Blood-C – 11

The main cast is finally revealed

 !!!!!!!! THIS EPISODE.

In case you forgot from last time, THE TWINS ARE ALIVE AGAIN. Saya is pretty damn confused and the twins and Kanako talk about how they keep doing things to make her remember, but Saya keeps forgetting again. Also, apparently this has only been going on since the beginning of summer because the school they go to doesn’t have a winter uniform and Saya can’t remember any other classmates she’s ever had.

Kanako gropes Saya for a bit while saying that Kasaragi means ‘to change one’s robes’ and that it fits Saya since her head’s been messed with. She explains further that her bet was that if Saya’s memories changed, her heart would change as well. Saya is shocked and the twins say that they just want to get back to their normal lives.

ENTER TOKIZANE. It turns out that he’s participating in this whole thing for money and the twins did this to get a job. They call themselves the main cast and explain that Yuka and Itsuki are in on this too. Also, the main cast are the only ones still alive because they have some special bell things and that all the other ‘extras’ died for real.The twins further explain that they were criminals wanted by the police and they participated because they were told that the whole thing would be taken care of so they could get a job. All of the slice of life stuff from before was a lie.

Kanako isn’t actually a teacher either. She asks Tokizane if he brought something and Tokizane reveals a vial with bright red liquid inside. The twins are impressed and Tokizane explains that he pretended to be attacked and then ran. He also calls Saya a monster and says that he wants nothing more to do with her after this is over.

Kanako says that things will start to move after this and forces Saya to drink the liquid, which is actually the blood of an Elder Bairn. Saya starts having spasms and her eyes turn red.

Flashbacks start and Saya is fighting an army or something in wintertime. The familiar voice of the narrator calls out saying that that she’s unbelievably strong and that the American and Japanese governments don’t want anyone to know about her because of it. Also, the voice calls her inhuman and asks her if her strength comes from being inhuman or because of her past. He tells her he wants to find out, but needs her to ‘take a nap’ first. We miss seeing who he actually is again though because a person beside him morphs into… something and runs towards her.

Back to the present, the Twins comment on how Saya remembers things after drinking the blood and turning her eyes red. It turns out that Saya’s been drinking the blood of the Elder Bairns after every battle, but she never remembered any of it. Tokizane asks what exactly the Bairns are, but Kanako says that they’re irrelevant and she starts going on about poetry and the myths hidden inside them.

A lovely reminder that the Blood franchise is actually based on vampires

It turns out that the focus of Kanako’s research is actually Saya (because that’s not creepy at all) and that Saya is different from the Bairns because she’s like a god or something similar. The twins call Saya a star without a script and wonder why Saya never remembered anything. Kanako explains that it was a rule set by the conductor of the experiment.

The whole thing was to give Saya false memories and then see if she’d stay as Kisaragi Saya or revert back to being just Saya. However, Kanako broke the rules and told Saya everything. The twins are worried about the rule breaking, but Kanako says that it’s okay because she shut off all of the cameras in the storeroom.

Tokizane asks what Kanako (which isn’t even her real name apparently. All of their names are fake.) what she wished for and she says that she’s always been interested in legends. Her whole goal here was to see a real Shrovetide- a time before a fast where it’s okay for humans to be eaten. She rambles on about how she thought this would have ended sooner, but ‘that man’ kept Saya under control using drugs and hypnosis (gosh, I wonder who that could be). Kanako suddenly gains creepy bags under her eyes and tells Saya to show her a real Shrovetide while forcing more blood down her throat.

More flashbacks! Saya wakes up in the same room we’ve been seeing her in for the past 12 episodes and the narrator says that tranquilizers don’t last long, but without them, ‘he’ wouldn’t have been able to catch Saya. Thus, this explains why Saya is in handcuffs. Also, the tubes out of her back are actually stealing her blood. The narrator says the he’ll put her blood to good use and will give some to ‘him’. He also says that he has something for Saya to eat. I’d also like to point out here that when she was captured, Saya was wearing a totally different school uniform than what she wakes up in. He also gave her glasses. The narrator is a creeper.

Back to the present, the twins start talking again about how this whole ordeal will all be over soon and they get on the topic of the uniforms. They point out how out of place they are and Tokizane says that the red and black colours are probably so the blood won’t be so obvious (still doesn’t explain the chain though…). The twins talk about what they’d do with the uniform afterwards since anything is okay if no one finds out and Kanako gets frustrated over how long it’s taking for Saya’s memory to return.

Suddenly, a giant pair of hands (attached to a lion Bairn) burst out of the storehouse, forcing them all to flee. Kanako has to drag Saya away because she’s still in a trance. The twins are shocked since no one mentioned an Elder Bairn attack before and they run into Itsuki and Yuka.

Itsuki asks if they’re okay (though he looks like he’s directing this more at Saya) and Yuka says that they were supposed to report if anything changed with ‘the star’, yet they’ve been gathering in secret. The twins argue that they’re only under supervision when they’re with Saya, but Itsuki points out that the project is still underway since he’s still technically alive in the project. Also, they’ve weakened Saya, which is forbidden in the project.

The twins blame the entire thing on Kanako, who says that she thought nobody would notice. However, they point out how stupid that is because the entire town and all of its inhabitants were created solely for the project. Also, it isn’t the main cast’s role to tell Saya the truth. With this out in the open, everyone decides to start yelling. Tokizane wants his money, the twins want out and Kanako wants to tell the world about Saya, but she needs to hurry or else she’ll lose the chance to forever for some reason.

She starts ranting about how it’s all ‘his’ fault and that she’ll do something, but is interrupted mid-rant. Suddenly, Fumito appears and HOLY CRAP HE’S NOT WEARING HIS APRON WHAT IS THIS everyone is super surprised.

Hell yes.

End Thoughts: Holy crap, that plot development! I don’t know about any of you, but I love this new turn of events. The term ‘The main cast’ is a pretty great way of describing who they are actually since they’re important characters, but not the one the plot revolves around.  The twins are so much more likeable as self-centered criminal bitches (ironically). Also, the money driven Tokizane is hilarious. Though I guess any Saya x Tokizane pairings are now null and void now. So that just leaves Fumito and Itsuki as love interests? Lol, is there even any romance in this anymore? Speaking of, the plot development with Yuka and Itsuki vs(?) the rest of the main cast, who have all proven to extremely selfish (though they could still pull something like I need the money for my younger sibling in the hospital, etc) was pretty intriguing. It just adds so much more depth everyone’s characters. I’d much rather see complicated relationships like this than watch everyone go out for cake. This entire thing makes me wonder what Yuka and Itsuki got out of this and if their reasons are just as selfish. I’m wondering about Saya’s friends ‘deaths’ too. Were those fake bodies or something? Also, how do Tadayoshi and Fumito fit into all of this? They only mentioned the people present as the main cast, yet those two know everything. Could the two from the winter flashback be them?

Okay, enough about everyone else, plot time. Oh wow I was right about some of my predictions, but was completely off about others. First of all, I guess they’re not in a dream and this is all happening in a town specifically made for the project. Second, I thought that the narrator (I’m tired of calling him ‘the narrator’ since he doesn’t really narrate) and Saya had some previously established relationship, but I guess they just met the time of the flashback. Also, why the heck did he have her change uniforms and give her glasses? Though I had to laugh at the fact that they said that it’s probably to hide the blood. CLAMP just have to have a reason behind everything. And we’ve established that Saya drinks the blood of Bairns, but why does it restore her memories? Also, they have yet to explain what the Bairns actually are. From Kanako’s whole Shrovetide explanation, they’re sounding less and less like the actual antagonists here since they only can only feed on humans at a specific time.

So Kanako has turned into a character who’s obsessed with research. Lol, it’s like Higurashi all over again! I do hope that they give her an actual reason behind her obsession other than ‘Nobody believed me so I’ll prove them all wrong! Mwahahahaha’. Other than that, Fumito’s intentions behind drugging Saya are still pretty ambiguous. Is he helping her or not? It’s pretty interesting that the people who rebelled against the project looked scared when he showed up. Anyways, this was a really fast paced episode with a LOT of information to process. Though most of it was just confirming stuff they’ve already hinted about. Overall, this episode was pretty fulfilling despite the fact that they only moved a couple feet the entire episode.


Also, !!!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!


University student and the one at Metanorn who's known for wearing glasses. Likes blood, insanity and plot twists, but also plays otome games and adores cute romance anime. It balances out... somehow.
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25 Responses to “Blood-C – 11”

  1. Foshizzel says:

    All I have to say is dammmnnnn about freaking time they reveal this! Well I sort of figured this out weeks ago that it’s all a fake and they are just watching Saya’s progression. Well I guess they just got super tired of it all and the twins? LOL Their face expressions were amazing so evil at times xD

    Favorite like you bitches are criminals? Ahaahahaha I died laughing, anyway damn I wish they did this earlier like around episode 7? Ah well I am having fun with this series excited to see how things end.

    Cafe dude! You are the best bad guy ever xD

    • Karakuri says:

      Well putting off explaining the plot until the last minute certainly added to the impact of this episode.

      Evil twins are win. No doubt about it. This series is now so much more exciting to watch! I want to see what Saya does when all of this sinks in…

  2. Metalsnakezero says:

    Man, talk about reveal. This was a interesting set up and definitely makes everything we watched a lot grimmer. Just kinda wished they did this a lot sooner and in a more smoother fashion.

    • Karakuri says:

      No kidding. Though I kind of like this whole rushed approach. It makes this whole thing more dramatic and makes it seem like things are falling apart at a rapid speed (which is kind of mirroring what’s happening in Saya’s life).

  3. Joojoobees says:

    I like the way they kept all of this a secret until the end. It was fun trying to figure out what was happening, and when the “main cast” started dieing I completely fell for it.

    • Karakuri says:

      Same here! On both things. I completely fell for it as well. Especially with Tokizane’s death. I was completely convinced that he was normal when I saw him die.

      Though this is pretty funny overall since everyone (including me) assumed that only a few characters were suspicious, but in the end, they were all in on it.

  4. Samantha Zan says:

    Man Tokizane is such an ass!XD, Money money money that’s all he kept talking about lol.

    What a turn of events! I was really surprised, yay for plot development! The whole idea with the “main cast” is pretty cool. At least I don’t have to moan and groan everytime I see Nene and Nono now. I like them better as hardass bitches X3. Tokizane’s personality change was just so LOLWUT kind of thing. There goes my shipper though (praying for mystical bishie to show up somewhere). I really started to like the president and Yuka better, since there personalities aren’t as harsh, but then again maybe that could be just an act. Though I think the teacher had the craziest change though, I do like the Higurashi personality coming out of her XD.

    Okay time for flashback, OMG! I don’t know if it was just me, but I think the animation looked a lot cooler. The flashback was just :DDDDD. Sorry that’s just me loving the animation for that scene XD. But I do think Saya looked cooler in her old “uniform” minus the glasses.

    So, now that we know tht Saya drinks Elder Bairn blood, and somewhat regains her memories, I hope she can at least remember of somewhat what happen this episode. Cause, I think the Saya in the flashback seemed wayyyyy cooler than the current Saya. Hopefully next week can be full of twist and turns too!!! 😀

    • Karakuri says:

      Yes he was! It was hilarious! Though this probably explains why his confession and such seemed abrupt and out of place.

      I REALLY like what they did here. All of the characters just have so much depth to them now and yet they’re still pretty shallow when it comes to why they’re doing this (which says a lot about how interesting their old characters were…). I really like Itsuki and Yuka a lot better too. Though I hope at least one of them genuinely liked Saya for who she was, or else it just makes her situation that much more pitiable….

      Kanako= insta-reminder of Takano. All she needs is a new kickass black outfit and she’ll be good to go.

      THAT FLASHBACK! It’s not just you, I really loved what they did with the lighting and the faded effect. As for the uniforms, I like them both. The one she’s wearing now looks like it would be fun to cosplay (lololol agreeing with the twins here) and the one she wore back then has that awesome traditional uniform look to it.

      Oh man, if she forgets everything that happened this episode, it would be a huuuuuuge troll. And it would totally be Fumito’s fault. Speaking of, I’m really looking forward to seeing him in a suit next episode. Just saying XD.

      • Joojoobees says:

        The flashback uniform did look like a real school uniform. It kind of made me realize how most uniforms we see in anime are quite unreal.

  5. Reaper says:

    Watching this episode, I was hell confused. I understand what the character’s motives were, knew Fumito was an evil genius plotting to take over the Underworld and Itsuki still looks like he has some kind of feelings for Saya (beyond his role anyway) but I still think this episode for most people would boil down to this; what is this, I don’t even…
    Yes, a very interesting turn of events, though I was a little disappointed in the flashback scene since I thought Blood-C might have actually been a continuation from the original movie since it was an airbase but…guess not. Now though, I wonder what’s going to happen…berserk Saya? Oh well, I shall clear my head from this mess and enjoy my FATE/ZERO this weekend XD

    • Karakuri says:

      Ahahaha I was totally thinking that too! Only, I used that line for my opening statement last week, so I couldn’t use it again here XD.

      I know what you mean, even Saya’s old uniform looks like it came from Blood: The Last Vampire. I’m curious too now. There’s no way Saya can return to living her normal life, yet we don’t even know what she was doing before Fumito decided to have his way with her XD. More uncensored death would be nice. Also, I’m super curious about wtf the movie will be about.

      YES! I’m excited for that as well! FATE/ZERO I AM READY FOR YOU.

  6. umi_no_mizu says:

    Kanako was perhaps the creepiest character… why the hell was she half-raping Saya the entire episode?! D=

    other than that, I quite liked the amount of information revealed in this episode. I’m still curious to who made the wish to Wata-inu to get Saya to return to normal >_>

    • Karakuri says:

      Lol, because they know that fanservice sells XD.

      Yeah, I’m kind of glad hey held back, because the wait was SO worth it. Oh yeah, the wish! And the Bairns! Just what the hell is going on with all of that?

      • BlackBriar says:

        Lol, I don’t think it’s just about fanservice. I think Kanako is really into Saya to the point of obsession. She was batshit crazy and touching all over her.

        Now the questions are: what is going to happen now that everything is out of the bag? And what is Fumito going to do since it looks like he has traitors on his hands?

  7. Elyon says:

    My love for Tokizane is now double what it was last week~ I think the only one left who actually cares about Saya is probably Itsuki since he was the only one who seemed worried about her. THERE’S STILL ONE POTENTIAL ROMANCE LEFT!

    • Karakuri says:

      He wants his money NOW damn it! Yes! Itsuki is our last hope!!!! DON’T LET ME DOWN CLAMP. I NEED ROMANCE IN AT LEAST ONE OF THE SHOWS I’M BLOGGING. (UtaPri doesn’t count because NOTHING HAPPENS DX)

  8. BlackBriar says:

    This episode has been a giant troll to everything that has happened. Everyone was a lying backstabber, and the twins are criminals? I never would have pegged them for such a thing. They went from annoying to all out bitches. And Tokizane has fallen. All he cared about was the money.

    I bet this was an attempt by Clamp to reel in more male viewers. Lol, Kanako couldn’t keep her hands off of Saya. Initiate random groping mode!!!!

    So Saya’s been drinking the blood of every Elder Bairn she’s killed and has been trying to regain her memories. Lol, just for some sweet payback on all those traitors, she should move up to drinking human blood and feed each one of them. Though Itsuki looks like he actually cares about her. I wonder if he’ll side with her.

    This Saya getting a taste of blood is different Blood+. In that version, Saya got it from a bloody kiss from her servant.

    I always knew Fumito was bad news. He was too friendly, polite and charitable. Giving those guimauves were messing with her head and he almost drained her dry with those tubes in her back. What is he planning to do with Saya’s blood? He said it was special. And there’s the one who was pretending to be Saya’s father.

    • Karakuri says:

      Yeah, if this is what they meant when they said that Saya’s life falls completely to pieces, than they were right on so many levels.

      You were right about the whole thing with her looking like she was about to drink the blood puddle after the samurai Bairn fight. I don’t know about Itsuki siding with her, but I’m wondering about Yuka’s intentions as well. She’s the one we know the least about. Could there be a reason?

      ….It’s been too long. I don’t even remember if Blood+ Saya ever drank any blood, so I’ll just take your word for it.

      Ahaha if I’ve learned anything from playing visual novels, it’s that the friendly, polite and charitable ones are almost always psychos underneath. We don’t even know what his intentions behind this whole experiment are. Sure they’re the whole “I want to figure this out”, but I’m pretty sure CLAMP will have a bigger explanation than that. I’m wondering about Tadayoshi too, though I’m pretty sure he’d be the one who transformed in the flashback. Since that’s pretty Bairn-like and they seem to know him by name.

      • BlackBriar says:

        But what Fumito is doing to Saya has serious risks. By bringing back her memories, he’s also bringing back her violent nature. Especially with those flashbacks of her killing chiropterans. She does look good in that school uniform and she looks good with or without glasses.

        Saya looks really pissed in the previews. Maybe she’s gonna start taking her revenge, her eyes seems to be staying red and it looks like the backstabbers who were supposed to be dead are actually going to be killed this time because that Bairn just ate someone. I’m putting my bet on one of the twins.

        Saya drinking Elder Bairn blood instead of human blood reminds me of a manga that’s recently been getting more chapters. Its name is “Bloody Cross”. The main character is a girl who is a vampire-half angel with a curse mark that will kill her because of her impure bloodline. She has to drink demon blood to surpress its effects untill she finds a way to remove the curse. And like the Underworld vampires, she can see and decode the memories of those she bites by drinking blood so she can get clues to the cure. You should check it out.

        • Karakuri says:

          Ahaha If the twins are getting eaten, I’m pretty sure Kanako will have a lovely bloody end as well. Who knows what Saya will do, she still looks pretty out of it at the moment.

          I. LOVE. BLOODY. CROSS. I don’t think there’s a single story element in it that I don’t like. You have no idea how excited I am that people are starting to translate it again. Ahahaha I should have known that you were reading it as well.

  9. amado says:

    heh, I never did believe tokizane liked saya. as the romance expert, I pretty much doubted it though I do admit im more of a fumitoXsaya shipper.
    and yeah, I agree that the characters serve better as villains.

    • Karakuri says:

      Whoa, that’s our romance expert for you. Well I completely believed it. I guess it just made more for a shock when he started going on about money.

      That they do.

    • BlackBriar says:

      Hahaha!! This is exactly why we need a Romance Expert around. It’s always necessary to analyse the relationship to find out if it’s going to backfire or not.

  10. anaaga says:

    First, I hate Higurashi.
    Second, the town thingy is pretty predictable. And about Fumito too. He’s everywhere in the OP
    I didn’t see the part where Tokizane is such a dick and the part where the “Aged One” wants to play with Saya because he “wants her.” Talk about love obsession. I’m pretty sure the dude who “wants her” is Fumito, and the man in the shadow is Fumito.
    Or CLAMP might be trolling again, and it’s actually Saya’s father.
    I’m still curious about the project though. It’s about changing Saya obviously, seeing whether she will be the same (my guess it “protect humans”) or not even after all of these projects shit. I still don’t get why Fumito is taking Saya’s blood though. Maybe that’s what he uses to fap at night.

    • Karakuri says:

      Whyyy do you hate Higurashi? There’s so much blood, yanderes and plot twists!

      As if this entire episode wasn’t enough of a troll… LOLOLOL apparently her blood is ‘special’. That’s why XD. I’m sure more will be revealed next episode…


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