Sacred Seven – 05

Amazing cave adventures.

Hello again! And welcome back to more fun adventures with Arma and friends, so far this series hasn’t been so bad aside from last week with the school festival. Which still fits this type of show it feels like one half Stardriver and part Code Geass, well other than this series there are a few that are starting to get really interesting like Kamisama Dolls and Blood-C! Anyway time to hit up this review for episode five.

Plot this week follows Ruri taking the rock club out on a little field trip for some collecting and fun by the beach. Alma gets a strange feeling from a nearby pyriamid, where they quickly find a darkstone hidden inside that needs to be taken out.

Alma-“Ohhh snap alone with four chicks damn it Makoto! Go away I want my harem end.

Things start out with Ruri taking the girls out for some vacation time, half as a field trip of course to find more rocks. Sounds so exciting! Makoto feels this is a great chance for Ruri to have some much needed rest after all the recent Darkstone attacks. After setting up camp and exploring the area they find a large pyramid in the distance, that triggers Alma’s magic eye! We find out later there is a large Darkstone hidden inside that needs to be taken out quickly.

Alma-“Nothing evil about a giant pyramid right guys??”

Swimsuit time!

A nice relaxed picture of Ruri, hiding under her umbrella.

While the other girls enjoy some fun in the sun, Wakana finds a entrance into the pyramid! And really wants to rush in and explore, however Makoto distracts them with food while Alma watches over everyone so Makoto can do some exploring of his own with his mech. Sure steal all the fun there Makoto! Your mecha will be blown up like always. While Makoto wanders around in the dark with Hellbrick he gets jumped by random Darkstone bugs, that eventually wake up the main monster who causes a massive earthquake which causes Ruri and Alma to get dragged underground where they are separated.

Oh hey look a scary cave! Surely there are no monsters inside there.

Alma-“Damn Makoto why do you get to have all the fun?”                        Ruri-“I know right! So not fair.”

Maid-“Look at those lame graphics!”                 Maid-Two”They are so terrible, they make my eyes bleed.”

With Alma and Ruri separated and Makoto cut off from his home base he eventually finds Ruri passed out on the ground. After Makoto rushes to her side they are pushed into a small room that is quickly closing around them! Well the giant red disco ball is either angry or hungry? It’s hard to tell what the Darkstone really want! Meanwhile Alma has his own set of problems running around avoiding the large rock bugs that love to jump on his face. With the room slowly getting smaller around Makoto and Ruri they begin to worry that they will eventually get crushed, Ruri hears Alma shouting her name from below them. Ruri comes up with a plan to transform Alma after Makoto gives her the gem from his laser cannon and uses the last bit of power in his mecha to open a hole for Ruri to throw Alma the crystal. Alma transforms and uses a new weapon formed from his scarf, to cut his way straight up killing the Darkstone with one quick stab saving the day.

Alma-“Whoa check out my shoes they are made of MAGIC!”

In the words of Takuto! IT’S A PUNCH!

Ruri-“Did I mention I really hate these alien roach things?!”

Bug-“I really love what you have done to your hair miss.”                 Ruri-“th..thanks? Wait GO AWAY!!”

Super cool transformation bro!

The end! Well so much for keeping things quiet.

Extra fun

Hellbrick-“Hell ya, now take me to the girls so I can keep an eye on them honest.”

Alma-“Sure looks dark in there.”                         Makoto-“We could hold hands…”

Bug-“Hold still damn it! I JUST WANT TO LAY EGGS IN YOUR BRAIN.”

Alma and Makoto best friends forever, well maybe.

End thoughts

Well not the most amazing beach episode ever! Felt like I was watching Yumekui Merry’s beach episode, very little fan-service and lack of beach shots. Well the I know this episode wasn’t centered around Ruri and the other girls running around in swimsuits, the whole darkstone inside the big ass pyramid was kind of cool I did enjoy watching Makoto’s mecha actually doing something cool for once! Usually he pulls a Krillen and gets taken out in the first half of the episode. So it was great to actually see him last longer than normal, we also got to see a flash back of when Makoto first met Ruri. Well we all kind of knew those two have been together for a long time compared to Alma and Ruri. I assume Makoto’s father was the personal butler to Ruri’s father? Sort of remind me of Mayo Chiki’s set of butlers.

The monster wasn’t anything impressive this week I assume it was the whole damn pyramid! I didn’t mind those darkstone roach things, then again I think we already saw those designs before. Course hellbrick was great as always! Well he didn’t have very many scenes this time but still managed to be fun to listen to. I was surprised the other girls had no freaking clue what was really going on! I don’t expect them to keep this hidden from the others for long, after all were going to need some drama. Then again I already can see some drama forming around Alma and Makoto! As in who is better qualified to keep Ruri safe, we did see a fair amount of this near the end of the episode.

It is clear there is a bit of a trust issue between Makoto and Alma, hopefully they don’t have to argue about this every time a darkstone attacks Ruri. Almost forgot! If anyone downloaded GG subs got a hilarious treat! With a brand new opening song, yes clearly this was a huge trolling from them! That made this episode a bit more special and for some crazy reason the lyrics matched up quite well. So thanks to GG for making this episode both fun and entertaining! I wonder if they will keep things up next episode? Anyway not a bad episode! I wanted a bit more time with the girls on the beach but ah well I am sure we haven’t seen the last of the beach fun for Sacred Seven.


Ha I see what you did there! Impressive.

Next week! Alma versus the Knight again?! Seems like were in for a rematch.

Thanks for reading!


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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13 Responses to “Sacred Seven – 05”

  1. sakura_fai says:

    Haha, I love GGfansubs. XD The new op was priceless.
    Wakana isn’t going to need a partner, her lovers are the cute rocks. XD
    Otherwise, I just find this anime more comedy than shounen, action-packed. >3>

    • Foshizzel says:

      Heck ya! They did an amazing job definitely made me laugh for a while xD

      Wakana does love those rocks maybe she is hoping to find a diamond, I wonder if she will find Alma’s stone he lost long ago?! Yeah there are lots of room for laughs! Drama soonish I bet.

  2. tomphile says:

    How in the world does Wakana find rocks “CUTE”? Oh god.

  3. Kyokai says:

    They see me rollin’
    They hatin’
    Patrolling they tryin to catch me ridin dirty~

    TRLOLOLOLL! You gotta like gg sometimes. This was an a-okay episode and more than Tandoji, I actually like his character design more. Though, Sunrise better up a notch with monsters because I want some BAMF action, damn it!

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahahahaha yes!! Loved that Opening so good, GG ftw! Yeah this was an alright episode. More Tandoji love for everyone, yeah sunrise needs to do something soon! Yes we need some BAMF fun.

  4. BlackBriar says:

    Lol. Alright, who screwed up the OP on this episode? I wasn’t expecting that.

    It’s a camping trip gone wrong. And there’s a pyramid in the area, I guess no stopped to think there was something weird about it. Watch movies about and see why there should be something wrong with it.

    Leave it to Makoto to bring work during a vacation. He’s gonna work himself to death. And those crystal bugs, break out the bug spray.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ah the power of GG subs <3

      Camping trip gone wrong! Yes that is so true, well when you have super-powers things like this follow you as in big ass monsters.

      Makoto such a pro! Even on vacation he is working, well I think he only does it for Ruri and some for Alma not always but he does try. LOL Yes creepy rock spiders.

  5. anaaga says:

    God that rock girl is getting on my nerves. Her and her damn rocks THAT LOOK THE SAME. OH GOD THEY’RE SO CUTE THAT WAY

    I’m getting tired of this whole monster-of-the-week thing. Thank god we’ll be seeing the enemy next week

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ah yeah she is getting a bit annoying, lucky for me I really just enjoy her voice actress for Ohana and Saten from Railgun. Other than that she is overly excited and hyper about rock collecting lololol.

      Well hopefully things change, I know they haven’t gotten away from the whole monster appears and people kill it. Then again other shows are doing this formula as well like Blood-C

  6. Reaper says:

    Another monster battle? Kinda feels like this ep was a throwaway, mashed with a random beach episode. Definitely not Sunrise’s best, since the fight with the other guy, forgot his name, had some meaning behind it. But this…what is this, I don’t even…I had hopes for this season and some are being held up, but Sacred Seven, even it can’t be saved by its OP, and I don’t mean a certain one-off OP by a certain sub group…

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yes! Well this is classic monster of the week right here, yeah this was a random episode not really to beach themed like most series. Agreed the best fights should be coming up soon with Knight vs Alma! Can’t wait for the next one.

      LOL Yeaaahh well I love the opening GG did it made my night, but hopefully the action picks up.

  7. amado says:

    alma should have given himself up a bit to his darkstone powers…

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