Kamisama Dolls – 10

“It’s alright! It only saw’d through my panties!”

First week of college: SUCCESS! Anyways, onto Kamisama Dolls for this week;

The song that plays when Mahiru’s Doll moves is definitely one of the creepier ones; it mirrors her skewed personality. Hibino and Utao are, as you can guess, very hostile towards this new bitch in the bunch. Mahiru flashes her best yandere face and strikes with her Doll in a rather destructive tantrum. She easily subdues Kyoushiro’s Doll but the guys band together to get hers.


Bitches with giant robots, I feel like I’m watching Infinite Stratos again

Aki meanwhile has been taken to meet with a head of the village by Kuuko. Shocker! Turns out this guy was the one that freed Aki from prison in the first place. Before Aki can leave (or agree to help the guy) Mahiru crashes through the building, acting like the diva she is. Naturally, having two mentally unstable teenagers in the same room as giant battle Gods is tempting fate a little too much and they start exchanging blows.


Kuuko don’t like bitches interupting her srs bsns

Aki nearly manages to give her a Brazilian, but she gets the upper hand in the end. She even manages to taser Kuuko while Aki is beaten and mumbling after Kyohei. Afterwards she “gives him a special shot” so he can’t communicate with his Doll and he’s left at her mercy. She recalls, along with Kyohei, just how they know each other.

“Why do I keep getting kidnapped by hot babes? Why can’t Kyohei be this forward?”

Chibi Aki and chibi Kyohei are flying about on their dolls when they bump into chibi Mahiru. They go to investigate an abandoned cave/mine and she tags along. Naturally this goes ary and we end up flashbacking to the first scene we ever saw, the kids being attacked by GlaDos. They try to fight it off but it seems their Dolls are easily taken down. A frantic chase ensues and just when it seems the chibis have done it GlaDos bursts back into life and approaches a traumatized Kyohei. The flashback ends and everybody goes WTF that was intense! Mahiru coos over Kyohei with Aki’s body in the foreground and reveals that Kyohei was indeed the one that opened Kukuri’s left hand.


Alternate title for this episode was “Traumatized Faces”


“Kyohei is so fetch!”

 Well, he has been stalking him for about 10 episodes now…

Food to feed my RAGE!


Hanazawa, why so yandere? I have to admit, hearing such a cutsie moe voice being maniacally twisted gives me great pleasure. I wonder if this is her attempt at branching out? I mean, Mahiru is psychotic, but she’s still about as moe as two kittens rolling over each other. Her tantrums were irritating, too. She has a good “diva” personality where she has to have everything her way, and finally seeing the true extent of what the three of them went through, Kyohei, Aki and Mahiru, it’s no surprise just how off kilter she is.

I’m also surprised at Kyohei, I mean he says his “mind is broken” and all that jazz but really out of the three of them he’s the more productive and leads the most normal life. You could argue that he’s not really living as such but merely “existing” but I hate that kind of crap so I’m going to stick with the former; he’s actually not doing too bad in the scheme of things.

Aki on the other hand is in deep trouble. I wonder if Mahiru plans to lure Kyohei to her using Aki as bait? What a delicious damsel in distress he’d become if that were the case! Judging by the preview he isn’t going anywhere, anyway. Exposition; now, that scene with GlaDos was pretty intense in the first two seconds of episode 1, so to see it in full was quite a ride. As usual when they show the Dolls fighting there is a real surge of panic and excitement, Brains Base surprise me every time because the animation is just so fluid but at the same time staged in a way that throws you around and involves you in the motions. I found myself swaying in my seat, actually dodging hits like I was playing some RPG, haha. It was oodles of fun.



“I’m coming to save you, Princess Aki!”

More exposition about what happened that day and Mahiru’s crazy streak continues~


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11 Responses to “Kamisama Dolls – 10”

  1. Elyon says:

    I’m starting to wonder where this show is going. I mean, there’s a million different things going on, but I can’t even tell what the main plot is anymore. And I still don’t get the point of Kirio either. ._.

    I do love the idea of Aki being a damsel in distress~ He acts tough, but he’s SO uke. XD

    • Hime says:

      It seems to be a meandering one, at best. I see Kamisama more as a character study, anyway. It almost seems like a practise anime, or a collage of ideas from the cutting room floor that all got thrown together. I kind of like it though, despite the lack of concrete plot (so far anyway, we might get a shitload in the next few episods, who knows).

      Psychos who are uke are the best <3

  2. Foshizzel says:

    Hanazawa virus!! Woooooooot! I kind of like hearing her as a Yandere character….yes…very fun! And yeah what’s up with Aki? he always gets kidnapped by the girls then again he probably wants to be saved by Kyohei xD

    Flashback was great! Now we know what’s up but sadly a little late…they should have introduced Mahiru earlier -_- we have what two whole episodes left?!

    At least Mahiru’s chest wasn’t inflated to Hibino’s level! Because that would be CRAZY! I bet they had a argument on which girl they should do that with besides Hibino…

    • Hime says:

      I MUCH prefer her yandere side than her moe side. Hey, I would kidnap Aki if I could…fufufufufu~

      I’m surprised they kept the other girls relativly modest xD or maybe their excess boobage just got transfered all to Hibino?

  3. BlackBriar says:

    The famous Hanazawa virus is everywhere!!! She does an awesome yandere character. There’s nothing better than a psychotic girl going on a rampage. Mahiru is giving Kuuko a run for her money in the crazy department. *stares at Mahiru’s chest* Not as big as Hibino’s but still staring. LOL

    Who was the one with the idea to create those other dolls? They look like chess pieces. LOL, Utao and Kirio are starting their sibling relationship by bickering. Those are the basics.

    Kuuko’s way in over her head. There are secrets that shouldn’t and aren’t meant to be known. You’ll be digging your own grave when you get too close. And by the look of it, she’s in way too deep.

    Damn you, Aki!! Why do you always get kidnapped by crazy, hot chicks?! I’m so jealous. Aki and Kyohei are always raking in the girls.

    • Hime says:

      She is a disease! A plague….urrrrrg. Though I do like her crazy side, and she is very fun in her “I’m going to get my way no matter what!” attitude.

      They do…I just see them as phallic though… Kyoushiro’s especially just looks like a giant penis. Mahiru’s is some kind of tentacle monster, too. Lol!

      Quite ironic they would rake in the girls when they radiate GHEYNESS.

      • BlackBriar says:

        Lol, you are indeed worthy of being called Metanorn’s resident perverted princess. Speaking of which, I saw a thread on crunchyroll.com. The topic was “Are girls as perverted as guys?”

        I couldn’t stop laughing. One guy says girls are definitely as perverted as guys. His reason: posting and uploading yaoi pictures. Lol. Oh, man, I’m so inclined to agree!!!

        • Hime says:

          Haha, thank you *bows*

          They definately are, secretly, though fangirls tend to be more forward with their pervertedness than those who aren’t into anime. I think it’s a good thing, we should all just embrace the fact that we’re all probably going to hell =D

  4. Moni Chan says:

    ohh yea another anime with Hanazawa San. I didn’t think it was her @ the start. I hope she does more charatcers like Mahiru

    • Hime says:

      It took me a while to coin her voice, so used to hearing her voice moe blobs that I almost didn’t want to believe she could actually do another type of character. She does it very well though, she’s psychotic while still being threatening, the way she just walks over people. I hope she does more characters like Mahiru, too.

  5. Alynn says:

    My favourite episode so far I think. I love Mahiru and Aki

    The flashback and their expressions of fear. I love it all.

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