Blood-C – 09

Prepare for a post with the words “dead” ,”killed” and other similar synonyms being overused.

So I finally went out and bought Final Fantasy 13 today! …It’s just too bad that I don’t actually own a PS3. Ahahaha I’ll get around to buying one eventually. Maybe. Until then, my game will just sit on the shelf looking pretty. So anyways, back to everyone Saya knows dying.

Pretty much everyone in Saya’s class is dead and the fight with Saya and the spider Bairn continues. The narrator talks about how she promised to protect everyone and that whether she keeps the promise or not is up to her and then the scene switches to Itsuki looking rather freaked out due to Saya fighting. She tells them to run, but this is Blood-C so no one actually moves when they’re told to. Saya actually manages to save someone for once, but more people still manage to end up dead.

The spider (…is it even a spider? It has waaay more than 8 legs) kills more people while Saya is hindered by flashbacks (which kind of works as an excuse to why she’s letting all of these people die). During this, Itsuki has somehow managed to become a pimp and the people still alive have the brilliant idea to run to the roof to escape. Seriously people, that NEVER works. However, they probably didn’t have anywhere else to go.

 Watching your friends get massacred is a great way to pick up chicks.

The Bairn continues to damage the school and HOLY CRAP Saya saves another person, who then dies a couple seconds later because he was too stupid to run away. I can’t even blame Saya for that one. Saya has flashbacks again and the Bairn gets away and kills another person. …And then it comes back. It then asks why she’s angry. Saya says that she’ll never forgive it for killing her friends and it goes to kill Saya, but Itsuki distracts it. The Bairn then busts another hole in the wall and looks like it kills him.

Hundreds of dollars in property damage later…

Back to the few people still alive and cowering on the roof, the spider comes through the door. And then they all die. Saya gets angry, her eyes turn red, and then suddenly she has no problem cutting through the Bairn. Because she’s so angry, Saya cuts up the Bairn reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally well and then starts crying saying that she promised to protect everyone.

Also I never thought I’d be happy to say this but, ITSUKI IS ALIVE!!! He runs up to Saya after the Bairn is dead and asks her who she is. To this, Saya’s eyes get weird and she starts listing all the things about her like what school she goes to and who her father is. Itsuki tells her that that’s not what he was asking her about.

Itsuki helps Saya walk (because her head still hurts or something) and the two run into Kanako, who asks Saya if she killed everybody. Saya sees the light again and this time it has a red tint to it.

She collapses and wakes up at home. Then there’s a suspicious shot of guimauve sitting on her dresser, which looks like the same guimauve Fumito gave her back in episode 2. Either that, or he wraps it all the same. She then wanders the shrine with glowing red eyes in her pajamas thinking about how she couldn’t protect everyone at school (lol poor Itsuki, shafted again). Suddenly, her eyes are normal again and Watainu is with her. She picks him up and cries for a bit.

After thanking him for staying with her, Watainu asks Saya if it’s her head or her heart that hurts. He says again that ‘it’ is almost over and asks her who she promised. He also asks her who she is, and to this her eyes glow red and the flashbacks start again. Also, it flashes to her room and the guimauve shown before is gone. Before he disappears, Watainu tells Saya to think about these questions and the reason why something stops always her from finding the answers.

 Tokizane suddenly appears calling Saya’s name. He tells her that he’s glad she’s okay because he heard what happened at school and she gives him the “I promised to save everyone” speech until she realises that he wasn’t there when everyone was being murdered. He says that he was at school (I assume he arrived after though) and Saya realises that if the school had informed him that it would be open, it should have informed everyone. However, only Saya’s class was there at the time. The rest of the school was empty.

I knew the town’s population was small, but this is just ridiculous.

She asks why Tokizane is there and he says it’s because he was worried. Saya doesn’t understand, so he right out confesses that he likes her while giving her a hug. However, Saya doesn’t really react and instead asks what he likes about her. Tokizane just says that they’ve been in the same class, so of course he’s noticed things he likes. Saya then asks how long she’s been in his class, but before he can answer, her father interrupts.


He asks who Tokizane is and then tells him it’s dangerous to be out at night. The two glare at eachother (or at least Tokizane does) while Saya stands there with a blank look on her face until Tokizane leaves saying that they aren’t done talking. Saya still has a blank look on her face, so Tadayoshi asks her what’s wrong. Saya then repeats the same speech she gave to Itsuki about how her name is Saya, what school she goes to and such, but then tells her father that she knows all of this but doesn’t know her mother’s name.


End Thoughts: Whoa, a lot to talk about again. Okay, first things first: the giant massacre. I can’t even blame Saya for letting everyone die this time. Those people were stupid in a time of crisis. WHEN A SCHOOLGIRL WITH A SWORD TELLS YOU TO RUN AWAY, YOU SHOULD GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE AND FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE, DON’T BE A DUMBASS AND RUN TO THE ROOF. If there is one thing media has taught me, it’s to stay the hell away from the roof/basement if there is something out trying to kill me. Seriously, half of those people probably wouldn’t have died if they hadn’t just sat there screaming for the first half of the episode. Plus there was that one guy who pushed Saya out of the way so she couldn’t even attempt to save Yuka. Sure these people had the most human reaction to a monster killing everybody, but you’d think that at least one person would have common sense in something like that. Oh, right and how the heck did Itsuki survive? He was pretty much unharmed too. Suspicious. They totally implied that he was killed. Did Saya somehow manage to save him? And if so, why didn’t they show it and why did the Bairn suddenly decide to go after the people on the roof?

Okay, things to talk about part two. The fact that they were the only people in the school was pretty strange. Then again, have they ever shown any class besides Saya’s (or any other teachers for that matter)? I don’t think so. Either someone set it up so that Saya’s class was the only one there for everyone to get killed, (meaning that there’s some sort of mastermind behind the attacks) or there were no other classes in the school to begin with and Saya never noticed before because whatever is wrong with her is wearing off. This could extend to the people in her class not noticing either because everyone in this town seems to be pretty oblivious for whatever reason. It could all tie into one. As for Kanako, damn that woman knows something. She was way too calm. But apparently she might not know everything because she asked if Saya killed everyone. Either she was seriously asking if Saya massacred everyone by herself, or she meant it more indirectly asking if she let everyone die (thus technically killing them because Saya could have saved them if she had killed the Bairn earlier). Either way, she had to have known something about this prior to finding Saya. She somehow knew about it, but wasn’t there when it was going on and there were no survivors who could have told her what happened.  Also, she seemed to know that everyone was dead.

Speaking of people who weren’t there, they made Tokizane sound really suspicious again. First of all, how was he there at school, yet managed to avoid all of that? I ASSUME he was there after everyone was dead though (even though he never stated it), simply because Saya didn’t find anything wrong with his story and he’s usually late for class anyways. I don’t even know how he heard about what happened. It kind of sounds like he was lying, but if he was there during the fight, I think he would have tried helping Saya at least. Saya didn’t even react to his confession, leading me to believe that there is something wrong with her (plus the whole “My name is Saya, my father is blah blah, etc” thing, which totally makes her sound programmed). It could be that whatever is wearing off is what caused her to act human, because when Kanako said pretty much the same thing a couple episodes before the plot started moving, Saya had a reaction at least. It’s also interesting that Tokizane didn’t explain what he liked about Saya or even how long they were in the same class for. Could his memory have been altered as well? Who is Saya and why doesn’t she know her mother’s name (assuming she actually has one)?? Oh, one last thing. What was up with the guimauve this episode? The fact that they focused in on it just further confirms Fumito’s suspiciousness. Gah, too many questions and all of these paragraphs are getting long. I’ll leave it at this for now.

Preview: Saya’s indentity crisis continues and she fights some hair….things. Whatever they are.


University student and the one at Metanorn who's known for wearing glasses. Likes blood, insanity and plot twists, but also plays otome games and adores cute romance anime. It balances out... somehow.
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35 Responses to “Blood-C – 09”

  1. umi_no_mizu says:

    the entire first part of the episode I found quite hilarious… I didn’t even think Saya’s class had all 5 million people that seemed to be murdered.. also at some point I’m fairly sure a guy was killed by falling glass o.o

    As for the second part of the episode, it just made me feel like everyone in the town (minus her father and teacher and perhaps Fumito, Itsuki and Tokizane) were somewhat “planted” there for Saya to protect… Her father was there to support her I’m assuming and the teacher snuck into the set-up town. I’m thinking that one of the latter three male characters could be the one she made the bet to protect everyone with. Either that or some unknown off-screen character is still sneaking around, yet to be discovered >_>

    • Karakuri says:

      I admit, I had to laugh at how easily they all died.

      I agree with that too. It makes sense that her father would be some sort of support.Personally, I think it would be Fumito she made the deal with because of the guimauve thing, but then again, he could be part of something else in the plot. I’m betting on him or some other outside character being the one Saya made the deal with.

  2. Samantha Zan says:

    WHAT IS THIS, I DON’T EVEN D:>>.>>>, I seriously think they just want all the guys to survive so they can have there moe moe time with Saya. But at least the President showed us that zombiefied look Saya had on when she’s all “I am Saya.” So maybe hopefully he won’t die next episode.

    Onto Tokizane….. I wish I would have liked that confession a little bit more :/. (Though he did get C-Blocked by Saya’s dad, which made me lol a little bit).I did get the feeling that he was lying to Saya when he met her, or he was just suspicious of something. But then again she JUST met JunDog (Don’t remember the name XD), right after he says “Consider why something always stops you from reaching the answer.” Then BOOM Tokizane, that was just way to convient for my taste.

    Well now with Saya saying all the “IAMSAYA” stuff, at least she gets to the conclusion of her mom. I’m pretty curious about that, or at least about her death at least. Saya’s dad said she was killed by the Elder Bairn in episode 2 a long time ago. Though, I’m starting to get my doubts about that now.

    • Samantha Zan says:

      Whoa my beginning paragraph got cut off, but it was basically…then after that is the rest of my comment up above. Sorry for the incoveience!

      Wow, well back at school from the last episode, and everyone is still dying. But wow are the students in her class like retarded or something? I mean I don’t want to be harsh on them, but they just pissed me off, I can’t even be mad at Saya anymore, cause everyone’s acting like a freakin idiot. *Sigh* I wish at least that one kid who manage to get OUTSIDE THE SCHOOL actually survived, since seriously the roof? Ughhhh.

      Okay enough complaining XD, well as more or less of the students get killed, her other friend gets killed too. But the President is still unharmed >>>.>>>, I seriously think they just want all the guys to survive so they can have there moe moe time with Saya. But at least the President showed us that zombiefied look Saya had on when she’s all “I am Saya.” So maybe hopefully he won’t die next episode.

      • Karakuri says:

        Ahaha no worries. I totally thought her classmates were just asking to die. Going to the roof NEVER works. Even the guy who somehow got outside died from glass to the head. IT WAS SO EASILY AVOIDABLE.

        Yeah I noticed that all of Saya’s potential love interests are still somehow alive as well. It’s annoying, but it keeps it open ended and personally, I’m just glad that at least SOMEONE survived XD. I really hope he doesn’t die soon because Saya didn’t really include him in her list of friends (lol poor Itsuki), so he feels less planted like everyone else.

        The confession seemed really sudden and yeah something about Tokizane’s explanation seemed off. Personally, I took the dog disappearing when Tokizane appeared was more of Tokizane interrupting the conversation more than him being pointed out as suspicious. But that’s just me. As for the dog’s name, I don’t think it actually has one.

        If anything, I don’t think Saya’s mother is who Saya thinks she is. I’m sure we’ll get some sort of explanation next episode as long as Saya doesn’t get interuppted/randomly faint again.

  3. Metalsnakezero says:

    I feel that the deaths are a bit unconvincing since they happen so easily. I still like this show but what CLAMP is doing isn’t deep stuff. Its a little unfair to compare shows but the deaths and surprises in Stein;Gate and Madoka Magica have more impact and better timing to them.

    • Karakuri says:

      Super extreme CLAMP bias talking here, but if all of these people were just set up in the town to give Saya something to protect, then that might explain why everyone in this show acts like a complete idiot when something is trying to kill them. Or maybe they’re just portraying how helpless these people are, emphasizing that Saya needs to protect them.

      I agree that none of these deaths are really deep or meaningful and I think that’s because the slice of life scenes that were supposed to develop character completely revolved around Saya. Steins;Gate and Madoka had characters interact outside of their relationship with the main, giving them waaaay more personality and dimension. Hell, Yuka only had like, 15 lines in this entire thing and 99% of them revolved around Saya. Sure, Saya feels the impact of their death, but the viewer has only seen one side to the character, so they wouldn’t care as much.

  4. Foshizzel says:

    Wooo this episode! So awesome all that blood! DAMN! I still think Saya fails so hard at helping people…but I guess she has to “discover” her true self she better hurry up! I think if her dad died she probably would instantly remember..she needs a real dramatic death of a friend to trigger it.

    But as much as I bash on Saya near the end I was like Wow….you really are lonely now that everyone died! Well all but the two dudes? LOL So ya near the end I felt a bit bad for her..poor Saya at least you have that talking dog and that guy likkkessss you!

    So I think the science teacher is behind everything monster related, and just Saya’s class was called in? Yep to perfect I can bet money that teacher is “testing” Saya’s skills.

    Anyway as crap as this show is I am addicted..

    • Karakuri says:

      Ahaha well she kind of had an excuse this episode. Those people were stupid XD. I think so too, but they seem to be only killing off female characters >.>. Plus Saya’s father NEEDS to explain wtf is going on here before he dies or I’ll flip a table in rage. Hell, I think his death is the only one that would really faze her here. She seems pretty indifferent to Tokizane. Sigh.

      Yeah I think this was the first episode she’s actually cried in. And if not, it’s the one she cried the most in. Well, Kanako did say she was into research before. I don’t want to say anything definite yet though because it’s still pretty vague.

      Ahaha if I wasn’t blogging this, this would definitely be a show that I would marathon. I hate having to wait for answers like this XD.

  5. Joojoobees says:

    I’m really glad Saya is asking questions (and some really good ones, like how long have I known you?) There is some very strange stuff going on in that town, and she needs to understand what it is, because it seems she is being used. I still suspect her father of being involved.

    • Karakuri says:

      I thought her asking how long she’s been there was brilliant. I mean, all of her flashbacks have been in her school uniform, so the timeline of this has been pretty vague. Agreed and agreed. Hopefully next episode more things fall into place. We didn’t even see much of her father this episode. (Or Fumito for that matter)

  6. BlackBriar says:

    Nice front pic of Saya. I love those red, inhuman eyes of hers. Honestly, why can’t her eyes stay like that? It would be so much better.

    The fact she was able to save at least one person is a sign of progress but everyone else was stupidly in shock because of the Bairn. Those censors are really starting to bug me. I know people are dying in horrible ways but I’m not being able to see it completely.

    If only Saya’s class was there at school, then someone must have done that to lure them out and had a kill order on Saya and everyone who has had any kind of ties to her.

    So much death and destruction of property. It reminds me of Highschool of The Dead. Since her eyes are glowing a lot more often than before and her memories are getting more active, she must be close to awakening. Because this is based on vampires, whenever I see her eyes like that, I think that she’s craving blood and she’s holding back.

    • Karakuri says:

      I really like them too! And the glowing eyes when she was wandering around at night were pretty awesome looking too…

      I don’t know if it was the angle of my screen or if they just lightened the censors, but I could actually see through some of them this time. Like that guy who was hit by glass.

      I think if anyone lured them out, it would have been the teacher. She has ties with the school, so if she told the police (or whoever informed the students that school was open) that there was school, people would have believed her no problem.

      Her eye glowing is definitely a sign of SOMETHING happening. I’m wondering how big of a role vampires play in this… It’s Blood, so there has to be some in here, but where Blood+ was all about them, this has yet to mention them at all.

      Oh yeah, I started watching Blood: The Last Vampire. I think those flashbacks look like they came from there too.

      • BlackBriar says:

        I don’t get the hate for Saya, to be honest- I mean, she’s not a human, nor does she act like one, so in what ways must we force our expectations of acting like a human upon her? I will admit that it’s slightly annoying for her not to come to her senses earlier and pull out her katana and get serious- but that’s the thing- it literally takes a death of a classmate/close friend for Saya to give into her serious nature, and while she does it without much complication, the fact that you have to pressure her to get there is what strikes me as odd; I think that’s the exact reason why the only class that came to school was Saya’s because whoever is playing behind the scenes wants Saya to transform, or waken up, or complete the promise/covenant or whatever, and the only way to do that is by sacrificing those closest to her. If that’s true, then it’s unbelievably harsh, and I’ve only really come to sympathize with Saya and everything she’s gone through

  7. anaaga says:

    And seriously Saya, you realized you doesn’t remember your mom YOUR OWN MAMA YOUR OWN DAMN MAMA WHO GAVE BIRTH TO YOU THROUGH ALL OF THOSE GODDAMN PAIN..IN 9 EPISODES!? But we all know you’re your own mama Saya
    Fuck this show.

    • Karakuri says:

      I think they’re waiting until the last couple episodes to explain everything in a long and complicated matter that just confuses people, typical CLAMP style.

      About the whole Saya not remembering her mother thing, I think that it would have been kind of plausible for her to realise now that her mother is missing from her memories if she hadn’t been thinking of her. Like how memories get fuzzy over time if you don’t think about them for a while. But Saya’s mother has clearly been on her mind a lot, so yeah I don’t get why she’s only realising this now.

  8. Junko says:

    What the hell is up with anime and shit going crazy this week?! No.6, Blood-C, even Mawaru Penguindrum! Everything is getting flipped on its head!

    I’m impressed, Blood-C, you’re looking up. I’m suspicious about Tokizane too, but I think he may be a good guy. I’m not going to say much for Class Rep, but that teacher can gtfo.

    Well, all her friends are dead, and most of the town is heading that way, so I expect a sever drop in singing to school and pointless chatting. Thank god.

    • Karakuri says:

      Shhhh! I haven’t caught up with either of those shows yet! >.<

      I don't have much to say about Itsuki either other than asking how the hell he managed to survive. Also, I don't think Tokizane is bad either… He seems so concerned for Saya, I'd hate to think that his concern is fake. Seeing how the teacher is the only other female main who's still alive, I don't think she's dying until she explains things a bit.

      Ahaha if there hasn't been enough of a drop of that already.

  9. Dan-go says:

    what definition do you guys watch in? the 720 p releases are so farrrr behind 🙁

    • Karakuri says:

      I usually watch in the 640×360, then screencap in the 720. Yeah I found that too since all of the 640 ones have the words NICONICO in the bottom, I have to wait for the 720 to get a decent screen…. But they’re usually out within 24 hours, so it’s not too long of a wait… Or at least I don’t think so.

  10. Elyon says:

    Everyone is so suspicious. Class rep, Tokizane, the teacher, Saya’s “dad”, Fumito- YOU CAN’T TRUST ANYBODY! I think Tokizane had to be lying. I mean, the guy is just way too relaxed about everything. And Itsuki being the only survivor aside from Saya is just way too weird.
    My head is so confused @w@

    • Karakuri says:

      He was! But is that just part of his character….? If only they showed what exactly happened before the Bairn went to the roof. Then maybe we could see why Itsuki survived… Or maybe the writers had him survive this time to give Saya someone she couldn’t save in later episodes.

      Since everyone not plot important has died, maybe the next couple episodes will give us answers.

    • Joojoobees says:

      Well I don’t trust anybody either, but some of the folks I didn’t trust are dead already. They sure did a good job of making me paranoid, if nothing else!

    • BlackBriar says:

      This is just plain crazy. As soon as you start to suspect someone, they end up getting killed and in the worst way imaginable. Making you rethink who could possibly be in on what’s happening in the town, not to mention that we’re running out of shady people to incriminate. Now I simply can’t trust anyone at all.

    • anaaga says:


    • Dan-go says:

      My suggestion? it’s totally Kyubei. He’s obviously wants to turn sayachan into a mahou shoujo

  11. amado says:

    do note that it was also just somewhere in the beginning of this series where fumito started giving saya those guimauve. then she’s starting to be more aware of the strange things happening, the headache’s and the flashbacks. he’s either trying get her to awaken like watainu or maybe he has other plans for saya.
    either way, its been helpful to her I think.

    • Karakuri says:

      !!! You’re right! In all of this, I completely forgot that he only started this in episode 2. You’re probably right about this. Saya only started this AFTER she started eating them.

      Plus, his cafe is named guimauve. Could it have been made completely for the purpose of giving Saya it’s namesake? (since everything here revolves around her)

  12. Kitty says:

    Saya is really le suck at this protection thing. Seriously some demon overlord needs to fire her ass. They should bring Tandoji in. He’s just as stupid and static but he gets s*** done!

    How long have I known you <— stand question all Clamp characters should ask.

    Poor random guy he thought he escaped the slaughter, and another friend bites the dust. You think by now Saya would KNOW how to call upon the Geass Power…oops sorry flashy red eyes, before everyone died. Thou it was highly entertaining, OH YA that's why I'm still watching this -_-;

    Dam chairman survived, looks like that love triangle is still active. Hope for Fall 2011 anyone?

  13. Joojoobees says:

    That is true, but I still don’t trust him. Maybe the drugs aren’t in the marshmallows. Fumito is creepy, and until he dies, or the series ends, I’m gonna distrust him.

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