubbed? Probably not! This is the only kind of show I’ve seen without dropping it on the spot though some of the characters were worth watching. I guess this is technically the only “bromance” show I have seen. Anyway, congrats on another finished series OC.

    • Overcooled says:

      You survived the bromance, nice. Still, it had a lot more going for it than bromance, so it’s worth watching at least once. Where else will you see bee tornadoes?

      Thanks, it feels good to have another series under my belt.

  8. Neena says:

    I can finally watch it!!Yeaaaah

  9. Kyokai says:

    I loved the chemistry between Nezumi and Sion because it doesn’t seem forced at all. This is a brilliant story for anybody, who simply want to watch the dynamics of a relationship and how it’s affected by outside elements. Did it matter that the protagonists were both male? Sure, it gives the fangirls something to squee over but this was NOT the central part of plot.

    I loved the angst, the coping, the drama and even the singing (which somehow didn’t seem cheesy to me at all). This anime had many powerful moments and those who hate it or were wary just for the bromance, shame on yaa mate.

    • Overcooled says:

      I loved their relationship too, it really felt natural the way it progressed. The fact they were just males was more like a coincidence – the story could easily replace Nezumi with a girl and still tell the same story.

      I have to admit to being a fan of Nezumi’s singing. Mmmm.

  10. Snowley says:

    That ending was a one big rush. If they only had one episode more to develop this story… beacuse of rushing things, last 5 mins of ep 11 is one big unexplained unlogicall bullshit ;/ it’s a shame. It looked like the only thing that wasn’t there was American flag in the bg (sorry, I’m not fond of happy endings).
    Anywayyy, wow, No.6 is a piece of great character developement. I love both Sion and Nezumi, their good sides and bad sides. And it’s notable that despite it’s based on strong bromance, my male friends like the show. Just proves how good the story is. 8/10

    • Overcooled says:

      It was rushed, but not too badly in my mind. They only really made things up about Eliurias’ powers. The ending was really sappy, so I can see how someone who doesn’t like happy endings would be turned off.

      It always makes me happy when guys say they’re watching the show too, heh. I gave it an 8/10 on MAL as well.

  11. Alynn says:

    I don’t think the show was amazing, but it was good atleast.
    I enjoyed Shion’s antics in this episode, and Nezumi getting all protective and sad.

    I do think however that 11 episodes was too short, and a bunch of things still confuse me.

    • Overcooled says:

      Not a 9 out of 10 by any means, but it was a good watch. :3 They didn’t have time to explain everything, so a few extra minutes would have been nice.

  12. kluxorious says:

    The show would have been perfect if these two guys start making babies like rabbits instead of getting a stray baby

  13. Jrow says:

    As the site crapped out, I’ve lost what I was originally going to type. Lemme see how good I can replicate that.

    Though the last episode is a little overly frenetic, is was a fun watch and had a blockbuster feel to it. At first I was kinda against the Ellurias saving them magically ending, but I come to accept it, though they probably didn’t need to shoot Nezumi 3 times or Shion right in the heart.

    btw, that last picture looks great. Just get that text out of it, get someone with great vector skills, and you got a nice lookin wallpaper right there.

  14. Neena says:

    Seriously?Seriously?!And they just part like that?Had I known, I probably wouldn’t have watched it.It was so…lifeless.The just freakin’ went in different directions.Bleah

    • Neena says:

      Everything else was awesome,though.I just finished it.I’m probably going to get over the disappointment that the last episode caused me soon 😛
      What I loved the most?Shion’s genius moments.I mean, dang,brother!When you can, you really now how to impress with your brains.

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