Tiger & Bunny – 22


Before we get to the juicy part where I actually talk about Tiger & Bunny, I just thought I’d throw it out there that I’ve just passed 150 posts here at Metanorn. Kyokai reminded me on Twitter that I passed the milestone a couple of posts ago, heh. That’s what happens when you’re greedy and want to write about EVERY SERIES, EVERY SEASON and decide to blog 4 shows at once sometimes. Yeah, never doing that again. Let’s hope I survive until 200!

Kotetsu’s big plan to get all the Heroes to remember is to pose and act like his old self. Because no one could possibly attain the level of dorkiness Kotetsu achieves naturally. His dorkiness is unrivalled. Despite this undeniable evidence, they start attacking him and trying to arrest him. Everyone is evacuated from the building, except brave souls like Kaede who are on a mission.

Phase two of Kotetsu’s plan is to tell them things only he knows, such as when they shave and how they eat eggs. You know, the deep stuff. Only Blue Rose is convinced that he might be telling the truth, the other Heroes obediently obey Agnes screeching about capturing Kotetsu and how perfect their ratings are right now. I bet Agnes doesn’t even need to be brainwashed to go through with this. Just as they’re about to hand over a defeated Kotetsu to the authorities, Kaede triumphantly makes her appearance.

The one to marry Tiger shall be MEEEEE

She tells them her dad can’t be a killer, and accidentally activates her NEXT abilities out of desperation. All I can is screw you, Maverick, we got some motherfawking rainbows and shit up in here, and that means THINGS JUST GOT SERIOUS. In layman’s terms, she restored their memories. All the heroes return to normal and apologize to Kotetsu, who then introduces his cute little daughter to everyone.

Ohhhh no she diiiidn’t

Everything is going perfect until Barnaby appears and they realize that they have one more person to deal with. Kaede tries to undo the brainwashing, but end sup just floating. Sky High, being a closet pedophile, had to cop a feel and now Kaede is stuck with his wind powers. Having no way to convince an enraged, stubborn Barnaby; the other heroes let Kotetsu deal with him. He leads Barnaby away so he can try to refresh his memory of their wonderful time spent together.

First thing’s first, Kotetsu needs his suit back. He manages to swing into the building and get his power suit back, as well as locate his motorcycle. Thus begins a vicious motorcycle battle. Well, more like Barnaby viciously attacking Kotetsu as he tries to remind Barnaby of all the fun they had together. “Barnaby this is where we first met~” and “Barnaby, this is where you first held me like a princess~” Those type of purely heterosexual, bonding moments. Barnaby responds with the calmness of a sac of angry bees.

Let’s not forget about Shadow Kotetsu. Naturally, he goes after the other heroes. He’s terribly outnumbered, but he seems to think he can take them all on. DON’T GET KIDNAPPED, KAEDE. Back to Teega and Bonny, the battle is still raging on fiercely. They’ve decided to try and see who can do the coolest stunt after jumping off a bridge. EXTREEEMEEEE!! …To be continued.


Bonus Screenshots:

You can’t fool us, giant Wild Tiger head, we know you’re a fake!

That awkward moment where Dragon Kid ends up being younger than Kaede

Someone out there ships it, and that someone terrifies me.

Insert your own caption! What could he be yelling? My personal favourites: “BULBAASAAUUR!” or “VAGINNAAA!”

End Thoughts: TAKE THAT, MAVERICK! I was so relieved when Kaede restored everyone’s memories. A weight was taken off of my shoulders, knowing that Kotetsu would no longer have to worry about his friends turning on him. I would like to give a round of applause to Kaede, the kid who saved her father and almost completely saved the day from Maverick’s plans. I would also like to take this time to dedicate a kick to the balls to Sky High. I love you, but you RUINED EVERYTHING GOOD IN THE WORLD. As soon as he touched her, I raised my arms in a “WHHHYYYY?” position, and gaped at the screen in derision. I guess things can’t be solved so simply. I really do wonder how Kotetsu will get Barnaby’s memories back. It took a LOT of convincing for him to remember who killed his parents (i.e. Maverick saying “I killed your parents”). Let’s hope this plan is better than his last.

The action in this episode was mostly of the CGI variety, which wasn’t really as exciting as the animated action in the previous episode. Something about the CGI seems slower, and more delayed – and action scenes should be fast-paced. Since they’re both still in suits, I’m expecting another CGI fest in the next episode. Meh. Just speed it up a notch and I’m sure the action will be finale-worthy. It’s not like the CGI ever looks derpy though, so that’s a plus. Except for Fire Emblem. His lips look like an inflatable raft.

That cliffhanger was quite painful. Not just because we have to wait a week to see what happens when they collide, but because it ended with the same finesse an episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! would. Oh god, the cheesiness. I wonder how the fight will pan out. Part of me hopes Lunatic gets involved again, as I don’t want him reduced to just a petty side character who provoked Barnaby that one time. :/ I’m also hoping Kaede kicks butt AGAIN against the fake Tiger. They revealed his identity, so it seems, so I guess we’ll find out it’s a robot or something in the next episode. Let’s see some killer Hero teamwork! Make yourself useful, Origami!

Preview: Goddamn you, preview that tells us nothing. Kotetsu and Barnaby fight while Maverick watches with a smug look on his mole-infested face.

Barnaby, why are you so so white for? THAT’S NOT HOW YOU DO A FIST BUMP.


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12 Responses to “Tiger & Bunny – 22”

  1. Ryan A says:

    Hey congratulations on 150! You’ll definitely make it to 200.

    It was great to see Kaede equalize, even though Blue Rose was kind of amusing, getting all hot and bothered with her false memories.

    The CGI was pretty solid. That bike transformation was something new I think. Pretty nifty.


    • Overcooled says:

      Thank you! I’ll get to 200 for sure!

      I expected the bike to transform into some crazy air plane, but nope, it just became a sidecar. Ah well, it was cool!

  2. Foshizzel says:

    Congrats OC! 200 gogo!!!

    Great episode I knew Kaede would save her dad and the other heroes I do love her powers even thou I have seen it done before in a tv series called Heros. But hey! Kaede is awesome and yes she probably is older than Dragon kid LOLOL

    Damn best moments Bunny’s new suit! I love that mask on his and that “evil” Tiger, I really want to know who that is but I might have spoiled it with random fanart or did I? Anyway fun episode a bit slow near the middle and that epic bridge jump! NICE!

    Funny I got my brother to watch this episode with me very cool ;D

    • Overcooled says:

      Thanks, Fosh! =D

      Kaede was badass, saving everyone (except Barnaby) from the clutches of Maverick’s mind control. It was kind of expected that she would step in, but still an awesome moment.

      The fanart of Dark Tiger everywhere is ridiculous. I keep seeing Kotetsu self-cest everywhere o_o lol Don’t tell your brother that or else he’ll stop watching!

  3. Joojoobees says:

    Yeah! ‘Grats for topping 150.

    I actually forgot for a minute that Bunny hadn’t been fixed, and I was thinking maybe Tiger should give Kaede his 100 power, to help finish off Maverick. I saw Skyhigh put his hand on her, then thought, maybe the transfer power doesn’t work through Skyhigh’s gloves… Well, she took care of most of the problem, which is pretty good for a little kid.

    • Overcooled says:

      Thank you~

      I just knew someone would screw up and touch her…*sigh* If I were Kotetsu, I would have hit anyone who came near her until Barnaby was reverted back to normal. She’s definitely still useful though, maybe she can help fight the fake Tiger! and not get kidnapped!

  4. Alynn says:

    Congrats on 150 posts!

    Man, I actually thought this episode was really predictable. Right after Kaede makes all the heroes remember, I started thinking to myself “Now who is the idiot that is going to touch Kaede.” SKY HIGH YOU IDIOT THAT WAS UNCALLED FOR.

    So happy that Kaede did something amazing though.

  5. Renn says:

    Congrats on 150 posts! 😀

    I love Kaede; she has guts. If they make a season 2, I hope it’ll focus on her, unlikely as that may be. And that cliffhanger is hilarious, pure superhero camp. I’ve gone from complaining about the show’s cheesiness to embracing it. What a convincing show. 0.o

    “Someone out there ships it, and that someone terrifies me.”

    That was the first thing I thought when I saw that scene. xD

    • Overcooled says:

      Thanks Renn! I’ll try to keep on going~

      I would love if they put “Wild Cat” as a new Hero in the season (and maybe lay off Origami and give him a job as a government spy). I wonder what her outfit would look like.

      Haha yeah, I remember you were very cautious about it in your first posts, but now you’re embracing it with open arms XD It’s so convincing that I couldn’t imagine it without the ridiculous over-the-top DORAMA now.

  6. Kyokai says:


    This is exactly what I screamed at my laptop screen. I mean, dude, I ship you both but I don’t want to see a kiddish end slide like that on Taiga & Buns–burns my eyes! >.>

    This episode was quite exciting but damn it man, I’m tired of Bunny being all tsun tsun. Snap out of it!!! With Kaede’s power gone (DOH, Sky High!), I can only hope Bunny finds in his heart like Blue Rose to remember some inkling of Tiger (mushy expectations I know). I would definitely like to see more of Lunatic, this dude should have a spinoff OVA.

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