Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love 1000% – 06

Why megane characters are to be feared

UtanoPri takes a turn for the somewhat serious this episode. Don’t worry, it makes as much sense as anything else in this show.

Haruka is super excited this episode because she’s going to see a Hayato concert. However, he friends are worried that she’ll get lost so they volunteer to go with her. She refuses their help and says that she’ll be fine on her own.

In the hallways, she runs into Tokiya. Tokiya winces in pain when he gets up after picking the Hayato CD she dropped, but says nothing. Haruka asks if Tokiya is going to his brother’s concert but he doesn’t answer her and asks if she’s going. When she says that she is, he tells her not to get lost. Haruka gets angry and wonders why everyone thinks that she will.

…She ends up lost. Luckily, she sees Natsuki on a nearby bench and happily runs up to him asking what he’s doing here. However, he just glares at her (without his glasses on) and asks her to move because she’s blocking the light. He continues acting like a jerk until two guys walk by and one of them hits him with garbage while missing the trash can.

Natsuki snaps a pen out of rage and punches a hole in the wall where the two guys are standing. He then force feeds the trash to one of them and beings threatening them. Sho, who is wearing a shirt that makes him look like he stepped right out of the 90’s, comes running and forces Natsuki’s glasses onto his face. Instantly, his ‘everything thing is kawaii’ face returns and he comments on how cute the guy he just threatened’s phone strap is.

Natsuki or Satsuki, the guy is pretty terrifying

Sho later explains that Rage Natsuki is a violent and unfriendly multiple personality named Satsuki that comes out when his glasses come off. Apparently Satsuki has been there since before Sho met Natsuki and tells Haruka that Satsuki is a genius music composer. Haruka says that she wants to talk to Satsuki, but Sho calls her crazy because Natsuki doesn’t remember Satsuki at all and Satsuki hates pretty much everybody. Natsuki then says that Haruka reminds him of his dog again and the two have a rather simplistic, yet heartwarming conversation.

He takes lessons from Shizuo in his spare time

All is well until Natsuki sneezes and his glasses come off, proving that not all anime characters have their glasses glued to their faces. Satsuki comes out and punches a tree out of rage because Sho and Haruka were talking about him earlier. Sho quickly puts his glasses on and Natsuki comes back, but doesn’t remember a thing.

As it turns out, Natsuki and Sho where in the city for a show in the same place as Haruka, only theirs is for some chicken thing that Natsuki likes. He says Sho dragged him along, but Sho protests and says he’s just there because Natsuki probably shouldn’t be out in public (yeah, I don’t blame him lol).

The concert starts, the fangirls start ‘KYAAA’ing  and Hayato appears. There’s then an EXTREMELY sparkly concert scene with Hayato singing. Haruka is really excited to be there, but notes that something is different from the first time she heard Hayato sing. After more singing, Hayato does a fancy twirl thing and in pain, drops the microphone. Everyone freezes.

I can only imagine how awkward this would be

Someone yells for him to keep singing, but even the instruments have stopped playing, so it’s just extremely awkward silence. The fangirls start getting rowdy and in the process, knock Natsuki’s glasses off (also stepping on them). Also, it starts raining and lightning hits a tall metal part of the stage.

The females minus Haruka all panic and run away and Satsuki starts yelling and runs up on stage. He defeats all of the security who tries to stop him and when he gets to Hayato, he asks why he sings such insincere songs. Apparently it pisses Satsuki off, but instead of punching Hayato like he would anyone else, Satsuki instead wants to sing for him. …Right. For whatever reason, Hayato agrees.

Meanwhile, at the dorms, Otoya comes running into the room and tells everyone to look at something. He turns on the TV to see Satsuki singing and hoooooooly crap does he have a ‘kyaaaaa’ worthy voice. Meanwhile, Haruka finds the glasses only to realise that the lenses are shattered thanks to Panicked Fangirl# 386. She still says that she’s going to try though and begins to sneak up behind Satsuki.

Random stripping in the middle of singing? I APPROVE.

Haruka gets close, but Satsuki turns around and spots her. The song suddenly ends, Satsuki grabs Haruka and then says they should ‘do something fun’. There are flashbacks of child Natsuki, music sheets and a fire all while Satsuki’s face gets closer to her in slow motion. Haruka just closes her eyes and he asks if she’s scared. She says no because he is Natsuki and wouldn’t do anything cruel, which causes him to pause and give Sho enough time to shove a hat with glasses onto his head.

Satsuki turns back into Natsuki and Sho drags Natsuki, who is rather confused, off. Haruka runs to catch up to them only to trip on some wires and fall. Hayato catches her though and when Haruka realises this, she panics a bit.

She then notices that Hayato has an ankle injury and recalls that Tokiya was in pain earlier. Haruka asks if Hayato is Tokiya and Hayato acts surprised. Before Haruka can get any more out of him, Sho says to hurry up and so Haruka runs off.

Final Thoughts:

What does the conclusion mean?! …Okay, I know what it means thanks to game walkthrough spoilers, but they didn’t explain it fully yet so I’ll wait until next episode to give my thoughts on that. Assuming they cover it next episode, they might drag it on or something. So while Natsuki did not get an episode to himself, this episode did cover his story a bit. I must say that Satsuki is awesome and my like for Natsuki has increased because of him XD. Rage characters are always fun and I can only image what Sho had to put up with during their childhood. It’s also nice that they gave Natsuki and Satsuki different names so my post doesn’t get confusing.

Whoo, two bishie songs this episode! Miyano was excellent as always, but WHOA I didn’t know that Kishou Taniyama (aka Natsuki’s seiyuu) had such a great voice! It turns out that he’s also the vocalist for GRANRODEO (the guys who did the 2nd Kurokami and Togainu no Chi openings) under the name KISHOW. I guess that explains why his insert rock song was so well done, but I still find it rather surprising. Especially after listening to his Natsuki voice for so long (lol).


Stuff will happen. Though I wonder what they’ll do after they’ve covered all the characters.


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4 Responses to “Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love 1000% – 06”

  1. umi_no_mizu says:

    HOLYWTFBBQ Natsuki = Granrodeo vocalist O____O my mind has officially been blown. That explains the amazing song (that i want on my mp3 now XD)

    on another note I found the whole “I’m angry so I’m going to sing at you!” part entertaining =P

    all in all a good episode, probably my favorite in the series so far which is surprising since i didn’t really like natsuki all that much before >_>

    good job on the review btw =)

    • Karakuri says:

      Yeah, I was pretty shocked too! I want the song as well, i think it was one of the best ones so far. They’ve all been pretty good, but some have just been better then others.

      Lol yeah I understand his rage but why singing? XD

      Hmmm, this is probably up there on my list too. I can’t believe it’s already halfway over though…

      Awww, thank you! I’m really enjoying writing these reviews so it’s nice to know that you enjoy them too.

  2. Elyon says:

    BAAAAAAWWWW Natsuki. Ren is my favorite bishie because of my Suwabe Junichi fetish (THE VOICE > PERSONALITY), but Natsuki is probably a close second. The whole thing with his glasses was so retarded that it was good XD If that…makes sense. And his singing was awesome.

    • Karakuri says:

      Ahahaha not a big Ren fan myself but your reasoning makes sense. No worries, I get what you’re saying XD. Though I think that applies to this entire anime as well.

      Natsuki singing is just awesome. I guess being a professional helps =3

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